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Red face We Are Family - Red Team Chat #3

We hit the cutoff mark, time to start a new thread!!!

Rock on Red team!!!
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McLovin' *TBL Red Team*
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Im first!

Envy - Yay for the phone interview! Glad it went well. Sending : for a face to face interview!

dkneec - WOW. Talk about pressure. Glad you didnt give in.

Glad you enjoyed your lunch Mel. I thought your Birthday already passed but was really starting to question my memory for a second!

Question of the Day for Wednesday

If you could have lunch today with anyone in the world...alive or passed...who would it be? And where would you have lunch?

Hmm...I would have lunch with my grandad. He passed away 7 years ago from parkinsons. I am not sure where, I wouldnt really care. Maybe the chicken dinner place at Knotts Berry Farm. I love that place. Calories wouldnt count that day, right?!?

Today was a good day for me. Stayed OP and worked out! Hope everyone had a great day!

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Hi everyone I am just checking in. I woke up at 5:30am ( and I didn't want to get out of bed) to do my workout. I have been doing barry's bootcamp and I love it.

Well I am off to bed.

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Checking in, Melissa!

I've been totally on plan this week, 1450 - 1550 calories and exercising hard! I'm doing the C25K and 100 Pushups at the same time, on alternating days. I've realised that even with 12 hour shifts I can do 30 min of pushups after I get home, previously I've been a total slacker on work days, with the "I've just worked 12 hours, I'm shattered and I think I'll just sit here for a bit" attitude. Plus I'm sleeping better too, which is a big plus.

PLUS it's TTOM for me, so look for some big numbers at the end of this week. Here's hoping, anyway!

Eny, good luck with the interview!

QOTD My mum. She died when I was 5, and I never really knew her. But everyone says I am the spitting image of her - looks and personality - so I would absolutely love to sit down with her. I think we would have been great friends.
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I forgot the QOD
Who would I have lunch with and where would we go?
I would have lunch with my older sister who died in '93. She was 9 years older than I am, but now I'm the older one and it would be a different perspective. I would also like to tell her about my dd, born years after she was gone. I would also like for her to be able to talk to her daughter who is pregnant and having difficulty.
Wher would we go, Red Lobster for all you can eat shrimp and lobster. It is a fantacy after all.
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how is everyone's night.
Question: How many red team members are also official members of the biggest loser club? Was looking thru there pic of people today, amazing results.
Not sure i want to spend 20.00 a month.
i found 2 cookbooks and cal counter at salvation army for 99cents each, that were new.
didn't exercise today, i canned my tomatos and did my crunches for the day.
oh oh bought a scales digital, $20.00 to get by on til get wii fit. hopefully october can afford one. we will see, need to put some overtime at work to get it.
if can get tomatos done tonight maybe will put in dvd when husband goes to bed and work out.
will try to check in later, if not sweet dreams to team red.
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Go Cubs Go!
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Look at us. Thread #3. He. He. What a bunch of chatterboxes. I love it. I have to read like a mad woman to keep caught up. But I love it. It is so great that out team is so involved. I hope that we can all keep it up.

Holly, I started to sign up for The Biggest Loser club, then realised that it costs money. Money I can't spare, right now. I was really bummed. IMO, it shouldn't cost anything... But that is just my opinion.

As I read this thread I am so inspired by everyone. You are all doing so well. Working hard, staying on track and working out. It really lifts me up and helps me stay the course, too.

I had a good day, today. On track and got my exercise, too.

Here is to another one, tomorrow.
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Originally Posted by xGurlyGrlx View Post
Maybe the chicken dinner place at Knotts Berry Farm. I love that place. Calories wouldnt count that day, right?!?
That is my mom's absolute most favorite place! It was always her choice when her birthday came up, which is right at Christmas time, so it was always really neat to see everything made up for the Holidays. They have the best fried chicken of any restaurant. Great choice
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Yay RED team!!! I'm so inspired by everyone! It's really keeping me on track, and keeping me exercising. I'm so proud of everyone!

I sooooo did NOT want to workout when I got home from work today. It was a long, busy day, and I was brain-tired, if not body tired. I flopped on the couch, thought about just turning on the tv (and watching re-runs of Angel)... but then, I thought about the team. I couldn't just lay there and give up, I had to do at least 30 minutes, I'd promised! So I got my lazy self up, telling myself I could quit after 30 minutes. I ended up doing 62 minutes! And if it weren't for this challenge, I know I would've just been eating junk & watching TV instead.

I hope everyone is doing well. I'd had a whole personal note done but my computer restarted itself before I sent it... so just in general, from what I can remember...

I hope all toes & sore throats are getting better! I love Zicam & EmergenC - and when my throat is really bad I make my own Crystal Light Pops with an icetray & toothpicks (old skool style), pretty much calorie free, and yummy!

Roni - did you get to the gym & wear your red sweatpants? That's a great idea. I still need to get me something red.

Evy - congrats on the phone interview!! And on being SOOOOO good with your workouts!! You're an inspiration!

Debbie - I haven't seen the Dancing with Stars video, but that would be fun. I really like the show. The last show I did my own personal challenge of staying on my feet & doing some type of stretch/lunge/movement while they were dancing. I could sit during the judging & commercials, but while they danced, I had to move!

On the after dinner snacking -- *that* is my downfall, too. I'll be great all day, but when night hits... watch out! What I've done lately is to save some calories for night so I can have a planned snack. Some 100 cal popcorn, or yogurt with fruit, or something like that. I've been trying to keep my hands busy at night, with typing or bills or reading instead of watching TV. I've also been thinking of taking up knitting or crochet. Does anyone do that?

Hope everyone is having a good day!!
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Keep Chuggin'
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Wow - new thread!

haven't seen this weeks BL yet - can't wait!

Doing well OP - and I'm down a pound from last weigh in already!

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Red face

Wow Chat #3 already???? Aren't we just a chatty Bunch!!!

Anyhoo,Morning everyone. It's farking 46 degrees this morning in East TN!!!! I broke out my warm jammies! I think Winter may come early this year!

My bike ride was a FAIL! I don't understand how I can do an hour of walking/jogging on the treadmill, an then lift weights and be fine for the rest of the day but I can't ride for 20 minutes on my bike without having a major asthma attack?! I mean there were mostly hills, but I got up them with no problem, except for the lungs! It's so aggravating! I just wanna ride my bike! I felt like I did when I was a kid and had to sit and watch everybody else play and have fun. I think it was one of the worst attacks I've had in yrs too. I seriously thought I was having a stroke. I was dizzy, my heart was pounding soooo hard I could hear it, and that's hard underneath these tig old biddies! I broke out into a sweat, and my face was beat red! It sucked! I "may" try again today, except Not take those hills and try on a flatter surface today. I WILL get this down. Man...If my age was ever was yesterday. Like JasonsLea, I was very sore last night, even though I did only get 20 minutes on. I DID wear my red Jogging pants, my new Black "Chucks" and my red team bracelet! I was ALL set except the lungs weren't yet ready. *Sigh*

Debbie: I have the DWTS Cardio and it's really fun! Of course I can't keep up and I am pretty sure I look like a dork, but I do get sweaty so I guess that the point, hehe!

Karen, I hope you're feeling better today. I'm on page 118 in breaking Dawn.

Anways, Y'all have a great day!!!

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I'm with ya girls...New thread already?! Holy!! I think I've only gotten a couple of posts on each... eeek...

I had my weekly weigh in for WW yesterday, I was hoping for a .6 loss but instead had a .6 gain. I am blaming it on TOM and stress. I know I shouldn't be stress eating, but I have. BAD! It's stopping now. I also wasn't counting my points daily. That is stopping as well. I am making it a point to log EVERYTHING as soon as it touches my mouth. I need to change this around, I am going to be on vacation in less than 3 weeks now and I would like to lose 5-10 pounds by then...I know I'm pushing it, but I CAN do it and I WILL do it! How do you like that determination?! Haha

I'm so determined I even set my alarm for 4:30 this morning so I could get a workout in. When I get home today I am going to change into my workout clothes and go for a walk, no sitting down to relax, gonna just go for it.

Sorry I don't have time to do personals
Congrats to those that have accomplishments.
My thoughts are with you for those that have had issues or feeling down.
Prayers to those that are sick or have loved ones that are sick or leaving for military.

Have a great day everyone!
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Good morning ladies~ I thought I'd hop on and say hello before I hit the gym today. This will be day 4 for me It feels great. Have a wonderful morning ladies and I'll be back to check in later~ Gotta get the kiddies off to school!
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Everyone is doing so well. Aren't we awesome!!

I've been struggling to stay within my calorie range (1400-1500). Not that I'm going out of it, just that I want to eat way more, and not just wanting it, but my stomach has actually started growling between meals. I don't really feel hungry, or else I'd eat something, it is just growly. I've been attempting to drown it, but that doesn't always help.

This week I'm running 2.5 miles and walking 1.75. It has been 3.5 weeks since I started running regularily again, and I can definitely see changes, at least in my legs. I decided to go the whole month without measureing (usually I do it once a week), so I'm looking forward to some great numbers next week.
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Gurly & Naia - thanks for the good vibes! I do have a good feeling about this - and hopefully it'll be the direction that I need to go. Personally I'm going through a lot - and I know that I need the extra support in all areas of my life right now!

I'm sad to say I did a sneak peek weigh in today, and I'm UP #1.8 from last week's awesome loss. I'm hoping that with a lot of extra water, exercise and eating perfect today I can at least break even so I don't have a gain for the team! I think part of it is the "dreaded week 2" that Jillian was talking about. I do this everytime I get back on the wagon, have a great first week, and then struggle through the 2nd week, regardless of how on plan I am... *sigh*

I'm just going to keep plugging along though - and getting it done. I'm going to restart 30DS again. I need some hand weights though. I think I'll buy some tomorrow (payday)

Ok chatty Kathys - time for this girl to get some work done! I'll check in later!
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