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Default "JB" Blue Team Chat # 9

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Trying it again....
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woohoo im first to post besides chellez

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Dora - your garlic looks beautiful! And so do you! We are possibly planning a road trip to SoCal in August, and I'm hoping you have tomatoes by then!!!
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lost in translation
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Arghh every day I weigh slightly more than the previous day!!! I just can't find the time (or place, my fitness center is being renovated) for cardio. Today at lunch I'm going to walk 2 miles, which is better than nothing...
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TBL Challenge Blue Team
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OK, so I was running late yesterday because I did my Wii Yoga (30 minutes) after I did my 50 min W7D3 Run on the Elliptical, so I got this wonderful (can you hear the sarcasim) idea to set the clock 30 minutes earlier to be able to get it in again without running late.

Well, the dog got me up at 2 am and I didn't fall back to sleep until after 3:30 (which was the last time I saw the clock before it went off), so needless to say at 4:30, I hit the snooze button 3 times (21 minutes) before I finally crawled out of bed to go workout.

Well, I got my 50 W7D4 run in on the elliptical, but no Wii Yoga this morning. I will be fighting my son for the Wii tonight, I can see it now

Wish me luck ladies with the scale in the morning. I have been working out VERY hard lately and not sure my food intake is balanced yet (at least that is what I am hoping is the problem lately with the scale). I have been down a little each day since last WI, until this morning, when I went up .4 lbs, so I am hoping to put in a 2 lbs loss, but right now it is only 1.2.

How is the exercise going for everyone else?
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Originally Posted by krjpy View Post
I got this wonderful (can you hear the sarcasm) idea to set the clock 30 minutes earlier to be able to get it in again without running late.
Oh, I've tried that before, and it never seems to work out for me either. I'm a champion snooze-alarm player... Oh, and 4:30 is middle of the night to me!

Zinke - thanks!!

Dora - did I miss pictures? Shoot. I'll have to go track them down - I love seeing your garden. Hmmm... mine's getting pretty enough where I should take some pics of mine to share - gotta buy batteries for my camera first.

I feel like I didn't sleep at all - my head didn't even hit the pillow until after midnight and then it was so hot that I tossed and turned. When I finally did get to sleep I had a neck cramp that woke me up at one point so I had to switch pillows and by the time my alarm clock went off I was just so confused and dissoriented. And thats pretty much how I still feel.

On the bright side I did 2.5 hours in my kayak last night - and I actually got a couple rolls in. Not enough to be comfortable with it yet, but its a start. But oh my, the ones I did wrong did a number on my shoulder!!! Ouchie, ouch.

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Must have been something in the air last night...I didn't sleep well either. I had a hard time falling asleep then all of a sudden it was time to get up! Good news is I have kept myself busy today, so I have not been able to dwell on the fact that I am SO tired! Hopefully tonight I will actually get to bed a bit earlier.

I did not do my planned workout last night--I did 30 intense mins on the bike, though--I was sweating up a storm! Tonight I will do arms/shoulders and more cardio.
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Thanks all you bluesers who enjoyed my garlic (and curly hair while fried) pics.

No formal exercise because the work, and I do mean WORK, I've been doing in the yard is wiping me out. The weather is in the 90's, some breeze, but the air is awful with smoke from the N. Calif. fires. I'm digging, lifting, pushing - definitely getting a workout for hours at a time. Posted a 1.6 loss this week for an almost 20 pound loss for the challenge. Drinking tons of water too and op.

Got the wheels ordered to repair my elliptical, they should be here in the next week or so, so I hope to get started on that then, plus I ordered two more WATP dvds, one 4 mile and one for abs. I'll be adding the core strengthening on the ball as soon as I can figure out how to get the plug out to re-inflate it - any clues anyone???

Lost track of old posts, so no personals today. Good friend from church is coming over so I'm pretty excited about that - remembering all our discussions on how most of us are pretty isolated - well, that's me for sure. Also, a neighbor lady stopped in yesterday, saw me in the yard and said she had always planned on stopping in and introducing herself. She is Asian and is turning me onto some wisteria and other plants she has (kinda hard to discern through her accent- but hey, any free plants are great withe me!!!).

Well it's 12:25 now and friend coming at 1:30 so I'll go for now. Proud of all our bluesers, I'm sure we're going to rock this challenge all the way to the end!!!


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Dora--awesome loss!

Did I miss a memo or results not posted on Tuesday?
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Michelle the Vegan
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I keep checking, Black Team has their results up but I don't see ours?

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I'll just take for granted that we won, then.
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Dora to get the plug out of m,y ball i had to use my teeth.. lol . theose plugs hold fast .. and you cant use a tool to get it out becuase you will pop the ball .. so teeth is my only suggestion .. lol

I searched you tube the other day whilst looking at workout dvds on ebay and found one i may enjoy . its the billy blanks bootcamp set with 3 dvd and bands and it was 29.95 buy it now.. so in thought id give it a go.. his workouts look enjoyable.. anyone ever tried them?

My food is still on plan but i csn feel myself starting to waver.. for me to be op 100% i need my enjoyable cardio .. the last few days wo has been a bore and a chore.. I am starting to hate aerobics and i miss my elliptical.. I am getting my tradmill today so im hoping this bummed feeling will pass after a few days of good seaty workouts.. but atm.. i just wanna lay ont eh couch and watch tv all day .. yeah i know really productive.. Yesterday i layed on my bed and took a nap in the afternoon.. lol .. admittadly i had a terrible nights sleep monday night .. so i had a reason to feel tired but still .. I did pleanty of exercise yesterday morning too so i suppose im not doing to bad.. but everyday i wake up bummed knowing i have tio do aerobics to get my workout and then its no where near as good as the machine is.. lol ..

Yeah im nuts im saying i dont like aerobics .. so i bought 3 more dvds of it lol.. well i dont like the crap they are putting on tv.. and my dvds are ok but not high energy so.. thats why i bought them.. lol i have one that is high energy and there are way to many twisting knee movements for me to get a good workout.. I cant do twisting knees at all. ( bad right knee )..

anyway ill stop whining and go and clean my kitchen lol the kids have put me in this mood todat grrr lol .. i yelled at my son this morning .. and im feeling bummed about that too.. ok im off cya girls later
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Originally Posted by onthetee View Post
I'll just take for granted that we won, then.
LOL, love it!

Tkglenn- I can remember when I was getting sober, about 6 months of struggles before I FINALLY said goodbye to it, I cut down tremendously in that time period but would still use when I got weak. The problem is that the pain the drugs (or alcohol) covers up is still there when the drugs aren't. It even got worse on some occasions. The problem is that the ROOT of the depression must be treated. In his case, what is causing the anger and the feelings that go along with it, letting himself FEEL what he is trying to mask, and that is honestly worst pain of it all. After my 6 months of forcing myself to be sober, and slipping up here and there - then I went total clean, and that first 6 months to a year were pretty hard too.
What helped me was to do new and different things with my time, staying busy and changing my routine, and staying away from the people I used with. And what also helped was my boyfriend, he wouldn't hear of it. It wasn't worth the trouble if I was going to lose him. Now, I have been clean 22 months, YES 22 MONTHS! It is very easy now to be clean, but it took a lot of work.
(Not trying to be preachy at all, just telling you how it went for me).
Oh yeah, and CONGRATS ON 1 DAY, that is awesome!

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Hi..just wanted to stop by and say hello and im hoping for a good loss this week. I have been eating enough fresh veggies i should have a loss!!
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I picked up my treadmill and it was broken. the box was stuffed and parts of the treadmill were sticking out of the box.. It had been opened before and been taped back up with brown tape.. when we opened i sawit had been used beofe the power cord was missing.. the book was missing and all the bits and pieces were unpacked.. the entire bottom of the treadmill was completley snapped off. and broken.. I was annoyed.. we opened the tready on the trailer tok 1 look at it and returned it to the store.. I rang thrm and they said just bring it back..

So i did and i got nothing but flack at the delivery door .. The lady said if i had a problem i had to ring the warrenty people.. i told i had just bought she didnt care ./. she said she would go find the repair lady .. i was pissed i started yelling.. told her i had just bought it once again. and she said i had to take it around in the store to the front desk .. the thing was 120 pounds.. you think im gonna be able to carry that through the mall up to kmart i dont think so.. ..

so we sat in theloading bay until there was a truck waiting to come in .. then she had no choice.. she got it off the trailer and gave me a note to go get my refund.. *******s.. its not fair nothing ever goes right does it ..

So i have nothing once again.. but i did get my money back .. Dad pulled apart the elliptical to see if he can fix it but its worn though its bearings and the axle is grinding up too.. the axle was a mess its had big grooves in it.. so there is nothing i can do about that one..

So now i have to wait until i can afford to get the nice elliptical i have on layby.. which is going to be a couple of months.. away.. lets hoope i can still lose weight without it..
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