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Default Advice needed!

I've recently miscarried and to try and gain some control over my life, I've decided to take on Atkins! I managed to lose a good amount week 1, but come week 2 - no weight loss. I'm exercising everyday for an hour and drinking 2 litres of water a day. What am I doing wrong?? I've used a ketostix and am measuring on the highest level???

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Default Two years of Atkins!

Originally Posted by Chubz View Post
How well has this diet worked for you? How much weight have you lost and over how long of a time? Did you have to count calories? Did you exercise? Do you find it hard to stick to this diet? I know I'll miss pasta a lot, I love pasta!
This way of eating has worked beautifully for me. I am almost 60, started two years ago on January 5. I have successfully kept off almost 70 pounds and I barely have mood swings anymore- the depression I lived with is also much more tempered, and I have a clearness of mind I once thought impossible. I encourage anyone reading this to give this diet a 3 month try- that time period is when I really noticed my moods changing. I am a true carb addict and I crave sweets even today-but- I am not willing to give up my nice clothes, the pride of my son in me, or this clearness of thought- keep at it !
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Atkins is the only thing that ever worked for me. Ever. I could never lose more than 15lbs on WW and struggled constantly to do it. On Atkins, after my kids and being really sick and weighing 278, I lost 96lbs and with little effort. Time, yes but effort was just eating and occasional working out.
Now I am 50 and this last year left me with some unwanted pounds, I did an Atkins reset, and have lost 25 lbs with ease in 8 weeks.

I don't count calories other than to make sure I am getting 2000. If I don't eat enough, I don't lose.
I could total carbs, because I think it is just easier, I don't eat products, I stick to whole foods as a rule and lots of good fat. I keep that fat up.
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I'm 69 years old. I started this diet last Tuesday (3/21/07) Today is 3/27/07 and I have lost 6lbs in 6 days actually. The older we get the harder it is to lose weight I believe but am happy to have lost that much weight in such a short time. I got on the scale the day before I started thinking I was like about 200 when low and behold I was 210. I have never weighed that much in my entire life and buying clothes or shopping just was no fun anymore plus the fact that I have always been considered a very good baker! So here I am. And would like any support I can get or ideas as far as eating the right carbs. This week am still on induction and have very little appetite for anything really. I love my sweets and found that I could eat jell-o sugar free on induction and made some day before yesterday. That satisfied my sweet tooth.
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