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Default Little bit of help!?

Hi everyone,
This isn't a success story YET
Just wondered if I could get some advice,
I've just started the Atkins diet (on day 4)
I am currently living in Spain for the summer (which trust me when you don't speak any Spanish it's bloody difficult to look for hidden carbs on the labels) i have been adding lemon squash to a 2 litre bottle of water twice or more a day,
I know you shouldn't but I just wondered if it's really that bad to do? The water over here tastes a little funny and I know I know you can buy bottled water but I don't. I'd appreciate any tips!
Thank you x
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Hi everyone!

I have been thinking of joining Atkins and following the program. I was wondering if you guys could let me know your thoughts and experiences on the program? For example, your rate of weight loss, maintainance program (if any), and how you feel when you're on it, etc...

I have read an overview on things, and it sounds like you can have as much of the foods as you want as long as it does not go lower than 18g net carbs or 22g net carbs (15g being veggies), is that true??? Or do you need certain amounts of each food group allowed? Also, how do you count the Atkins snacks?? Just towards the carb amount?

Thank you so much
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I can't really call myself a success story since I'm less than half way through my weight loss journey, but turning to Atkins/low carb for the first time has been a massive revelation for me...

How well has this diet worked for you?

Brilliantly so far! My weight loss has slowed a little after first couple of weeks, but it feels pretty much effortless because I get to eat delicious food, am never hungry and very rarely crave anything. It's also had a lot of additional benefits that I never imagined when I started: my moods seem far more stable, I'm alert all day without big energy highs and lows, my periods are lighter and my skin is much, much clearer. I'm honestly amazed that all this can come from cutting down on carbs! I'm a very rational person and until recently I dismissed low carb as another ridiculous unhealthy fad diet, but then I read an article by Gary Taubes and followed it up by reading the scientific evidence behind it. I was convinced enough to give it a try, and I'm so so happy I did!

How much weight have you lost and over how long of a time?

I've lost 20lb (8.9kg) since starting 8 weeks ago. Those 8 weeks include some planned time off during a 5-day holiday and for a few days around my birthday, so I'd say I've been on plan for 7 weeks in total.

Did you have to count calories?
Never! I barely even count carbs to be honest, just try to keep them as low as possible, though I know I may have to be stricter with this later on in my weight loss. For now it's not a problem since I cut out all obvious carbs (rice, pasta, bread, potatoes and other starchy veg, all sugars) and I prepare almost all my meals from scratch so I have a lot of control. I usually stick to simple things like meat and green veggies when eating out.

Did you exercise?

I do exercise, but not enough and certainly not much more than I was doing before the weight loss. I've always walked at least an hour a day, but I added in some very very short high intensity workout routines at home and have recently started taking a weekly belly dancing class. I'd like to add in some more cardio and start strength training to tone up a little.

Do you find it hard to stick to this diet?

No, I find it incredibly easy, which is why I'm so happy with it! The trickiest thing to get used to for me was thinking ahead to avoid ending up with no low carb options. I just told myself "Fail to prepare? Prepare to fail!" and got on with it: now I take a little time on Sundays to make breakfast, lunch and snacks to take to work for the following week. I eat quite a lot of the same dishes but I have enough variety that it doesn't get monotonous. I also feel really secure in this way of eating, whereas when restricting calories I felt like I was constantly teetering on the edge of caving in, binging and going back to my old way of eating. Now that I don't eat sugar I very rarely get cravings and I never binge, which is really eye-opening for me. I've even had a couple of planned periods off-plan and been able to go back happily to low carb afterwards. Basically I feel like now I'm the one in control, rather than food controlling me.

I know I'll miss pasta a lot, I love pasta!

Oh my god, I used to LOVE pasta so much! One of my favourite comfort foods was just a huuuuuge bowl of pasta smothered in grated cheese...yummmm But weirdly I've learned that I don't really care about the pasta itself - it's really just a vehicle for delicious sauces! At the moment my favourite easy dinner is a 5-minute carbonara made with zucchini: I just peel it with a vegetable peeler into wafer thin strips, toss it in a pan with some chopped bacon, garlic and herbs, then finish with a splash of heavy cream and a sprinkle of parmesan. It's absolutely divine and I honestly don't care that I'm eating al dente zucchini instead of al dente pasta. In fact, I'd even say I prefer it since it's much quicker to prepare! I have sugar-free jelly most days as a sweet treat, and I also make a chocolate pudding from 90% cocoa chocolate melted in a little heavy rich that I can only eat tiny amounts, and it really kills any potential cravings.
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I started Atkins 1/1/12. I took off 20 lbs in the first few months. I stuck to plan very closely. I tracked my food on Over the next many months I took off another 6-8. I've gained and taken off a few over the last years. What got me going again was keeping my calories around 1200 and nc around 30 or less. That's me. I'm 55 and post-menopausal, so taking weight off has been tough. I've taken off more lately by religiously logging food, eating super clean, no night time snacks and increasing exercise. So far I've taken off 30lbs with Atkins. The weight on my chart below shows me now, as I've joined a lose 5lbs challenge.

Unfortunately, FatSecret doesn't take out sugar alcohols so you don't get a true picture and have to subtract them yourself. So, when I eat any Atkins bars, it shows too much carbs. Net Carbs are calculated by taking carbs and subtracting fiber and sugar alcohols.

Drink water, eat your veggies, exercise, and try to eat as clean as possible.

Hope that helps! There are so many great sites out there with fantastic lc recipes and help. Make this a plan that suits you and that you can do for life.

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Hi, what did yu eat mainlyy?
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Wink my only diet

atkins has been the only diet I've taken so far, I've been with it almost 2 months already and I've lost 22 pounds I feel great, at start it's hard 'cuz you need sugar and kindda miss carbs, but once you start seeing results you never go back.

but it's important to remember that this diet it's not meant to be taken for long periods
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Originally Posted by r.levine View Post
atkins has been the only diet I've taken so far, I've been with it almost 2 months already and I've lost 22 pounds I feel great, at start it's hard 'cuz you need sugar and kindda miss carbs, but once you start seeing results you never go back.

but it's important to remember that this diet it's not meant to be taken for long periods
Not sure where you're getting your incorrect information from but....I am here to tell you, I have been doing Atkins for 11 and a half years and still going strong!!
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Hello Everyone,

Well, I am back to doing Atkins after my 2nd Baby! I can't wait to get my body back, and, maybe reach my goal.
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Default Loving the personal success stories and advice!

I'm a total newbie here, I have researched researched and done some more researching to ensure I'm Successful.
It's really inspiring to hear stories of others and I'm open to any tips that may help me.
I just started induction yesterday and am excited to see what my results will be after these two weeks... If I feel like I could go further in induction can ? I ultimately have 40 pounds to lose. Can anyone tell me to how long it took them to shed 40? (I know everyone is different but I find that inspiring!!

Thanks in advance ✌🏼

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Stay on induction until you are 10-15 lbs away from goal, then you can move on to Phase Two and up the ladder rungs as you continue to work towards your goal. I started out at 421lbs October 21, 2014 and today as of this morning I'm sitting at 324.7. It's so important to only eat from the induction list and DRINK your water. I tend to be more strict than others as I have only drank water for the past two years now. But, my results speak for themselves and I've been on induction this whole time. I don't plan to move to Phase Two until I hit 250.
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Greatest motivation to stay on Atkins. Thank you. I don't like many vegetables will just have to stick with salad and green beans. For me getting a little bored with food is better than having it be a large part of my world.
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Atkins has taught me to have a different relationship with food. I don't use it anymore because of my moods, emotions, stress, etc, where I used to in the past. Now I use it only as fuel for my body. And on Atkins you learn what your body needs and doesn't need. I have way more energy, my mind is super focused, and I feel better overall in terms of my quality of life. It's definitely a WOE (Way of Eating) not a diet. If you ever go back to the way you were eating before, you will gain all the weight back and then some. But just keep in mind, be strict on induction and then when you move into Phase 2, 3, and lifetime maintenance there are a LOT more foods you will reintroduce back in your eating plan.

I actually prefer induction even though it is strict because even though I eat many of the same meals, I don't feel bored with it because food doesn't play any role in my life other than being fuel for what my body needs. Bored is a feeling. Food is fuel.

Good luck on your journey.
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What you said about food feels true with Atkins, I don't mind induction restrictions after living half my life unrestricted & seeing where it got me i'm quite enjoying having them!
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I just started Atkins today. I is so motivating reading these stories & gives me hope.
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I started July 1st and I am down 20lbs, I suffered through the atkins flu and it was so bad it has kept me from cheating. Still have 50 to go!!!
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