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i have another *****. but actually, i'm kinda proud of myself.

so, i pulled this guy out of line to ring him up at my register so he wouldn't have to wait. and some other guy hurried up and got to my register first. i told him that the other guy was in front of him, and he insisted that he got there first and i'm ringing him up first.

so i just looked at him. And he goes "You seem surprised?" and i replied "Well, not that you want me to ring you up, just at how rude you were to me" and I rang up his purchase and didn't speak to him again and he goes "Well, LIZ, (made it a point to look at my badge and say my name) You must be having a bad day today" and i glared at him, thanked him so very much for his purchase and sent his *** out the door.
Luckily the other guy who was waiting found it amusing. People like that need to be beaten. I swear, just because the only job i can get is in retail doesn't mean I am to be treated like crap. Oy. People just think they are better than you when they have a better job. @!#@#%#$ !!!
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Good for you, Lizzi! What a jerk.
I wish there were more people in retail like you. I find so many are rude at the cash. They act as though they're doing me a favor by ringing through my purchases, and that it's really a big bother for them.
I'm so grateful when I get a pleasant cashier that I feel like tipping them a hundred bucks or so. And I WOULD if I had extra cash floating about.
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*s* Thanks. I've been known to have my rude moments - but I save them for people who deserve them. See, I work at the service desk which means I get all the complaints and questions and annoying people. And in Eugene, OR there is a higher concentration of them for some damned reason.

I save my rudeness and unwillingness to help for people who order me around like a dog, assume I will just ring them up at my desk (i am for returns and orders and sometimes i don't have time to just cashier especially when 6 feet from me on either side there are cashiers doing nothing with a lot more counter space to ring them!).
I also try to use my powers for good though because if I'm out shopping I will make an effort to stick up for workers who have rude customers. One day I got into scraps with some B***h at walmart who was mad because the lady was helping us instead of her, and was all being rude and huffy to the lady who was just looking at us like "help me?" so I turned to the lady and i said "You know what? I wouldn't help you either, because you're rude." and the lady huffed off and I was a happy Lizzie once more.

Since I work in retail it really really upsets me when I go somewhere and get bad service. It never used to, but I try really hard to give good service and do just about whatever the customer wants - and then if I go somewhere and I don't even get an associate who can hide their contempt it really riles me up.

(okay, dissertation done for now) I think i could write a book about retail.
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YUP!! I used to work in retail too, and having seen both sides of it I am PISSED at rude customers and PISSED at rude associates!!! I used to wish I had some type of psychic powers so I could show them how they appear to others. But they probably wouldn't even care!!!! I also hate it when they treat you like you are stupid. I may be selling you shoes lady, but i can think circles around you ANY DAY..... Same for DH having been a clerical worker for almost 20 years. The people in the English department used to speak to him as if he were a slow child. When he started winning poetry competitions..... THAT shut them up!!! But he still had to leave that University to get professional respect!!! At least HE is nice to all the clerical workers now because of his own experiences. He will never forget where he came from.
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