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rochemist 06-18-2003 10:43 PM

I have a reson to b***h
Feel free to add your own!:D


**** HIM AND THE HORSE HE RODE IN ON!!!!!*******:devil:

Miis Chris:p

ellis 06-18-2003 11:28 PM

Chris, I'm so sorry about your Dad. You must miss him so much.
love and hugs...

I can't start *****ing... I'm afraid I might never stop. heh heh.

Ruthxxx 06-19-2003 05:43 AM

Sorry, Chris. I know you have been hoping he'd be home this summer. ***** away.

Don't get Ellis started!

So far today, I've nothing to ***** about - except the frassing mosquito that is hanging around. Oh yeah, I can ***** because Harry has not fixed the hole in my screen. I guess that's another job that is being handed over to me.

rochemist 06-19-2003 02:14 PM

The good news my daddy should be coming home the weekend of June the 28th!

My ***** for today, how much pressure my bored son is putting on me to go!!!!!!!

Miss Chris

Goddess Jessica 06-19-2003 02:25 PM

I'm glad you'll be seeing your dad soon. Your bored son is putting pressure on you to go where?

Do we really need doughnuts everyday at work? Aren't you people fat enough?

People who feel the need to comment on what I'm eating... everyday. "Oooo Jessica must be trying to lose weight, she's eating COTTAGE CHEESE!" Agh!

My boss. 'nuff said.

rochemist 06-19-2003 02:29 PM

I told him we would walk to the movies today!

I hear you on the work thing. When my work says we are bringing food in its of the lowest nutritional denominator!

Miss Chris

ellis 06-19-2003 02:35 PM

Jessica, I hear ya re: the food thing. You know, we could make a fortune if we opened up a chain of yummy, healthy fast-food restaurants. There are NO choices out there! (I refuse to go to McDonalds, so don't even mention their new menu)

mauvaisroux 06-19-2003 06:12 PM

Yeah, at this one place I used to work at a couple of years ago I usually brought a salad to work every day in the same green tupperware bowl that held about 4 cups of salad-which if you put it on a plate would have equalled a dinner plate size salad -not a big deal :shrug:

And yet everyday someone in the lunchroom would say "think your salad is big enough?" or "nice bucket of salad you got there!" or "Is that all you are eating?" often from the same people who said it 2 days before :rolleyes:

I felt like telling them look you idiots- it is the same :censored:bowl of :censored:salad that I have been :censored:bringing to :censored:work every :censored:day for the last :censored:8 months! Get over it! Or at least come up with something new to say!!!! You don't see me making comments about your lunches so sod off! :mad:

Sigh...why can't people mind there own beeswax and let you do your own thing and why is food such an issue?:( I have learned not to discuss my eating habits or plans at work.

dentrassi 06-19-2003 08:39 PM

...or to FAMILY!!!!!

Chris-Sorry about your Dad, but at least you'll be seeing him in about a week!!! My little sweetheart is nagging me too!!!

lizziness 06-20-2003 07:45 PM

my turn to bitch. wait, i do that all the time anyway. well, here's more :)
Okay, good. A place to *****. Thank god, cause my head was about to explode. UGH! I hate my job so bad! First off, a guy yelled at me this morning first thing about something I could not control or fix. then some jackass standing by butted in and made it worse. grr.
then, i've got people ignoring customers and on a personal call not doing their job. a cashier who can't give change back to a person for a $100:censored:ing bill! and the stupidest of all assistant managers putting out a petty, unprofessional memo that was regarding me and something he thought i did wrong - which i was not wrong by the way, just so THAT is clear. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

then i come home to a husband who hasn't even taken a :censored:ing shower, and hasn't done anything at the house all day but play his :censored:ing ps2 and HE has the nerve to be pissy and ME for what I do not know.
and to top it all off, I was gonna go look at a house today and now i can't because someone else checked out the keys. :censored::censored::censored:-ity :censored:
okay. i'm better for now. really. i swear. anyone seen office space?? "i could burn the whole place down if i wanted to. i could." *lol*
oh, and you know what else? I couldn't get the button for the stupid :censored:ing censored button to work. GRRRRRR more!
good the the pms is gone. i'm all better now.

rochemist 06-20-2003 08:50 PM

Well **** me I got the results back from my test. I am such a ****** oh and a psycho ****** to boot I scored a 67 so I did 2 pts worse than last time. Now I need 10 reasons to not jump off the steephouse.

1-10. It would be stupid again since it is after all a test and not the end of the world.

Your humble *****y ******!
Miss Chris

dentrassi 06-20-2003 09:22 PM

Lizziness-YES!! That is a FUNNY movie!!! I like my current job, but there have been some in the past.....

Chris-Too bad sweetie. But don't jump 'cause we'd all cry. hope you can have some fun this weekend and destress!!!! xxoo

Lidian 06-21-2003 10:24 AM

I wrote about this in my journal today, about the 1st grade playday. My friend and I were supervising one of the games. The kids were supposed to just play 15 minutes per game, they moved around a bunch of games in groups of 10 kids. Not a big deal, right? My friend and I were muddling along and were doing OK with the ball game we were doing. And the teachers sent one of the dads to help us out a bit, which is fine too, as we didn't know a lot about it. But we were doing OK. And he sort of took over, which was also OK. But then my friend overheard him saying loudly to another dad that he HAD to rescue the situation because those ladies didn't know what they were doing etc etc. We ended up leaving him to it for the last part of the day, after that - told the teachers and they said yeah, let him do it then...I would not have minded if he had said, I love this game, can I help out or even, can I take over, I probably like this game more than you do, or anything. But not to complain behind our backs! We were pretty mad but we did not want to spoil the day for the kids. So we just chatted and looked in at the other activities.

I feel mad and frustrated, it really spoiled the day for me. And I realize that he was sent over by the teachers to help out. Which was fair enough, I guess. But really!


rochemist 06-21-2003 09:11 PM


Miss Chris

dentrassi 06-22-2003 12:47 AM


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