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It snowed a pile again..sigh...but at least it's warming up. It was so cold on friday night that the ice arena was a warmer place to be when we went ice skating ( if you call wobbling around clutching the boards ice skating) It's still exercise right? Went roller skating again saturday night too - I really enjoy it - in fact I have just bought my own skates on ebay with the help of an ebay wiz - kind of excited about that. My 4 week goal this time around is to exercise 3 times a week - Leslie Sansone is my hero right now WATP, skating, and the weights and elliptical downstairs...darn it all I might just end up healthy and strong after all. You all have a wonderful day
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Bobbi ~ what is the "old bags" work out?
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Good Morning.....
Yes, what IS the "old bags" work out?

Okay, onto the important things: The Stephanie Plum movie: Debbie Reynolds will be Grandma Mazur (OMG) and Sherri Shepherd will be Lula (she was my first choice and should be great!). The guy from Rescue Me who played Franko will be Ranger. KarenFL, I agree that Stephanie should be a New Joisey gal, not some blonde nymphet! I hope they don't wreck it for us forever!

PT/Zoe, I really loved your summer shot and the tweed one just reminds me that I'm COLD. I'm tired of being COLD.

I had to content myself with cleaning out the bank accounts and neatly packing up his belongings (left them out on the front porch because I had the locks changed on the house while he was at work) in such a way (SO neatly) that he couldn’t see that all his ties had been cut in half, all his suit jackets were cut horizontally at about waist height, his pants all had the flies cut out, his shirts were all cut in half….oh, my….I could just go on and on, but you get the idea. Of course I would never do such a thing now that I have become such a mature and level-headed person , but back then I was pretty enraged, let me tell you.

Did you actually DO this or did you just fantasize about doing this??????????

Lynn, I now have a Tara French book reserved on Zooba, thanks. NCNancy, I wasn't aware of the October 2010 release of a new Fr. Tim book, so I ordered that. Thank you!!!

Everyone, nothing going on. I'm status quo (well, actually, I'm quite fine). I'm OP, feeling great... and if someone would just donate $50,000 to my coffers (free, clear, and non-earned income!), I'd be so peachy. Bear in mind that I will do windows, if anyone wants to adopt me.!

Everyone, have a lovely day! Be warm, dry, and SAFE........

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PT, rest assured that that was no fantasy! I won't go into all the boring details, but he richly deserved it, and I've never regretted it one teeny, tiny bit! The very BEST part was when I (and my lawyer) had a meeting with him (and his lawyer) and I could see that he was wearing one of the ties I had cut in half. Looked like his lady love had stitched it back together with a rather clumsy sewing machine cross-stitch. Not TOO noticeable unless you were looking, specifically. (I was). Ugh.
Oh, you BETCHA that was no fantasy!

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Just checking in-

Before I make myself go out in this freezing rain and hit the gym. Actually I must confess I've been out once already to have breakfast with my new friend here. We have been meeting once a month or so at the breakfast place at the end of my street. I also must confess I had the cinnamon french YES I need to go to the gym!!

Tea - skating (both kinds) sounds like fun and good exercise too. I'm hoping things warm up your way too.

Z - Like the new avatar photo. You look so scholarly! I could identify with the days to retirement countdown - I remember doing that. And you're absolutely right...all in all it did go by fast. I can't believe you did all that stuff to your ex's ties etc...too funny! And yes...I may be retaining water, but I also need to get more serious about portion control and eating sweets (like french toast.)

Donna, I have read a few of the Stephanie Plum books and listened to a few of the cds and agree that I have a hard time visualizing whats her name (Heigler?) in the role of Steph. We'll see.

OK...I'm really off to brave the elements.

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I see the new March post is being used so I'll answer your questions about the old bag dvd on there and close this one out.
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