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Good Morning, All...
Thank GAWD all the socializing is over for this week... and beyond! I feel like a stuffed sausage, because I don't normally eat those kinds of things... and it's going to feel good to do basics today and get myself back in balance. I'm feeling very uncomfortable today!

Okay, Mary, so when IS your birthday? We tried to give you greetings last month, which you returned... but now you aren't on the list at all. Isn't it this month, um, like, this week? If it is and we missed it, well, happy birthday!!

PT/Zoe, any word on your appointment? Good thoughts, my twinnie! Aw, Rosey, pink tulips... how sweet! I hope the ulcers resolve soon. And are you eating anything you want now? My friend's surgery is Monday, and she's excited/scared. Have you been back on your scale?

No news here. I'm just feeling FAT. This, too, will pass! All of you seem to be doing so well with your weight loss, and I'm proud of you! Bobbi, headaches?

Everyone, have a lovely day! Be warm, dry, and safe.........
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Good Morning all,

Another beautiful, sunny day. Still cold, naturally, but sooo much warmer than last week. My little dog is taking advantage. He's going out side and sitting in the sun many times a day and not coming in and lying in front of the heat registar. Went to DGS's soccer game last night, and while it was fun watching him play soccer, sitting on those benches for that long was not fun at all.

Lynn, Can't see a lot of color in your hair (ok, i'm half blind, even with glasses) but the smile on your face is priceless. Now we can call you that "sexy redhead". And congratulations on being so close to reaching your goal. That is why you are such an inspiration to us all. when you make up your mind for something, it gets done! What are you going to do to celebrate? Bet come up with a plan. With just 1 lb. away, it's going to happen really soon.

Bobbi, I'm glad to hear that your headaches are getting more infrequent. Hopefully soon they will be gone for good.

Z, I'm glad you're going to see the Dr. Not a favorite passtime for any of us, but a necessary evil. Especially for me, I see enough of them at work, thank you! to see how they are to their patients and how they treat us, their eyes and ears, is quite an education.

Karen3, Good luck on that lazer Zap. I've seen them do it on Tv with really amazing results.

Hi Tea-Granny, stay safe on that road!

Karen21, No, I haven't gotten the WII zoomba yet. My niece has been using hers every day and raving about it. I just haven't had time to get out and get it. I have taken Zoomba classes, and I can tell you they are FUN! if you like to dance, they are just the thing. I do exercise (not as much as some of you, but at least 1/3 hour 4-5 days a week) and I always leave drinched in sweat. And feeling like I want to do more.

Laffalot, Another 2 lb.? You are rocking girl!

Rosey, Ahhhh, pink tulips. How sweet. Yeah, I guess you should keep him. One of the doctors at work had the bipass and was telling us this weekend that he had cheesecake before going to bed the night before and had the worst case of "dumping" ever. Have you had any problems yet, or are you being really good?

Donna, Wishing your friend the best with her surgery!

Well, gotta go. Dh wants to go look at new cars. Mine is on it's last legs. Only thing is, I LOVE it. It's the most comfortable car I ever owned and I hate breaking another one in. I think we're looking at a GMC Terraine. Crossing my fingers it's a fit.

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Morning everyone..nothing dh had to go and see his mom last nite.her care givers called and i guess she was really confused, adgitated,and didnt know where she was..poor thing,,its happening alot lately. Bobbie the casserole was yummy but i ate about 1/2 cup and picked out the eggs and turkey..and i do have that dumping thing anytime i eat anything with sugar the experience is not worth it..Jess i have'nt weighed,im stubbornly waiting for my new scale so i can have a pleasant surprize i hope i love biggest looser,i was surprized that the black team won but glad,i asked my dh if he could make me a punching bag lol i think that would be a hoot.hoping your day is great rosey
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Love the pictures Rosey!
Remember when I said earlier that I was going to make 'stuff' in the kitchen today? I found the only recipe I'll ever use again for Chicken Stir-fry. It was so yummy, low in calories and DH just loved it. I didn't have some of the ingredients but found recipes to make fish sauce, red curry paste and coconut milk. I put all three on my grocery list for future use because I will make this again and again.
Check it out in our recipe section
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Hi Everyone - Beautiful day today - sunny & almost, kind of, sort of warm! Still need a coat. It snowed last night but it's melting now. Still have alot to go before we get spring. Bobbi my name is Sherry. I'll try to post it on my profile.........remember I'm not comp[uter smart! We don't have gators, etc but we do have coyotes, bears, moose, elk, deer & right now lots of bald eagles (they are so beautiful!) We also get trumpeter swans resting up before they head north & of course, Canada geese, ducks, etc etc. The gators would scare the stuffing out of me! There is a mamma moose with her twin kiddies hanging around a field just a few blocks from my house. Amazing.........I believe they don't "do" twins very often. There were around here this past spring, summer & fall too. Tool cool! Everyone have a great rest of the day! TTYL
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hi home and everything went fine. Took almost 3 hours and now feel like have a windburn. Doctor told me all my brown spots would get darker before they fell off and not to be surprised that more show up that I didn't know were there.Gees had about 100 and now have about 300. It didn't hurt and staff were very supportive. Worse was the gel. Felt like face was covered in warm sticky jello. The 1st lazer was so bright even with eyes taped shut was liking looking into my skull. The other 2 were warmer and more like hot rapid bee stings without a follow up pain. Actually got sleepy.

Glad I had leftovers and dinner with ready in seconds. Now a glass of ice tea and Survivor will make me a happy camper. BOO Russell and Boston Bob! look wonderful. Must be the pink reflection from the tullips!

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Hey G.G.s,
I missed visiting here yesterday, because I was busy, busy, but didnt really accomplish much. Ever have one of those days?! Anyway, I just want to congratulate Tea Granny on the 1 lb. loss, & Sherry on losing 2 lbs. Yay! & Yay! And Lynn, I love your hair, both the style & color!

KarenFL, glad your treatment wasn't too bad. Still looking forward to seeing the new you.

Rosey, great pictures! Youre really looking good! Its too bad about your DHs ulcers, but such a relief it wasnt something worse. And tulips! That was really sweet.

Bobbi, Im thinking about trying turkey sausage in the apple omelet the next time I make it. I like that much better than turkey bacon.

Zoe, Im anxiously awaiting the results of your dr. visit (as Im sure we all are). When is it? You left NC too soon, now were having nice weather!

Speaking of dr. visits, SO had his today. And.. He goes back to work TOMORROW! Were so excited! I just hope its not too soon, but the dr. should know, right? And, back to getting up at 4:30 in the morning - that part Im not too happy about! Anyway, there are things I should be doing to get ready.

'Night Y'all,
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Back - tired, but otherwise fine & dandy. Had to go into Boston today for a meeting, so I took a baggie with fresh blueberries and a cup and a half of Fiber One cereal - the frosted shredded wheat kind - and chomped that during my drive into town. Was in the office this afternoon, and heated a Quorn faux-chicken patty for my lunch; had it with a little lite Miracle Whip on a piece of pita for lunch. Drank water. They had several desserts in the lunch room today - one, especially, that I would have a hard time resisting if my appetite were as hearty as it's been since the holidays: some sort of tunnel of fudge cake (omigawd), but it wasn't calling my name out today; must've been calling someone else's. I called and pre-registered for my Dr's appt. tomorrow night - dd is insisting on going with me, which I'm distinctly UNthrilled about, but so be it, I guess. Anyhoo, having the pasta sauce tonight over shirataki noodles (zero calories in the noodles) and that's it for the day. Any other time I'd be patting myself on the back for eating carefully, but these past three days or so, it's just felt like the comfortable thing to do - no particular effort expended, so I can't take much credit.
Karen3, can I tell you that sounds awfully scary to me? I freak out over mammograms; having my eyes taped and my face lasered might push me right over the edge. I am in awe of your bravery! DSL! Oh, what a happy thought! This driving home in the dark every night is for the birds! (Owls, probably, right?)
Hi Sherry - or should we call you "nature girl"? That's quite a line-up of wild creatures you've got surrounding you. I like looking at pictures of meese and such, but am not real sure how close & personal I'd care to get with them.
Bobbi, I will most definitely be trying your chicken stir-fry recipe! I've made my own stir fry, but to tell the truth, I never feel like it's seasoned particularly well. I'm looking forward to yours!
Such sweet pictures, Rosey! And the weight loss is becoming more and more evident in your're looking really healthy and good, chickie; keep up the good work!
Y'know, I really couldn't see much of the color in Lynn's hair either, Freda - I think I was just so impressed with how happy she looks! (Try to get a better pic of the hair, Lynn, you hear?) Oh, I hate changing cars, too...I get used to whatever I'm driving, and so long as it doesn't need any repairs beyond regular oil changes and new tires every couple of years, I'm a happy camper.
Hey PT, my appointment is scheduled, I've pre-registered, and it's as good as a done deal, trust me. (Oh, okay, don't trust me until I come back and say I actually went....gawd, how I hate going! )
Karen31, I'm proud of YOU, girlfriend! You've become a Wii Fit maniac!!!! Before you know it, you'll be a lil' twig again. And you're having fun with it! Wow. That's fantastic!
Oh, Lyn....doesn't that just make you want to let out a screetch and stomp around and have a real old-fashioned tantrum? It's one thing if you gain because you've overindulged (presumably in something yummy) but when you don't, and especially when you're exercising faithfully, gaining 3 pounds isn't one bit funny. Must be sodium....what else could it be? It'll drop right off again, but it's still totally annoying. (Guess you can tell I've been there, done that, huh? )
Gayle, that heart-shaped brownie sounds like such a wonderful Valentine for your dd & her family! Things you make yourself are just so much more appreciated.
Tea, good job with the exercising...I'm trying to push past my innate laziness, because I KNOW I need to do it.
Nancy, where are you? Hope your new wireless device isn't malfunctioning! Come back! We miss you!
Hiya Bunti! What's up?
Okay, that's it for moi....time for din-din and then it'll soon be bedtime. What an exciting life I lead!

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Oh, THERE you are, Nancy! Goody! (And Yay about SO going back to work!)

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Default Nsv! Nsv! Nsv!!!

This is so totally awesome and somewhat hilarious. I grabbed my new black dress pants ( I bought them at the beginning of December for Christmas parties, and because I couldn't wear my other pair-too tight) I noticed that they were "a bit loose", but I'm always running out the door so didn't pay a whole lot of attention, other than too make a mental note "hey that's cool ) Once I started moving around at work the crotch kept dropping lower and lower...and I kept yanking them up. I couldn't find a good safety pin to save my life - and the crotch was REALLY drooping - so I had to go into the bathroom...and take in the waist 2+inches...with my stapler...
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Tea - you made my evening - a stapler no less...great NSV!

I read through everyone's post - thanks for the words of encouragement on the 3# gain. Probably too much sodium - I love my salt.

I'm going to bed to read now...will post longer later. Night all.

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Tea, I love that story!! That is awesome!! Congrats!!!

Pretty tired tonight, my aunt was in a car accident this morning. She is the one who is 84-- she was driving and had to stop for a city truck that was in front of her and a big truck hit her from behind and pushed her into the truck in front. She is pretty shaken up and sore (I'm sure she will be more sore in the morning) but she did go to the er and got checked out. They said she has a bruised sternom (SP) and will be sore but everything was OK. Did a cat scan an xrays. She drove her mini van back home with my brother following close behind her before she went to the hospital!! One tough lady!! She is still complaing tonight that she has a headache but thinks it is just from all the stress. Pretty scary day!!

I'll be back tomorrow and try to be more talkative.
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Good Morning Girls,

Didn't get too much done yesterday, but did go check out the cars. Got all the information, went for a drive, now it's decision time. The day was nice, A lot of snow melting and the sun shining.

Karen, So sorry to hear that your Aunt was in an accident! I'm glad there was no injury's. And I think the reason that people that old do so well is, they're strong or they wouldn't have gotten to that age.

Lyn, After awhile you know if you've eaten too much salt or just plain eaten too much or not exercised enough. When things don't add up, figure it's the scale, not you.

Tea, That is so awsome!!! It sort of sneaks up on you, doesn't it? Sounds like you might be ready for some new pants. Some of us here have used Goodwill, or used clothing stores to add to our wardrobe until we're finished losing weight. You're going to have lots of these moments. save your money and go on a huge shopping spree when you get to goal. Which will happen sooner than you think too.

Nancy, We all have days when we seem to work all day and get little done. But they were things that needed doing, and they are done and out of the way! Great news about your SO.

Karen3, I never really "tanned" but I still got some of those spots and one that was "pre". So I've been using the cream in hopes that it gets rid of any damage. You're doing it the fast way. That is so great. One less worry.

Hi Sherry, I wouldn't want to live where there were aligators that might get to my little Benny dog either! I've heard of that happening. I know Karen said she had gates blocking them out.

Z, Are you staying at home most days, for work, now? I hope you get it down to just going into the office occasionally. Just the commute time will save you so much time. Spring is coming soon. Maybe you can take a break and go for a walk? have you started the walking program again? sorry to nag. I know you will start when you're ready.

Bobbi, I love stir fry and make it often. It's a great way to get in all my veggies. I've always wanted to experement with different sauces, so I'll for sure try this one.

Rosie, I totally agree with Z, and noticed it right away with this new picture. Your weight loss is showing in your face. I know you are going to be pleasantly surprised when you get that new scale.

Lynn, where are you? Training for another marathon? I admire you so much. You are always so busy doing such interesting things. A real inspiration!

Hey Gayle, where are you? I know you aren't working! Is it getting nice enough there to go for another bike ride?

Bunti????? where are you? Out having fun I hope.

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Want to feel better
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Good morning all

Freda ~ Glad the snow is melting and you had a nice sun shiny day to be out and about.

Karen MO ~ sorry about your aunt ~ glad she is ok ~ hope her soreness goes away soon.

Lyn ~ that 3 pounds will come right back off ~ hang in there.

Tea Granny ~ I love the stapler/pants story ~ congrats on the slipping pants.

Zoe ~ let us know how your dr's appointment turns out. Is the weather starting to be better where you are ~ some of that snow starting to melt?

NC Nancy ~ glad your SO is better now and can return to work. How is Oatmeal doing?

Karen FL ~ wow ~ your laser treatments sound like something else. I agree with Zoe ~ you are brave.

Sherry ~ you certainly have an interesting array of animals in your area.

Rosey ~ I agree with the others ~ your weight loss is showing on your face. You're looking beautiful ~ love the picture of you with your smile, your tulips. I love that one pic where your little dog is smelling the flowers.

Donna ~ glad you had a fun time with your friends. It will feel good though to get back to the regular routines.

Bobbi ~ glad you are having some warmer weather. Thank you for sharing your recipes.

Mary ~ where have your travels taken you now?

Lynn ~ love your smile and your new do and color.

Bunti ~ how are you doing?

Hello to anyone I missed ~ hope you all are having a nice day.

Take care
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Good Morning, All...
Rosey, what exactly IS "dumping"? I've heard the term, but I don't know what it is and I'm too lazy to look it up for myself! Does it hurt or is it just like retching? My friend is nervous about her by-pass surgery on Monday. Do you want to be her mentor? And I love your pictures! Your dog seems to like the tulips, too... I think that's so sweet! You LOOK thinner! When is that new scale arriving?
KarenFL, hope all goes well with your "zapping"... just be sure they don't accidentally zap that wonderful sense of humor of yours!
NCNancy, glad the Poop... oops, sorry, the SO is going back to work! That should make your life easier... but I didn't understand why you're getting up at 4:30 a.m.? Do you have to dress him? Are both of your kitties doing okay now? (I'll knock off the SO stuff, even though it will pain me to do so...!)
PT/Zoe, the appointment is tonight? Oh, my friend, good thoughts abound! Please give us all the sordid details asap, and I'm hoping that all is well and/or easily fixed!
TeaGranny, good job!
Lyn and Lynn, yo!
KarenMO, hope your aunty is okay. She's just a whippersnapper, though! My Aunty Ann just had her distributor cap mysteriously lost, because the dear, mostly-blind, 95 year old soul was still trying to drive! EEEEKKKKKKKKKK. These old folks are a WORRY.
Freda, sounds like you're doing okay. It's always good to hear from you!
Bobbi, headaches? Your cooking, as always, sounds so good!!
Not much to report here. I'm enjoying the warmer temps, while they last. I'm back OP, did well yesterday, and felt the results immediately. Better get rolling, though... errands abound!
Everyone, warm, dry, and SAFE.............
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