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G'morning all! Rain on tap for today, which is OK. It can even rain tomorrow. Then, we MUST have dry weather on Wednesday and Thursday for our inauguration ceremony. And that's all there is to it! I'm anticipating a busy week. DH has promised to buy chicken breasts this morning, so I can have clean eats on hand for whenever I get to them. My reward to myself for suriving this little project is a new hand blender -- I'm ordering it tomorrow. I can hardly wait; no more pulling apart the blender. Oh Boy : Cardio done for today; hope to have UBWO at lunchtime, and Pilates tomorrow night. After that, we'll just have to see. Oh, and the other piece of great news: the curbs are in at our new subdivision; we may even have a paved road by week's end. Dip, in answer to you question: we won't build until next spring, but we are all caught up in the planning now. Gotta run chickies. Hugs to everyone.
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