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Meg 04-12-2004 07:33 AM

LWL #139: April 12 - 18
Good morning! I'm :rofl: about Ilene's post from last night (in last week's thread):

You are also so right about eating clean and feeling the repercusions of the bad food in your body.... At the moment I feel so awful... bloated/gassy/guilty! Now there's a trinity in itself!
I'm hoping that Ilene and everyone else are recovering from yesterday's indulgences and ready to get back to the real LWL Holy Trinity of:




Clean eating!

I'm going to start a new Confessional Thread just for Easter so we can keep the chocolate buuny ears out of sight and out of mind on the main thread. :lol: Feel free to drop by and unload! :D

Spring's coming, even if it's not quite there where you are (like in Pittsburgh), so let's have a great week! :strong:

Kanola 04-12-2004 07:37 AM

Hey everyone!! I just had a long post written and lost it?? Not sure how that happened I usually cut/paste? Oh well.....

Had a fantastic weekend away, back to reality tomorrow at work and I started challenge 3 today... 100% on plan :)

Will catch up tomorrow with everyone!

Airegrrrl 04-12-2004 08:48 AM

G'morning all! Rain on tap for today, which is OK. It can even rain tomorrow. Then, we MUST have dry weather on Wednesday and Thursday for our inauguration ceremony. And that's all there is to it! :dancer: I'm anticipating a busy week. DH has promised to buy chicken breasts this morning, so I can have clean eats on hand for whenever I get to them. My reward to myself for suriving this little project is a new hand blender -- I'm ordering it tomorrow. I can hardly wait; no more pulling apart the blender. Oh Boy :goodvibes: Cardio done for today; hope to have UBWO at lunchtime, and Pilates tomorrow night. After that, we'll just have to see. Oh, and the other piece of great news: the curbs are in at our new subdivision; we may even have a paved road by week's end. Dip, in answer to you question: we won't build until next spring, but we are all caught up in the planning now. Gotta run chickies. Hugs to everyone.

tikanique 04-12-2004 10:47 AM

Hi all,

Jen - I am from Knoxville.

Silverbirch - Welcome to our little corner of the net. If you have any slang questions just fire away. It seems we all have some slang from our little areas of the world so we are always asking "what does that mean?" You will fit right in.

Jack - Howd the family visit go?

JC - Glad you are so happy.

Dip - When do we get pics of the freshly painted vessel?

Hi to everybody else on this site. I hope you are all having a great day so far.

This morning I am eating the first healthy meal I have had in 3 days. I went to throw out all the unhealthy food in my house this AM and realized that I had already eaten ALL OF IT. I gained 6 lbs in the course of 11 days and my digestive system is acting up BIG TIME. I also did not go to the gym any after last Monday until this morning. I still haven't figured out what set me off but I feel more determined this morning to eat clean and workout and I am positive that I will have a clean eats day today. The crew is spending Spring break with their dads so I can stock my fridge with only my foods for the week. :D

BTW - Today is my first OFFICIAL day as a Bronco Cheerleading Coach! :cheer: We have a spring clinic this week so I will be getting in another cardio session this evening with the girls. I didn't do weights this morning - ran short on time, but I did get my track time in. After all I have eaten, I figured that I needed the cardio more today than the weights. I will get the weights in tomorrow AM.

Thanks to all for being supportive last week when I thought I was losing my mind. I luv you all!

Peace. Tiki! Go Green! Go Gold!

tikanique 04-12-2004 12:52 PM

hahahahahahaaha Jack, that's hilarious. I have 4 brothers and about 9 male first cousins so I have a good idea what your comments were to them. I miss hanging around my brothers! sigh!


MrsJim 04-12-2004 12:56 PM

As far as ham goes - at least my sister LISTENED to me this year and didn't put the (already cooked) Honeybaked Ham in the oven for an hour, drying it out - she only put it in for 20 minutes. Mashed potatoes in BREAD?!? Bleagh!

Back to the LWL trinity today. Currently I'm drinking an ocean of water, trying to flush out the dregs of the ONE strawberry daqueri I had yesterday (stupid stupid me - I have absolutely NO tolerance for alcohol, even a drop!!!)

Time to get some more water and do some work...

Topaz 04-12-2004 01:55 PM

Mashed potatoes in bread? Yuck.

I'm so glad to have this long weekend off. I got to go out for a long hike on Saturday in Gatineau Parc with my boyfriend and his dog and then yesterday we went on another long walk. That was quite nice. Especially for the dog, who jumped into the river when she wasn't supposed to. :lol: Today is an "arms" day for me, which is my favourite, mostly because I find the results show such an obvious difference so fast.

That reminds me, I just took measurements again after a month and although I've not really lost any weight to speak of, I've lost a bit in inches. Hurrah! My biceps got bigger I think though. Yay for muscles!

Now I just need to get my eating back under control. Stupid holidays. I better go off to the Easter confessional thread. ;)

jennifa 04-12-2004 03:00 PM

Hi all,

I'm gathering inspiration for a friend who is struggling with crossing the abyss. Anybody willing to share what it was that inspired them to commit to a healthy lifestyle, it would be greatly appreciated. (she isn't online.)



tikanique 04-12-2004 03:48 PM

Couple of things:

Saw a pic of myself that I took on a day I just KNEW i looked nice; mom diagnosed with chronis osteoporosis - this on top of both my parents having high blood pressure and diabetes and oldest brother also a diabetic. I don't want to be another family statistic. Additionally, I suffer from mild depression but HATE taking Zoloft for it. Exercise endorphins are much better at clearing away the blues.

Airegrrrl 04-12-2004 06:20 PM

Jennifa, I realized that if I didn't take care of myself now, I wouldn't be able to take care of myself later on. This was so chilling it was almost paralyzing, having watched my mom deteriorate over a decade. I also realized that for me there was nothing more debilitating than living half a life, and that's what you live when you're not healthy.

Mel 04-12-2004 07:12 PM

Hi LWL! I hope everyone had a great week-end. I got home late last night after a hair-raising drive across Ohio (pretty boring, too), West Virginia and PA. Visibility on the PA turnpike through the mountains was about 20 feet, with bumper to bumper traffic hurtling along at 85 mph. I saw about 25 accidents and was almost in one. But I'm home, unscathed, except for the verboten food and drink that went in my mouth. Despite the drive, I had a lovely week-end with my daughter and her boyfriend, lots of talking, and I even went and did a workout and cardio with the boyfriend while she went to lacrosse practice. I'm sure he thinks I'm the oddest "girl friend's mom" he's ever met. He did say he wished he could get his mom into the gym and paying attention to what she eats, so I like him. And he's cute ;)

Today was a very slow day at the gym. I think everyone still has a food hangover, which gave me plenty of time to do a very long leg workout. Probably too long, but I wanted to try some new things and I was bored. I'm sure I'll be paying for it tomorrow.

Bread and mashed potatoes????? I'm much more discriminating that that! :lol: Great story, Jack. Would have love to be listening in during that hoops session. The sabotage and comments are insidious. I still get them, and I haven't really changed much in the last 2 1/2 years. You'd think they'd just accept the new me by now.

Tik- Have fun with your cheerleaders tonight! I used to think that was all fluff, but now I realize the athletics that goes into it.

Silverbirch- Welcome! Whatever language or dialect you speak, we all have one thing in common: we're here and understand why! Where in England are you from? If you're working out at the National Mountaineering Gym does that mean you're near the Fells? My husband's family mostly live in Ulverston and we spent a few summers hiking (or trying to in the case of the anthrax summer) there.

Hi Nola- Sorry you lost your post! Come on back tomorrow.

JC- Glad you're feeling upbeat about all the changes. I think you upcoming move sounds like a full-time job so maybe the timing was a blessing. Is Ray being re-assigned or is his stint over?

Meg- I was waving frantically as I passed the turn-off to Pitt. Did you catch the breeze? Darn, if it didn't add an hour to an already long drive I would have swung through and given you a gentle hug.

Karen, Tidy, Ilene, Robin, Dip- and EVERYBODY else- HI THERE and have a great evening.

No chocolate bunnies to report....now everyone get them out of the house!


diphthong 04-12-2004 09:40 PM

Hey Everyone!

Been thinking about you all today, but just so caught up with things, this is the first chance I've had since early this AM to read or post.

Cindy - from Sunday, I went back and looked harder at your face, and you *are* getting the sunken cheeks too! Yippeee for us! :D

Meg - the smoking, well, no it's not really easier. Lord knows, I wish it was and I can understand why the quit success rates are so low. I'm realizing just what a powerful drug nicotine really is, although the habit part is equally powerful. One thing I have noticed other than being able to run longer, is how much time I save by not smoking while doing routine things like hair and make-up. I am still avoiding things like the computer, or reading the newspaper with a cup of coffee. Just like some days I think I could easily go back to bad eating, I also think I can go back to smoking. :( But I talk myself out of it. But I'm sure glad to see you in such good spirits while recuperating! :)

Sounds like everyone had a pretty decent weekend! GOOD!

Tiki - I thought you were kidding when I read what you ate at the Easter Confessional, but I guess you weren't. Honey, I'd be in a coma.

Hi Mel, Karen, IN Robin, Jack, Topaz, Nola and Jennifa!

I've spent the last few days getting stuff ready for the boat. I will be going down Thursday AM and DH will come down on Friday night. He insisted that since I'm so adamant about being alone down there, that I get a cell phone. I haven't had one in years and had no desire for one, but I can see his point.
Tiki, I'll take photos this weekend for sure - she will look quite different in the water than setting on a cradle on land.

Well, lemme off of here 'cause I need to go down and lift. I've been doing some killer cardio to make up for a few food indiscretions and I'm on a roll. I accompanied DH to the doctor this morning, and the guy couldn't take his eyes off of me. :o I was kind of flattered but at the same time was thinking he's too old (my age) :lol: and definitely not as hot as DH, :devil: especially with DH sitting there with his shirt off. What can I say; still in love after all these years. ;)

Hey Colleen!?! You out there?

Have a great evening, all!



Dang, I should have read last night's posts before finishing off. Where are you today, Ilene? Hope your tum is OK, or you haven't jettisoned off into the blue horizon from flatulance?

Karen - Yep me too on Sopranos, and now Deadwood. I can't believe they talked that way back then. I always have to watch the 2nd or 3rd show of Deadwood because I fall asleep before it's over. Do you like Carnivale too? I didn't like it at first because it is so bizarre, but then got hooked on it.

Ilene 04-12-2004 11:00 PM

Good evening girls! :wave:

Can't wait to get back into the routine!! Can't stand doing this 'n that for 4 full days and not having a routine to speak of... Can you tell I thrive on a routine! :lol:

Tiki -- Last week was LAST week I'm happy to see that you are back on track with the clean foods... Those 6 lbs are probably only water so drink up and buckle down!!

Dip -- :rofl: Nope I didn't "jettisioned off" anywhere! :rofl: You're a hoot!

Meg -- We had a great leg workout today! and we or I needed cardio so we biked for a half hour...

Jack -- Good for you for patiently hanging in there with the family...

Mel -- What NEW leg exercises did you do?

To the rest of the gang :wave:... and to all a good night!

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