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Good afternoon, everyone, and thanks for the warm welcome, formal and informal! Although I can be quiet in real life (observer by nature, social scientist by training) this post may be long (writer by occupation).

Jennifa: re. motivation. Good question and I’ve been pondering it at the gymn just now. A few burbles about my motivation follow.

For me, part of motivation is being able to be me, whilst keeping up with room to spare. Let me explain. Background: I developed hayfever when I was 13 (roguing wild oats from fields of barley – the maltster was guaranteed 8 per acre) and it’s been with me ever since. Allergic rhinitis, actually, as it’s not just pollen which sets me off. I manage it with drugs, and behaviour like sitting still or moving slowly when it’s risky weather, not getting too hot, etc. I realise that this has affected what I do and I don’t like this. Some illustrations.

1. I lived in Edinburgh for a while and hated not being able to race up the steep, stone stair to the flat on the fourth floor of the tenement. And being able to skitter down with the rest of them (you know, when your feet just race away and it seems as though you’re flying). Felt very decrepit then.
2. Live-in-Lover 1 worked outside as a countryside ranger (walling, fencing, path-building, etc). We were young, he was very fit, I couldn’t keep up with him on mountain walks. Didn’t connect this with fitness.
3. I met the Man (LiL 3, since you asked) when he was 29 and I was 40. I had the Boy when I was 44. I’m 48 now. You can see how there’s a bit of scope for making sure I can keep up here!

Working out has helped my breathing, though I still get attacks. I’m fitter than I ever have been. I can scoop the Boy out of trouble with ease, and hold him on my arm like men do. Never wanted to have him on my hip, it felt wrong for my posture and wrong for my ageing joints. Having room to spare after normal exertion makes me more cheerful and optimistic. This feels more like ‘me’. End of burbles. Hope this helps your friend.

Mel – I’m in Wales not England! (Britain’s got at least three nations: England, Scotland, Wales. And there’s Northern Ireland.) The mountains here are Snowdonia. They are lovely, like the Lake District (where Ulverston is). The foot and mouth outbreak was dreadful for life in rural areas but is almost all in the past now, thank goodness. Come again!

Tiki – thanks for the offer to help out with slang. I’m going to enjoy this. Can we start with Double Dutch? I think it’s skipping. But who does it? Where? Do they sing? And, of course, what is the cardio value to you and me??

That leads me on to hula hoops. The Boy and I have them and we want to be able to hula hoop. I want to be an Ace Hula Hooper. A previous project we had was standing on one leg and stretching our bodies around so I do know that practice makes perfect! But does anyone have any tips for hhooping or do you just have to keep at it? Trial and error? Thanks in advance.

Must tear off now but see you all soon.

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Good Morning,

I have not been here as much as I like the past couple of weeks, its been very busy around here. And stressful - and that's not a good combination for me!!!! Ugh! I've been stuck in a pattern of great eating for 3 or 4 days and then whammo, a gluttonous splurge. I am so afraid of falling into my old behaviors. I was doing great again til Easter when I attacked the bunny cake like it was going to hop away. Not to mention all the ham and other salty crud I put in my mouth.

But scale is only up 2 pounds and my workouts have been awesome and I made it through yesterday with clean eats, so hopefully I'll be back in control for a while. We're going to Florida in 2 weeks and I want to be looking good.

Dip - Congratulations, I can see how hard you are working on not smoking, you are so much healthier for it. Its great to hear your running is improving because of it.

Hi Tiki - I'm sorry you had such a bad week, I can definitely empathize. I suffer from mild depression, just like the rest of my crazy family, but I do not take the drugs. Exercise works for me most of the time, other times I just stick my finger in the nearest electrical outlet . When I'm feeling down, sometimes its so hard to snap out of it. Sounds like you're back on track, just look forward and forgive yourself for whatever happened last week.

Meg! You are the happiest patient I've ever met. Of course, you know how beautiful you'll look once you're healing is done.

Nola - congrats on challenge 3.

Jack & Karen - I'm with you on the dry ham. Yuck. So why did I eat 3 pieces of it on Easter?? No comment on the mashed potatoes & bread.

Robin - good luck with all your events this week. Sounds like you're staying on track with your eating & workouts.

Hi Mel - I'm sure you're daughter's boyfriend thinks you are "totally cool."

Jennifa - I am inspired by how I feel when I know I am taking care of my body by exercising and eating well. Its really that simple - when I fall off the wagon, my self esteem plummets. When I stay on course, I feel great. I have incredible energy, it keeps me going.

Hey Ilene - did I tell you your pics look awesome? Well, they do!

Hello to everyone!!

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HI ALL!!!!!

Jack - I HATE Zoloft. It dries up my skin so bad that it cracks and looks like old leaves. I don't get depressed when I am taking it because it also dries up all my emotions so I had to toss the stuff. Eating right, exercising and believe it or not, using much stronger light bulbs during the winter months helps out a lot so I will stick with that for now.

Hiya there Silver! - Double Dutch is an EXCELLENT cardio workout. Have you ever seen kids jumping rope where there is one kid on each end spinning the rope and one kid in the middle jumping? Well, imagine that the kids on the end are holding two ropes and spinning them alternately and the kid in the middle has to jump twice as fast to keep from messing up. And yes, there are all kinds of songs, fancy steps, etc. that go with it. I usually end up spinning the rope and letting the kids in the neighborhood jump because they aren't as good spinning them both and they need the exercise. Oh yeah, I LOVE hula hooping. Just work at it, you'll get it.

Dip - Yes, I should have been in a coma and a few times I got sick, stopped eating till the feeling passed, then started right back up. Go figure. HOWEVER yesterday was a CLEAN EATS DAY!!! YIPEEEE!

Mel - Did DD's BF lift weights? IF so, did you outlift him?

Ilene - We have dreary weather here too, BUT are expecting 70 temps this weekend!

Meg - Keep up the hard work. Sitting still and recovering when you want to be out doing other stuff is VERY hard. We are all proud of your patience and commitment.

Hey Hey to the rest of the gang! Night two of cheerleading. I told the girls to write down everything they eat today and turn it in tonight. I will put it in Balance Log and run reports to show them what they are eating. This should be interesting. Tonight is also strength training night. I have a sore right quad so I will have to be careful, but I am still looking forward to it. Here comes "the man" so I had best get to work.

Peace. Tiki. WSB Yell it! West Side Broncos YELL IT!
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Good morning! Woke up to a story in our local newspaper about surgery to remove excess skin after weight loss: http://www.pittsburghpostgazette.com...104/299856.stm . Too bad they didn't come and interview me (or my doctor)! There seems to be a lot of interest in the topic now, especially with the boom in weight loss surgery. Karen, Mel and I put together the 'sticky' in the Maintainers Forum about weight loss and skin issues due to the constant bombardment of questions from people who work so hard to lose the weight, only to discover that they don't end up with the body of their dreams. http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/showthread.php?t=36040

Anne - so happy to see you back! Hey, at least you've been able to keep up the awesome workouts with all the stress and craziness in your life. Sounds like a FL vacation is just what you need about now.

And you're right - not only am I the happiest patient you've ever met, I'm probably one of the happiest people you'll ever meet. There's no feeling in this world better than waking up every morning and realizing that I DID IT! I made my dream come true! I beat the Fat Monster that dragged down every little bit of my life for way too many years. That 'high' is better than any chocolate chip cookie could ever taste and it's what will keep me from EVER going back!

Tiki! I'm cheering WITH you and FOR you! Y-a-y-y-y-y on the clean eats day yesterday and g-o g-o g-o for today!

And for everyone here at LWL! As my buddy Dip says: we're doing it! I hope everyone has a terrific day.
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Default Feeling OH SO MUCH BETTER today!!!

No more drinkie-poos for this gal! (Even if BIL swears they're "weak". ) I swear that it was only *one* strawberry dacqueri - but it knocked me for a loop...I did manage to get up in the morning and do cardio and chest/tris yesterday...went to work but had to go home at 1:30 and go to bed. Even after taking 4 extra-strength Tylenol during the morning - I know from experience those don't do diddly-squat for me - all I can do is drink a lot of water and sleep it off. Bleagh! Consequently, I ate very little yesterday, so this morning I woke up sneezing (yup, I'm weird - if my tummy's totally empty, I sneeze...).

Meg - those articles look way interesting! Hey - I want to be the happiest patient - of course I haven't had as many procedures as you have...although I do want to get the droopy gals perked up a bit, KWIM? (maybe next year...hmmm...)

Tiki - you were WAY more talented than I was as a kid - jumping rope was just something I couldn't do for very long (still can't because of the aforementioned droopy gals). And Hula-Hooping - just CANNOT make the hoop stay up! Arrggh - my sisters were all pros at that stuff. (probably had something to do with the fact that I spent a lot of school recess time in the library reading...) Come to think of it, my twin baby sisters were cheerleaders in Jr. High and High School as well. One can still do an 'all the way to the ground' split. Owie!

Anne - so nice to see ya again! Florida in two weeks - I'm envious we've had some good weather days here lately, but now the clouds are coming in - rain is predicted for tomorrow...ick...

Birch - there MUST be a Hula-Hoop website somewhere...lemme look...ai! here's one: http://www.hula-hoops.com/instructions.html

She's selling an instructional video, but there are instructions on her site.

Mel - good going with the DD's boyfriend... I'm SURE your daughter is very proud of her mom!

Dip - on the way folks talked back in the Deadwood days (1876) - I'm not a historian but I have read up on times back then. Most of the folks there in the early days of Deadwood (when it was just a camp) weren't exactly the Ingalls family - they were your basic illiterate criminal types. Many, I suspect, were once in the Civil War where 'rough language' was pretty typical...remember the first episode where the Scandanavian family was going back to Minnesota because they found Deadwood far too rough for them (shoot, I would've done the same...)? Jim's a little bummed that Wild Bill Hickok was killed this week, but I figure the producers have more in store. Doc Holliday, for one, has yet to make an appearance in the show. Did you see Tombstone - where Val Kilmer played the Doc? Just a GREAT performance, that's one of my favorite Westerns!

Gotta run for now...hi to everyone else - my boss is flying back in tomorrow and I've got to start getting everything in order here!
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Hi Gang!

Takin' a break and glad I stopped by just to read Mrs. Meg's positive post. Here she is recovering from major surgery, and just so happy! Bless your heart, Meg. You made me smile on this cold and dreary day.

Tiki - for you, and those of you who don't know, I suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affected Disorder), and have since I was a kid. That's why this house has so many big windows. After a bed-ridden bout of depression back in '91, I finally went to a doctor and got diagnosed. I've tried just about every anti-depressant out there, except Prozac, and as fas as I'm concerned, I don't like being "zombie-ized." Not to mention what they did to my libido - permanently. Haven't taken any pharmacy meds in years. SO now that I know that I am not descended from bears, I know what to exepct and how to handle it when it hits. I start taking St. John's Wort in September and usually discontinue it in March. But I will attest, that since eating properly and exercising, this year was easy. Eluding to a Dr. Phil moment, I was thinking today about the time when I still lived at home, my mother accused me of being an exhibtionist because I liked to have the drapes and shades open all the time. The back of this house looks out over our property and beyond that is a cornfield, so we have no window coverings on any of those windows. Today I flashed a squirrel.

Mrs. Jim - Tombstone is one of my all-time favorites, fer sure. I knew Wild Bill got killed at Deadwood, but I sure didn't expect it this soon in the series. I saw the last 1/2 hour last night.

Hey Ilene, JC, Anne and Silverbirch! Hope everyone is having a great day and evening, depending where you are in the world. Florida - (heavy sigh)

Well, back to my chores, See Ya Later!

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Ah, the hula hoop! My favorite ab machine, plus it's cardio, too!!! My advice? Keep trying until you get it. It took me 2 weeks but I've kept it up for years and now with BFL I'm seeing good results. It's a great boredom-breaker.

Thank you very much to those of you who shared their "aha" moments. I really do appreciate it and I'm sure it's going a long way toward your reciprocity goals!


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Dip - I will give the St. John's Wort a try this September. I HATE it when the days start getting shorter. I didn't have this problem as bad until I moved up here. Dern North!

Mrs. Jim - I LOVE Tombstone - have it in my DVD collection and me and the kids quote from it ALL the time. "I'm ya huckleberry!" LOVE IT. Did you know that Wyatt the III plays a bit part in the movie? I also love The Unforgiven but I gave my copy of that to my mother.

I think I am going through junk-withdrawal. I have gotten a headache the past two afternoons in a row, kind of like caffeine withdrawal. Not a good thing especially when I have a date with screaming girls.

Peace. Tiki.
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wooooah, girls and guys! You make me dizzy!
One day I decide not to log in and then I have to read EVERYTHING at once....
Fun though!

I'm dead myself as SH had to be taken to work today for his 3 day trip to England at 7.30 in the mo, after that I went to the gym, and after that to work until 20.00 evening shift. I am now working for a call center for a car brand (Belgian-Flemish section) and have to call all these incredibly nice Belgian people to tell them to go have an extra check on their BRAND new cars they have not even paid for yet and they keep thanking me for calling them to inform them...maybe I'm doing something right. It left me chewed and spt out though so I'm off to bed...

Tiki, I was depressive for a whole year last year and the only thing that kept me off medicine, was working up the endorfins by working out, I actually needed the "dose" so much got worse when I did not do anything for a day or two!

see ya all round!

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Hello everyone - I'm finally home after my long drive today. I did break up the trip a bit with a 3-hour stop at an outlet mall - bought a bunch of new blouses and golf shirts - all larges and mediums - hurray!

I'm pretty tired, so will get caught up on posts tomorrow. Hope everyone is having a good week.
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Hey, what happened to that thread on sports bras? I swore it was here....
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Silverbirch is Welsh guys...... I am part Welsh and everything else! Like many Australians....

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Default :)


Finally have a few moments to spare.... been out of control lately!!

Still catching up from the weekend away and I do promise photos will be posted by the end of the week! That is .... if I get to scan them!

Day 3 is almost over.... and it feels so darn good to be back on track. I am lost without my routine of the morning workouts, healthy food and positive attitude.

We are opposite in seasons to most of our 3FC friends, shorter days, cooler evenings, so why did Melbourne hit 30C today? I don't know...... funny place this is! Had an email from my mommy that had the word snow in the first sentence

Went for a walk at lunch and had a look around the shops, found a few tops I might pick up... or might not... a bit undecided at this point!

Hope everyone is doing well.... and are getting through the days! Stay on plan everyone!

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Good Morning L&GWL!

Well, I just spent my alotted computer time in another forum so I'll say Good Morning and have a great day! I'll be pretty busy today because I'll be leaving early tomorrow AM for the lake, but I will try to get back later on. Man, I'm gonna miss you all til Monday.

And please, no one discuss Sunday's Sopranos and Deadwood because I won't get to see them til Monday night!

Luv ya's!
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Hey Ladies & Gents

I've discovered the best new breakfast, cooking 1/2 c egg beater w/ 1/2 c brown rice, 2 T raisins, 1 splenda & cinnamon in glass cooking dish for 1/2 hour. Yum!! I've read about it before, but just made it Monday & its definitely my new fav. I'm happy to report I'm still eating clean and had another great workout last night, my chest & tris were on fire!!!!! This guy at the gym actually came up to me and asked me if I'd lost weight and said he can tell because it really shows. After that I was too giddy to do any more lifting, luckily I was done anyway. He's my new best friend.

So, experts out there, do any of you take creatine? If so, what are your results with it? I'm thinking of adding it to my shake but not sure.

Also, I stumbled across a great website last night when looking up foods that are natural diruetics. You might already know it - www.whfoods.com The site lists "the worlds healthiest foods" and describes the nutrients and health benefits of each food in depth. Check it out, its really very good. Once at www.whfoods.com, click on Eating Healthy, then on The World's Healthies Foods: A-Z

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