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Thumbs down 1/27 Daily thread

So, have we decided what we wanted to do with the daily chat? According to the poll, I think the daily thread is in the lead?...leed?....omg...I don't know how to spell.

Anyhoo, you all will be proud, I woke up early (i love sleep) and I woked out before the chillins woke up. I think it was suchapretty face who suggested getting active with my kids...great idea!! Unfortunately, I already run around with them. I guess I actually nee the consistent cardio or something. Maybe I will use them for strenth training....LOL My one year old is a whopping 25 + pounds already....that will be great on the biceps!

My chili came out o.k. I had a bad experience with chili when I was in fourth grade...and for some reason, I can't get past it. My DH loved it!!!! Thanks for the tip about the turkey meat, I will try that next time.

Well, I am off to take my 3 year old for a yearly doctor's visit...and my 1 year old for a recheck of his lungs. he still sounds awful even with the inhaler. Well...check in lata!!!

P.S....we are supposed to get 10-15 inches of snow tonight!!! Is it SPRING yet????

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