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You can do it!!!!
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Thumbs down 1/27 Daily thread

So, have we decided what we wanted to do with the daily chat? According to the poll, I think the daily thread is in the lead?...leed?....omg...I don't know how to spell.

Anyhoo, you all will be proud, I woke up early (i love sleep) and I woked out before the chillins woke up. I think it was suchapretty face who suggested getting active with my kids...great idea!! Unfortunately, I already run around with them. I guess I actually nee the consistent cardio or something. Maybe I will use them for strenth training....LOL My one year old is a whopping 25 + pounds already....that will be great on the biceps!

My chili came out o.k. I had a bad experience with chili when I was in fourth grade...and for some reason, I can't get past it. My DH loved it!!!! Thanks for the tip about the turkey meat, I will try that next time.

Well, I am off to take my 3 year old for a yearly doctor's visit...and my 1 year old for a recheck of his lungs. he still sounds awful even with the inhaler. Well...check in lata!!!

P.S....we are supposed to get 10-15 inches of snow tonight!!! Is it SPRING yet????

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i weigh tomorrow and i'm worried i'll be up a lot. i've had a bad month and no excuse. stops today. we're going grocery shopping beacsue we've eaten out for the last week - we have NOTHING in the house. i'm doing a workout video this evening. and after my last 3 blockbuster shifts, i will have a M-W-F-Sun routine at the gym. until then, it's exercise as much as i can manage.

i really don't want tp see the damage tomorrow but at least i'll have a starting point
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Well, I have been trying to be very positive about winter weather and that all ended today. It is - 47 with the windchill. This isn't fit for humans. All I want to do is eat and keep warm. I have decided eating isn't an option, so aerobics it is! You know, due to time constraints, I was away from the board for a couple of days. My motivatiion waned - not a good thing. It really helps to know their are others who have the same struggle and all the ideas are great! Hope all of you in warm environments are enjoying the sun and feeling blessed. I'll be back tomorrow if I haven't turned to ice by then!

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Happy Tuesday!!! We got dumped on this morning with snow and more is expected tonight!!! I was hoping for a snow day, but no such luck!!

Over the weekend I had a great NSV. We were at a indoor soccer game and they were selling doughnuts for 25 cents. Jacob wanted one, so I let him have it, but we weren't seated yet, so I was holding it for him and cutting him off small bites. I fed him the whole thing and didn't have one single bite!! Wooo Hooo! No matter what happens, I am going to try and stick with the no sweets thing. I don't mean to say that I will NEVER make an exception, but they will be a select few. It's my first true changing my lifestyle action. I am not a person who regularly eats sweets.

I am getting excited about the convention in Chicago. Only 150 days until I get to meet some of you!!!

Have a great day!!
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if only she'd lose weight
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Sandi: Good for you w/your NSV. I better start saving up for Chicago! I wanted to be Jennelle's roomie, not sure if she's coming or not.

Jenaya: Ooh! Stay warm! We're glad to have you here, I know my motivation is pumped by coming here.

Holly: I think you'll be fine. Are your clothes feeling tight? That's the telltale sign.

Monkeybabies: Yes, I am proud of you!!! Working out in the AM's is something I can do once in awhile, but not during the winter. It's not light out yet!!! That's just wrong!

My NSV for yesterday was calling Rosati's from the gym to order their large salad ($5 for a HUGE amt of lettuce, green pepper, tomato, onion, carrot, etc) to pickup on my way home from there. I walked into Rosati's, breathed in the garlicky air, and left w/o garlic bread or their chicken parm pasta meal. Their food rivals only my grandmothers, so for me this was a huge deal.

Tonight I go back to the gym to ride the recumbent bike for 45 minutes. Waste of time if you ask me, but I can't just sit around doing nothing on the days I'm not doing my circuits.
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SuchaPrettyFace, JacobsMommy: great NSVs! Resisting things that are sooo easily available is so hard. I'm still working on getting that under control, but it's coming, slowly!

Jenaya: I hear's still painfully cold here. Not quite as bad as last week, but still rather nightmare-ish!

Holly: I bet you're looking forward to having more time available away from work, now that you are almost back to the normal one-job-per-person thing! Good luck tomorrow...I'm sure the damage won't be as bad as you think, but I'll cross my fingers for you.

MonkeyBabies: A friend of mine has three little ones, and her biceps are really well defined!

Well, I haven't posted too much here in the last while, I've been a devoted lurker, however. I still haven't fully gotten back on track since I returned from Christmas's been a bit on and off. Not sure entirely why I can't get right back on, since before Christmas I was doing great. It must be some mental thing, I suppose.

I had one of those days at work where I finally got something working that I've been puttering around with forever. Then I went to 'clean up' my program a bit, to make it easier to understand, and now, it doesn't really work anymore...a bit frustrating!!

Anyway, I'm off, have a good evening all!
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Hello ladies! I hope all had a good day. I walked 2 miles and shopped some. I had a nsv today too i fit into a pair of levi strauss 550 jeans! size 16 NON stretch! I had excess skin hang over but i could sit down! The kids are doing better and I am hoping for some slepp tonight.
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I'm just waiting for things to go crazy-psycho around here because they've been quiet for about a week. The calm before the storm always scares the h-e- double hockey sticks out of me. I think I'm... crazy.

But, you know what i mean, right? When things are quiet, you just KNOW they won't be for long.

Between orchestra, planning (not attending) Sweeties, my sweet 16, forensics and, oh yeah that 4.0 (grades for 1st semester come out tomorrow and I'm about dead with worry) Things are always interesting......

Plus, I have "steady" babysitting jobs, every Wedesday and Thursday after school, I volunteer on Mondays, and I think I'm going to have to work Tuesdays and Fridays. How special.
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Hey Gina ... just heard most of the snow will miss Boston. I live near the airport ... in Winthrop ... where are you? You know ... when my kids (now 4 1/2 and 7) were babies (6 - 16 months) I used to hold them up in front of me and push them away and pull them back ... they thought it was a great game, and it WAS a good arm work out -- lol!

Apryl, I get tired just reading about your schedule. Don't fret over the grades now, what's done is done and it won't change. And it sounds like you are a terrific student. Be proud!!!

Ditto for you Holly ... what's done is done. Don't freak over the scale. Just look forward. It sounds like you 've got a great plan for using our soon-to-be free time.

Jenaya ... I got cold just reading your post -- lol!!

OK you guys, I get the idea of what it is, but what exactly does NSV stand for?!?!?

I had an ok day. It's still freezing cold in my office ... having problems drinking cold water. Just read an e-mail that they confiscated "illegal" space heaters this evening. I didn't have one, but confess to benefitting from others near me ... if you can't get the building heat above 55, how are we supposed to work. I already bought $90 worth of silk long underwear from LL Bean and I'm STILL cold at work.


Julie ... great news on those size 16s ... I haven't seen that size in YEARS!
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if only she'd lose weight
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NSV = Non Scale Victory!

Julie, I am sooooo jealous!!! But so happy for you!!!!

Lekker, I had one of those days too!!! Grrrrrr, glad to be home.

Apryl, are you planning on doing anything special for your Sweet 16???

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