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Default Weekly Chat Mon 1/21-Sun 1/27

Really? I'm starting the thread today? Where are you girls?

Well I need some gym motivation today. This past weekend I was away and so I didn't get to the gym, and I'm also fighting a cold...but the scale was back up to 144 again today, and that was after eating pretty much nothing yesterday except vegetable broth and crackers, so I guess I need to do something.

Now I'm a month and a half into seriously watching my calories and working out and everything, and I've been stuck at 144 for about one month. I'm thinking that I should start a real diet, like WW or something.

Hope everyone has an excellent day, and I hope I post later that I've gone to the gym!!! Or maybe it's a yoga day...

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Hey Lizzy! It's MLK Day so people are probably sleeping in.

I know I posted a quick message at the end of last week, and a few people said "hey Cookie I remember when you used to post" and it made me feel so good that I decided to try and post more often. Near the end of the year I basically gave up working out and eating healthy, but like everyone else in the world I jumped back on the wagon after the New Year and for the past 2 weeks have gotten back on track.

My 2 New Years resolutions are: 1) Look nicer at work (no more sweatpants and sweatshirts, looking better means feeling better) and 2) Go to the beach next summer (which doesn't mean I need to become a stick, it just means I need to take care of myself and feel confident/good enough about myself to go to the beach).

It's snowing here, hope everyone else is staying warm!
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sonja: Maybe you just need to shake up your routine? Maybe do some calorie cycling for a week or two, see if that helps? (I know there's a sticky about it somewhere on the forums, perhaps in the Calorie Counters forum. Basically you just have low intake days and high intake days, but everything averages out to 1400. Keeps the body guessing, is supposed to help break through plateaus.) The other thing I would suggest trying is following WW Core plan for a week or two. I think you can find the list of Core foods on the WW forum here, basically you don't count or track anything but you only eat foods from that list (which is extensive). That's another thing I've heard is supposed to be really good at getting your metabolism to wake up!

cookie: Hey! I remember you too, though I was a different person back when you used to post. Welcome back I don't get MLK day off from work, unfortunately, so here I am! And you're right, looking better can for sure mean feeling better. I read somewhere that women tend to be more confident during the day when they wear sexy underwear under their clothes... no one else knows, but it makes them feel good about themselves!

I'm still showing a gain right now from the terrible, terrible day I had on Friday. I hope I can get back down at least to where I was last time I officially weighed in by this Saturday... I'm sure I can, I just don't know that I can go much below that since it might take me all week to make my body let go of the 1.5 it's showing I put on. I actually exercised yesterday for the first time in two weeks... Woo! I'm thinking tonight I'll do another one, just a 20-minute mini TurboJam workout to keep my level of activity elevated. Hope everyone had a good weekend! Happy MLK day!

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Yoga sounds like a great idea. I love how I feel once I get done, just so relaxed and's awesome. Just find some workout you enjoy doing, for me it's anything that involves kicking and punching. It's just fun for me, good luck!!!!!!
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Oh buddy, it's on!
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Hi everyone! Happy MLK Day!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I was out of town all day Friday for a company meeting and totally ate off plan for breakfast and lunch. I didn't overeat, which really surprised me, but I ate really unhealthy. I got back on plan Saturday, went grocery shopping with my mom, worked my butt off at the gym and then went out Saturday night and danced for three hours at a club with some friends. Sunday was my weigh-in day and I was worried that my weigh-in was going to reflect my off day on Friday but it didn't! I was at 191.5 - a 6lb loss! I'm sure all that activity on Saturday helped me out so I'll take it! My goal for my next weigh-in is to be settled in the 180's.

shrinkinglizzy I can imagine you're frustrated with no change after a month a half of hard work. I'm not sure what to suggest to do differently since I don't know what you're doing now. Sorry! But suitejudyblueeyes made a good suggestion on changing up your routine. Don't give up!

CookieMonster416 Your new year's resolution to look nicer at work is awesome! I always find my disposition to be a lot more cheery when I feel and look great in what I'm wearing.

suitejudyblueeyes Yay for working out! And yay for getting back on track! Don't let that gain get you down, let it motivate you to work harder! I say definitely do that 20-minute mini TurboJam; you'll feel great afterwards.
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Happy-ish Monday Everyone!

I had a wicked workout this morning. I'm trainer really pushed me, plus I had so much fun hearing about his blind date. I guess when he's not yelling at me to do another push-up he's a very sweet guy.

I had a depressingly funny moment at my bf's niece's bday yesterday. her parents bought her an itty-bitty kids table for her birthday. Well she wanted me to sit down and eat cake with her at the little table....and I fit! I could actually get my legs under the table and sit like a normal person. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I know I'm short, I just pretend I'm not - that's why high heels were invented (4 inch stilleto's you are my one true love). But this just renforced that I truely am short.

I was kinda off plan the last few days, got my workouts in but didn't really watch what I I'm hoping to get everything under control this week. I haven't weighed myself in a couple of days. I've eaten a lot of salty stuff so I want to give that a chance exit my body before I stress myself out with the numbers on the scale. I'm feeling good, I feel lean and less bloated which is a good thing and my dad commented that he's noticing a difference. My dad told me that if I hit my goal of 136 by valentine's he'll buy me the purse i've been here's hoping!
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Hiiii everyone,

I have been very bad about keeping up with the posts... it was a crazy week. My tire trouble turned into a major fiasco (apparently I damaged the wheel itself as well, and the whole thing, which can only be custom ordered, needs to be replaced). This means I have had no car of my own, and have had to share with the 'rents, both of whom work full time (I work part time at home) and all of us needing the car at different times. It hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be, but I'm glad that I will (hopefully!) get the car back today.

In other news, I have hit my first plateau... UGH. I have been teetering between 141-140-139 for days and days... it's just such a frustrating place to be because for me, being in the 130's is a big thing, it means I'm somewhat fit again (in my mind). But I was complaining about it the other day and my mother said something that really stuck... I was like "why is my weight loss so SLOW now" and she said "slow is real." That's become my new mantra for not getting obsessed about the number going down fast enough because she's right... I didn't put it on overnight and I won't lose it overnight. If it all came off at the drop of a hat it wouldn't be real, lasting progress. So I will continue to eat right/exercise and SOME DAY, I will break this plateau!

I guess that's all for now. Hope everyone has a lovely day off (if you DO have the day off... for those who work in retail like me, I feel your pain), and use the time to get in a great workout!
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One step at a time...
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I'll just copy/paste what I put in my 3FC Blog today... so I can give you guys an update!! Hope everyone has a great day!

I was slacking over the weekend... didn't update my blog! I stayed on plan pretty well. Went to a party Friday night and everyone there was snacking on chips, cake and other fatty foods. I knew that was going to happen so me and my friend brought a vegetable platter thing and snacked on that. I did have a little bit of cake, but I didn't overdo it!

I went to Wal-mart yesturday and bought myself a new scale. Suprisingly it said I'm like 178... but every time I get on there it changes. Weird. I also got a blender, and it's a small one with a to-go lid. I love making fruit smoothies! I also got some of the South Beach Diet Crackers (whole wheat and only 100 calories per little package). They are actually really yummy... but I wish more crackers came in a package. But i'm limiting myself to not eating more then what's provided!

Saturday I didn't work out.

Sunday I went for a walk through the trails through the mountains/outdoor path. I felt like it was more like hiking...but my dad said it's just a walking trail. Pssh. I went by myself, brought an i-pod and just had fun! I did that for like 1-1.5 hrs. I really enjoyed that time by myself and it didnt even seem like I was working out. I could feel it in my legs afterwards though- LOL! I'm definetly going to do this more often.

Here's a sample of my eating plan for the day:

Breakfast: Fruit Smoothie (all fruit) about 8 oz.

Snack: South Beach Diet crackers... yum

Lunch: Salmon (left over from last night), green beans

Snack: Yogurt

Supper: A "Big Mac" haha. That's what I call it. It's turkey burgers on whole wheat with lettuce, tomato, etc. I'll make some zuccini and squash with it. Maybe another fruit smoothie if I feel like it.

Going to YMCA tonight... doing my regular workout.
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I'm really excited abut working out this week!!

That's pretty damn weird.

I've been strictly a yoga/elliptical machine cardio girl, sometimes I'll swim laps, and I've plateaued.

I've always been kinda phobic about going to the gym, I've never used all but maybe 4? pieces of equipment there. For the first 50 pounds I lost it was nothing but walking the track at the nearby Jr high, and Turbo Jam DVDs at home.

I got a part time job at one of the fitness clubs here so I could get the free membership (-otherwise I just can't justify the expense) and even though I've met and liked almost all the personal trainers and everyone who works in the fitness area I still felt really awkward.

So dorky twerp that I can be... I decided to go ahead and try the Nautilus weight training circuit -at another branch of the club where I knew no one I knew would be there and I could be invisible if I wanted. (Because I'm so mature like that)

It helps that since I had no experience with the equipment and had no idea how to adjust it to fit me, or what weight to start at, etc. I grabbed one of the fitness guys who troll around and made him walk me through it. 'We'll start you off here you should be really struggling at somewhere between 8-12 reps okay?' "Okay, my son is a little under 40lbs now... I'm stronger than I look" 'We'll start you here, see how you do and get an idea'

38 reps!!!!


Now I want to make fitness guys say whoa all the time

So I feel great and sore and happy. It's been a while since I felt sore the next morning... So I'm ready to incorporate weight training now...

I feel like such a dork for putting it off for so long
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Hey, everyone! Oh, boy...have I had a weekend. My mom, dad, bro., sister, AND best friend came over this weekend. My family live 7 hours away and my friend 3, so they all spent the night at my house Sat. night. I didn't watch one thing that I ate all weekend. I didn't drink hardly any water...if anything at all. I did go out Sat. night and drank then, but it wasn't water...heehee. I had lots of salty foods and I KNOW that I'm retaining water. Oh well, I'm not going to let it bother me and I'm not going to stop this diet. Normally, I would just stop and not worry about it again, but this time it's different and I know I have to lose this weight. It is hard sometimes though, isn't it?

scandalouschicky: Good job on working out and doing 38reps!

Shorty1985: I like to's great exercise too.

bodyTOObootylicious: Sorry about the tire trouble. Hitting plateaus suck!

shantroy: I wasn't on plan this weekend either and ate a BUNCH of salty stuff. I know my weight is off and I refuse to agree with the numbers on the scale.

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hey everyone! happy mlk day!

im sitting on my butt watching tv but i already did squats, sit ups and leg lifts and stretching. i wanted to do a run today but its raining. lol. and im easily disuaded.
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What's MLK? I had a really bad week last week, but I've decided to get back on track, that's good right? I'm going to do a yoga class tonight, I agree with the whole feeling relaxed and focused after. Except after my class, I have to hop the bus and that's just uncomfortable. Oh well, the class will feel nice, and then it's back to kickboxing 4 times a week YAY!!! Down with Junk food... for now.
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MLK=Martin Luther King jr Day. It's a holiday for some down here. (not meeee!)

And welcome Loraloo, I see you joined a long time ago but are popping back in now. Hope you stick around this time Are you from Ottawa originally? I lived there for 4 years while I went to high school, it's a beautiful city (though cold.. brr... don't miss that!).
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Hello everybody! My weekend was off. Hubby came home! But then after he said that he would eat good and stuff. I was forced to eat pizza sunday and outback sunday night. I had salmon so it wasn't too bad. Saturday I don't even remember. Today I was still down 1 pound though! I've got one more by Wednesday. I will do it!
I'm smelling the black bean soup that's in the crock pot. It smells soooooo good! I can't wait!
Sounds like everyone had about the same kind of weekend. Be back later!
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Well I managed to get most of the project I need done for tomorrow afternoon finished. Just some proof reading tonight and final editing tomorrow. I realized this afternoon that I left my keys at a clients office so I have to drive to the far end of the city to pick them up in the morning...what a hassel! Plus my bf called to tell me that he's got to spend the night in Red Deer for work and he'll likely be there till Wednesday. Which sucks, coz Wednesday night I have Brownies then Thursday Morning I head out of town for work. Hopefully I'll be able to see him on Saturday. See him only on the weekends seem to be becoming a more and more common occurance. Sometimes I hate the fact that we both spend so much time on the road for work.

Anyways...I'm off to figure out what to make for my dad for dinner. My mom's out of town for a few weeks and the man is hopeless in kitchen - he can make: toast, tea and cereal. So if I don't cook for him then the waitress at his favourite resturant are gonna be real sick of him! I'm thinking chicken ceaser salad for him. I'll skip the ceaser dressing and do something a little healthier...
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