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reposting my last post - not that it was so important, but it does explain the bear picture.

Good morning all,

Heat's finally creeping up here though not as warm as many of you are dealing with. Still it is relative and hotter than normal is hotter no matter what the actual temp is. DH set up the webcam to see if there is a raccoon trying to get in under the deck. He was quite surprised to see pics of that darn bear at 10:48pm and again at 3am. I can't for the life of me figure out why that guy WON'T LEAVE . There is nothing to eat except poor L.B. I also don't want to wake up one morning to find my garden fencing ripped down and all my plants eaten. DH figured he was still around as he saw a big pile of scat when he was mowing that he said wasn't there last week. The fact that he's around at 10pm just after it gets dark is a bit unnerving. I often leave both entrance doors open off the deck to get a cross breeze. The door off the kitchen is right next to my garbage can - would't take much for a hungry bear to smell that and bust right through the screen door. The other night someone came around and tipped over the outside garbage can but the sound of it falling sent them packing so they never got anything from it. DH thinks it was the raccoon, hence the webcam. And the funny thing is, he got 2 pictures at 2 different times and we see some weeds by the porch stairs "moving" if you look at the 2 pictures quickly. Upon closer inspection it appears that the darn raccoon is indeed going under the porch just as the bear is passing by! So see, living the life of Disneyland with all this wildlife is not always birds and songs and happy things! It does make me nervous that the bear is out so early - I generally don't go out at dark on the deck except to step right outside the door and look at the night sky. Don't want to be running into a bear! And if we go out, we and generally home by night fall since it stays light close to 10pm up this way.

Yesterday I had such a taste for potato soup and I had lots of potatoes to use up so I made a pot full of cream of potato with bacon. Smelled and tasted so good. DH said it smelled like clam chowder as it was cooking and I realized I stumbled upon the perfect recipe for creamy clam chowder (all these years I have been making DH's favorite broth based soup). So now we can both have the kind we like. Except that clams this way are horridly expensive as in 60 cents each and it takes about 2 dozen to make a decent soup. I talked to Mom yesterday - she is bored - the excessive heat is keeping her inside and she's going stir crazy. I invited her up for a visit but she is supposed to get a heart shock procedure for her atrial fibulation and is hoping to get the go ahead for that in the next week or two. The 2 weeks after that can be touchy in case the shock dislodges a clot so travelling is out of the question for the time being.

Mel - I don't understand the fascination with British sitcoms with the seniors. When my Mom hears something British she is always complaining they sound like they are talking with their mouth full of chit But anything to keep them quiet. Do the men watch them too? Sorry the Greek yogurt did a number on you. I wonder why - is some yogurt more potent than others??? I would be delighted to come clean your place. I can promise we'd do more laughing than cleaning You bring the oxygen tank and I'll bring the bucket and rags We are going to focus on getting the garages tidied up this week so your room in the man cave is coming along - although with Mr. Bear roaming, maybe we need to build you a ramp up to the house.

Ceejay- hope you had fun with your BFF. Stay cool. I have been watching that dreadful heat down your way. 20 degrees warmer than we are having here. Is that putting a strain at the plant?

Laura - hope you enjoyed the concert and didn't melt. I think one of the fun things about that particular venue is it's all about the outdoor experience. Unlike most places where they control what comes in and charge outrageous prices for food and drinks - it's nice that you can bring your own picnic and enjoy the music. I'm thinking because it's been so dry it's kept the mosquitoes at bay too? I've wondered about those bright red tortilla strips too - not a worry anymore because we're far away from any restaurants that serve them

Ellen - have a good vacation - don't let DH run you ragged.

Annie - yep, saw the news about TomKat. Big surprise She always looked unhappy with him. Between him and Travolta, giving Scientology some bad press yet AGAIN. Heard they disagreed on parenting styles - she wanted Suri to go mainstream with other little kids in regular schools, he wanted her privately taught and away from the other people. She looked like the kind of kid who was never told no in her life. Give her a reality check before it's too late although that may never be. Glad you had fun at the concert - is the band breaking up? Hope you can take the rest of the week off like you planned.

Michelle - that's good news about your interview. Hopefully it carries through to the final result for you.

Shad - you make a compulsive arguement for eating as unprocessed and natural as possible. I completely notice a difference when I'm eating more on the processed foods and less on the packaged stuff. Same for fast foods which I almost totally ignore - except for Subway now. I'm very glad we don't have those temptations around.

Well time to get off the computer, go water the garden and then I need a dye job. It's going to be a hot one, good day to go to the local bar, sit on the deck by the lake and knock back a tasty beverage or two. Good burgers too
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