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MSer living healthy
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Hi fellow chicks

Just about recovered from my recent escapade of a fall so most of the stiffness and soreness has gone. Another cold , grey day here at least most of the snow as melted now just a few patches here and there remain. There is more around the back of the bungalow there as it is the part of the garden that gets the least sun throughout the day.

I have a soup merrily shimmering away I have packed it full of vegetables and lentils. It is sure starting to smell nice. When it is cooked I will blend this soup to a smooth consistency which will be very shortly. Soups are an excellent way of packing in lots of vegetables but also a great opportunity to use any vegetables that need using up so not to waste them so saving money.

Today is a nice restful day today as tomorrow will be busier as I go to my parents every other Friday. I will also go into there home town and get some flaxseed which is one of the cheapest around. Plus the big bonus they do a flaxseed with gojo berries or there is another variety as well with pumpkin seeds. I have never tried the later variety but I do keep threatening. I have flaxseed every morning with my cereal as it helps with the horrid side effects of my tablets and keeps me regular so to speak.

Baz xo I like your description of the wii fit coach calling the coach the Devil . Yes there are some moves that are impossible for us bigger ladies to achieve no matter what we try to do. I am hoping after the car is paid for in June we can start to save for one of the Wii

jillybean720 Sounds like you have done extensive research in to the different WLS and seeing which suits your needs the most. It would be wonderful if it "cures" your diabetis. If if you are in the unlucky percentage that doesn't with the weight lost you will be so much more healthier and that must be a huge positive when trying for a baby in the future. I really love hearing about your posts at the minute as you put lots of facts about the procedure and I find that interesting with having a medical background. I may not work no longer in that field but I still have that love and passion that I ever did.

JuliaDH The raisin bran muffins sound kind of yummy. I made some banana and walnut muffins yesterday. I am tinkering with the original recipe to make it healthier by reducing the sugar, and adding some raisins in to sweeten them. My second batch I have made and DH said he liked this lot better. I have to hide the muffins otherwise he will scoff the lot. I have froze most of the them but the few I have kept out are out of sight out of mind The things I have to do as he drawn to cakes and biscuits like bees to a honey pot. He has absolutely no will power when it comes to things like that so I have to play crafty

Time to go and see to the soup. So bye for now and take care.

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Quick flyby this morning...

It is COLD here in AZ..i know some of you are saying 63 is not cold..LOL..but to us it is. There is snow on the mountains around us...SOOOO pretty! It almost makes it worth while driving to work.

TOM is here...slooooooowwwww which means he will stay 2 weeks UGH! Explains all the crying a few days

Will try and do personals later...

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cyn_ are you having my tom also?? mine is late this month...I hope he never comes again!!! I was looking forward to getting him over with this week and have time to make sure he doesnt show himself near the wedding date..its only 2 weeks and 2 days away ...YIKES!!!

We didnt get any damage from the highwinds yesterday. SOme were over 75mph gusts. It was awful!!! I paniced everytime the lights flickered. Some people are jsut now getting power back and some still dont have it.I feel very lucky to have only been without it for 6 days!

Im still under the weather with this cold and sinus mess!! Cant wait to get rid of it and food taste right again.
Today I will just try and get some veggies in. Im not up to doing the dvd again today. Maybe by monday things will be better!!
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Good Morning all,

TOM has arrived for me as well and with it I am sooo tired. I am also up 2 pounds! I feel pretty secure that those 2 will disappear soon. I have been very busy at work and tired when I get home.

Ammi: Hugs. I haven't had a chance to check my email in a couple of days. I need to rent that Wii Fit Health Coach and see how I like it. I did manage to do Jillian Micheals Front Side on Monday and Wednesday. PT is going well. He did give me exercises to strengthen my back. I wil be going back there on Monday. I am taking Friday off of PT.

Carol: Hugs to you

Debi: I hope your sinuses get well soon.

Oops, time for me to go to work. Gotta run. No more time for personals right now.

Blessings all,
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Well I was hoping to get on here more this week. And then my monitor went out just got a new one yesterday. It's been a long trying week here. I'm trying to stay op but it has been hard. We did get a Wii finally Wal Mart got some in. Now waiting on the Wii Fit to come in. I'm sore just doing the games on the Wii that come with it.

Dogpal- Sorry to hear TOM has come I hate that time lol.

dgramie~ Sorry to hear your having sinus problems I am as well. It's gotten worst since being in KY. WE got the bad winds here yesterday as well. And a Tornado warning as well so we went to our safe room. Have many trees down once again but glad to have power.
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Just wanted to pop in here with some personals before I head to class. The scale is NOT being nice to me. It shows me UP 3 pounds since Monday! I’m hoping I’m retaining water, and perhaps TOM is on it’s way. I’m eating right; haven’t had a lot of ‘extra’ time for working out this week, but I’ve been trying to do little things each day, when I don’t have time for ‘real’ exercise. *sigh*

It’s getting me down a little bit.

Luan – That woman is ridiculous. Every time I read/see something about her, and her ‘situation’, it makes me so ANGRY. She’s extremely ignorant, and unfit.

Sharon – I’m glad you had a good weekend!!! You’re back on track, and that’s what matters.

Purpleorc – I am glad that you are feeling better. Save some of that soup for me! Lol.

Cyn – Oh how I wish it was 63 here!!! Try and enjoy the rest of your day!

Dgramie – WOW! I can’t believe there are STILL people without power! I don’t know how I would be able to deal! I’m glad that you were able to keep yours. We had some pretty rough winds & rains yesterday as well.

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742,000 calories burned
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I reached max gross load for the week, turned off the alarm and went back to bed, and anyone who didn't like it could go suck an egg. It's just amazing to me that I can now have the self confidence to do that. I also ate something yesterday that must have had some hidden sodium, because I'm puffed up like an adder. I'll have to flush that out today.

Ammi-My last signing was at a book club in January. I think the biggest was in Vancouver last summer. There was room for 160, and they had to turn people away at the door. The big sales right now are happening in Singapore and Malaysia. I have no idea why. The proceeds are going to publish works of people with schizophrenia, and it's published several. This week a book of poetry is being put out. Kind of some weird stuff, but the author is ecstatic.
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Hello my long lost Peeps! I know, it's me that's been MIA.

First of all, a big thank you for those special peeps that sent me Xmas cards and wonderful emails. It's been beyond stressful since the beginning of Nov.

The short story is that all the things that make up my life were in chaos and I was barely hanging on - pets, family and work were all in the extreme negative.

The good news and happy ending is that my parrot is doing great (he almost died from an attack by my golden out of the blue), work has put me under a great manager, and my family is, well... just regular neurosis, not the horrid mess it was the last 3 months.

I took care of me during this time, but ended up putting on 30 lbs. yikes!

I have made the decision to get a duodenal switch (I seem to have seen a post by jilly that she made the same decision). I have picked two wonderful surgeons and am amassing paperwork right now. Don't have a date for it yet.

I made it through what I consider one of the hardest times in my life. I think this closest to the amount of stress that I was feeling when I was studying for my orals for my PhD and publishing my dissertation (and that was 17 yrs ago... I was younger and more stupid.. hehe).

I'm back and feeling more like my old nutty self.

Hugs to everyone!!!!


PS I am still taking guitar lessons and having a blast with that
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Beth :]
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Hi ladies. :]

I have been busy for the rest of the day getting my English essay done. It's not quite finished yet but I am more than half-way through so hopefully I will get the essay finished tomorrow. I'm well excited about this weekend! Me and Michael are going to stay overnight in a Premier Inn in a town near my dad's. The hotel is located in two retail parks so it's a great excuse for us to go to a lot of shops and resturants without getting a bus!! :]

Same same! I don't go to the meetings and I know how to use the points system because my mam showed me how. I don't know how many points I'm supposed to have but I limit myself to 28. I do have the same problem - I will be lucky if I ever hit 25 points!

I have heard about the woman who gave birth to eight babies, but I didn't know she had six babies already! I had a quick look in my gossip magazine about the woman so I will have a proper read when I get the chance. I agree - the woman is quite selfish. I don't blame you for being upset about this. HUGS!!

I hope you had a good birthday and enjoyed staying at your parents'. Homemade bread fresh from the oven sounds well lush! :]

I hope you're feeling a lot better after the accident. The Wii console costs about £180 but you will have to pay extra for games (if you get a bundle deal) and other pair of Wii remote and Nunchuk. Apparently, Nintendo is going to lower the costs due to the recession - I just hope so!


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Hello All,

I didnít get chance to post yesterday, I spent a lot of time sleeping, darn meds, but you will be pleased to know that I didnít do what I wanted to do, stay in bed ALL the time. I got up and did my 30 minutes of exercise. I didnít want to exercise, but I did and by the time I was finished I felt so much better for it. Yay me

Kayley Ė how are you feeling now? Good on you for going out for a nice fast walk regardless of feeling poorly. You seem very determined to get the weight off.

You mentioned that you have 43 points to eat daily, why do you have so many. I have 30 a day and you arenít that much heavier than me. Are you following the newer points system? Iím still on the ancient but great 123 success points system.

Luan Ė great to see you still here, do you still live with your gran or am I way behind on whatís been going on with you. I hear you about that woman who had 6 babies and now 8. I only saw the headline about how people are angry about it, and I thought it was just because she was a single mum. I didnít realise that she doesnít have a job so and gets so much help from the state. No wonder people are so angry about it all.

Jacquie Ė sorry to ask you something that youíve probably told us all about before, but whatís up with you scalp? It seems you have it under control whatever it is, so thatís got to be good.

You were a naughty girl weighing when you shouldn Ďt have lol. Seriously my scales and I have a hate hate relationship, even when Iím losing weight. One week I decided to weigh every day just to see the fluctuations in weight and I was up and down like a yo yo. Iíd never weigh at all if I could get away with it. But I do, just to give me an idea if I am doing OK. I weigh once a week, and thatís enough. Iíve got one of those scales with the big face, mechanical, not digital. I figure that although it sucks when I donít have a loss, or god forbid I have a gain, those are just lbs. When Iíve lost a lot of weight and the needle is half way back from where it used to be then itís great to SEE the results.

Purpleorc - sadly although I do know from experience what causes me to overeat, I still have no idea how to control them. I mean I know that comfort eating really is cold comfort, the same as drinking alcohol, but sometimes it seems there is no other option. I mean I know there must be, and I HAVE to figure out what it is if I have any chance of losing this weight and keeping it off. But right now I have no idea.
On a lighter note I am glad you enjoyed playing cards, and that you werenít in too much pain after your fall. Great that your hubby won a little money, I hope however small it was that he shared it with you. Or at least bought you a drink. Heís from Burton on Trent in Staffordshire, is that anywhere near you?

Jill Ė oh so sorry I misunderstood what the tests were for, still it sucks that they werenít comfortable for you.

Thanks for explaining why you decided on the WLS. You must be so excited and nervous about it, especially as itís in March and time is flying by. I really hope that it deals with your type 2 diabetes. I am glad to hear too that being pregnant after WLS is more safe than pregnant with diabetes and being obese. I often wonder if I was younger and wanted a baby how my ostomy would affect my pregnancy. Good job Iím too old for another baby or I might have to look into it and find out news I donít want to hear lol.

Dgramie Ė thanks for telling me a bit more about your family and that itís your daughter that is getting married soon. Is she having a big white wedding? Have you got your outfit picked out yet?

How are the sinuses, I have suffered with sinusitis a few times and I honestly think itís worse than having a migraine. I hope you will be feeling better soon, itís so hard to stick to a diet and exercise when you are feeling under the weather.

Debbie Ė hi. Thanks for your email, Iíll write soon. Good on you for drinking your water, and going on the Wii Fit. Iíve not used mine yet, Iím kind of hooked on My Fitness Coach. I think what I might do is a week of exercising with that and alternate weeks Iíll go on the Wii fit.

Julia Ė you wouldnít have the recipe for those raisin bran muffins. Iíd really love to give them a try. Do you know the WW points for them, or the calories and saturated fat content. If you have all the above, Iíd love the recipe lol. Donít ask for much do I!!

Sharon Ė my friend, I didnít think you were home until tomorrow. My memory sucks. I donít think Iíll have chance to go on MSN tomorrow because we have a busy day, doctors, bank, shops oh and the post office. Iím not sure when weíll get home. Iíve also taken to exercising at 5.30 and then making the tea after that. But if I am not sleeping, and I promise Iím trying hard to stay awake, then I should be able to catch you for a chat at around 4 or 4.30 most afternoons next week. You are right, we really must chat or email each other to help us stay OP.

My sciatica has gone, it left as quickly as it came, and I havenít had any lesions recently, so this is the best my health has been in a long time. Hence exercising daily now. I really would recommend My Health Coach to you. Youíve got a Wii right? Gamestation sells the game for £19.99, money well worth spending, even if like Beth says, the trainer is the devil lol.

Annie Ė heck it must be the time for TOM for us ladies because Iíve got mine as well. LOL there I was worrying about not writing and you havenít even had chance to check your email. I still havenít written but it will be a nice long one when I do lol. Did you ever watch that video I sent you? You havenít mentioned it.

Ally Ė itís amazing isnít it how sore you can get just playing the games on the Wii. The first game I got was Sonic and Mario Olympics, and the next day after playing it my arms were killing me. You will love the Wii fit, and believe it or not, you wonít, or at least I didnít ache as much after that as I did as when I played the Olympics!! You do get a great work out, but as itís made to make sure you donít do too much, unlike with the Olympics where you donít realise how long you are playing for, then you still lose weight and tone up but without so much pain

Catherine Ė wow thatís great that youíve had such a great response to your book. I wonder why itís so popular in Malaysia and Singapore. I always thought that the majority of people in those countries donít have weight problems. Did you release the book over here? Itís wonderful that the proceeds from it are going on publishing books written by people suffering from schizophrenia.

Ratkitten Ė Iím sorry youíve had such a tough few months but am happy that your life is coming good again now. Itís also good that youíve not gained too much weight and that you made sure you took care of yourself.

Was it a hard decision to go for the WLS? I admire you and the other ladies that go for the surgery. Itís a huge thing to go through and definitely life changing. I couldnít do it. Iím a chicken lol. Any idea when you might get a date for it?

OK well I need to go now, I need an early night because I have a full on day tomorrow. Take care all and I hope Iíll post tomorrow night. Bye for now,


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Ammi it sure is surprising how sore you can get lol. I love it though but taking a break tonight.

Today has been good just busy here. Went shopping for some yarn this afternoon. Gonna make some booties and a sweater for a guy Mike work's work wife just had a baby. Can't wait to get started tonight. I also signed up to become a Mary Kay consultant. I'm excitied about it and hope to do great with it. I worked on my site this afternoon so it's all set up Well need to get more stuff done Grey's will be soon.
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I am so glad to be home. It’s been a long day. I’ve wanted to eat about everything in sight! UGH!

Okay, so I’ve got a question….I haven’t had TOM in about 6-8 months now, which isn’t out of the ordinary for me, but do any of you ever get this, or have had it in the past? I keep getting all the symptoms, like cramping, the hunger, where I want to eat everything in sight, the irritability & moodiness, but TOM never comes! I even get the brief weight gain. Anyone ever have this happen?

Catherine – That’s fantastic that your book is doing so well. I find it odd as well, that it’d be doing so well in those parts of the world! But that’s great!!

Ratkitten – So good to see you back here! Hopefully, the stress is getting a little less by the day for you. So, you’re filling out the paperwork for the surgery, huh? Does that mean that you don’t have a date chosen yet?

Beth – Hope you get that paper finished! Sounds like it’ll be a nice weekend for you. How long have you & your boy been together?

Ammi – I’m definitely feeling a lot better! Not 100% back to my old self, but the stomach bug seems mostly gone! I’m doing Weight Watchers Flex plan; I get 2 points for being Female, 4 points for my age range, then 34 for my weight (they go by the first two digits of your weight), and 0 points, because I spend most of my days sitting. Oooh! Writing that made me realize that I’m supposed to be getting 40, not 43 a day. And every 10 lbs, it goes down a point, so when I get into the 330’s, I’ll go down to 39 points. And then I get 35 flex points to use for the week, but I never use those, unless I go drinking with friends, which is rare.
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I'm still here, this week has been insane. I've worked in 5 days what I usually do in 2 and 1/2 weeks. I haven't had time to excercise, I've barely gotten enough sleep. But finally tomorrow I can get back to normal and I'll be posting on here and the excercise thread. I can't believe how much I've missed you all in only a few days!! I have been eating right no misbehaving there. At least that's something. Till tomorrow
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Kayley, I get it like that too, but mine is due to my age Dr says. Never had probs at your age, are you on any meds which could mess it up? I'd check with Dr next time you go just to be on the safe side.xxxxxx
Annie, GREAT you are losing again!!!!xxxxxxx
Catherine, wish I could do that, enjoy your rest!!!xxxxxxx
Ammi, so pleased you are feeling better, back pain is cr*p!!! Not got a Wii, though hubby wants one when we have the money. Might go to my sis', she has one with all the exercise stuff. xxxxxxxxxxxxx (ps how is SD from ****?)
Ratkitty, GREAT to see you back, hope things continue to getr better & that surgery goes well. At least you & Jilly can now help each other through this & offer tips to each other.xxxxxxx
Gotta go & do stuff, hugsxxxxx
ps GAINED & feel ashamed but I AM now behaving.
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Good Morning Peeps - sorry I've been MIA - I had a tough work week - after the lay offs this week I had to terminate someone for poor performance - never an easy task. This went a step further with a gun involved - I'm still not past it. Good time for vacation I think. I've had a great OP week but I did miss exercise last night - I'm pretty emotional about the work issue still.

RAT - wow I've missed you - so nice to see you. I'm happy to hear things are starting to settle down for you. Good luck on the surgery - is there a date? Hug the goofy goldens for me.

My plans to stay OP as much as possible and exercise are embedded in my brain - and the fact I don't want to come back and say I stumbled too much. My exercise plan is to walk the ship deck and watch the sunrise - I think this ship is a party boat so I will probably be the only one awake at that time - that is a wonderful time for me to spend reflecting and celebrating life. This is one of the things I am most looking forward to.

If I don't get back before we head out, I'll see you all on the 24th - unless anyone is interested in a webcam link where we will be on the 20th - you can see me live in the Grand Caymans.

Take care of each other - bon voyage.


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