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MSer living healthy
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Good Afternoon Ladies

It has been a miserable grey day here and looks set in for the day. Finally caught up with my chores and back on schedule today. Did the ironing this morning which was piling up at a rate of knots due to me washing and not ironing. I thought if I do not tackle it soon it will be too much for me to do at once and secondly I will not have any clothes to wear . I have kept my wardrobe to a minimum with losing weight so as to keep the cost down. I may expand my wardrobe a little as it seems that I had stuck for a while or maybe this is where I am destined to be. Can't exercise like I could with the weather being so cold and I have to protect my face. So our daily walks together have been knocked on the head. So it is only the vibration machine when I feel up to it. Hopefully with the warmer weather round the corner maybe the plateau might be broken

Started writing a letter to DH Auntie last night who live in Cyprus. DH is no letter writer so I do this. I will add to the letter in a few days time so there will be more news to add to it.

This morning whilst ironing I watched the story of Torvil and Dean UK most famous ice dance partnership. It was 25 years (on the 14th of February 2009) that they got their legendary 12 perfect scores of 6.0 dancing to Bolero. I now live in the city that they learnt to skate in and not only that they worked here also. So it was nice to see them visiting all the sites that I knew and had been to myself.

Watched last night an old television series called Auf Wiedersehen, Pet from the 1980's gosh it brought back memories for me in was not long after this started I began I nursing career. I got two budgies for company and named them after two of the characters in this series. It is about a group of British workmen who go over to work in Germany in the building trade. There are moments of humour and part drama. It was a right trip down memory lane and I loved it

my sister is still suffering with her back and gave me a little light reading whilst I visited her on Friday to look over. There is pages and pages of documentation of all the visits to hospitals, chiropractors and lost of earnings due to an injury in here back. At the minute she is waiting on a discogram where they look at the discs in her back and it looks likely that they will require a metal rod etc. The documentation alone would fill a book. Really she wanted me to translate some of the medical terminology. I could oblige with some words from my limited knowledge of physical illnesses but as you know my expertise is mental health.

The lawyers against my sister where even trying to blame it on an operation she had when she was 15 on her bladder and kidneys. Rather than their client who was drunk driving. He was prosecuted by the police and was banned from driving for a year for being over the legal limit for alcohol and driving. Here in the UK the punishment does not fit the crime for drunk driving. You can kill some one and you will only get a short prison sentence. Though if the person is good in prison their prison sentence will be reduced for good behaviour. Time to get of my soapbox on this subject . I have always felt pasionate that the punishment should fit the crime. In this case it does not fit the crime it is like a tap on the wrist.

In a few weeks time I will be going to Sunday lunch with my sister so that should be fun and I am looking forward to it. The next two weekends I think I have been invited out for a meal so i am looking forward to both and the company. It is a while since we have done this with friends and family. The friends we are going to they cook healthy so that is a big bonus. Even more so I think since they have been selected to take part in a trial for the nations health of different people of different ages all around the country. I think they had a bit of a shock that their BMI is higher than they though. All the blood work etc is great so generally they are healthy. Though I think for my friend it might be a kick up the backside to stay on the straight and narrow. They are really good during the week but at the weekend when going on caravaning club they are very naughty undoing all their good work of the week.

DCHound 92lb lost is brilliant your knocking on the door of the century lost. So looking forward to celebrating that important mile stone 100lbs lost. Keep up the good work

keeperofthehome4 I have heard of curves on another thread I post on a lady there did this form of exercise and managed to reach her goal. They say it give inches lost rather than weight loss not sure if that is true or a myth.

dgramie Hope you enjoyed the overnight stay of your grandchild. Crickey they are 4 months old already wow how time flies you do not realise it. great news with the weight loss this week that is excellent news especially as TOM is here. Never fathom out this weight lose sometime I lose good amounts and when I least expect it. Keep up the good work

Time to go now and put up my feet so take care till next time

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Greetings my friends!

Each day I am feeling more and more like my old self. When in high stress, it's hard to take my own advise and get out in the sun. A friend of mine said vit D supplements helped him during winter blues, so I've started taking some. Anything to help.

I have my first appt with the gastric doc on Wed. This doc is fabulous and well known, but his support staff needs help (seems typical lately). I'll keep you updated on the progress.

Hugs to all!
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Gain Control/Release LBS
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Feeling alittle blue today. I did not make my Valentines goal of losing 15. Lost 7. Which is better than nothing. But I also have a head cold brewing. Yuck! I need to be more diligent with recording my food intake.
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Default Blc

Don't forget to weigh in today ladies!!

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Hi All,

Down a bunch under the weather. I guess I finally am catching that bug that has been going around my office. ICKY.

Blessings all,
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New week, new thread!!!
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