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Hello All,

Well its day two of being on track and all is well. It helps that my DH made a gorgeous chicken and vegetable stew yesterday, which is both filling and low in points.

Carol Ė no, sorry I didnít see your little Ďsoap box rantí which thread was it on? Thank you for your very kind words about how I supported you when you first started your weight loss journey. I was happy to do so, and of course to carry on doing so until you get to your goal. Well past that actually as youíll want support in maintaining. I need support too, and will be happy to have yours; this definitely is a give and take site which is why I love it so much. You are doing so great with your weight loss, how many sizes have you gone down since you first started?

Kayley Ė what a shame that you had to delete your FB account. Itís amazing isnít it when you arenít in high school but still come across supposed adults who act like they are still on the playground! Iím sorry you had to deal with such rubbish. My last name is Spiby so feel free to find and add me to your new FB account. That is unless I find you first lol.

So no wedding bells yet, you still determined to be a slim bride then? Well whenever you are ready to tie the knot I hope I get at least a virtual invite lol.

Annie Ė my friend, so sorry Iíve not had chance to email you lately. I promise to write ASAP, which hopefully will be tomorrow. Iím glad you went to PT and have some exercises to do for your hip placement. Are they very painful? Talking of pain, that Wii My Health Coach should be called the devil lol, she pushes you and boy do you hurt afterwards. Then right at the end it tells you how many calories youíve burned and you think WHAT! All that pain and so few calories lol.

Dgramie Ė I love how you set yourself daily goals, and Iím thrilled that you are just 1 lb up from your lowest weight. You must be thrilled about that.

I love the sound of your hair cut; do we get to see a photo? As for the lip and eyebrow waxing, I hear you on the pain. I was on IV steroids a few years ago and they made me very hairy. I had hair from the top of my lip, my chin, and a small amount from my cheeks waxed. Ouchies! And I had to get the bus home with my lovely red sore face. Oh well it was worth it. Iím way behind on the news, so forgive me asking, but whose wedding are you going to in 3 weeks?

JuliaDH Ė good for you for only eating a handful of those choc chips. I bet it would have been way too easy to have eaten the lot. You definitely deserved the pampering you gave yourself.

I love what you wrote ďLet's go girls and make the choices that will get us to our grand goals. No more messing around in pity parties. One day at a time. Together we can do it!Ē Thatís so perfect, I think Iím going to make a sticker with it on and put it on my fridge.

Iíd love to add you to my FaceBook. Iíll PM you my details.

Jill Ė what made you decide to go for WLS? I know it must have been a hard decision to make. Do you have a date for it yet? I really hope that having it done wonít cause any problems for you when you are ready to try for children. Letís hope youíll have good results from the tests you had especially as they were so painful.

Catherine Ė hi, it seems that you are as busy as ever, are you ever going to take a rest!! How did the sales of your book go? Did you have book signings etc, or is that only for famous people??

Beth Ė I wish we had a bigger living room, then we could exercise together, that would be fun. You did great today, I wonder if weíll both be aching tomorrow lol.

Purpleorc Ė Ouchies, your lovely ballet move AKA your fall onto the toilet cistern, and then your accident with sitting on the pill bottle when you got in your car, you must be very sore. I hope your bruise will be gone soon, and the pain you have too.

I donít suffer with fatigue as you explain it, but I do feel tired all the time because of the meds I have to take for my skin disease. Thatís what makes exercising so hard. Iíd much rather be in bed. But Iíve really fought the sleep urge and have made sure I have done my 30 minutes of exercise. If I sleep every other minute than those 30 Iíll be happy lol.

Oh yeah you are right, it does help to know that Iíve lost the weight before so I can do it again, but on the other hand it just makes me so angry at myself that I was stupid enough to put the weight back on after working so hard to lose it. Still, that makes me more determined to lose it and NOT put it back on ever again!

Debbie Ė good on you for resisting the AC urge and getting back to coming to 3FC for your encouragement and then carry on with your day, which I do hope has a little AC in it. I enjoyed our visit the other week and canít wait to do it again. Howís your town looking now? I paid enough into the town fund to get a bridge and itís supposedly being built now lol.

Heather DW Ė hi. Sorry you hurt your finger and that your nice home planned meal ended up ruined. Nice that you got to eat at Subway though. I love their food, my fave sub is the Subway Melt, but itís naughty, so if I go now Iíll just have to have the normal Subway Club. I watched the Biggest Loser a year or so ago and they said that when you go to Subway you should ask them to pull all the bread out of the sub. That might be good for you, but thatís just nuts, youíll be paying so much for the shell of a sub, not for me LOL.

DCHound Ė well done on spending a bit longer on your recumbent bike. Iíd love a bike like that, but I just donít have room for it. I kind of got the next best thing with the hand/foot cycle.

Jacquie Ė well howís that for a bargain lipstick, a little pain and swelling, but you have the shade for a lot longer lol. Seriously, Iím sorry you had a reaction to the lipstick; I hope your lips are back to normal now.

Well youíll be pleased to know that the time I have spent on this was the time I normally spend on FaceBook, sooooo, the addiction is abating lol. Itís time to go visit over there now that Iíve caught up here. So take care all and Iíll be back tomorrow.


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We had a BEAUTIFUL day here in Michigan, today. It got all the way up to 60! I wasn’t feeling the best, but I just had to get outside, and I got in a quick, but sweaty walk. It's supposed to be decent tomorrow as well, and probably will be the last time before the snow comes back.

I finished up all my homework, so I’m actually caught up for once, and now I’m just watching The Biggest Loser.

I'm still not getting in my cals/points for the day. I just don't like to overeat, but I need to learn to eat more in the mornings. I got in 33 out of my 43 for the day, though, so it's better than it has been lately.

Purpleorc – Oh wow! I hope you rest up, and are back in tip-top shape soon!

Debbie – Good for you for getting back into the habit. This place is amazing for giving that little ‘kick in the pants’ that we all need sometimes.

Heather – Sorry that you had such a disaster while making dinner last night. Thank goodness for Subway! I love that place. I’ve never had the flatbread before, I always get the exact same thing. Lol. What days are your weigh-in days?

DCHound – I applaud you for getting up on the bike! My boy has a recumbent bike that he loves, but I just can’t stay focused on those things! You are SO close to your goal!!! YOU CAN DO IT!

Jacquie – I’m glad to hear that your scalp is much better. What an odd reaction to the lipstick, though.

Ammi – What does your profile picture look like? I looked you up, and found 3 people with your name. If you find me, there seem to be two profiles with my picture. It’s the one with my hair down.

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Hi Peeps - I took great care of ME today - I had a wonderful OP day, got all my water in (never a problem) and spent a wonderful hour of sweating with my trainer. I'm liking this taking care of ME thing. I even fixed one of my favorite dinners - a double bonus.

Nice to see so much positive weight loss energy here today - thank you - each and every one of you.
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jacquie - what shampoo did you decide on?

ammi - *BIG HUGS* its so good to see you

hello to everyone else. im here. ive just been so busy working on transfering schools. *blah*
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Ammi - Yeah I was lucky as my lips and skin surrounding lips returned to normal just after two or three hours. It wasn't too bad of a reaction compared to others. But it just makes me more wary over other brands and what not.

kayley - Agreed. I never know how I'm going to react to something or what is going to happen. I mean I remember I got this great lotion once and it smelled so nice. I put it all over my face and my face reacted with burning, swollen, splotches for three days lol. Hahahah my guy goes "why the **** would you not just put it on your wrist or something first?!" I said "I wanted to smell like coconuts." hahhahahah...I'm a dork sometimes as you can tell. No coconuts for me! I think at some point I'm going to go to an allergist and see what is going on there.

princess - I couldn't remember what shampoo link you sent me and for the life of me couldn't not find it again. I am ordering soap nuts to try that, currently I've been doing a weekly wash with TGEL, no-fragrance, shampoo and a conditioner with just essential oils. It is "okay," but I've noticed my scalp peels a bit in those spots after I wash. Currently still a bit baldy on top of my head, but it looks okay. If I look at my scalp under brighter lights you can really see the thinning, but normal lights my hair is looking okay. I've also been putting tea tree oil, dabbing it on with a cotton swab, on areas that are more raw than others. That seems to not only calm the itch, but it seems to be healing things up a bit. Of course this could be all in my imagination.


I feel like I've gained weight, even though I'm not sure if I have. I decided to break my rule and weigh myself before I was sure I was done with TOM and I weighed 282. The next day I weighed 284 and today I'm not even stepping on the scale. I think I'll weigh myself next week and see where I'm at. Before TOM I was at 278, but my eating hasn't been that great so I might have gained.

I'm back on my plan today. I slipped a bit and started eating foods that were not so great. Today I'm having a green smoothie for breakfast, one for lunch, and a salad for dinner. If I want a snack I can always have a pear or something. I'm also going to write down everything I eat today and start a food journal. Going to put how I feel when I eat those foods and see if anything comes up in terms of allergies. I think it is time to get organized personally.

I feel like I'm still stuck at this weight, but I think before when I just "lost" weight I was very relaxed about things. I think now it is time for me to become more responsible and really merge into my lifestyle changes because from here on out it is going to be a workout to get this weight off. The smaller I get, the more difficult things will become. So, I recognize the fact that if I start now, I'll be ready to face new obstacles down the road. I know we are always changing things up and editing our diets to fit our needs. Time I start doing that too.

I hope everyone is good today!
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MSer living healthy
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Hi fellow chicks

My intentions was to come on here this morning but time ran away with me and the weekly grocery shop called. Well at least the grocery shopping is done now and I can rest up for a few hours to recharge those batteries.

Nice to get out last night and play cards after a few weeks of not playing due to the weather. We went to our furtherest one away from our home last night to play to a village near Melton Mowbray. (the famous home of the pork pie) I did no good but my DH managed to win a small amount of money for the most 6's scored in 24 hands. The lady whom we bring to the whist drive she won a raffle prize of £3.00 which is about $6.00. Seeing as we do not pay very much to get in the money and prizes are very good.

Not feeling so bad today after the fall I think I would be more achy for a few days but it seems to be easing which I am grateful for

Jacquie668 Trying to find what foods do not suit you is like walking a mine field at times and it is trial and error. Plus like you are doing documenting what you have eaten so you can narrow down the culprit or culprits. The trouble here to have an allergy test for the most know allergens it is very expensive unless you can persuade you doctor to go down that route. Hope you find out what is troubling you soon. I know what it is like with having an ulcer finding out what foods I can eat and what I can't has been an experience not to be repeated anytime soon

AmmiUK It is hard trying to deal with physical diseases and there challenges they bring on a daily basis. It is another obstacle we have to overcome in our road to weight loss.

I know you must feel angry at putting on the weight again that is only natural. The one positive thing from this experience that you can take from this is you know what triggers and pitfalls lead you down the slippery slope. So this time round you can be more mindful at avoiding them and finding new strategies to cope to prevent the same thing happening.

Debbie54On the mend now thankyou.

I hope other posters on this thread are well and on track. Till next time take care

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Eating for two!
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Originally Posted by AmmiUK View Post
Jill Ė what made you decide to go for WLS? I know it must have been a hard decision to make. Do you have a date for it yet? I really hope that having it done wonít cause any problems for you when you are ready to try for children. Letís hope youíll have good results from the tests you had especially as they were so painful.
Ammi, first, it is so great to "see" you here!

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes last May at age 25, which was what really pushed me to look into WLS. After many many hours of research, I found that the DS (duodenal switch) has shown up to a 98.9% chance of curing type 2 diabetes, so that's what I'm getting on March 19 (I have other reasons for chosing this particular procedure, but I won't bore everyone with the novel version!)! I've been researching, talking to other patients, and working toward this since about June/July. Studies have shown that the majority of post-WLS pregnancies are safer and healthier than carrying a baby while morbidly obese and diabetic, so the surgery should improve my chances of a healthy pregnancy as well.

heh, the "tests" I had last week were just a regular exam with pap smear! Nothing special, just painful!
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Ammi_ my oldest daughter is getting married! She just graduated from college in dec( will get to walk the line in may). She has dated the same guy since a month into college(4 1/2 yrs) and is so in love!! My son got married on new years eve 07. I decided at the wedding that i didnt want to be that heavy when my daughters married. I was 306 at my sons wedding. YOu will also need to know my fsil is on crutches from a bad fall and broken foot. LIfe is never dull around here!!

I am feeling a bit under the weather. My sinuses are driving me nuts!!

Today I will drink all my water even though it doesnt taste as good as normal.I will make myself eat 3 meals today, when i feel bad i dont eat right. I will not snack when the kids do unless its an orange. I need the vitamin C!!
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Just popping in here quickly this morning. I hopped on the scale this morning, and it's showing me up. I know there's daily fluctuations, but I think that I'm just not getting in my points, and my body is making up for it, by holding onto that extra weight. Heh. Today, I vow to get at least 40 of my 43 points!
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Just wanted to drop in and tell every one "Good Morning!!"

The snow is gone for a while, I hope, and it's sunny out so it's time to get some things done around here. I did pretty well last night but did have a few slip ups. I got 3 liters of water in though which I haven't done in a long time and even did 20 minutes on the Wii Fit. I KNOW I can do better so I'm going to work on that really hard to get back to where I'm in control instead of my fattening little brain.

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Beth :]
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Hello ladies. :]
I hope everyone is having a good day. I haven't done much today except that I woke up late and went to the shops to get my usual magazines and milk for mam. I really should be revising and catching up on my homework but I'm too tired so I will try to get them done tomorrow and Friday, otherwise all the missed work I have will be piling on!

I don't know how much is 60 - 100 oz because I'm terrible with things like that! Although, I do know that I try to drink 1.5 - 2 litres of water a day. I used to hate water but now I love it! :] Are you on WeightWatchers, like me? Take it easy with the points!

Wow, I'm sorry to hear about the terrible events you've experienced! I hope you are feeling much better now.
The Wii is so awesome, trust me. It's a shame that you can't get a Wii yet because you're saving up for a new car. The instructor in 'My Fitness Coach' should be called the Devil. She seems to think that us big ladies can lift our shoulder blades off the floor while doing sit ups. Ha!

Chin up, hey? You will get the much-needed motivation soon!

I hope we had a bigger living room as well! I'm not sore but I wonder if you are?



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Gain Control/Release LBS
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Feeling alittle stressed today as DH has not been dispatched for a few days. No work means no money and him under foot for WAY to many hours! But still on plan and feeling great about that. TOM is almost done so I will finish getting the water in and will do a quick scale check tomorrow! We are fogged in today with 25 mm of rain and out 150cm of snow is almost washed away! So now we get to see the dirt and trash. I really dislike this phase of season change. I think if the weather is good DH & I will take the kids for a hike and do some litter gathering for the trash! Now its off to finsih making rasin bran muffins for the kids lunches. Check in later to do some personals!
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I hope you all had a productive & O.P. day today! I had class this afternoon, and spent the evening spending some time with a friend I haven’t seen in a long time, and her children. It boggle my mind that she’s only 6 months older than me, and she’s got 3 little ones! Yikes! Lol.

I’m going to get cleaned up, and try and get a good night’s sleep. Have a great night, all!!

Debbie – The snow has finally melted here, as well! Too bad it’s not going to last for us. Every little bit of exercise helps, just keep it up!!!

Beth – Yep, I’m on Weight Watchers! I don’t go to the meetings, I just do it on my own. I get 43 points a day, but I’m having trouble getting my points in. Do you have that problem at all?

Julia – I hope you had a nice evening with your family!
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im so mad! i dont know really if this rant belongs here or not, but here i go... lol

ok so im sure that all of you (or at least anyone in the states) has heard about the woman that had 6 babies through invetro, then had another 8, yes 8 through invetro, and is not married and lives with her mother. now i am NOT Against being a single parent or even living at home, but the audacity of this woman to have 14 children with no means to support them is REDICULOUS! and now she has a website to take donations! SERIOUSLY! i am so upset over this. there are so many children that need a loving home and someone to take care of them and this selfish woman has 14 with no job and no one to support her. and she thinks shes just going to go back to school and get a degree. hello! those of you that had ONE Kid. even with a HUSBAND know thats virtually impossible. but with 14. for the love of god. i am really upset about this. arg!
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Hi I'm back, had a long weekend at my parents' (a birthday treat) been a bit 'naughty', lots of booze & homemade bread, fresh from the oven mmmmm. Gotta get weighed today, get on with getting this weight OFF, no more excuses!!!!!
Luan, yep, my mum & I were chatting about this woman, as she's supposed to be disabled we wondered HOW she managed to cope with being pregnant with one child, let alone eight. I TOTALLY agree with you, how selfish of her, WHO will be paying for the childrens' food, clothing etc? Why does she think it's ok to have so many children on her own ANd to risk the babies' health by having so many inside her at the same time? There are laws that are supposed to prevent more than TWO eggs being implanted in the UK, I'm sure there are similar laws in the US too.xxxxxx
Hi everyone else! HUGSXXXXXX
Ammi, GREAT to see you back, after today I will be OP, & YOU MUST start chatting/emailing so we can support each other!!!!lol. Hope the back & Sweets are better, or getting there.xxxxxxx
ps off to catch up on last week's thread.
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