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Let's see if I can catch up a little bit tonight.

Annie - you are a radiant beauty - from the inside out. Thank you for sharing your pictures. I'm so glad you've decided to go speak with the senior group on Friday - it's a great idea to prep with expected questions. I got a wonderful ceramic table fire pit for our anniversary - a hammock next to it would be nice. Oh Yeah - I'm with Peggy and Sharon - you look HOT.

Sharon - how are you feeling by now - better I hope. How nice to have your sis close by soon. Enjoy the visit with your parents. It's always so nice to see you post. Any word on the new job for Steve?

Bernice - only 13 more days - so tell me - how excited are you?

Debi - don't we always want what we don't have. Somedays I have wished for a bigger cup size. I'm thinking maybe all this excess skin could be relocated. Hope you're feeling better - and DH too.

Jill - oh I love roller coasters - haven't been in such a long time - now I realize it's probably because I thought the bar wouldn't close down so I could ride.

Penny - so how is life with the new pup going? It definitely changes a household doesn't it. Debi shared the flylady housecleaning method with me - it certainly makes sense - you can find her online.

Cyn - so glad you go to the Y - you did wonderful. It is such a proud feeling to accomplish something just for YOU. To paraphrase Xena - BECAUSE YOU DESERVE IT.

Catherine - that means you didn't get to the pool - I was looking forward to hearing how it was to be back. I know how much you miss it. Any word on when it may show up?

Julia - sorry things are tough for you right now. Earlier I mentioned the flylady method - take a peak - one of the things is getting dressed, doing your hair and makeup and getting your shoes on - it does make a difference doesn't it?

Rat AKA Roller Derby Queen - oh no - sorry Biker Chick today - I just can't keep up with you. One thing I can keep up with though - it is great to see you posting again. I think I remember telling you to buy some pants that fit a few months ago - I shoulda known those words would come back to bite my backside.

Peggy - I love my fit flops - I bought a pair for each of my nieces also. At first i didn't notice any difference other than they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever put on - the other day we had to walk quite a ways up hill - next morning the back of my thighs were sore. I was really surprised since I've been doing a 5k each week.

Debbie - any word on the job front? Which one would you rather have? I've never seen such a little frog - and to think you already have roses blooming.

Julee - what color fit flops did you get? I got the black with black patent from Macy's online. Nieces got silver and red. wow - dinner sounds yummy - isn't it nice when you recognize you are full.

Battle - how are you? Are you days getting any easier? I hope so.

I came home from work tonight and dug in the garden to share with mom - it was so nice to have the energy to do that instead of just plopping - then I went and helped get it all planted at her house. I'm hoping the rains stay away so I can get more outside work done - in addition to trying on all my clothes and donating/pitching/altering. This week it's been hard to find things to wear to the office that look decent - probably time for shopping.

Hugs to you all,
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Carol love the flylady. Some of her routines keep the rest of the house in good working order. But I have always hated my filing system and after doing this years taxes I decided to take the whole week and fix it properly. To many 1/2 a$$ attempts to get er done just made a bigger mess! I am a stationary magnet. And with all 3 kids in school its worse! At the beginning of the year it was stated by the school that the oldest child would bring home all newsletters, fundraisers, book orders etc papers. And it just happens that all 3 are very reliable in bring triplicate stuff home from school! And the school is not doing the oldest child plan! And that just causes avalanches for cats to play in! Now each kid has a basket and 3 ring binder for their things and DH and I share 3 tier tray and now the file cabinet is being restructured to really give all the important papers a home and easy access to it. My desk is clear and the dinner table is 1/2 cleared just need one more bankers box and a few Xlarge envelopes. Well guess I was kinda lonely tonight to just spill all that boring task. DH is on his way to Boston so he wont be home till late thurs or early fri! But typing keeps the fingers out of the kitchen cupboards!

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Because I deserve it!
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Yippy!!!! School is thru for a few weeks and I could not be happier. I treated myself to a pedicure after work today and got to read some more of my book. So I am happy as I can be. My lazy evening will be topped off by checking my TIVO to see who got kicked off American Idol tonight.

But before I do that, may I say, Annie, you look so beautiful. I am so happy for your success.

OK, I am off. Take care everyone.
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I ended up having a big salad for diner tonight to make up for my snacking earlier in the day.I feel some better already...antibotics work fast.

dmpls _ yes daughter is in owensboro at college. Hubby had lunch with her today while at going to the dr. Lauren rosebud also lives there.

carol_glad you are enjoying flylady.I have been doing it for a year now. I dont always follow her routine exactally. I always do my night time routine and the morning routine.

well im heading to bed early again tonight
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Hi chickies,
Well I went for my interview at Walmart and I guess I'm hired because I go for my drug test tomorrow and I should hear from them by Monday. I'm going to be a cashier, which I've never done in my life so here's hoping! The people seem really nice and told me that when I come in for my training that I have to play some kind of board game. Don't even know what that is. Totally different from when I used to work.But it should be fun and different so I'm ready for it.
I did finally make it into the 270s, but won't post it officially until Friday.
I'm sort of afraid to start work because I don't want it to mess up my eating. I know I'll be packing a lunch but it's going to be so weird to be on a schedule and only have certain times that I can eat while at work. I just hope they let me keep my water handy.
I'll be out of my comfort zone, and it's a scary thought.

Walrus, glad to hear you're back on track.

Annie, did you swing last night?

Sharon, how ya feeling? I hope better. At least TOM finally came to visit. The little frogs just hop in there every once in a while. We've had them hanging off of our door and it some of the other plants. I think they like to sun themselves but hide as well.

Bernice, how's the tummy?

Cyn, YAY for overcoming your fears of the treadmill. I'm really happy for you. You'll get better and better at all the equipment with time. It's weird how it feels so foreign when we first start using it, isn't it?

Catherine, did the delivery man come? Did you keep your hands to yourself like a good girl? I'm with you, I would of throttled him too.

Debi, did the hunger cravings let up any? I hate when that happens.

Julia, stay strong. Hopefully your good mood will rub off on him.

Ratkity, how ya feeling? I sure hope that crud lets go of you soon. Take care.

Julee, how did the weigh in go?

Carol, we don't have froggies yet. That was from last year but thought it was so cute I would use it as my avatar. Aren't they tiny?
Yes, go shopping! It will make you feel so good just to go to stores and be able to try on clothes. Have fun!

Hi to all the girlies I missed.
Have a great evening and move, drink, stay OP.
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Originally Posted by gggirls View Post
Let's see if I can catch up a little bit tonight.

Bernice - only 13 more days - so tell me - how excited are you?
Yeah well shows you how excited I am .....I forgot to change the number!!! LOL its 7 days till we see him and 8 till his graduation!!!! we leave next tuesday!!!

Debbie-The tummy feels much better after major cleanout feels great LOL! Note to greasy food! LOL

Julia-love the flylady! Did her routine diligently for years.......have slacked off completely now........just dug out my old binder.....need to get it started again!

Thanks for the flitflop definition I will have to check them out online! Sounds like something I would love!

Reason I was wondering about anyone who lived in Owensborro is because I quite possibly will have to be there the 21-23 of July for some Training classes.....And thought maybe that would be a great time to meet some of you all!

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FitFlops...I bought silver.white first and then the black ons but it has ben too cold (for me) the last few days to wear them.

WI...up 1 lb...but between TOM en route and eating cheesecake at a luncheon today (but I skipped the bread and rice) it is what it is and I don't feel bad in the least.

I ant to be able to wear my cute stretchy polka dot top and have all of the dots remain the same size. I hate looking down at my stomach and seeing ovals.

I am making a sweet noodle pudding for a dinner I have to go to on Friday night. It is the same one I made for Passover so I know I am safe having one small serving.

My favorite frozen yogurt place just added cinnamon apples (no syrup, just chpped apples and cinnamon) to their fruit topping bar. HEAVEN! Can I just say that a sliced apple in a ziploc with cinnamon and splenda might be the best snack ever. Make it in the morning and eat it in the afternoon and shake it all up and it tastes like apple pie and it's so satisfying.

WW tonight was all about the pitfalls of perfectionist thinking. I need to mull on that.

I'm off to watch IDOL even tho my mom (who lives on the east coast) texts me the results as she gets them in EDT...mostly so I can send them to my friend who works on Wednesday nights until late...but it's nice to know.

Ugh...packages. Fortunately I can have everything delivered at work and anything send via UPS...the depot is close to the house so I can have packages held there and zip through on the way to or from work..but I also live in a secured building and recently UPS said that my location was "known closed" so they did not attempt delivery. Annoying.
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Here's a funny. One of my good friends is finally crowing over my weight loss. He said (with admiration) he took a look at me last week and thinks I have lost a good 30 lbs.! haha

I told him he'd be shocked to know how much I have really lost, but I wouldn't say how much, except that it was more than 30 lbs. I will let him know when I hit a big milestone.
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well aint it weird how your body will weigh heavy for a couple of days like 3-5lbs heavier then your last weighin? thats happened to me these past couple of weeks....the first 3-4 days after WI I weigh in 3-5 lbs heavy....then boom its all gone LOL so weird! like this it is thursday.....after mon WI I showed 3 or 4 lbs over each day......then this morning boom I'm back to mondays WI LOL so hopefully this stables out? or does this occur to most of us? I'm not concerned about the between WI scale #'s just like to watch the scale.....I don't fret about it or anything......I just like to know if I'm way off kilter! LOL

Well hopefully today will be a better day in class! Tomorrow is our HUGE picnic! We have a lot to prepare for so I hope it all goes smoothly!

your SIL!!!
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Wow battle that is funny. MY sister is kinda the same way. Keep up the amazing job you are doing!!I just looked at your are so close to the big mark!!
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Battle - gotta love him - he is right you've lost a good 30 pounds - so good it's just like 82. My mom thought I had lost about 25 a few weeks ago - she thought I just started "dieting" in January. I did tell her and her face just fell in shock - this is from a large woman herself.

Debbie - grats on the job. You'll find a new routine quickly. Now - just don't spend all your paycheck at work.

I feel the need this morning to express my gratitude to each and every one of you. It has been a tremendous experience for me to get to know each of you - the trials and tribulations we share and work through means a great deal to me. Not having to explain not fitting in a plastic lawn chair as an example, or the airplane seat belt, or wearing jeans, the list could go on and on. Thank you all!

Now - go drink you water, move your bodies and celebrate you today.

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Learning to love myself.
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Oh dear... I know I'm going to miss lots of people, but I don't want to float between pages, so I'm going to have to rely on my memory (thus the "oh dear") to get some responses in.

Julee - We will be in LA from January 12th to 16th. Driving up from San Diego early on the 12th and flying out on the 16th back to Honolulu. We won't be there over a weekend, which may make things a little tricky for you, but I would still love to catch up with you if we could. I can't wait to hear how your trip to Las Vegas goes, so I can get some tips. I have a feeling that it is going to be VERY cold there for me at the time we're going, but I'll find some way to cope I'm sure. We're not sure whether we'll go to the Grand Canyon or not, as we don't know what the weather will be like.
I like the sound of apple, cinnamon and splenda. I take cut up apples with me every day for morning tea, so I may just try that tomorrow. I'll have to go and put the cinnamon out somewhere where I'll see it, because I have a REALLY bad memory.

Carol - You are SO right about how special it is to be with a wonderful group like this. I have rarely found people in real life who truly understand what it is like to be morbidly obese - and the MANY problems that come with that - and not just being a little overweight. They seem to think that it is the same thing, and it is like chalk and cheese. So many times I've sat here and smiled, or had tears in my eyes, as I could totally relate to something someone said. It has been wonderful to know that I wasn't the ONLY 'weird' one who had these things happen to them, or who had these feelings. Thank you for reminding me of how terrific this group is.

Catherine - I definitely know the frustration of waiting for someone who said they'd do something and don't do it. I never understand why some companies can't give a 'slightly' more precise time slot, at least 'AM' or 'PM'. It can't be THAT hard to work out how long it will take to do something. I wonder if they get frustrated when people do the same thing to them.

Annie - I LOVE your new pics. I agree with everyone that you are simply glowing in this lot. Isn't it wonderful to not be scared of the camera anymore? I think it would be great to see you in more fitted clothes, but I really like that style of top you are wearing and have a few like that myself, so I understand you wanting your pic taken in it.

Sharon - Fingers crossed for hubby's new job. When you said he'd be away during the week, do you mean that he will actually STAY away for those days (like the guys do here when they work in the mines up north) and just get back on the weekends, or will he just be working really long hours? It would take a lot of pressure off you if he gets this job with the increased income. I know that money worries have always been something that I don't cope with well at all.
Please give Ammi a hug for me when you are next in contact with her. I think about her a lot, but am hopeless at keeping up emails.

Bernice - I am getting excited about you seeing your son again, and I don't even KNOW you or your son. I am not even a parent, but can imagine how thrilling this must be for you. Do we get to see lots of pics??
I'm glad your tummy is settling after the greasy food. That can be a great deterent (sp?) for eating stuff like that. I know when I even get the 'remote' urge for something like that I just remember what it does to my stomach. I also find that I am wiping the oil from my skin for days after something like fish and chips.

Battle - I haven't told you how gorgeous I think your new pics are. I like the last one best. Just something about the colours and the setting and simply how beautiful you are looking.
I'm glad your friend noticed that you'd lost weight. It is funny, but before I lost the weight, I don't think I would have had ANY idea how much people weighed, or how much they had lost/gained. I just didn't have any concept of weight vs size. I have a slightly better idea now, but still not great.

Well, as I said, I know I've missed lots of people, but I'll try to catch some of you over the next couple of days.

I am going to look for some fit flops I think. I haven't heard anyone here talk about them, so perhaps that will be something I will have to leave until we go on our holiday. Last time we went away I had heard lots about Crocs, but couldn't get them over here, so got a pair while we were away. It just gives me another excuse to shop!

I am glad it's Friday tomorrow. TOM started yesterday and I have been a little tired these last couple of days. So, just one more day, then the weekend! I only teach one music lesson tomorrow and the rest of the day is for my IT role and planning. I should be able to cope with that I think.

I have an appointment tomorrow after school with a "Hand Therapy" person. I had an ultrasound done a couple of weeks ago and it confirmed that I have tendonitis (tennis elbow) in both of my elbows, so I need to see what I can do about it. I think I did most of the damage when I was using the hand weights while I was exercising, but I haven't used them for AGES and they are still bothering me. Sometimes they are just uncomfortable, but at other times it hurts to move them even a little bit, and sometimes I get sharp pains as though someone is sticking a needle into my elbow area. I have been told that almost ANY action can hinder it, so I have stopped trying to learn the piano for the moment and I have an ergonomic keyboard here at home and another one at school to use with my laptop. I still try to limit my computer work, but when I have an IT role at school, that is easier said than done. I don't have a lot of pain at the moment, so I have been able to get this post typed pretty comfortably. Fingers crossed that I don't pay for all this typing later. I have a feeling that a strenuous workout on the treadmill (lots of arm swinging) doesn't help either, but I'm not going to stop exercising, so I'm hoping I'll get some ideas tomorrow that will let me still do these things without being in pain afterwards.

Well... after saying all that, I suppose I had better stop typing and head to bed to read my 'light' book. I've even had to stop reading my Jodi Picault book as it was heavy and my arms ached. This is getting really inconvient.

Take care all,


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Hi all,

Just popping in to say hi, and trying to hold myself to task posting and reading more. I started this week on cloud nine having lost almost 6 pounds in only a few days, but as of Tuesday I had gained one back. Yes, I know there are daily fluctuations. I still haven't shed that pound yet, and was oh so hopeful that I would be in the 340s by next Monday's weigh in. I am still hopeful, just perhaps a little more doubting. It will come off when it comes off, this I know. I have been at 2000 calories +/- 150 so far this week. I feel good about that, as it's a first step. I have now been doing that for a week. I know, sounds small, but it's something. For me anyway.

DH and I were at Sam's Club last night and we bought the Hungry Girl book. Seems like Fiber One finds its way into almost each of the recipes. There is an onion ring recipe that I cann't wait to try. How I love onion rings. And it says for one whole onion per person it's less than 200 calories. That makes one happy Realist. Onion rings and a turkey burger, what more could a girl want?

I am at work, so I should get back to work. Just wanted to say hi.

Take care and be well,
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Battle-I am home most of the time, and our building has security doors, but a nice big buzzer with our names on it. We get Fedex, UPS, and Canada Post without a problem. It’s Purolator. We have a friend who lives in a house behind us with a stay at home wife, and they won’t deliver there either. We haven’t been able to figure out if they are afraid of the neighborhood, or just don’t like delivering to residentials because people are usually at work, and just don’t want to bother. Last time, they tried to tell us there was construction on the street, so the driver couldn’t get here, a lie, then they said there was no parking, we have a whole lot behind the building. I actually threatened to put a couple of sheets together and hang it on the front fence, on a major through street, asking Purolator to please deliver, and then call the media. When we threatened to make a complaint with the Human Rights Commission (kind of Canadian EEOC) that they were discriminating against us because we lived in a poor neighborhood, they had a supervisor bring the package out that night. We literally have to do this every time. When they wouldn’t deliver my new Dell computer, we called Dell, and told them it would just have to go back to them, and I’d have to buy from Tiger since they use UPS, and Dell called Purolator, and my computer got delivered that night. I’m known to not fight fair. I get so angry because we don’t have a car, and it is an hour trip on the bus to their depot, a two block walk through an industrial area that scares me worse than our neighborhood ever could, and then trying to slog through snow at times with boxes back. Never again. You are getting paid to deliver, then by God do the job you are getting paid to do. I’m expecting a box of books to sign and ship out, and am getting nervous.

Carol-If it doesn’t come soon, I’m going to catch a bus to Calgary to get my books. New author jitters I guess. I’ve been getting lots of exercise though. I’ve completely torn the house apart doing spring cleaning. Nervous energy I guess. We can barely walk for the stacks of books and boxes as I rearrange everything. He arranged to give a speech this morning at a high school I’m convinced so that I don’t put him to work, or dust him off too.

Xena-Pedicures, yikes. I’m way too ticklish to have someone else do my toe nails. When I was having the angiogram in March, my husband thought they were half killing me because I kept screaming. I was embarrassed to tell him later, that it was in a major ticklish spot, and that’s why I was screaming. It didn’t actually hurt.

Debbie-Being a cashier isn’t as hard now as it was in the days when you had to push buttons. I’m sure you’ll be fine, and they do know how to train people. My former roommates mom works at Walmart. She was in her 60’s when she went to work there, had never been a cashier, and didn’t even graduate from high school, but she learned. She works in the garden department now, and is in her 70’s. As to having to learn to eat and take a job, my husband and I had a talk about that this week. He’s upset that I gained weight after we got married, and am having so much trouble losing right now. I told him that I would have at some point had to learn to eat like a real person again, it just happened sooner than I thought it was going to because we got married at my half way mark. I was hoping to be around 200lbs. instead of 400. I somehow thought it would be easier. It wasn’t the last time I was at 200lbs. and I gained it all back plus another couple on top. I had made a bubble for myself in Florida. In addition to trying to get used to a new country, a new husband, a new grocery store even, I’ve struggled to find a routine or schedule I can live with. Every time I think I’ve got it, something like a dislocated knee happens. I am struggling to find some kind of balance, and it’s hard. I’ve lost a lot of time in my life, and I want everything back yesterday.

Zelma-Once you get tendonitis somewhere, it can take forever to get rid of. I have trouble with my right elbow and shoulder all the time, and let’s don’t start in on my heels. Try adding some turmeric and pineapple to your diet. Both are natural anti-inflammatories. I especially notice my back more when I forget my turmeric, so I started putting a pinch in my protein shake mixtures. I don’t taste it, and I don’t forget it that way. When I want to read, and my shoulders are bothering me, I put my book on a music stand. A beanie baby at the bottom of the book works to hold the page open.

Angie-I like making baked onion rings. I use soy burgers though.

We had another talk about travel last night. He wanted to drag me to Japan, South Africa, Florence, and Glasgow. I don’t have to tell you guys how long the flights would be. He knows I don’t like to fly. We are going to Calgary the first of June. That’s by luxury bus, so no big deal. We go to Vancouver the end of June, and that’s not too long a trip, and it’s an important series of speeches at a Schizophrenia conference. Montreal and Japan would be in July. South Africa in August, and Glasgow and Niagara Falls the first of October. Then Banff again in November. I’ve already said no to Japan and Montreal. I have to go to Niagara Falls because I’m one of the speakers. The problem is if I don’t go to Glasgow with him, I’ll have to go to Niagara by myself because he’s going straight from Glasgow to Niagara. I don’t know if I can do that. I may have to endure 20 hour travel days just to have an escort to get to Niagara. There’s the fear of flying, there’s the fear of being embarrassed on the plane, or just crammed into a seat for too long. I don’t know what to do. I can’t lose 100 lbs. in the next 4 months. I could gain that much, but not lose it. I guess the woman who hates setting goals, is going to have to try. Maybe that’s what I’ve needed to get back on the stick. Fear is a great motivator for me, the problem is that I don’t scare easily.
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I think i will try and catch up on personals also. I am so far behind on them.

catherine_ I enjoy your post so much. I think every now and then we all need something to attend to get us back on the right path. I hope your books come today!!

Angie_ daily fluations suck. I was up 4 yesterday and down 2 of it today. Im glad my weigh day isnt till sat.

zelma_ good luck with the therapy. I know my daughter broke her elbow in 2nd grade and it will still swell up on her from time to time. She is moving boxes at college and it was swollen this past weekend. Hope it gets better soon.

debbie_ congrad on the job!! You will be great at it!! You will also get in a rountine of eating away from home.

Carol_ we love you too hun!!Have fun playing in the dirt today...all i have today is MUD.

dmpls_ when is your last day of school...ours is the 23.
What are you wearing to your sons graduation?? IS his girlfriend going with yall??

Julee_ im sad to know our american idol season is coming to an end in a few weeks. I really love watching it!!

xena_ are you taking any summer classes this year? My daughter is taking one.

Julia_ hugs to you ...hope today is better !!

Annie_ hugs to you
and anyone else i missed...
OH Anne_ i miss hearing from you!!
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