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Kayley-my name is Bernice....DMPLS stands for Dimples which I've used as a nickname for years online.....since I have HUGE dimples if you have seen my profile picture you would understand LOL

Debbie-hope those trenches do the trick!!! The grounds out here are mostly clay unless you really sift in sand and potting soil nothing grows really well......I would love to have a vegie garden.......but no sunlight in my backyard for the trees so I will have to do with the farmers market and a few friends that do have gardens.....

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!
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Hey Luann! I wasn't sure if you still came here or not! Good to see you as well!

Okay, just wanted to pop on here before I headed to the gym. I don't go on the weekends, so Mondays are my FULL day; cardio & upper & lower body strength training.

Have a great one!
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Learning to love myself.
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Just a quick message before dinner. I'm REALLY tired after a day of mostly boring Professional Development. I thought it would be about tackling cyber-bullying, but most was about bullying in general and a program that is useful for adolescents... I work in an elementary school. The afternoon was pretty interesting, but I was tired by then, so I'm not sure the best stuff sank in.

I am a little worried because my relief (sub) teacher didn't turn up today, so they had to call someone else. I feel SO bad, because the teacher I had called to come in is a music teacher and said to not leave anything, because she would run her own program for the day. That was wonderful, except that meant that there was nothing prepared for the teacher who ended up being in the room for the day. I always prepare LOTS of work, so that they won't be lost for things to do. I feel really guilty. Neil said that he talked to the teacher and she said she had a lovely day, but I still worry that she had to work out what to do herself. I called the lady who I had organised to come in and she said that she had messed up with transferring her notes and she was really apologetic. She said it was the first time that it had happened in 9 years of relief teaching. You know... that doesn't really surprise me. These things seem to happen to me. You'd think I'd get used to it. At least this has taught me a good lesson. I am going to organise a set of lessons that can be taken by ANYONE, just in case. I'll leave them in a 'relief' folder/drawer and let admin know that they are there.

I have a Choral Day PD this Friday, but I don't have to organise relief for that as it is one of my IT days. Phew!

My elbows/arms seem to be a little better already, and I haven't had any anti-inflammatories since Friday. Mind you, I'm resting them as much as I can, so that has to be helping a lot. Sadly (yeah right!) I have had to leave the housework for a while, to totally rest up. Actually, no matter how much I HATE housework, I would much prefer a clean house.

Kayley - WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!! It is wonderful to see you. I hope that you sort something out with the dress, as that will take a little pressure off you for losing so much weight before the wedding. I know that you will look gorgeous no matter what, so just remember we want to see photos!

Julee and Luan - I'm getting excited already to be meeting you both and it is still about 8 months away. I'm going to have to learn to keep myself really busy over that time, so I don't just daydream about the holiday when I should be doing other stuff.

Julia - I am SO sorry that your hubby didn't know how to make the day special for you. It sounds as though he needs a good kick in the pants... or couselling... but the way I'm feeling, I could easily give SOMEONE a good kick in the pants, so just send him my way! Seriously though, I know, from past experiences how awful it can be to want a day to be truly special and to be let down and have it become almost a disaster. I hope that, somehow, your birthday is MUCH better.

Oops... I'd better head off for dinner. I am glad that so many of you had such a wonderful Mother's Day and I hope that the week ahead is fantastic!

Take care,

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Just wanted to stop in before work....
Hope all have a wonderful week!

I lost 2lbs at this morning's weigh in!!!! almost 40lbs makes me 39lbs lost!!!!

I am going to check out curves today after school will post what I think of it when I get back!
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Zelma! we're excited to meet you too!

off to the gym. BLAH!
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