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Battleax, it's great that people are noticing. Makes it even more worthwhile. I'm getting to the point where I don't want to tell people how much I've lost either.

Bernice, I hope the weather is good for your big picnic. Have fun!

Carol, , thanks and I'll try to bring SOME money home....but it's gonna be tough.

Catherine, it sounds like you are having a hard time right now with so many demands in your life. I wish there was something I could tell you to make it easier, but you can only do what you can do. You're a very strong woman Catherine, one of the strongest I've ever "met" in person or on the computer, and I KNOW that you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to. Look at all you've done already! You've got such a fighting spirit in you, and that will see you thru anything. You'll overcome your fears and come out a shining star. So go for it!!!!!

Well, I'm off to go get my drug test. I had to order some clothes online again. Lovely tan pants and dark blue shirt as this is what the associates wear. I didn't know if they supplied them, but people are telling me they don't so I didn't want to have to hunt around stores and it was so much easier online.
My son and dil were over yesterday. We're all getting along better but at times it's still a little difficult. But like everything, I think we are all taking baby steps. It just feels wonderful to be talking again and hopefully we can build stronger bonds.
Have a great OP, butt moving, water drinkin' day
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Hi peeps!

Another day OP for me! I am a scale junkie and I weigh daily and in spite of being very good yesterday, I fluctuated UP 2 lbs. Oh..I *know* its nothing, *but* that old panicky give it all up thing came to me as I stood on the scale this AM. Thankfully, I did not give in to that today and hopefully it will go away and take some more lbs with it!!

I got my FitFlops yesterday from Macy's. I got the black patent ones. Are they cute!! I don't like things between my toes like these sandals, but Just wearing them around the house, I was getting used to it. Not sure that they will do anything, but I did notice I was standing differently.

Thats it from here......for now anyway...back to work!
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Bernice: Mentor or not, I would totally appriciate accountability. I think we all need to know that we count on each other for suppport and encouragement. I know that I get by some days only because I have you guys! Hugs.

Penny: I wish I could sew. My mom could sew so well and I am just like your daughter. My square pillow would have turned out round. lol.

Julee: I went to the WW here last weekend and bought some of the 1 point bars for my DH. He loves them. Sorry about your wi but I bet it was from TOM. I have seen the commercials for the foot pads and I don't know anything about them. I do know that a reflexologist that I saw once had a system with water that pulled the ick out of you through your feet. She said it is amazing. I didn't try it though.

Julia: Glad that you are feeling a bit more spry.

Catherine: I hope that you don't overwhelm yourself with things sweetie. I feel your pain. The last time I flew to Missouri from CA and I was 510 pounds. I still have those images and feelings in my head. I am really scared to fly but I am going to brave it in June. You can do it hun. Hugs. I hope you get your things sooner rather than later.

Carol: Lol. You guys with all your "hot" talk crack me up. I think you should reward yourself this weekend and go shopping. You have worked so hard and you deserve it!

Xena: Woo hoo. Enjoy your time off school!

Debbie: I am so happy for you and your new job. I know you will catch on quickly. Have fun. Congrats on getting into the 270's too. I didn't swing because it started to rain. lol.

Battle: How cool that your friend is noticing your weight loss. That is such a great feeling.

Zelma: I agree with the tops being too large. I actually cleaned out my closet again and put them all in the give away pile. I hope the hand therapy helps tons.

Angie: If the onion rings turn out good please share the recipe.

Debimitch: Hi there.

Peggy: I may have to check out Macy's for those fit flops you guys are all talking about. Have a great day.

Well, I slept in today and am thinking about going to the pool. Open swim starts in 1/2 hour so I would have to rush. lol. Hope you all have a wonderful op, water drinking, bootie moving day.

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I ate it
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Zelma: It tends to be a little chilly in So Cali in January...a lot of "marine layer" so it will be a little moist but chilly. Please keep me posted on your plans!!

The HG onion rings are the real deal. I have been making her stuff for a while because I get her daily emails. My caveat about Fiber One is that is tastes a little you need to play with it a little bit as it does sort of taste like cereal. I like to does it up with some cumin and chili powder sometimes or something to give it a slightly saltier taste...but it does work and her recipies are terrific. I have also used the same breading with chicken tenders and a few other things and it does work. If you have a mini prep it's nice because you can work in small batches. Also, if you do WW, she has a companion lionk on her website that gives photos and WW points for every recipe. Just please be sure to read the potion/serving sizes as some of them are not single servings and if you eat everything you make you will go overboard. I have learned some awesome tricks from her. If you want to see more of her recipies go to You can search her archives for old recipies, restaurant information, food swaps, etc. You will notice that HG finds a food she loves (Fiber One, Shirataki noodles) and will try to make everything with it...but the stuff works!

I am finally wearing my black FitFlops today...but mine aren't patent, they are regular looking grained leather but I like them and they don't show dirt and foot gunk as much as my white ones.

Oh Idol...finally got it right last night. DH laughed because I actually voted this week. I love David Cook. Seing him sing Duran Duran was beyond sexy. David Archulets annoys me and I know he will win. Fine. So be it. He'll then be annoying and wealthier.
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I don't watch Idol but David Cook is from here - he is putting on a concert for $5 per person - all monies go the American Cancer Society in honor of his brother - they sold out in 5 minutes - looking at the possibility of a second show.
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WOW!!! everyone posted today!!! LOL

LOVE IDOL!!! love David Cook!!! David A is a cutie but yes kinda annoying lately......Syisha has gotten so much better! I am so glad that Jason went last night!!! UGH!!!

looking up fitflops right now to see how I can convince DH to get me a pair LOL

OK so today was WONDERFUL!!!!!! First thing this morning I was running around trying to find something that showed off my weight loss because afterschool there was a baby shower and some teachers from another school were due to be there and I wanted to see if they would notice LOL.....well I snagged a pair of black pants off my dresser tried them on....they fit a little less than snug.......I thought wait a minute.....these slacks fit me HUGE just last week when I wore them!!!! I about lost my mind!!! they were 26's that my daughter bought me....or so I thought......what I didn't realize was that my daughter had bought herself the same pair in her size and had left them behind so when the laundry got put away they were placed in my room.....WELL HERS WERE A 20!!!!!!!! LOL the pockets were kinda bulging....but other than that they FIT!!!! but of course because of that I wouldn't wear I went into my closet and pulled down a pair of dark brown slacks 24's that I havent worn in two years because they were skin tight! Well low and behold they FIT perfectly!!!!! I was soooooooooo stoaked(sp?) LOL

as if my day couldn't get any better!!! around lunchtime....the secretary came into the lunchroom and said I had a box! My son down in Bowling Green KY(not the one in basic) sent me a dozen roses for mother's day and had them delivered to my work!!!! I burst out in tears! that was my first roses delivered by any of my kids!!! on his card this is what he put
"Mom sorry I couldn't be home to celebrate mothers day with you...but i did want to let you know no matter how far we are apart i will always be with you in heart. i will love you now and forever, your oldest son Phillip"
even now as I type this I've got tears & a lump!!!! I will take a snapshot later and post!

he sent them through OMG!!! they are gorgeous and they come SOOOO securely fastened in the box they were PERFECT! (until while trying to take them out I snapped one flower from its stem LOL)

Yes I will take TONS of pictures!!! I am going to try to borrow a video camera hopefully for next week! I will definately post pics!!! I can't believe it will be less than a week to see him!!!

His girlfriend will drive out with us too! She is actually borrowing her mom's car for us to take......but not quite sure yet on that.....its an SUV and we have two PT one of ours it will be a tight fit but, cheaper on her's it will be more room but, more for this weekend we will decide!

So Catherine when can we order a signed copy and where????? please do tell us!!!!!! I'm sure I'm not the only one on here that wants a copy of your book!!!

So I planned accordingly for the babyshower after work....they held it at a local resturaunt, I ate an apple and a mini bagel for breakfast.....lunch I had 1/2 a cup of FF cottage cheese another apple and some triscuits.....tons of water today to keep me full........then picked a chicken wrap(spinach wrap) with a sweet potato for a side!!! they cut the cake and cut it into HUGE pieces!!! I don't think 4 normal sized pieces would of been the size of these pieces.....more like 5 or 6!!! there were only 12 ladies at the shower & they bought a 1/2 sheet cake! So she served them that and the other Asst. from my room shared a piece but I only slide slivers of it off the side of the cake(w/o icing on the edge) and ate about 4 slivers.....not even close to 1/2 a normal piece of cake LOL!!! pushed it away and felt satisfied! My girlfriend who I haven't seen in about 6 or 8 months commented on my WL and when I told her how much I lost she said she would of guessed alot MORE!!! made me feel fantastic!

Well I better get off here and get some stuff worked on.....for the picnic tomorrow.....our class is wearing all red Tshirts and I need to still come up with the graphic for them as well as print them out and iron them on!!! LOL plus run to the store and pick up a couple more red Tshirts parents didn't send in for a couple of the kids.....and pick up us teachers shirts! LOL

your SIL
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DMPLS-I've sent you a PM on how to get the book. I'm supposed to get a box of them any day now with the notes on how to sign them.
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Learning to love myself.
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Well, I am organised a little earlier for work, so thought I'd try to drop a few more lines.

Debi - Thank you for your kind wishes about my elbows. It is actually good to be told that this could take a while to recover from, as I don't want to get my hopes up for a 'quick fix' and then be disappointed when it takes longer.
Do we get to see pics from the graduation?

Angie - It sounds as though you are doing an incredible job with keeping to plan most of the time, so I don't think you have much to worry about with the daily weight fluctuations. Now... I just have to listen to myself and remind myself to not be too hard when the scale goes up a little bit. I am still doing a good job, so just have to ride the ups and downs. We don't get Fiber One over here. What sort of cereal is it? I wouldn't mind trying the onion rings, but would have to find an alternative cereal.

Catherine - I always think what an incredibly strong and wonderful woman you are and it surprises me when you talk about insecurities that you have. It SHOULDN'T surprise me, but it does. I sometimes picture myself as 'weak' because of insecurities I have, but you have shown me that you can be strong for MOST areas of your life and still have a little trouble with others. I know if it was me, I would go on the extra flights to be with hubby, but that is because I am HOPELESS without him. I flew with him to Calgary when I was close to my heaviest, because I couldn't stand to have him go without me. The flight was NOT comfortable, and I didn't enjoy it that much at all, although I loved being in Calgary for a couple of months. People and location are beautiful. That probably isn't much use to you at all, but I simply had to decide which I would hate more, flying or being without Neil. Neil won!

Annie - I remember you worrying about people asking you HOW you reached 510. I spoke to a large group of people a few years back after I had lost 130lbs+. I think I actually beat them to the question and brought the subject up first. If I remember rightly I just said "Many of you are probably wondering how I got to be the size I did (even though a lot of them were around that size). Well, I think my main problem was that I became lethargic and that created a vicious circle. Don't move... gain weight... CAN'T move... gain more weight. And so on..." Well, I think that was kinda what I told them. I also mentioned that I have since learned a LOT about my body and I have learned that although I may not have eaten as much as you see on those TV shows where they lay all of their weekly food on the table and it makes MOUNTAINS of food, I was actually eating the WRONG foods. Particularly for my body. I have learned the foods that work best for my body and I avoid the others as much as I can.
I think that by bringing up the subject first, YOU have control over it. You know that it is coming, and you can have your answer ready. I hope that this helps at least a little bit.

Bernice - CONGRATULATIONS on the surprise with the smaller pants! What a thrill for you!
That was a beautiful story about the roses from your son. I would imagine that it was almost impossible to wipe the smile from your face for AGES after that.

Julee - I will definitely keep you posted on our plans. As it gets closer, we'll have to get some emails going to work out a meeting place/time. I am SO excited about this trip and that worries me at times, because it is still a long way off and I don't want to miss out on a great year because I am hanging out for it to end so I can go on my holiday. Silly huh?

Debbie - I am so happy for you to be planning for a new job. I hope the new outfit gets there in plenty of time for your start. Do you have a start date yet, or do you have to wait till the drug test results get back?

Well, I had better head off now I suppose. I don't want to be late just cos I wanted to chat to some friends a little more. We have a relieving principal at the moment as ours is on Long Service Leave for two months. I am on his good side so far and don't want to spoil it just cos I 'talk' too much.

Take care,


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Bernice, sounds like you are having a super day, and only a few more days to see your son. That's just wonderful! The roses from your oldest son sound beautiful. Definitely take pics...I wanna see!!

Zelma, I have to wait for the background check and drug test to come back. They said probably around Monday or Tuesday. I put for the clothes to be shipped priority mail or something like that so they should arrive by Monday. I'm so nervous but everyone tells me its so easy...I sure hope so. Just another insecure gal here.

I finally found the flowers that I needed to match my other garden so I'm really happy about that. They are the little ones that look like pansies, but they're miniatures. Now the 3 front gardens will look similar in the border plants. We also got a good deal on solar lights for the walkway. Just knowing that we will have extra money now is such a blessing. I know I shouldn't count my chicks before they hatch, but I'm pretty sure I've got the job, so don't mind getting just a few things.
Have a good night ladies
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Because I deserve it!
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debimitch - Yes, I am taking at least one summer class, maybe two. Right now I am registered for two. I just can't decide if I am up for two classes this summer. But the more I take now, the faster I earn the degree. We'll see.

Carol - I love David Cook. It is nice to hear what he is doing for cancer. Do you know how his brother is doing and what kind of cancer he has?

Catherine - I'd love to know how to get a copy of your book as well. As for pedicures, when I first started getting them I was overly ticklish as well. But I started to learn to relax and enjoy them. Now they are such a treat for me.

- Ooo...I hope you guys get a chance to meet up. I think it would be great fun to meet a fellow 3FC gal in if anyone's ever in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area be sure to look me up!

Well, the week is almost done and it was a typical one for me. I do really well over the weekend and horribly during the week. There is just something about going to work that is and has been triggering me for a very long time and it's a cycle I have not been able to break for a long time. I get to work and I start feeling anxious and soon the bad eating starts and then it's a downward spiral. Sometimes the anxiety is truly due to lots of pressure but other times it is not. Like now we are less busy than we have been for the first part of the year and yet I still get the anxiety sometimes. I need to get to the bottom of it if I ever hope to get out of this cycle!!!!
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Hi gang,

Well, I am doing something for myself tomorrow. I took the day off. I have been tired lately. I am guessing it's related to my sinus infection. I have never had so much pain associated with a sinus infection before. Not even sinus surgery hurt this much. And I am not sure if I mentioned it previously, but DH and I were woken to smoke alarms going off at 2:36 am on Wednesday (or Tuesday??). It was merely smoke detector issues, but they were off and on for about an hour, until DH yanked it from the ceiling. So, sleep hasn't been great. My sinus guy can't see me until May 22nd, and I have had it since last Friday. I have some antibiotics "stored away" that I prescribed myself today, because the sinus issue is now totally jacking up my athsma. Blah. Even though that was a complainy paragraph, I actually don't feel like I am doing that bad. LOL!!

I will either lay in bed all day tomorrow (sweet!!) or I will get my behind into the back yard, yank up more unwanted perennials, go buy a weeping kitty willow, plant some elephant bulbs, and clean the kitchen. DH doesn't have off, and he has been working a LOT lately. He left at 6am, and will be leaving work around 8pm. So, as much as I want tomorrow to be about me being a lazy bum, I feel like I should make things nice for him. Thoughts? What would you do??

I made the onion rings tonight. The issue I had was...the fiber one got kinda gooing, and therefore was hard to get it to stick the the onions. Have you had that issue Julee? Note, I am NOT the cook in this household. I am horrendous. Should I just sprinkle the onions with the fiber one rather than dip them after the onions have been dredged in egg whites? For everyone eagerly awaiting....they were still good!!! Here is the recipe.


1 large onion

1/4 cup original Egg Beaters**

1/2 cup crushed Fiber One


Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Cut edges off onion, and remove outer layer. Cut onion into 1/2 inch wide slices, and separate into rings. Next, fill a small bowl (just large enough for onion rings to fit in) with Egg Beaters. Using a blender or food processor, grind Fiber One cereal to a breadcrumb-like consistency. Pour crumbs onto a small dish. One by one, coat each ring in egg and then crumbs (give each ring a shake after the egg bath). Place on an oven-safe baking dish sprayed with nonstick spray. Cook for 20-25 minutes, flipping rings over about halfway through. Serves one!

Serving Size: 15 rings; one recipe

Calories: 153
Fat: 1g
Sodium: 225mg
Carbs: 41g
Fiber: 16g
Sugars: 7g
Protein: 9g

That's it for me. I am going to work on my breathing, since it seems to be less than desirable.

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Hi everyone,

I am excited! I just booked tickets for a trip to Switzerland and Germany. Yippee! I have NO trepidation about fitting into the seats. What a blessing and relief to not have to concern myself with this. I can concentrate on the fun I will have with my friends, and how great it will feel to be on vacation. It's been a long, long time.

Bernice: Woo hoo! What a day of NSVs and blessings you have had! Awesome.

Torister: I'm glad you know better than to give in to the throwing the hands up in the air despair. I want to do that a lot, too, when the scale shows the opposite of what it should.

Annie: The pool sounds like a great idea. You put me in the mood to go swimming.

Julee: I think I will buy a box of Fiber One and try some of her recipes using it. I'm a little skeptical that the onion rings taste good, but I'm willing to try.

Carol: I'm doing ok, thanks! Yesterday wasn't the best, but today is a good one.

Zelma: That is a great way to explain how you got to your size. I know with me it is true that the wrong foods kill me. I was a volume eater, but also the foods were addictive substances that made me feel horrible and stuck in a crave-binge-feel horrible cycle.

Angie: It's nice to see you here participating and working your plan.

Debbie: I'm really happy for you. It will feel great when you get your first paycheck.

Xena: I have lots of trouble with stress eating. I have learned that anxiety is the worst feeling trigger for me. I'm working on it.
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Freedom in living
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Evening Everyone!

Xena- I am so overdue for a pedi. Think & Hope maybe DH will get me one for Mothers day?!?

Debi - Thanks for the hugs (And everyone else who has been encouraging).

Debbie - Have you been given a start date for work yet?

Bernice - Love your pants issue! And envious of your roses!

Julee - Your comment about seeing ovals instead of polka dots sent me into fits of laughter! Thanks for the link too!
Got to catch up on Idol to since I recorded it.

Battle - Make sure your 30 lb friend had medical back up when you drop your bomb in regards to your milestone! He might need it!

Ratkitty & Carol - You inspire me to keep moving!

Zelma - Enjoy your day off!

Angie - Thanks for the onion ring recipe! DD and I will try them for lunch tomorrow!

Catherine - I would also like the details in regards to purchasing your book. I think there is a difference between not fighting fair and fighting for fairness! You do what you gotta do! Service is not a highly regarded commodity any longer. Convienece and speed is where corps like Puralator think the $$ are.

Torister - Congrats on the OP day!

Got my files done! And took my oldest to orientation for gr 7 at a the senior elementary school. He is already anxious. Not a kid who does well with transitions and change! So DH and I might be in for a tough summer of pre-pubecent nerves and hormones!

Have a great night!
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Freedom in living
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Must also add that my oldest DS made the cut for the school flag football team! So proud!
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It feels so good to have energy. Today I worked outside for 7 hours - lifting, planting, moving - lots of bending, stretching and up and down. Then I went to workout and did a 5k on the treadmill before I did my weight training. Came home and started cleaning - kitchen and dining room are done and looking great. I have to pinch myself that this is really me doing this. Tomorrow I need to do about the same as today - getting close to being done outside with planting then it is maintenance. I was able to get more sun today. I'm getting a nice base before it gets really hot.

I hope to do a little shopping tomorrow too - I'm not sure why I'm so apprehensive about this. It should be joyous occasion for me - we'll see. I think I will hit Kohl's first and go from there.

Xena - I think his brother has brain cancer but I haven't heard anything else. There was an article several weeks ago in the newspaper discussing how David Cook would gladly "lose" Idol if his brother could "win" his battle. it was very moving. We don't get to DFW often but if you need a break or have a few extra minutes on your way to Iowa we're right off I-35.

Need to get my list for tomorrow going.

Hugs to all,
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