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Hello all!

How is everyone today? I am seeing a new chiropracter for the back. The electric stimulation is helping the spasm. The xrays show a normal spine, so that is good! The bad news is that last night I fell on the floor HARD foot slipped forward and I tried to catch myself on my bad foot.. stepped on a rag with a dog toy underneath and BOOM! on my right knee. Both knees are scraped up and I have a big big bruise on the right one. The bad foot is just bruised, it didn't rebreak. And.. of course, just soreness all over. Alas.. I haven't fallen like that in over 15 years. Bah.

Shadie- I understand about the meds. I hope you stabilize quickly!!! Your boy's room sounds absolutely fabulous I *know* he'll love it.

Zest- I understand the need to exercise. I started my weight loss journey in 2004 and have totally *struggled* to get in consistent and good exercise. These ladies here have motivated me! I've heard about this Walk Away The Pounds cd (WATP) that you can do in your house that is fabulous. I haven't done it, but perhaps someone else can comment.

Yay to you TheStory!!!! I am trying so so hard to break out of the 240's. Keep up the great work!

Cool to hear about HP being good Mama! I'm looking forward to seeing it with my sister. Sorry to hear about your foot. I have so done what you did at the theater. Ended up with a tummy ache from too much salty popcorn and acidic diet soda. Bah. I hope you feel better now.

TOM has been a pita this week and am looking at a 2lb gain. I know it's TOM and the swelling from my back and knee because I've been totally OP for 2 weeks AND exercising AND drinking my water. Bah.. it's just life and I have to deal with it like a normal person.. which means go on and not binge

*wavies at Debbie and Annie and Jax and toofatforu and ballonlady and MistiSue and Wyllen*

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Hi Stacie, hi Jaxnlula, welcome to our great little forum. We cry, we laugh, and we just have a great group of ladies here. So glad your here!

Annie: Nope, we don't have that store here. What a great price for a pool! I was so tempted to just go outside yesterday and squirt myself with the hose. Last year, my husband and I set up a sprinkler and ran back and forth thru that...can u imagine....a 52 yo, 351lb woman running thru a sprinkler!!!

Donna, your poor lil foot. That sounds so painful! I hope with the shot it starts to feeling better. And your so right about us losing weight to get healthy and then the body revolts! When I started to lose weight a couple of years ago,(yes it's been a yo yo of a ride)my heart started skipping beats, but they did an EKG and found nothing, thank goodness. The doc just said the body wasn't used to less weight and had to figure it out.

Wyllen: Ah we all have those kinda days. At least you got the exercise in so hopefully nothing extra will show up on the scale. And on two years to a new and healthy you!!
Brenda: You've come a long way!! Happy B Day on Sunday!! 5 lbs a month isn't bad at all so be proud of your great accomplishment!!

Sue: on the 1lb gone!!! Ewww getting up sooooooooo early...I feel for ya.

Shadie: I'm so glad you got your meds!!! I was thinking about you. Hope they take hold fast and you can feel, actually I guess you do since you went out and had some fun shopping! It sounds like your son's room is going to be just gorgeous. How could he not like it?

As for me, well I have a little bit of good news. I am 1/2 lb away from my mini goal of reaching 325. That will be a total of 26 lbs GONE!! Not bad for starting April 30th to my new healthy me. I'm trying for 75 lbs by April of next year when we go back east to visit my in-laws. When they saw me last year, I was at my top weight, so I want to look a little different (and fit in the airplane) when we go to see them. It would be nice to lose more than that, but I'd be happy with the 75.
Hope you all are having an OP, drinkin' water, exercisin' day
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thanks Donna you are so right i am feeling much better today and my scales are finally moving down again after a continual rise. i am eating much better an drinking way less diet soda.
Annie you do deserve a day off .. you dont want no burnout!
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Hi Everyone!

I had a much better week this week. I had gained three pounds last week and was pretty upset. I worked really hard this week and weighed in this morning. I lost 6.4 pounds. The doctor said that most of my gain last week was water so I am guessing that most of my loss this week was also water. Nevertheless, I am back on track and very happy about it. Hope everyone is doing well. Take care!

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peace out
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Hi everyone!

I've been MIA for a couple of weeks and boy have I missed all of you! I have not been doing well with eating or excercise lately but the good news is my weight hasn't gone up significantly. I lose 1, gain 1/2...lose 2, gain 1. You all know how it is! Today I walked at the track at the HS, and started keeping track of what I'm eating. That's what works best for me and being too busy to write it down is no excuse.

There's way too many personals to try to catch up on but I do want to say that ANNIE! you are stunning in your avatar!

Hope everyone is having a great day!

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Thanks for all the warm welcomes. I saw Harry Potter too! It was much fun. I can't wait for my book to come!

Annie, are you exercising alone? I find it so depressing to do by myself. And it's so hot here. How do you stay motivated?
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Catherine: Good luck with your assignment. I hope you are able to stay cool. It is so darn hot here right now. I imagine you must be having a heat wave too.

Ratkitten: So sorry that you fell hun. I hope you are okay and not in too much pain. Try to take it easy!

Debbie54: I was lol when I read about you running through the sprinklers. I so don't blame you though! I think I would do it too and maybe even have a time or two and not recalled. I am about to go to a water park and just float down the lazy river. I'm too scared to go on any of the water slides for fear of being like Homer when he got stuck in one in the early years. lol. I am going to go into my litle pool in the back yard in a minute or two.

Patti: LOL. I know myself so well. I didn't take a break. I did 60 minutes on the bike so far and am planning on swimming tonight. I have done 100 crunches so I have 200 more to go. So, I guess so much for taking a break. Maybe tomorrow I will take a break cause it is supposed to reach a record breaking 103 here tomorrow. With no AC it will be so awful for me. I guess I'll spend some time wetting my doggies down so they stay cool too.

Lisa: Sorry you have been having a rough go. Congrats on loosing 6.4 though even if it is water who cares. It is a loss. Hugs.

Cris: You are so sweet. I missed you. Glad you haven't put on too much. Hugs.

Jax: Yep, I pretty much exercise alone. I mean, I walk with a 20 year old girl in the morning at 8 a.m., I come home and 3 days a week do weight lifting in my garage on our machine. I do 300 crunches and ride the bike between 30 minutes to 60 + minutes daily. I do pushups and then head out to the pool where I swim for an hour every day Monday through Friday. There are people at the pool and some of them are really sweet. There are a couple that I just feel like smacking sometimes. Last week one of them started asking me uninvited questions on how I got so fat, how I got so much upper body strength, making comments about how I must just have a miserable life being this fat, It must be hard for me to do anything this fat. I felt like telling her, "come on, tie yourself up to one of these bungie cords and watch how hard it is for me to smoke your a$$ in an endurance swim". I was a good girl though and I kept my mouth shut and answered her questions with as much grace as I could all the while telling myself some people just have no social skills. lol.

Well, Put in an hour on the bike, some abs and now time to relax in the little pool. lol Hope you are all staying op and Cool in this heat.
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annie i dont know how you do it.. heat makes me so very nauseous! hi ratkitten !
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Because I deserve it!
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Several Harry Potter fans with us it seems. I may try to see the movie this weekend. Maybe Sunday evening.

Not much going on with me. Just hanging in there.

Take care everyone!
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Beyonce got NOTHIN on me
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Hi everyone,

I'm new to this forum, so I thought I would introduce myself. My name is Sarah Jane (SJ for short), and I've used 3FC support networks in the past... but as a BIG time yo-yo dieter, I have gone back and forth as an active poster. Hopefully this time will be the charm!

Anyway, just wanted to say hello... this group seems just perfect for me, so you'll be seeing more of me (well actually you'll be seeing LESS of me once I start losing weight... or so I hope!!)

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Unhappy Frustration

Hi all,

I have posted a few times, and thought I was committed. But apparently I wasn't. I have ate like poo for the last few weeks, and exercised less than that. Argh argh argh. In my mind, I think I am "ready", but obviously I am missing something. There are a lot of rumors about lay-offs at work, so I am sure that's some of the stress. But I cannot make excuses. I am weak willed. I am pathetic. Someone please kick me on the backside REALLY hard and get me going.

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It's been a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong day... worked OT and then helped with our community outreach dinner so I am just logging on to read a bit and say to the newbies! Yay tomorrow is Friday!

Hugs to all
in Seattle (actually I WISH it would in seattle!!)
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Hi all,
Here I am....again. I don't know what is wrong with me except I have a real problem with commitment. But, already, being back and reading all the posts has been encouraging. Encouragement, that's what I truly need. Especially seeing how far I have to go.
Bless you all!
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Good morning Ladies!!
Happy Friday the 13th!! For those who are superstitious...I hope you have a safe day!

Annie: I would have told that nosey, nasty couple that at least you can lose the weight, but UGLY (inside and out) is FOREVER!!!! People like that really piss me off. They are so oblivious to a person's feelings.
We have an awesome newer movie theater here that has "stadium seating"~so anywhere you sit, you have a great view~ and the arms on the seats can be raised up (like on an airplane) so anyone can fit comfortably. I love going there. I don't usually go because of the expense, but if it's Harry or when Hairspray comes out, I will be there!!!
( And I knew you wouldn't take a day off!!!)

Catherine: Good luck with that assignment. Sounds fun?? I am so not a history/gov't type person. Science was my thing. I need to be hands on. Book learnin' doesn't do it for this chick.
I hope it wasn't too hot and you stayed cool.

Ratkitten: I used to love the stimulation machine but not the chiropractor! I had an extreme herniated disk in my lower back which I (after six months of chiro) eventually had to have surgery on...the disk was pressing on the nerve in my lower leg and was so painful that I couldn't sit, stand or lay down for more than 10 minutes at a time. The minute I woke from the anesthesia the pain was gone. I hope all your bumps and bruises heal quickly!

Debbie: Wow, you are putting me to shame...I have lost 26 lbs since the end of January!! You keep on going and you will make your April 2008 goal! Maybe I will get there too. This stupid foot has really sidelined my exercise. Oh well, one day at a time!!

toofatforu: I have limited myself to only 1 caffeine-free diet coke a day...or it makes me feel too bloated. (the no caffeine thing helps me with the boob pain when TOM rolls around)

Lisa: for -6.4!!

Cris: I know what you mean...the up and down thing is so much fun...NOT!!!! I find I am OP more if I write everything too.

to all the new people here. I hope you enjoy this place as much as I do!!

Have a Great OP Day and Weekend!!!
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Happy Friday the 13th!

I usually find money on Friday the 13th. Not sure if I'll find any today!

Deb - too funny about the sprinkler and gratz on how close you are to your mingoal!!!! YAY! I don't make goals or minigoals anymore. I have this bratty inner child that sabotages me when I set a goal.... I also get very angry when I don't meet my weight loss goals and do the "ohtoheckwithit" eating binge.

toofatforu - Drinking less diet soda helped me too. I still have to put something in the water to drink it and get it down.

Lisa - hi there! Glad to hear you are back on track.. that's an awesome amount of weight to lose. Who cares if it's water weight?

Hi Cris - nice to meet you!! I understand the coming and going of that couple of pounds. Hang in there!! I am

Jax - I'm never alone at home.. too many animals!! hehe. The parrot screams at me when I do the treadmill.. he loves things that make more noise than he does. I have my headphones on usually, so when I sing to the songs he thinks I'm singing to him. My neighbors think I'm nuts.

Annie - wow, that's a lot of exercise. My goal is daily for a min of 10 min. If I do more, so be it!! I have also met people who ask those dumb questions. I would like to think I am educating them by being patient and answering their questions. Even if I'm not, I think it puts us in line for sainthood.. hehe.

Continue hanging Xena!! I wanna see HP too.

Welcome SJ and Real and Retep!! I'm relatively new here too. These folks have given me support and welcomes. I think you will luv them too.

MistiSue - get some rest!! I know you luv the $$ of OT though.

MamaDonna - I luv stadium seating too!! My sister wants to see HP with me next week but I'm not sure I can wait that long. I'm glad your surgery helped!! So frequently, it doesn't.

My poor bumps and bruises are turning the usual rainbow of colors. I smacked my foot that I had surgery on (in April) harder than I thought I did because it's turning colors too. Nothing broken. Just tramatized. I haven't exercised in 2 days while I ice and heal. I was up 0.4 lbs this week and it's due to the back, knee and foot swelling as well as TOM. I'm not too upset by the gain and I know if I stay as OP as I did this week, there will be a loss next week. The only thing that worries me is that my baby sister has gotten hooked on DDR (my fault) and is out dancing me as we speak!!! hehe. I need my bruises to heal!!!!!

Luv to all,
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