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Wow, did I miss that? If so... yah HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRENDA!!

I kept THINKING there were two birthdays today!!!
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Because I deserve it!
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Debbie - Wow, the story of your son and dil infuriates me. And then to have her cop a little 'tude on top of it? You have more patience than I do. I'd have to be asking little Miss Snooty Patootie to move it on out ASAP.
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Xena, FWIW I agree completely with you. No way would I let this couple move in at ALL under ANY circumstances. They can grow up and support themselves like the rest of us have to do.

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Mornin' Ladies!!

Happy Birthday to Nancy and Brenda and to Heather!!

Catherine: It really sounds like you had a time at that world cup. Heat, icky hot dogs, and teens with a 'tude.....o boy! Now just relax and think about anything but hot dogs and hamburgers.
I looooooooove the stories you tell, they are soooo funny. I just sit here and giggle.
I hate the heat, so I'm not looking forward to that part of it if it stays that hot in BC. Hopefully most of our time will be in the mountains.

Sue: Have a great time at church today and it's wonderful how you all reach out to the less fortunate. As for the scale, o yeah, I would be out getting a new one. I think it's trying to confuse you....LOL.

I have to explain to you why I put up with what I do from my DIL. My son never dated alot, and she sorta latched on to him and lied to him in the beginning saying she was 18 when she was 17. David was 23. When they got "serious", they stayed out late one night and her parents ended up kicking her we took her in. We could see her working David right away. When she moved in to her own apartment, David stayed here but eventually moved in with her. She wanted total control over him. She would get pissed if he came here without her. She kept him away from all his friends, us, and his grandparents for a couple of months. She would make plans for him his day off so he wouldn't come over here. She belittles him in front of people and she sort of brain washed him. In his eyes, she can do no wrong and will even stand up to us because shes constantly harping in his ear that he HAS to back everything she says, I guess whether she's right or wrong.
I've noticed though since they've moved in here, David is standing a little stronger and not giving in to her every whim, although it upsets me to hear her put him down.
She is the one going in for the lapband. She expects David to wait on her hand and foot after the operation, and doesn't want him to eat stuff like candy and ice cream and the such, because she can't. As it is now, he cooks, he cleans, he does laundry, he gets her dinner for her, while she sits on her butt and even when he's still eating, and she is sitting there doing absolutely nothing, she will ask him to get up and get her something instead of doing it herself.
Anyhow, back to the point of this, I'm hoping by David being here, and knowing that we are 100% behind him, he will get stronger, and not take her shenanigans. I want him to know that he's not alone. I also want Amy to realize, we're on to her and she won't be getting away with the way she treats us anymore. I've had it, I'm putting my foot down, and if she doesn't like it, then they can move.
With that said, I wanna thank you again for your input and you are all totally right and it's given me the strength to have a backbone again and deal with the problem head on.

Hope all of you have an OP, exercisin', water drinkin' day!!!
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trying again!
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Hey guys
been so busy, will catch you all up tonight however I just wanted to pop in and tell you that somewhere along the way, we got things confused My b-day is NEXT sunday... along with our ammi's as well I'll take the wishes now though
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Trying Intuitive Eating
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Happy Birthday to...EVERYBODY! Happy Anniversary too!

(Sob. I'm so confused.)

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Trying Intuitive Eating
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Misti...have you tried fresh batteries? That a major cause of scales becoming obvious and shameless liars.

Debbie, it must be so hard seeing your child making choices that you feel are hurting him but having limited influence. Keeping him close for now is probably good for both of you. I wish your family the best in this situation.

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Battle Ax - Great Job!! I have a hard time resisting foods at the movies. Yummy yummy bad for you popcorn.

Debbie - You're amazing to put up with her and keep your focus on your son. I hope that he is able to use your strength to become stronger himself.

Misti - I'm jealous. Our air is out. The upside is that it's easier to convince the family to head to the community center where it's nice and cool so I can work out. My scale went nuts like that until I killed it anyway. I like the thought that it was "evil" and being in the sunlight killed it. I'm not replacing it for a couple of weeks, but did decide to go with an analog scale that goes up to 350.

I'm having chinese food tonight. I have chinese food every Sunday. I know it's bad for you, but it's a tradition I'm not giving up. I work a LOT of hours in the sun on Saturday & Sunday and this is my "thank goodness I got through it" treat. On the upside, I did eat way less than normal and am drinking extra water to counter the salt.

Another plus for me today is that even though I worked outside in the heat I got to the gym and did my exercises. Also since I've been doing more exercising I was a lot more chipper at work today. Sometimes by the end of the day the last thing I want to see is a kid waiting for a balloon. If I can't be happy, I can't be a balloon artist. I know some crabby balloon artists and they don't earn much money. I have 4 kids to feed, so the extra energy is essential.
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Catherine: Wow. You have come so far my friend. From 89.98 BMI to 54 or so BMI is FANTASTIC! I have dropped 15 BMI points and since I am totally watching my BMI points and hoping for the day I too am no longer Super, Super, Super Etc. Morbidly obese, I take my hat off to you! You are amazing. Sorry you are so pooped after yesterday. Hugs.

Nancy: Happy Birthday hun and many, many more! I hope this is the best year so far for you!

Misti: I bet you are retaining lots of water weight. It is so dogone hot lately. Hugs.

Brenda: Hi girl!

Debbie: I hope your son sees how that is not proper behavior for a spouse to have. Hugs to you for having to see it happen.

Well, I just got off my bike. Trying to do some last minute workouts to add to my minutes. I am so thrilled. I am above 1800 minutes which passes my 1600 minute July goal. Yeah ME! Hope you are all doing wonderful and staying cool.
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Annie -- I did a second set of exercises today, but there is no way I am going to catch you! CONGRATS!!! you are doing AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hi ladies. I am finally back up and running. It's nice to have my computer set up again! Not much to add at the moment, as it's late and DH has to be at work in the morning. I'll be back around soon though!
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Morning All! Its a new week and you know what that means...a new thread!!

Stop posting here.

Please come on over to 300+ And Ready to Try Again #1115
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