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Hello Chicas,

Wow it is busy in here. I can hardly keep up. I did not have the best day today but it could have been worse. I just wanted to let you know that I feel so much better when I read that other people go thought the same things as me. I am going to a WW meeting tomorrow, hope it goes well. Never been to anything like that. Wish me luck.

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Default Nice to Read

It's the middle of the night and yes, I'm on the computer. Due to a major work project (which bailed out at the last minute, giving me this opportunity to check in for the first time in two days!) I've been really to the wall the last two days. So I'm not off to a great start, but reading all your entries helps keep my motivation/attention/sanity together!
One question to throw out there- because I have a really long commute (1 way~75 minutes) to work and back each day, I've really dug into a nasty habit of eating to kill the time. Sure I listen to books on CD and other things, but it's almost like my brain goes into "ok, where's the best place to stop and get that lovely breakfast food on the go item or snack that will cover a bunch of miles" as soon as my ample posterior hits the driver's seat. I've tried bringing something with me and having it in the car- but I need something that won't freeze (in winter) or roast (in summer) and that is not too much (I'll just eat the entire package!). Best suggestions??
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Morning All,

A nice early start for me today as I have decided to forego any housework and just be lazy. I should have been going to the gym but hubby decided he didn't feel like it and wants to go tomorrow, so I thought why not have a lazy day altogether

It's really been quiet since my last post, only two people have written. Where is everybody?

Terry - I hope you enjoy your WW meeting and that you aren't only amongst people who need to lose just a few lbs. That's the one thing I didn't like when I used to go to classes, I was the only one with more than 100 lbs to lose. People were getting to goal and celebrating when I had such a long way still to go. I was happy for them, but it just made me realise what a long journey I had. I am much happier doing WW by myself and getting all the support and accountability I need from the lovely people here

Kim - low fat snacks is my answer to your long journey and a need to eat during it. Things like crackers, dried fruit, low fat cookies (but take how many you are allowed, not the whole packet). Raisins, seeds, anything like that could be good. And of course a whole lot of so that you still aren't tempted to pull into a gas station and pick up some treats you shouldn't have, or go somewhere for a yummy breakfast. with it.

Sharon - I hope no news is good news, I was hoping for an email about your WI. that it was OK

Zelma - are you still reading these posts, I hope so, and I hope you will feel up to writing soon and that you are feeling a bit better in yourself

Patti - how are those allergies today, much improved I hope. Are you at least managing to spend some time on you Wii?

Annie - day 3 of your Optifast diet, I hope your tummy is calming down a bit now

Katt - how are you feeling these days? Is the shop doing well? Seems like an age since you posted.

Brenda, Nancy, Valerie, Lilion, Missy, Brandnewme, Sandy, Lori, Crystal, Missy, Kayley, Michelle, Heather, Sue, Xena, Em, Catherine, Kymberly, E, and everybody else I haven't the brain to remember to name I hope you all have a great day and that anybody having a WI has a good one

I am going to have my breakfast now, I'll be back soon though,


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Learning to love myself.
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I just posted some pictures on the pics page. They are from our day at the wildlife park the other day. We have been keeping pretty busy, which has been nice. Today we drove to a small township in the country that is based around an old monestry. The monestry is still functioning, but you can do tours of buildings including chapels and schools. There are some beautiful buildings and it is a wonderful tour. The artwork and fine craftsmanship displayed inside the buildings are amazing.

Just a few days until we go back to work. I have really enjoyed this week as I have spent some lovely relaxing time with hubby.

I have just realised that I have my formatting functions back again!! Yippee!!! I suppose that shouldn't be a surprise, because I have a new computer. Well, actually it's hubby's old computer, as he now has a new, updated, really flash one, so I get his 'hand-me-down' one. I don't mind though, because it is faster than my old one and has other new bits and bobs that my old one didn't. I like playing with new toys.

Ammi - Yep, I have been 'lurking'. I come here all the time to keep up with what everyone has been doing, but I am usually eating breakfast or afternoon tea, so can't post. I know... I shouldn't be doing something else while I am eating, but it is the best way to fit two things in at once.
I hope you enjoyed your 'rest' day. I know you love your gym time, but it is nice to just be able to relax and not worry about anything for a while.

Catherine - I can't wait to see a pic of your new dress. I LOVED your wedding dress, so I know you will look beautiful in this new one. The colour sounds divine.

Sandy - I am SO glad that the tests came back negative for your SD. It would have made for a very difficult time to have to deal with drug use on top of everything else.
Oh, and if the worst you have to report in the last little while are two donuts and a chocolate bar, then you aren't doing too badly really. I know you are trying to be SO good, but it is OK to have a little slipup now and then, as long as you get up, brush yourself off (you know... get rid of those tell-tale crumbs) and start afresh.

Kim - My best suggestion for snacks would be veggie sticks. You could have quite a large container for not too many calories and they take quite a while to nibble through. It is amazing how long it takes to get through a whole carrot's worth of carrot sticks! I don't envy you the long commute to work. Is it an easy drive, or do you have to contend with peak hour traffic?

Sharon - I really like your latest pics you posted. We are truly our own worst critics when it comes to pictures of ourselves. I have to take about 50 before I can pick one that I think is 'OK'. Even then, I am never REALLY happy with it, but I pick it because I think it is the best of a bad bunch. Please believe us when we say that we think you look great!

Patti - I hope your headache has gone by now. Headaches can make your whole day go down the drain rapidly. I have to touch wood lately when I say I haven't had a big headache for a VERY long time, that I can remember. I used to get them quite a lot. I have a feeling that they were a reaction to something I was eating, but I don't know what, as I have changed SO much of what I eat. Hubby and I also have far fewer allergies since we changed our lifestyle, so they were probably caused by something we ate too. There are SO many benefits to this whole lifestyle change huh?
I can understand about it being hard when hubby is snacking and you have the temptation right there in your face. I was VERY lucky that Neil decided to do this change with me at first. He is now able to add some bits and pieces back in, but he has found that he prefers to choose healthier snacks now anyway as they make him feel better, and his skin is DEFINITELY better. He did lose too much weight at first, but is back to normal now. It would be great if your hubby made some of the same changes you have had to make. It helps everyone in the long run. I don't think Neil would have even thought of changing what he ate if I hadn't wanted to do it, but I don't think he would think of changing back now for anything!

Michelle - I am glad that the tests on your hubby showed that they got all of the dangerous cells out. What a relief! I hope you can get all of these medical 'things' out of the way soon and you can both relax in your new home that you were SO looking forward to moving into. I want to hear that you are enjoying your new location as much as you were hoping to.

Well, I am just writing this in the response box (instead of Word) as I thought it was going to be 'brief'. Oh yeah, right Zelma, as if ANYTHING you ever write is 'brief'. LOL So, I am going to post this before it disappears on me. I don't think I could remember all of that again.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week and I apologise for missing people. I will try to catch you all soon.

Take care,

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Hiya everyone, its a beautiful day here in England! Hope you all have a bit of the sun today Just been to the gym, it was wierd this morning, I had a real mental battle to go, just felt really low and switched off was very strange, anyway I fought the good fight and went and now feel much better for it! News - we have a 6 month old puppy! A little jack russell girl called Dottie, she is so sweet, it was our anniversary on sunday and we had a bbq with family and friends, was very nice

More on plan last two days too, so I hope if I cut the cals to around 1,800 I might lose another pound or two one day!! lol

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Learning to love myself.
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Happy Anniversary Em!!!!

Jack Russells are SO cute. I'm not really a dog person, but I have to say that Jack Russells are one of my favourites of them all. They are supposed to be quite intelligent aren't they?

I know how you feel with not really feeliing like exercising but feeliing SO good once you have finished. That happens to me a lot. I'm not sure if I'll ever be really excited about exercising, although there are times when I look forward to it more than others. What often gets me started though is that I KNOW I will feel better after I have worked out. If I didn't have that knowledge, I'm not sure I would ever be able to find the motivation.

1800 sounds like a good amount of calories for you to be sticking to. I sit somewhere between 1800 and 1900 I think (I don't count often but I did enter my food into Fitday a few times to check, because people were asking how many calories I had) and I seem to be maintaining at this weight, so you should be able to lose well on those amounts, especially with exercise.

Take care,

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Hey everyone-

What a nightmare we had yesterday evening! First of all we thought we would switch our cats food to Natural balance because it was a more "natural" food. Well I look at the news yesterday afternoon and the EXACT dry cat food they were eating was recently recalled two day ago! So DH rushed home and we took the cats to the emergency vet. They saw some kidney issues but nothing deadly. (thanks God) The vet said the fact that they were only on it for a week was good. So now we have to watch them like a hawk to make sure they show no other signs. Good grief this whole pet food recall is crazy! I felt so guilty because I changed their food just last week. I really hope things calm down soon because the stress level is really getting to me. But the good news is I so would have usually used yesterdays stress to go and just pig out! Well I just ate a turkey sandwich and went to bed! I didn't even stay up long enough to watch LOST!!! lol

AMMI~It sounds like I had the same thing that your friend did! Soda can really mess you up! Especially when you are not used to drinking it. I also noticed I actually got heart palpitations!

META~WTG on meeting your mini goal!

LANNE~Good luck at your WI!

ANNIE~Thanks hun. I will e-mail soon. I haven't even checked my e-mail in a week! lol Thanks for letting us know about Valerie. I hope you are doing ok on the liquid diet.

DYAN~ I am so glad you joined!

CATHERINE~I hear you about spending money on stuff that you only wear once or twice. And I am sure it will turn out pretty! If you can you should take a picture and post it!

SANDY~Good to see you post. That is great news about your SD! Like others said don't beat yourself up to much over eating those things.

TERRY~I am so glad to hear you are feeling better. Good luck at your WW meeting! I hope you like it!

AMMI~Having a lazy day sometimes can be a good thing! lol Enjoy it.

ZELMA~Great pictures! Looks like you guys did have a wonderful day! Thanks so much I am so relieved the results for DH came back fine. Oh and yes we are enjoying Spokane so much better! The highs have been in the 50's. Nice to be 50 and not -50! The mountains/hills around here are wonderful. I am from Louisiana where it is flat everywhere. So living around this scenery is wonderful!

EMILY~Congrats on your anniversary! Aw you new puppy sounds so cute!

Ok well I gotta get some stuff done. I hope you all have a good day.
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Good Morning Ladies!

I am making Thursdays my "official" WI day since the meetings are definately kaput!
Drumroll please...4 lbs!!!

I haven't been doing any "real" exercise...Slammy is still wearing his bunny ears from Easter ...but I have been running around like a chicken w/out a head!! This time of year keeps me hopping.
I can't remember which one of you lovelies said to find a way to picture how much you have lost by looking at a bag of pet food at the apropriate poundage, but I want to thank you because it sure puts things in perspective!!! Losing even the 24lbs has given me so much energy!! I know I still have a long way to go, but I am chipping away the old me and look out, because when I find the one that has been screaming to get out for so long, New York will never be the same!!!

Kymberly: on your hubby's news!! You must feel so relieved!

Catherine: Your fabric and dress sound so pretty! I wish I could figure out how to use a sewing machine...I sew everything by hand since I have bobbin(?) issues!

Sandy: That's great news about your SD! I bet it never felt so good to be wrong!! Just think of the treats as rewards for being a great Step-Mom!!

LAnne: Love the kitty!!! You are doing so amazing!!

Dyan: I you find it as helpful here as I do!!

Terry: I hope you enjoy your meeting...the program works really well for me and if I can be of any help, just ask!!

Sharon: Nice pictures! You look great! Your BIL is a real Joker! I am usually the one to take the pictures, I really have to get in them more. I still can't figure out how to post the ones I have, but I am trying!!

Emily:Happy Anniversary! And on your new fur-baby!!

Zelma: The pictures are beautiful! To think you were close up and personal with those animals! (Your cute hubby too) I have always loved koalas, but I heard they can be quite nasty. I don't care, I still think they are cute!

Ammi: Now I know you have been watching "The Sound of Music", so I am hoping when you read this you will say "that's it...Donna. and God bless Donna." and then the music swells to "Raindrops on roses"...

Have a Great OP Day!

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Zelma - lovely to see you post and I LOVED the photos you posted. I feel really really homesick now Still the main reason for homesickness isn't there anymore so I'll get over it.

Em - a belated happy anniversary to you, how many years? We are having a lovely sunny day in Wales too, in fact I can't remember the last time we had rain. You watch, we'll be on water restrictions soon

That's lovely that you got a puppy. Have you been watching the BB2 show 'The Underdog' There is a gorgeous dog on there called Cookie, she's a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and although normally I don't like those dogs, this one is adorable. I'd snap her up in a minute if I could

Well done on pushing yourself to go to the gym, half the time it's just the effort of getting there that's the problem but once your working out you are SO glad you went. I'm glad you enjoyed going once you got there

Michelle - phew that was a close call with your cats and their new food. Thank goodness they haven't shown any ill effects. Why was that particular brand recalled?

Good for you for not using the stress to pig out, that's a huge part of your life style change, learning to say no to the comfort food , so well done!

Donna - that's it exactly, and god bless Donna!!! Sorry I forgot to mention you. It's old age, it's catching up with me now let's sing together "rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens"

well done on losing 4 lbs, that's brilliant. I am so glad you are feeling much more energetic since you have now lost a wonderful 24 lbs, just think how you will feel in another 24lb time!!


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Well, I didnít post yesterday because I was totally hyped up on apartment hunting drama that I didnít want to bore everyone with. I saw another two DISGUSTING places on Tuesday, and then saw an ad for something that looks like it might be perfect Ė but the woman hasnít called me back! It is very frustrating and I am just trying to not let it get to me. I just feel like I have been doing this for so long now, and I want it over and done with!

The good news is that I had a good loss this morning Ė 3 pounds. I am finally moving downwards again. It is such a relief, and now I just need to figure out how to keep on going like I have been. My one problem right now is energy levels during my workouts. Last night I hit 30 minutes and it felt like I had been unplugged from my power source. I just kind of melted right there on the elliptical. At the same time, when I started I had to work really hard to get my heart rate up to a decent level (I try to stay at around 140). I was on hill level 5, and still I had to work hard to go fast enough to really get my heart rate up. Weird.

I am terribly excited about the great weather we are supposed to be getting this weekend. So far this spring has been cold, and recently so very rainy. Saturday is supposed to be in the high 60ís! I need to find something nice to go do outside.
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Exactly four weeks ago today, I went under the knife to get my little lap band (or "lappy" as I call it) put in.

And now here I am, down another two pounds this week. Yeah, some will say it isn't much, but take two one pound boxes of butter and stick it on each hip and there you go! I guess things are slowing down a bit for now because I am starting to build some muscle from exercising. At least that is what I was told anyway, and also not to be surprised if the loss speeds up again once I get my "adjustment" on May 7.

Pre-surgery, my cholesterol was 181. Now it is 163. Heh. Blood pressure this morning was 110/63.

Total of pounds lost since surgery: 42 Must be all that good protein.
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LAnne 42 lbs in FOUR weeks!?!?! That is tremendous!! That is just about what I have lost in 9 weeks. WOW!! You go girl!!
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good morning everyone and thanks for all the words of encouragement and support. my headache is easing up a little more every day now along with my allergies. i am taking the rest of the week to "detox" all bad food food from my system and to get my mind set back op.
Ammi i havent played my Wii for 2 days when i feel bad all i can do is watch tv and lay around! anyways today is better so i am now just trying to catch up on some housework.
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Nancy - brilliant news about your 3 lbs loss you really are doing great again.

that you get a phone call back from the person about the apartment you like the sound of.

I also hope the weather will be as good as it's meant to be on the weekend, there's nothing like lovely sunny weather.

LAnne - wow 42 lbs in 4 weeks is AMAZING, definitely worth the surgery I would say You must be feeling so wonderful.

Patti - I am glad you are feeling at least a bit better, you must have been really poorly to not have even been up to going on the Wii. Daren would have to have his hands falling off before he stayed off his games no matter how ill he's been or is

Anyway take it easy with that housework


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Hi Everyone!
I am just dropping in to say hello quickly. My sewing deadline is creeping up on me and I just realized that tomorrow is my and Mike's 15th anniversary!
I am a sewing maniac. I have gotten over twenty costumes ready with just a few more to go. I have been really great and have actually lost another two pounds!!!!!!

Well, I miss you all

CONGRATS to all who had losses! You rocK!
See you soon.
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