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Not Giving Up!
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Happy Monday, Everyone!

Well, I had a whole day planned for myself, things that involved leaving the house, but when I went to get in my car I realized that I left my keys in hubby's car, which of course is with him at work. So I'm stuck here at home today. I lazed around this morning but am going to tackle some housework in a bit and at least make my forced stay worthwhile.

I did my weekly weigh-in this morning and lost 3.7 pounds. Just a few more to go and I will finally see the two hundreds again for the first time in years!

I was in and out here towards the end of the week so I'm just now getting around to personals, so sorry if some of these comments seem a bit old:

Lisa, I'm glad to hear you're feeling better about things. No secret to my weight loss so far - I've just been eating a lot better and moving a lot more than I have in years. It's a great feeling. Congratulations on your own excellent weight loss and improved cholesterol - that's awesome! As for exercise, I've found so far that variety and finding things you like to do help so much.

Sharon, congrats on losing another 4lbs - that's great!

Donna, I'm sorry to hear about the cancellation of your WW. I used to belong to WW and really enjoyed it, but then moved and the new meeting leader was very disappointing and I dropped it. I still follow a lot of the principles of WW though, and find that since coming here, I get that support and encouragement, as well as that feeling of accountability. There's also the WW forums here - have you visited them?

, thanks for the job condolences. I would have been an assistant in the circulation department. I worked at a library before we moved and loved it and would love to find work in one again. Sadly, those jobs aren't too easy to come by. But eventually something will open up, I'm sure. In the meantime, I have to find some other kind of work and soon! Being sick on the treadmill - not a good feeling, I'm sure! I hope that was only a temporary issue. I love the idea of your taking Sunday mornings for some 'our' time - it sounds like you had a lovely time and you certainly deserve it! Oh, and I don't think you're weird about the sweating - I think most people hate it. And while I hate sweating when I'm not working out (one thing I hate about living in the South), I absolutely love it when I'm exercising - it's like physical proof that my body is working, lol.

Catherine, I'm so glad to hear you've decided to get the first part of your book published - I look forward to reading it! Kudos for your bravery in putting such a personal story in print. Oh, and thanks for mentioning the volleyball/cheerleading shoes - I'm going to need a new pair soon and will look for those. I love reading your 'American in Canada' comments, by the way - it's like all the experiences I've had, but in reverse.

DJCJ, thank you for your kind words. I like to think that things happen for a reason, too and hope that something right for me comes along soon. How are the costumes coming along? Very sweet photos of your kids, by the way!

Xena, congrats on a great calculus test score! Math was my worst subject so I'm always impressed by those who can do well in it.

, thanks very much for your kind words. I didn't think I was going to be able to hike that far either! But it was so much fun and I can't wait to go again.

Brenda, congrats on the 2.5lb loss! Keep plugging away and soon (but not soon enough, I know!) all those extra pounds will be gone. That spa night sounded like a blast and I'm glad you had a wonderful time!

Nancy, sorry you didn't get that apartment but I'm sure you'll find something soon. Apartment-hunting can be so aggravating! But glad to hear you had a great week plan-wise.

, glad to hear that the thyroid meds are working and the swelling has gone down. My ankles used to swell quite a bit and it bothered me so much. Have you done water aerobics before? It's great fun and a fabulous workout!

Kim, welcome to 3FC! This is a wonderful place for support and talking with folks who know the kind of things you're going through. I used to live in Rhode Island (and am from Canada) so I sympathize with you still dealing with wintry weather! But I hope you find some indoor activities. If you can't afford to buy workout videos, check with your local library, mine has fitness videos you can borrow. I've spent the last couple months painting basically my entire house and it definitely made me break a sweat - so I say yes, it counts!

Sandy, congrats on all your weight loss! Especially in the midst of so much stress, that is really great.

Annie, welcome back! You were certainly missed around here. Glad to hear the flu bug is gone.

33tekfan, Feifer, Jenn and Amanda, welcome! This is my favorite spot, so much encouragement and everyone is very friendly. It's been so helpful to me to find others facing similar situations and experiences and knowing that my support network extends to so many people.

, sounds like you had a wonderful time! And great that you're down even with TOM here. I'm jealous of those yummy margaritas, by the way!

Ewing, welcome back! Wow, you're a wonderful artist and very pretty, to boot!

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33tekfan, Feifer, Jenn, Amanda: Welcome. I am sooo looking forward to getting to know each of you ladies.

Brenda: Wow, Belly Dancing! Sounds like fun.

Torrister: Good for you doing all that walking while on vacation!

Ewing: Welcome Back. I am so glad that you came back. I love your pictures that you draw. I will go check out the photo page later today. Hugs to you.

Ammi: I thought it would be a while before I posted too but, I missed everyone. lol.

Sharon: Wow girl. -26 more pounds! Awesome job. I can't wait to go see your photos. Know that you look as good to us as you do to yourself. lol. I think you are beautiful, geourgous etc. etc.

Pochita: Hi. Glad to see you back.

Sue: Nice to see you back.

Catherine: Wow. Sounds like a nightmare of a party your friend's kids threw! Someone needs a time out. lol.

Jillybean: How are you doll?

Well, I have to go and get ready for the Dr. Appointment at the weight loss clinic. My last relative left this morning. I was soooo sad to see him go but. Back to normal life. HOpefully a lot healthier one soon enough.

Blessings to you all,
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Hi Lesley,

We must have been posting at the same time. Thanks a big hug for the welcome back. I missed you all too. I will have to read your post later and see what you have been up to my friend. Hugs,
Blessings to you,
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Default Monday = fresh start... right?

Good morning and I'm happy to see that I'm baaaccckkkk!!
Thank you Ammi for the great welcome and advice. I know I need all the help I can get and I agree with the 9lb. mini goal for myself. I tend to beat up myself when I look at how far I have to go. And I couldn't agree more with the sweating thing... blech!! Glad to know I'm not the only one, but what do you do to get around it?

I was cracking up when reading Sharon's post about looking as good in pictures as I think I look in the mirror!! I last about a week or so, doing real good and thinking I am just poppin', but then blam, shut down!! I am way too into what other people think of me. The other day, I'm at the grocery store and I'm loading my groceries into my trunk, when a car drives behind me and I hear a guy yell, "Yeah, like you need more food!! Any food left in the store for us?!?!" I didn't let the little turd send me to the fridge, which is normally where to comfort is located, ya know, but I did walk an extra 30 minutes!! People can be crappy, I know, but when you hear something like that, it echos in your head for awhile and it's one more careless comment for your mental arsenal when you want to be beaten up over how big you let yourself get.
Maybe its just me but, when I've been "doing good" (ie:exercising, drinking my water and eating right) for a couple of weeks and feeling great, I just automatically feel like the pounds have flown off and that I'm much thinner then I actually am. Like everyone around me should just know that how hard I've been working and "pet me". Exactly the frame of mind I'm tring to shake off..(picture wet dog shaking.. just to close out the animal line of thought.. )
I have to be healthy for me and me first. I know I feel better when I move my butt and drink my water. 1st mental hurdle I'd like to jump this week, ladies: how do you keep the cheerleader going in you head when your "doing good"? And where is she when a pint of Haagen Daez and chips and dip are looking like just the comfort you need?!?! H-E-L-P!!
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Sharon - I loved seeing your photos, and have to say you are being way too harsh on yourself. You look great!! I can really tell how much weight you have lost, now why donít they have a wolf whistling smiley

Terry - welcome back, I am glad you decided to start posting again. It must feel bad knowing that you really want/need to lose weight but have little idea of how to go about it. Not following a fad diet is a great start. You really need to choose a diet that you will enjoy following and you can make a part of your every day life. Thatís why WW is the diet for me. I love that the only restriction is sticking to the amount of points I can have. Itís the only diet I know of that I could guilt free eat a chocolate bar, or a slice of pizza etc and not have anybody say to me ďhey I thought you were on a dietĒ. I hope you can find a diet that is right for you and that you will soon start shifting those lbs

Jill - oh good, I am glad I am not the only one that really hates to sweat. Going to the gym is the worst because I sweat so badly, but I refuse to shower in the communal showers. Itís bad enough that I am fat but my scars and my ostomy bag I am just not ready to put on display to all and sundry. Soooo I go into the disabled toilet and use baby wipes to wipe myself down. Itís not easy but itís better than the alternative. Like yourself I donít think I will ever get used to sweating so much, but I do hope that the slimmer I get the less I will do it

Happy birthday to Jeff

Catherine - I love what you say to your hubby when he loses work on the computer. It was definitely not my PCís fault this time though, it was the Internet. I got one of those horrid ĎThis page canít be displayedí pages, grrrr. It actually happened again when I was posting my re-typed long thread, but luckily I did it on WORD and it was ready to be copied again, phew

Lesley - thatís great news about your 3.7 lbs loss Not so great about not being able to go out today as planned because of leaving the keys in your hubbyís car, but it seems you made the most of your time in the house.

Thatís a good way at looking at sweating when working out, I still canít stand it though I havenít felt so sick coming off the treadmill since, but at the same time I donít spend half the time on there as I would like to, and donít elevate it hardly at all either. Oh well that just gives me extra time on the Elliptical or recumbent bike

Annie - I hope it all goes/went well at the weight loss clinic today

Jenn - that really stinks about the comment you got when you were in the car park of the grocery store. I just donít understand why people have to be so rotten. Well done for not letting it make you go comfort eat, giving jerks like that that kind of power is something we should never do!

As for the sweating thing if you or anybody here ever finds a way to get around it I hope you/they share the secret The only thing I do that helps a little at least at home is to put a fan on me when I exercise. I certainly couldnít work out in the summer without it!!

Ok time to make a move, bye for now,


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Amanda- Welcome from another Newbie! I liked Wyellen's suggestions on starting with just two things to get started- trying to walk more at work (I work on computer, sit, sit, sit most of the day!) and getting to a Weight Watchers meeting to join (again!) will be mine! (And they have a food journal!) I hear you on the tired thing- my commute home is about 1hr 15minutes and even if I leave work thinking about all the stuff I want to accomplish, but the time I get home its couch crash for me. Hopefully if the sun ever shines here in Vermont again, I'll get more motivation.
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Oh my Gosh!!! It will never cease to amaze me how much is going on here. So no personals today, but a little catch up!

I went dancing at an all over thirty ladies night on Saturday. I looked sooo hot and felt like it too. I was so excited.

The costumes are coming along very nicely. I break down every third day or so and think I am never going to be able to pull this off, but I always do, so I snap out of it pretty darned quick.

I am doing great on my eating. I am definately fitting in the exercise too. Not as much at once like earlier this year, but certainly some and everyday. I am happy.

I hope everyone is well. I saw a ton of new posters. Hopefully we will get to know each other well. You will love it here.

I hope after I am done sewing next week that I will have some time to write. I miss you all.
More later.
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Hello My Friends and to all the new ones.
Thinks actually went better than I expected at the doctor.
I have to go back next week for a bladder function test that does't sound fun at all. I have surgery on 5/17, the day after my wedding anniversary. It's suppose to be only an over night stay. I leared our vaginal wall muscles are in 3 seperate parts and I need work in all three spots done. They think they can do the surgery vaginally so that's good news too. Means I'll be off 2-4 weeks instead of 6-8 weeks. And, no need for a
hysteroctomy. I was so relieved. I was pretty upset about that originally. I have a prolasped uterus and something else called retrocele or something close to that spelling and my bladder is where it shouldn't be. It was nice of the dr to say my weight has nothing to do with this, but that it was from having 5 babies.
Now, we just have to figure out what we're doing with the girls the night of my surgery. I suppose sd could go to her mother's if someone could get
her to school. Abby can probably stay at at my oldest ds. Then the only problem is my little dog Tia. She won't do well being alone so long.
The other choice is for Andy to come home that night and then get me the next morining, but he doesn't really want to do that. Maybe ds could keep Tia too. I dunno. I do know that I'm gonna wanna sleep as much as possible after surgery.
I know I've changed my mind about about letting the girls stay home alone with Abby home to tattle. There has just been too much happen in the recent past that I just don't feel like I can trust sd. And, my son nor his girl friend can stay here. It's sad when you can't trust some of your own grown up kids to tend to your house overnight. We can trust 3 out of 4 of mine,
but none of Andy's. Sad.
I don't have time for personals now, but want all to know I'm thinking of them and hope you are all having a good day. Food wise, I was a good girl today.
Ok, I really gotta go, I'm sorry again for no personals.
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Sandy Ė I have a prolapsed uterus too, but mine wasnít from babies Ė it was from fibroids. I have opted for no surgery on mine Ė and for the most part things stay in place. It just makes me mad that I canít do squats or deadlifts (I would love to be able to lift heavy), but I find I can do most exercises as long as I stay seated and/or breathe. The thing I thought was funniest when I found out I had it was my doctor telling me that I shouldnít skip on the cough syrup so I donít cough too hard Ė that freaked me out a bit. I am sure you will do fine and that you will figure out who can help watch your girls.

Shraon Ė The only thing wrong with your pictures was that you werenít smiling!!! You are really looking great. You may not be where you want to be ultimately, but you have come a long way!

Annie Ė I am so glad to see you back and well! It sounds like you have been (mostly) the right kind of busy Ė having fun with family.

Terry Ė Welcome back! Please never feel like you canít come back if you have somehow lost your way. You donít need to apologize or feel bad Ė that is what we are here for!

Ammi Ė At some point you asked me about how things are with my ex and whether he is harboring hopes that I will change my mind. I think at this point he isnít and I am really careful about letting him be too familiar. He does still like to touch me on the arm, hug me, etc. and I monitor it to make sure it stays in the friend arena and doesnít cross the line. I canít help you on the sweat thing, because I really like to sweat! It makes me feel like I am really doing something.

Amanda Ė First, welcome to 3FC! I DEFINITELY have more energy now than I used to. What a difference. There is also a balance to it though, and I find that I have to tweak things. You need to make sure to get enough sleep, and also to now overdo it too much with exercise. I find if I exercise a certain amount I feel totally energized, but too much and it drains me. For me, carbs are also a culprit. If I eat too many at lunch for example, I am falling asleep at my desk by 3:00. I can best see it in things like shopping. I can do all my grocery shopping, carry the bags upstairs, and have enough energy to put everything away and not feel like I am going to collapse. It is great.

E Ė It was great to see your photos. Youíre man is very cute and you look very happy together. I have also had that ďattitudeĒ shirt in my Amazon cart for awhile now and hadnít bought it yet. I think I will definitely add it into my next order.

Jenn Ė How do I keep the cheerleader going? Well, I havenít been so great at it lately, but I think my biggest helper has been pure habit. I always go to the gym right after work. It is what I do. I donít think about it. When I plan my food and it is all laid out I donít have to think about that either Ė it just happens. When things are tough, that makes it so much easier. The only other thing I can think of is that my cheerleader feeds on positivity, not negativity. She thrives when I stay positive about myself and my journey. I have to be VERY CAREFUL not to let myself start to slide down the ugly path of self reproach even if I do something not so great, because I wonít find her there.

Kim Ė I also have a fairly long commute, and the one thing I can recommend is books on tape. They have totally changed how I feel about being in the car. I actually look forward now to hearing the story and the time goes a lot faster. You can get tons of stuff through the library Ė both on cd and cassette. I am hoping to move really close to work and will actually miss that part of my commute time. I have decided I need to take up needlework or something so that I can sit around and listen to some of my favorites.

I know I missed tons of people, but it is time for me to go find my dinner. I am through the Nís in my iTunes project, and I do have a picture of myself in my new glasses which I will try and post later. My ex took it but was having trouble connecting to my computer to send the files over.
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peace out
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Default Thanks for the welcome!

Hello all!

Thanks for the nice welcome from many of you! It seems like this will be a great addition to my new routines - a place for support and kindness with no judgement.

Yes Wyllenn, I am a huge Varitek fan! Glad to see some others here, too! Although, Sandybar...I do have to ask you to kindly step away from my man Just kidding...I love meeting other Sox fans, especially those who have the good taste to like Tek as much as I do!

Today was a good day food wise for me. Work kept me busy so there was no time for extra snacking, and meals were planned well.

Thanks again for all the nice welcomes!
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My goodness! Look at all these posts! *waves to everyone and tries to reply*

Ammi-Haha, well-I'm here! I can say that much I'm having a real rough day, as in-every 5 minutes a new way to cheat pops into my head and tells me "what's one more binge going to hurt?" Haha, I am my own worst enemy it seems, but thank you for asking! I assume things get easier with time Wonderful to hear about the difference you felt with the first 30 pounds! I guess one day I just realized that it can't be normal to be so "blah" it's been the norm for so long I just forgot what energy felt like!

Jilly-Yeah! Nice to meet someone else my own age in about the same shoes! That's interesting to hear how your food choices have effected you, I'm sure I would notice a difference too, honest-I eat junk! :P And now that I think about it, I usually feel really sluggish after eating the 'worst' things...that is so great that you've been able to stay away from McDonalds meals! Just reading it makes me want one, but I'm sure that if you guys have been able to make positive changes, so can I

HippieVanLady-Thanks for the welcome! 400 situps? That is fabulous! How neat it is to hear that exercise can give you more energy! I hate exercise to tell the truth, but I guess I will need to find something :P I really understand what you're saying about it being harder to get going the more you slack off. I had 2 days over easter weekend that I hardly felt I could move, and that is rare for me. Tired yes, but this was a sign to get up!

LitChick-Hi! Does your username mean you like to read? I always love a good book Thanks for the welcome! Wow-you are so close to shedding that "3" forever! Great job! That has to be a wonderful feeling!

Dogpal-thanks to you too, I take it you like dogs? :P Hehe-my username refers to a common nickname for my cats, kitsey! I love dogs too though

Fatnvt-haha, I love your little cow avvie! I need to find one to use Sitting in front of a computer all day can be tiring, I don't do it for work-sadly I'm an internet junkie but I do sometimes feel almost weak from doing it for hours at a time. First thing I do when I get home is a little "kitty time" flopped on the bed. Only a couple min though, the little ones want their dinner so I have to get up!

NotTheCheat-Thanks! You know, I have been having a terrible time lately around 3-4pm. I'm sitting at work nodding off even though I get plenty of sleep! I wonder if it is the crud I'm eating? That's great you're having more energy! I want to do that too, put things away instead of needing to sit down first! :P

Thanks to all for the warm welcome, I like it here already
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Amanda -- I never liked exercise either. But I knew I needed to. I started setting monthly exercise goals (minutes/month) and increased them slowly. They led to the exercise thread stickied at the top of the page -- now a bunch of us track our exercise as a group and are trying to get to 200,000 minutes of exercise this year! Everyone is welcome to join us anytime!

As for nodding off late pm, I had done that since HS and used to think it was just the way I was. When I started eating healthier (even before I lost weight), the first thing I noticed was that I was less tired in the late afternoon if I had a healthy snack! Piece of fruit or cheese... who knew it was nutrition after all those years!!!!
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Good Morning Ladies!

Now that I have pulled up my "big girl" panties...I need to get some really small ones to so I can get back OP!!! Maybe a wedgie or two will remind me that I still need to work hard to stay in the game. kids and their cookies!! I have tried to only bring things that I don't like into the house so there is no temptation...but every time I see them going into the pantry I want to eat too!! It is so frustrating to watch my 6'5" 16 y/o beanpole son constantly eating...he never is never full. I guess it takes alot to fill up those legs. He says he is always hungry and wants to stop, but he just can't. Hormones, I guess...but he better stop growing soon, he already wears a size 16 shoe!!

Why is it when we start a program, we are so careful not to go off, but once we do, it is SOOOOOOOOO hard to get that same focus back? Today is a new day, and I realize that it is up to me to make the decisions, but I really need a ton of just to make it through.

Lesley: Yes, I have seen the WW forums...they are great! The recipe page is such a help!

Jenn: Sorry about those idiots at the store...people are so rude! If they only knew how hard we work. I remember comming out of the flea market when I was in college (and about 160lbs lighter!) and 2 guys were yelling "Hey, there goes Bertha Butt"and it didn't stop until I was in my hurts just as much today as it did then. As for the cheerleader...I myself am looking for mine and if you see her, send her back!! (this is not the one I mean)

Ammi: I absolutely HATE to sweat!!! That is one of the things that I am looking foward to by losing weight. Especially since I am on the cusp of peri-menopause. I find it very funny that everytime I am shopping that when it comes to check out, that is when the sweating really begins! Maybe it has to do with the spending

Sandy: Why is having children such a wonderful thing, but also wreaks such havok on our bodies?! Your tests and surgery do not sound pleasant at all, but just think of the outcome! {I would love to cough or squat and not pee a little!} Good luck with all of it! (not too tight, I might pee~LOL!)

Catherine: I bet that guy regretted ever trying to mess with you! You can always make me smile!! I am also going to print out the 7 Habits and post it EVERYWHERE!!

I must run and get ready for work.....
Have a great OP day!
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Hey all - Just a pop in today! Still struggling. Still working on it. Might help if I quit staying up so late and started getting up in time to work out, huh? Got to run but wanted to say HI! and a big to all!
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Hi Everyone,

Sandy: So glad the Dr. visit went better than you thought. Hang in there. I will be praying for a wonderful surgery that goes excellent for you. Speedy recovery etc. Hugs.

Well, my appointment at the WL clinic went well and really looooooong. lol. I learned a lot and I am officailly starting this morning on Optifast Program. I need to loose close to 100 pounds before WLS. It is an extremely expensive program, to my poor pocket book. lol. I really need it though if I can lose weight. I just can't seem to loose it any other way. My blood pressure has been very high lately so that is another reason to get some weight off. I had a fat analysis and Out of my 491 pounds, 300 of it is fat!

That is awful. I started to really ponder that last night and I am carrying around a person the size of "Refrigerator Perry" from the 1986 Chicago Bears Football team in FAT! No wonder I'm so tired and run down all the time. I am really impressed with how much my body has been having to work. I must be "the strongest person in the world" tee hee. Maybe when I loose all my weight I can give shuttle rides on my back. lol.

Well, I am off for my day of exericises and drinking ....... everything. lol.

Blessings to you all,
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