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Hey everyone-

Not much here. Spent most of the day cleaning. The cats are doing fine and their blood work did come back ok so far. We just have to watch them. I did keep the bad food in case something does come up later. I mentioned that the stress was really getting to me. So today I just opened all the windows and just did some reading. I was just trying to literally just breathe! I think it really helped! Oh and I just noticed on the smiley's the new dancing broccoli! So cute!

DONNA~WTG on losing 4 pounds! And losing 24 pounds so far is awesome!

AMMI~Yeah it was a close call! The brand of cat food is Natural Balance. And it was recently recalled because they found the bad stuff in the rice protein!

NANCY~YAY on losing 3 pounds! Hope you will find out soon about the apartment. Enjoy the nice weather!

PATTI~I hope you continue to feel better!

CAROLYN~Congrats on 15 years!

CATHERINE~That is great you lost the weight you gained over the holidays! That was so funny about showing the scale the passing buss! And yes it really is scary with the whole pet food stuff. I actually got them the food because it was "supposed" to be better. And then not even a week later the new "better" food we bought was literally one of the bags with the bad stuff in it! My cats love tuna its a rare treat for them.

ANNIE~Thanks hun I am sure the cats will be ok. It really sounds like you are getting a lot of stuff figured out health wise. I really hope you have a good WI! Let us know how it goes!

AMMI~That is so funny about your DH not wanting to go out because of pimples! My DH will get like that if his hair gets messed up or he can't fix it. DH really fusses over that stuff more than me!

SHARON~Thanks! I do need some good luck! Sorry the scale was up and down.

ZELMA~The cats are doing well so far. I think they are probably fine and we are very lucky! But of course the Vet told us to just watch them. I don't think you would look silly at all in those many clothes in the Arctic winters! It gets so cold there! I was like you.. thought I wanted to see a white Christmas because in Louisiana it never snows. Well I did see a white Christmas but it snows year round up there! I saw a white summer!

AMMI~YAY for getting rid of fat clothes!

DONNA~Yes it is scary about the food recall because now it has moved from wheat glueton to rice proteins and corn glueton as well! It seems never ending!

KAYLEY~ I remember you and welcome back! Glad to see you post!

MELISSA~Glad you are back and on track! You can do this!

NANCY~What a great pic! I like the glasses!

BRENDA~Congrats on losing 2.5! I hope your tooth feels better!

Well I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
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KAYLEY-SUNSHINE! It's Wonderful to see you back!

I'm excited to see many old friends returning, as well as new ones!!

Sharon, Hang in there! You're so close to that Spring goal! I wish I'd been as faithful and successful as you have been!!

I'm SO sorry I'm not going to be able to address you all, but I had to pop in with a bit a news. First of all, Annie has inspired me to try a liquid diet for a while. Since I'm not doctor supervised, I won't do it long term, but I think it can help me kick start this thing again. I'm being very careful to still get good nutrition. It CERtainly can't be as dangerous as binging at the Burger Poison. It somehow feels like a form of support and comaradarie with others who are doing it for whatever reasons.

Second, and for me this is a biggie, I GOT ON GABRIEL TONIGHT. He's a HORSE for those of you who don't know me, so get your minds back in the G-rated region! I know I haven't nearly made my riding weight goal, but let's face it - he's especially powerful, build to pull a plow or carry knights in armour, and he's easily up to the task. Maybe it's a little like having kids - if you wait until you're "ready", it may never happen. Anyway, the few minutes I spent sitting up on that heavenly huge hunk of horseflesh just about brought tears to my eyes. We didn't move, I just sat there, then leaned over and gave him a treat, then climbed off. It's a huge move for me, tho, and I KNOW I'll be actually riding him soon. I really wanted to share it with you guys.

I'm SO inspired to REALLY kick this weight loss thing again!

Hugs & Health to EVERYONE!!
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Hi All!

It's been awhile since I posted. Last Saturday, I stepped wrong off a curb and broke my ankle in two places. I had surgery on Wednesday to pin it back together. Got home yesterday and am hobbling around in a temporary cast with a walker. I have catheters in my leg with a medicine pouch that I carry around that numbs the pain. The meds run out tomorrow or Sunday, so I'll have to rely on pain pills thereafter. I can't put any weight on the foot, so it makes daily life a bit taxing. Additionally, I broke my right ankle which is the foot I drive with, so I'm now gearing up to start practicing driving with my left foot. Dangerous but necessary.

I called the Methodist weight management people to tell them what happened and they said that they would have to take me off liquids for about 2 months until my bones healed. That was a big let down because I was doing so well. Anyway, I am going to speak with their dietitian on Tuesday and they will craft a special maintenance diet for me so that I can keep on plan and maintain the weight until it is safe to get back on liquids.

This has really been an emotional roller coaster. I live by myself and, though I have family that will help me, it is still really scary to be in this situation and be living alone. I break down into tears several times a day and I've just lost my confidence that everything will be ok.

I go to the doctor on Monday to get a permanent walking cast, so maybe I will be able to function without the walker soon. Just depends on the pain level I guess. I really haven't eaten much of anything in the last week. Just haven't been hungry. I think I have probably lost some weight, so at least there is some bright side. I'm trying to eat healthy and I have some salads in the fridge.

Well, I scanned through the threads, but didn't have time to do personals. I hope everyone is doing well and ANNIE - I'm glad you're back. Congrats on starting the Optifast (??) diet. It will be hard at first, but just be strong and know that it will get easier as time goes on. I know from experience.

To everyone else, stay safe and happy and I'll check in later!

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Hurray, it's the weekend! Wow, this week has gone by so fast, I can't believe I haven't visited this thread since Monday!

Nothing real exciting going on here, just been a busy week. I've been OP all week and feeling good. And I have another job interview coming up on Monday - fingers are crossed!

Annie, so glad to see you back! I'm glad your WL appointment went well, and it sounds like you got a lot of good info. I wonder what a fat analysis would say about me. Gosh, maybe if you lose the 100 pounds, you'll be on such a roll you won't even need the surgery. I'm proud of you taking those steps and not letting that fat defeat you. I agree with you on hating the fat, although I admit there have been times when I didn't think too highly of myself, either. But now, I see it as like a foreign substance that has infiltrated my body, and now I just need to work to get it out and see the true me.

Jenn, how rude of those guys to yell at you. I had something similar happen to me a couple weeks ago. Who raised these people?! I'm glad to hear you didn't let it get to you and in fact just had a positive effect.

DJCJ, like someone else said, I'm in awe of all you talented seamstresses! I haven't sewn anything besides a loose button since my junior high Home Ec classes. This is something you can remind your daughter of when she's acting out as a teenager someday, haha.

Sandy, surgery is a scary thought but it sounds as though it's a better outcome than what could have been so that's something. So enjoy that anniversary night since you'll be out of commission for the few weeks afterward! Glad to hear your SD's test results were negative - are things any better with her?

Nancy, love the new avatar photo!

Ammi, congrats on the 3lb loss! Gosh, I'm so impressed by you and the other ladies here with kids who have temptation foods in the house and manage to control yourselves. There's a lot of things I just can't keep in the house at least for now because my self-control goes out the window. But I don't have any kiddies who need their sweet/salty tooth satisfied!

Michelle, that is so wonderful about your hubby's biopsy! What a relief, I'm sure.

Donna, congrats on the NSV and the 4lb loss! Just makes you want to keep going, doesn't it?

Kazz, you've had some awesome results!

Metachick, for meeting your mini-goal!

LAnne, you're doing so great! I bet having some 'real' food tasted amazing.

Dyan, wow, you are one busy lady! Where do you get the energy?

Catherine, you make me laugh with your scale intimidation stories. Your gown sounds absolutely lovely - please be sure to post pictures when it comes time.

, how did your WW meeting go?

Kim, do you like baby carrots? Those would be good to munch on. Plus some cut up celery, apple slices, granola bar (a healthy kind), or some popcorn.

Luan, wow, I'm totally impressed with your fitness level. Rock climbing, even! I love camping, too.

Kayley, welcome back! I remember your face from seeing your pics in the photo thread, and how you looked so happy, especially with your sweetie. Glad to hear you're still in love.

, gosh I'm so sorry to hear about your ankle. I hope the pain isn't too bad and that you're able to work out a temporary plan with the dietitian.

Ugh, I know I missed people and a lot of stuff, but my eyes are drooping closed. I'll plan to get back here on the weekend so I don't get totally behind again. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.
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Michelle - Hey!!! It's good to BE back!!!!

Valerie!!! I've been wondering how you've been! That is so fantastic about getting up on that horse!!! You'll be in that dressage in NO time!!

Hi there, Lisa. I don't think we've met yet, but I look forward to getting to know you!! Sorry to hear about your injury. My thoughts are with you for a SPEEDY recovery!

Lesley - Good luck with that interview on Monday!!! What kind of work do you do?

Well, Andrew will be home in about half an hour or so, and I'm still making dinner. I'm usually up late, so I make dinner late, since we're usually awake until 3am or so, I don't feel TOO guilty about eating late. That's just our schedule now. Crazy, I know. Heh.

Have a great Friday everyone! Weekends are usually crazy busy for me, so if you don't see me over this weekend, rest assured, I will be back in here on Monday! And I have my 2nd weigh in on Sunday, so we shall see how I've done this week.
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Annie-I’ve found that the scales doctors have in their offices are too heavy to drag outside to make mischief with, so I suggest taking a ball peen hammer with you to brandish at it. After you lose all your weight, the doctor can frame the hammer above the scales as inspiration to others. That’s assuming that they don’t have you committed or arrested for bringing a big hammer into the office. You can always blame me.

Melissa-When I started, I was in a wheelchair, and the only exercises I could do were ones I could do laying in bed. Until your foot is better, don’t worry about it. Any movement is good. Try doing a aerobics tape while laying in bed. You can work up quite a sweat.

Nancy-You have definitely lost weight in your face, and I don’t think it is just the new glasses.

Michelle-When stress gets too much for me, I either go window shopping at the mall, or curl up with a good book. Breathing is crucial.

Valerie-My horse is a bicycle. There is a large pawn shop next to a bus stop I use all the time. I look at the bikes every time. I have missed the bus on occasion. Himself doesn’t want me to ride. He’s afraid I’ll get hit or fall off and have another brain injury. I think I rode bikes before I could run. We finally compromised that I would wear a motocross helmet, and had to wait until I was under 240 lbs. I also have to have doctor’s approval. I want to feel the wind on my face again, and that feeling of freedom.

Lisa-I am so sorry to hear you were hurt. When I was 16, I had the ligaments in my right ankle reconstructed. I had to wear a non-weight bearing cast for 3 months, so I also had to learn to drive with my left foot. I know it is a big let down having to go off the diet, but hopefully they can give you a diet to bridge the gap. Since yours is a protein based one, maybe Adkins or South Beach until you heal. It is scary to feel dependant or vulnerable. My best suggestion, if you go to using crutches, is to add as much padding as possible to them. I ended up with sores and calluses in places I shouldn’t have had them. I added extra foam and covered it in duct tape. The duct tape cuts down on friction. Hang in there, it will get better.

Lesley-I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you on your job interview.
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Lisa, you poor thing!! I was going to pm or email you today as I was worried about you! Wish you lived closer you could have stayed here & been waited on, after all one more to run around after wouldn't make much difference! I'm glad you're not using it as an excuse to overeat, though I probably would, WTG on getting advice about staying on a healthy diet, big HUGS & get well, or mobile soonXXXXXXX
Valerie, ooh I'm sitting here GREEN WITH ENVY!!lol Though I'm also grinning for you, boy I hope the wait was worth it. I bet by Summer you'll be GALLOPING together!!! Great to see you posting again & sounding so happy, oh BTW these liquid diets are FAB, as long as you don't EAT!!! lol!xxxxx
Kayley, I thought you were married!!! I was sure I saw some reference to 'huby' on your MSN message/avatar thingy! Great on waiting for your ruby, thought you might have gone for a black diamond or dark sapphire. I loved SB but got bored too, as long as it's healthy changing diets often keeps our resolve & momentum up.xxxxx
Nancy, you BABE!!! I love your specs, you have such a cute elfin chin, wish I HAD a visible chin, lol! Good luck with flat hunting, I bet you're seeing them in your sleep!!!xxxxxxx
Xena, are you ok? Let us know, whether you're good, bad, happy or sad!xxxxxx
Annie, pleased you are doing ok on Optifast, at least the FAST weigh-loss ballances out the hunger & feelings of DESPERATION for food!!!lol I'm sure you'l see GREAT losses, I told Ammi about a woman I talk to online, she went on the diet I'm on BEFORE having lap-band surgery, in the end she didn't bother with it as she lost the weight anyway!! Whether it works for you or not, I'm thinking of you & if you feel fed up email me, I know how hard it is.xxxxx
Well I ate half a small cheese pizza last night, Aiden had the other half, Steve was in bed (night shifts) & Gareth hads fish, I couldn't bear to throw it away, HOW STUPID AM I?????? Or just MAKING EXCUSES???? Oh well, today is ANOTHER fresh start.
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Hi All,

Iím feeling a bit down today I had a letter from the caravan site where mum was living. It was just confirming the sale of her home and that as any money owing to them had been paid, and in their words they no longer had ďan interest in the propertyĒ. It was so final, so cold, and itís really upset me. I went to ASDA shopping afterwards and I was so tempted to buy a litre bottle of Southern Comfort, a huge pizza, and some ice-cream. Typical reaction huh, get upset, eat. Instead I didnít buy any booze, I only bought a small WW pizza, and I did give in to a small temptation and bought a Kit Kat as a treat. No ice-cream. I hope my good resolve lasts the rest of the day because although I am proud I didnít cave in at the shop I am still feeling down and still just want to eat eat eat.

Catherine - when I first met Daren I weighed more than him and seeing as he is over 6 foot and Iím just 5 foot 6 I really did feel awful about it. I am now about 40 lbs lighter than him and although in the scheme of things I still am more overweight than he is it still feels so good to be lighter than him. I think itís a wonderful goal of yours to be lighter than your hubby and I know you will feel so wonderful when you reach that goal!

I pity you having to type up that horrendous sci fi/romance book. Daren likes to write, and he has quite a few novels on the go, thinks up the ideas, writes the plots, maybe even a chapter or two and then he gets another idea and goes off in that direction. I proof read for him and I must say that he is much better than the guy you mentioned. So thereís hope for us yet for Daren to get something published, if he ever finishes one of his stories

How is the weather there now, have you had any more snow? I will gladly send you some in fact somebody must have taken some of it already because itís not such lovely weather today, itís more overcast than anything. But thereís a lovely breeze and I am getting all my laundry dried outside quickly

Well done on being another 1.5 lbs down, you are really doing great now I love what you said to Zelma about dreaming of being able to buy pants from a thrift store. ME too!! When I was growing up mum used to buy a lot of my play clothes from thrift stores, and I used to love buying baby clothes in them to dress my dolls up lol. When Beth was small I used to buy the odd thing to use for fancy dress etc. I would browse the rails for things for me but never found anything in my size. So even if I didnít find anything I really like, just to know I COULD buy something there in my size is something I really do look forward to. I recently gave bags of my old huge size clothes to a charity shop, so some lucky lady will have the joy of actually finding things to fit her right now

Annie - I refuse to believe that after a week on a liquid diet without so much as a naughty nibble of something you shouldnít eat that you wonít see an amazing loss. I know you are thinking of your WW weigh ins, but you are on far less calories now arenít you, so those lbs are going to be flying off. I have no doubt you are going to have an amazing first week WI

Kayley - what happened with the office job that had you disliking it so much? I remember when you first started you loved it so much and were really happy there.

on moving in with Andrew, are you finding it weird, or are you loving sharing a love nest together? It will be more enjoyable I bet once you have got everything unpacked

Missy - Iím sorry that you hurt your toe so badly, I broke the toe next to my littlest toe a few years ago. I canít believe the pain I was in, I even had to use crutches as I just could not walk without them. Such a little part of your body and yet itís so instrumental in what you can do. I can definitely sympathise with you about the pain and I hope it will get better soon.

Itís lovely that your fiancť is helping you out with the calorie counting you have to do. I know weighing things and counting calories (or in my case points) can be time consuming, but over time you just get to know from sight what size portion you can have. It all does get much easier. In the mean time though take full advantage of your fiancťís help. AND speaking of him, when we chatted on MSN once didnít you refer to him as your boyfriend? Have you been keeping an engagement quiet or am I just totally losing it

33tekfan - welcome back. I am glad you had a lovely time away and that you made such good food choices. Now as long as the soups werenít creamy ones and you didnít have lovely fresh rolls smothered in butter with them then I am sure you wonít see a gain when you weigh next. In fact with all the walking you did too you will more likely see a loss

Nancy - oh wow, how many lbs lost between your last avatar pic and the current one? You look amazing, I canít believe the difference

Brenda - tooth abscesses are the pits. I actually had to have a tooth removed with an abscess under it once and no amount of local anaesthetic numbed the pain. I pity the people in the waiting room that day because I nearly screamed the place down. Lucky my dentist was so strong because I tried to push his hand away from my mouth because the pain was horrendous. I then ended up in tears of relief when he finished. It was a nightmare. I am glad you are getting your abscess under control. When itís better I hope you have no more problems with it.

thatís brilliant that you have had another loss, 2.5 lbs is so great It wonít be long until you are in Twotown!!!

Michelle - I am glad you took some time out to smell the roses as the saying goes. I hope opening the windows and having a nice relaxing time of it reading has helped your stress levels

Great news about the cats blood work showing nothing bad, how long do you need to keep an special watch over them?

My hubby is like yours with his hair too, he really fusses with it. Heís fussy about who cuts it, he only buys the best products to go in it, and if heís having a bad hair day itís like a pimple day, he just doesnít want to go out AND he takes far longer getting ready to go out than I do He uses moisturiser on his face because he does get very dry skin especially on his forehead, he fusses with his hair and if he has pimples he has to cover them up!! Me I just shove my hair back in a pony tail, brush my teeth and I am good to go

Valerie - I was so teary eyed when I read that you got up on Gabriel and what a special moment it was for you. Iím not a great lover of horses, they are lovely to look at, but I donít particularly want to ride one (sacrilege I know lol). But I know how much you have wanted to ride him again and being able to sit on him last night was definitely one wonderful step closer to that goal

Good luck with following a liquid diet for a while. All you ladies who can do that get kudos from me because itís just something I know I could never do, well not unless the liquid was Southern Comfort, Baileyís or Tia Maria

Lisa - ouch ouch and ouch again, I am so very sorry to hear how badly you broke your ankle and that you needed surgery and all. I am of the same mind as Sharon, wishing you lived closer so that you could stay and we could look after you. Of course wishing is no good, and I do truly feel for you that you are having to recuperate on your own. Itís not surprising that you are feeling so emotional, youíve been through a lot, and surgery itself really can get you down. Just make sure you call on your family as much as you need to even if itís just to talk, and of course come here as often as you can. Weíre your online family

Sorry that you need to come off the liquid diet for a little while. I hope speaking to the nutritionist will help you carry on with your weight loss or at least being able to maintain your marvellous loss already until you are allowed on the liquid diet again. Keep your chin up dear lady, things can only get better

Lesley - for the congrats on my weight loss last week. As for me having all those tempting foods in the house, I think doing the WW diet helps a lot. Just knowing that if I really wanted what the kids have would be OK as long as I counted it in my points helps the foods not seem so off limits. In fact last week I had two small chocolate bars of Bethís that she had with an Easter egg. She offered to share, and at 3 points each I quite easily had one for two evenings as my supper. Thatís why WW works so well for me, I donít feel too restricted.

I just noticed you have surpassed this months exercise goal, you are doing great. I am not even sure I will make mine

Have a lovely weekend and with the job interview on Monday.

Sharon - if that pizza was Aidenís then I know it will have been a mini pizza, so eating half of it isnít that bad. I am sure that although you shouldnít do it often that the odd little morsel like that must help your metabolism not to mention your bowels to get working

I just noticed your ticker, 50 lbs lost, that is fantastic You should be so proud you have done so well. It wonít be long until itís 60, then 70 and onward to 100

Xena - where are you my friend? Just have to say on the results of AI this week Though must say I got a bit teary eyed myself when the person in particular who went was crying!

Patti - how are you feeling today? I hope the migraine has totally gone now and that your allergies aren't giving you grief.

Well I think I am going to get my washing in from the line and then have a sleep. I find when Iím down that sleeping is the best thing for me. Besides it saves me from taking my bad mood out on poor Daren and the kids. Take care all and I might be back later.


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Ammi - sorry to hear you are feeling down hun, not suprising as its such early days since you lost your mum. Amazing that u managed not to have a full out binge after that letter, good for you , really hoping you feel brighter soon hunny x

Nancy - you look so great love the new pic and congratulations on your recent losses.

Lisa - Ouch your poor thing, really feel for you and send you my thoughts and sympathy. You really do need to eat well for the bone to heal hun which I know is a dampner on weight loss, you actually really need the vitamins minerals and calories from good food, so maybe still watch the calories but loads of fruit veg and maybe a supplement or two?? My mum broke her foot at xmas and she has had a long process of healing but is getting there now, I know how it shakes your confidence though, its such bad timing for you sweetie xx

Catherine - well done on your loss, good for you girl! Onwards and downwards eh?

Zelma - I LOVE my new doggie! She is so cute really adorable!! We have to wait till all vaccs are done til we can walk her. My hubby and I cannot have children of our own (altho I have 2) so she is officially our baby!!

I have had a lovely day in town buying gifts for my youngests tenth birthday on monday, and tonight its family tv, Dr WHO!! Yay! What a lovely day I am feeling full of sunshine today

Em x
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Kayley: Congrats to you and Andrew's engagement!

Melissa: Good for you getting back on track. I know you can do it. You were doing soooo well before when you were here a lot. I know it is in you to exercise again like that once you toe heals. So sorry about the toe by the way. Hope it gets better soon.

Nancy: Yowza. You are a doll! Those new glasses really let us see your beautiful face. You look like you have lost soooo much weight. Beautiful lady!

Brenda: Congrats on another -2.5 pounds. So very sorry about your tooth. I hope you get it taken care of very soon. Hugs.

mechelle: So glad that your kitties are well. I tell you all this pet food drama is enough to make me feel like I have children. lol. We used to give our dogs canned food every morning with their breakfast. Now, we are fixing them other things at home to eat with their dry dog food. My male is so picky he won't eat his food unless it has a splash of something on it. lol. Crazy guy. My DH opened a can of Cream of Mushroom soup and gave him just a tablespoon mixed with his food. You'd swear he was eating filet minon.

Val: I am sooo pulling for you and rooting for you that the liquid diet you are doing will work for you. I am also soooooooooo very happy that you were able to get on Gabe and enjoy what God has put in your heart! The love of animals, horses in particular. Please have someone take a photo so we can all see that beaming smile! Hugs sweetie.

Lisa: OH, so sorry about your foot. Yikes it sounds so painful. Try not to worry too much about going off the liquid for a couple of months. You certainly want those bones to heal properly hon. Just follow what they give you to do and you should be fine. Hugs to you. So sorry you are alone too. I wish we lived closer. I could help you out a bit at least. I am with Catherine. I was on cruches for knee surgery (broken bone in a weird place) for 5 months when I was 16. Those dandies start to hurt your arm pits and hands after a while. Take care to add padding! Hugs.

Lesley: Good luck on the job interview! I'll be praying for you.

Catherine: What a great idea, bring the hammer with me and show it to the scale. lol. I'll have to look for one before Monday morning. Hugs to you.

Sharon: Sweet heart it is never too late to start again. You will do fine. Just remember to drink your shakes and tons of water right. Exercise too is what I"m told. You are doing sooooo well. I can see you getting to goal soon. Hugs.

Ammi: Huge hugs to you. I wish I was there to help you through this. I remember after my mom passed away I was getting all of these letters from the hospital to her asking her how she enjoyed her stay in there hospital. How would she rate their survice etc. It was awful. It just devasted me. I don't think people know how insensitive they can be. Huge hugs and a great big cheer for not taking out your saddness and sorrow in food.

Well ladies, I am off for the day or at least until later. I am really chilly today. I think I will go snuggle up in bed and read the Bible for a bit before I officially start my day. I have already had my first shake of the day but heck, It's not like if I fall asleep it will be on a full stomach or anything. lol. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend being the wonderful op ladies I know you are.

Blessings to you all,
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Ammi i am sorry you are a little down but you did great on your outing getting a ww pizza and no Southern Comfort ! hope you feel better soon. i am still having troubles its allergies and boy do they get you down fast its like owie!
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Thanks everyone for the comments on the picture! I think the difference is about 40 pounds from the previous avatar pic.

Annie – It sounds like you have a nice relaxing day planned. Hopefully it will stop being chilly where you are soon.

Emily – Happy Birthday to your youngest! Birthdays are so exciting at that age. What season of Dr. Who is on there? We have gotten the first two seasons and I have no idea when the next one is coming.

Ammi – I am so sorry to hear how insensitive the caravan site was. It is so great though that you were able to find a compromise on the foods you wanted. I know that feeling all too well of just wanting to shut the whole world and all the pain out by indulging in great tasting foods. It would make a lot of sense once in awhile if the after affects weren’t so bad.

Sharon – I definitely don’t think eating the pizza had anything to do with stupidity, but it is truly amazing the false logic our brains can use to get us to do things that the other parts of our rational mind have decided against.

Catherine – It sounds like you have come up with a good compromise on the bicycle issue. I would love to be able to ride a bike again too, but it will probably be awhile. I love the description of the manuscript you are editing – it is too funny. As a sci/fi fantasy reader one of the biggest things that annoys me is not being true to the world you create, and if it is set in the real world yet ignoring history, that is a big negative. It is another thing to create an alternate reality where Martin Luther arrived earlier and how that might have effected the balances of power in Europe, but I am guessing that is not the story he is writing.

Kayley – It is so great to see you again! I have often wondered about you and where you had gotten to. The ring sounds lovely, but you might not want to hard wire it to a weight loss goal. I have found those things can often be more frustrating than motivating because they start tying up your feelings about where your relationship is with how you are progressing in your weight loss.

Lesley – It must be a stressful weekend with a job interview on the other side. I hope you are able to relax a bit and enjoy it.

Lisa – I had been wondering about where you were! I am so sorry to hear about your ankle and needing to come off the plan while it heals. That is really rough. However, maybe this little “maintenance break” will help with your long term goals of keeping it off forever.

Valerie – That is so great that you rode Gabirel! I hope trying the liquid thing for awhile will help kick start things for you.

Michelle – That is such good news that the cats are ok. You must be so relieved. Letting yourself have a relaxing day reading is a much better way of dealing with the stress than eating – way to go!

Brenda – That tooth abscess sounds horrible! :hugs: Congratulations on losing another 2.5 pounds! That is fantastic especially in light of the tooth pain.

33tek – It sounds like you made good choices on vacation. That can be so hard, since for so many people (fat and thin alike) vacation can be a time to let loose and eat things we don’t normally do.

Melissa – Congratulations on being back on track! Sometimes the calorie counting gets to me as well, and I stop for few days, but I know that it is what really works for me. I’m sorry to hear you hurt your toe. Hopefully it will be healed soon and you can start walking again.

Well – I didn’t get as far as I had hoped with personals, but I have to go. I have a massage scheduled for 2:00 and then we are going to the park to hang out, maybe take a walk, etc. as it is a gorgeous day!
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Sharon-I guess because I write everything down, I have a waitress mentality to food. Everything gets written on the ticket, and has to be paid for. When I find myself wanting to eat something because I don’t want to throw it out, I think that if I eat it, I have to pay for it. Kind of like Dim Sum. It’s at times like that I really miss having a dog.

Ammi-My husband is 6’5”, and looks like a young Santa Claus, so I really shouldn’t weigh more than he does. We actually joked that if he had worn a kilt to the wedding like his father did, that he would have looked like Santa in drag.
It stopped snowing finally, but is still quite cold. We had to turn the heat back up.
It does feel so good to not look down and see Error on my scales anymore.
I’m just like Daren, I start stories, and never seem to get around to finishing them. That’s why I do the editing. I am going to finish mine sometime this summer.
My mom used to say that when she was having a bad day that she would just go back to bed and start the day over again later.

Emily-Dr. Who isn’t on here right now, and I sure miss it. I also miss Coronation street which is being preempted by the hockey playoffs.

Annie-It is one of those curl up in bed kind of days here too. Last week when we had some spring weather, all I wanted to do was be outside in it. Now I want to hibernate.

Nancy-I like the same kind of stuff you do it sounds like. I love alternative history, but this isn’t one I’m working on. It is just bad. I go nuts when I read a book or watch a movie where they get something wrong like a military picture where their insignia is wrong, or read a book in a series where the author forgets what they did in earlier books. I’ve already told them that I will type this thing, but I won’t edit it. I’d have to completely re-write it.

I’m off to do dishes and then read the paper. Being a housewife is hard work, but someone has to do it.
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Sharon - Not just yet! I always said that I wanted to be a thinner bride....when I could actually stand to look at myself in pictures! We're thinking sometime in 2009 most likely. I get out of college in 2008, and we'll just be more financially stable...and also older, and wiser! We're both still so young. I'll be turning 21 in June, and Andrew will be 23 in October.

Ammi - I am sooo sorry to hear about your Mom passing. I'm very proud of you for not binge eating or stopping dieting because of this & your family are in my thoughts. Big hugs, hun. As for the office job....they just started really making me miserable. I was harassed, and the boss used my review as a personal attack on me. I really don't wanna go into it all on the board, because it's a public forum. I'll send you a private message later on when we're back from the store, and tell you just what happened....

Annie - Thank you very much!!! So good to see you again! Hope you have a lovely rest of your day! I know you guys were in the process of moving when I stopped coming's the new place?

Nancy - I think the main reason I'm using it as a motivator, is the fact that I don't wanna have to go and get it resized...I want my fingers to be as thin as they're going to get when I get my ring. My thought process is Now, if I didn't have SOME sort of ring already, I might wonder about the status of our relationship and whatnot...but so far, so good! How are things with you and your b/f. I know they were a bit rocky when I left. Hope all is well!

Well, Andrew & I are on our way to pick up some groceries. Going to go to the park for a walk later on,as it's nearly 80 degrees, and BEAUTIFUL out! Just the right amount of wind. Perfect! I'll talk to you all a bit later!
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Em - thanks for your kind words, they were much appreciated. I am feeling a bit better now since having a sleep and watching some great TV to keep my mind busy. We love Dr Who in our house too, itís wonderful Saturday night viewing. Wasnít that evolved dalek absolutely gross YUCK.

Iím glad you had such a lovely day in town today, what did you buy your daughter for her birthday? Is she going to have a party?

Annie - itís awful how you got upsetting letters too after your mum passed away and I am sad we now have that in common I wish you could be here too!! Why are all my closest friends ones that live so far away On the subject of distressing letters, when my dad died he had a heart attack at work. He needed an ambulance to take him to hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. A week or so after that the ambulance service started to send mum letters demanding that she pay for that ambulance trip. How rotten is that!

Did you end up falling back to sleep this morning?

Patti - I am really sorry that you still arenít feeling well, those darn allergies really are getting at you. Do you think you could go to the doctors and have a change of medication that might help, or an increase of what you take? Feel better soon

Nancy - oh yes it would be wonderful if we could take comfort from eating and drinking what we want without suffering afterwards. I amazed myself with the compromises I made today and I am glad to say that itís now 11.30 pm and I still havenít gone off plan. Daren had a delicious chocolate cake with hot custard earlier and he offered me half, before that he offered me a nice fresh bread roll with butter, and both I would have loved to have. But I stayed strong because I knew that if I said yes to one thing outside of my points I wouldnít stop!

I hope you really enjoyed your massage this afternoon, and that you made it to the park for a nice walk. Seems you are making the most of the lovely weather

Catherine - wow a young looking tall santa, your hubby sounds like a real cutie. I am sure it will be wonderful for you when you get on the scales and see you are lighter than him.

Your mumís saying about going back to bed and starting the day again when she got up sounds good to me, it works for me too. I did get up feeling much better today.

Kayley - thank you for your sympathies about my mum. Believe me I did think of binging when I got the news, it would have been so easy. BUT my mum was so proud of me for losing the weight I have, and event though she canít be physically here to see me get to my goal, I know she is watching over me and I knew she would be so disappointed in me if I gave up my diet because of the bad news. I will get to my goal and mum will be proud of me

I look forward to getting a PM from you with the full story of what went on at the office. I am sorry it turned bad for you though. Hopefully when you find work somewhere else it will be much better for you.

with your WI tomorrow.


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