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Trying Intuitive Eating
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dogpal - It can be really tough psychologically starting a weight loss program at a very high weight. I know when I grew to 400 pounds I felt completely overwhelmed by that number and by the work ahead.

I just wanted to say that I admire your attitude and your decision to explore new and different approaches like Optifast etc. when previous solutions were not effective for you.

I know others as well are sharing their many approaches and it's so helpful for all of us.
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Hello All,

Itís been a lovely day again here, great weather, plus itís always a good day when itís a gym day. It was so weird today because for some reason they turned all the gym equipment around in the gym so that itís facing the opposite way to what I am used to. It was really off putting, but I guess Iíll get used to it I guess.

I wasnít going to weigh until May but I figured I need to carry on weighing weekly just to keep an eye on what I am doing. I am happy to say that I had a 3 lbs loss, thatís the best I have done in a long time, so Iím very happy with that

Kim - I like the sound of the two things you will be doing first to help you with your diet, walking more in work and joining a WW group.

Carolyn - good for you for going to that over thirty ladies night , and I was so happy to hear how great you felt. I hope there were some over thirty blokes there as well though lol.

Sandy - thatís great news that you wonít be needing a hysterectomy and that the surgery they do need to do can be done with just an overnight stay involved. Good job it isnít longer than that especially as you are having to really think about where the kids and your doggy will be able to stay for the one night. I am sure you will get it all sorted out. 2 - 4 weeks recovery is still a long time, will you have to stay resting for all that time?

Nancy - thatís good that your ex isnít harbouring any false hopes, it must make it much easier to still be able to have the occasional meal out together etc knowing that heís not reading anything into it.

Actually on the sweat issue I guess it does make you realise that you are really having a good work out, so I can understand where you are coming from. Itís just the horrid taking off of the soaking clothes and having to freshen up/shower etc after every work out that can be so time consuming. AND I hate it when I am working out using my arms and the sweat is trickling down my scalp onto my face, lol, I just want to wipe it away or scratch my scalp and that means stopping working out, so I canít. Annoying or what lol.

Amanda - itís amazing isnít it that when we decide to diet our whole day seems to focus on food. Even now nearly a year into this diet I still watch the clock to see when itís time to eat, and of course before deciding what I have for lunch I have to figure out what I am having for the evening meal so that I know I have enough points for the both etc. And on days that I have the munchies I just constantly want to eat, thatís when I am glad I keep a stock of low point snacks in the house!! I hope today has gotten a little easier on you and that thinking about just one last binge hasnít actually led you to doing that. Contrary to what I said, even though I do have to plan meals and look forward to when itís meal times, it DOES get easier, at least I donít look at the clock every 2 minutes now LOL.

Donna - wow thatís one tall son you have!!! Please tell me he uses that marvellous height to play a sport like basketball or something My hubby is tall, 6 foot 3 and itís so funny when we go to the grocery store, honestly at least once per visit some little old lady asks him to reach something for her off the top shelf. I reckon they should employ a tall person to just help out like that lol.

I know what you mean about it being hard to have food in the house that you know you shouldnít eat but you have to get it in for the kids etc. I buy crisps for school for the kids, plus they have some yummy desserts etc and some days I just sit here just thinking about how nice it would be to go eat them. One of the things that tends to stop me is having the kids moan at me because I have eaten their stuff lol. Fair enough too seeing as I fork out enough money on all sorts of low fat snacks for me, so the last thing I should do is eat theirs!

How are you doing today, have you got enough willpower dust to keep you on track? I am having one of my better days today, gym days are generally good days for me when it comes to willpower, so just in case you need a top up, hereís some of my

It seems that itís 50/50 on the sweat issue, and that those who like it do so because it makes them feel they have done a really good work out. Itís not just the work out sweat of course that we donít like is it. Standing in line in a shop and having sweat drip down your back is just horrid, and I always worry that when that happens to me the sweat will show through my t-shirt. I have noticed that at least the non work out sweat has improved since losing weight, so I am hoping that the more I lose weight the less I will sweat in those situations

Lilion - what do you do when you stay up late? Do you just watch TV like I tend to? Is there any way you could work out in front of the TV so that you are making good use of the late night? If not, then yes I think you are right, some earlier nights might be called for so you feel more inspired to get up earlier and work out

Annie - I will email you in a bit, but just wanted to say that I am glad it all went well at the clinic today. Itís funny what you said about how strong your body must be to carry the weight it does because when I went for a bone density test a couple of years ago the woman who did the test told me that big women like me actually have less chance of problems with their bones because they are that much stronger than a thin womanís because of the weight they carry. See, there are some benefits to being overweight

Ok best make a move, Iíll be back later,


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Hey everyone-

I just wanted to say thank you again to all of the well wishers out there for DH. His biopsy came back fine and they got all of the abnormal cells out. So I was really thankful for that! We have many more on him that need to be biopsied but at least we got the really bothersome one out of the way. I am counting down the days till next Wed. I really need my thyroid medicine! I am really feeling the side effects. But the good news is I have been getting in a good bit of exercise! I am really happy about that. And I still have cut out soda and junk so I do feel not so dragged down. I haven't weighed in almost two months. I am not sure when I will WI again maybe in a couple of weeks but I just wanted to take a break from weighing. Just wanted to focus on making better choices and moving more.

Sorry no time for personals. This thread moves so fast! I just wanted to say congrats to all of the losers!

And welcome to all of the new people!
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Hey Ammi - thought I'd pop back on - My DH sleeps to 4 p.m. (or later) as he doesn't get to bed until 10 a.m. or so. I get home at 5 p.m. and so we wind up with dinner at 6 or 7 p.m. and then try to spend some time together. If I have anything to do, laundry, dishes, sewing, you name it, I end up doing that later still. He doesn't leave for work until nearly 10 p.m. and I try to spend some time with him before that happens. True, sometimes we do just watch tv...but if I work out late I end up unable to sleep, and the work-out room is all by itself so I wouldn't be with him. So I start getting ready for bed about 10 - sometimes later - and there's always little things to do - make sure coffee is set for morning, putting dishes in the dishwasher, last night it was throwing over another load of laundry, and it's usually 11 or 11:30 before I actually get to bed. My alarm is set for 5 and in order to work out I have to be up by 5:30 or so. That only gives me about 6 hours of sleep. That's plenty for some people, but I'm not one of them. I've always needed more like 8 hours and it's gotten worse since I've gotten older - so I always seem to be running on short sleep.

Annie - I know WLS is hard on people, but it still amazes me that they expect you to lose 100 lbs first. I mean, if you can lose 100 lbs without WLS, do you really need WLS? I hope that reads better to you than to me, I don't mean that the way it just confuses me. I had an aquaintance that was really in need of WLS and could never get it done. He had very bad health and passed away recently. I always thought if he could have gotten the WLS maybe he could have lost the weight and improved his health. But now I wonder if the reason they wouldn't do the WLS was because he was so large? The whole process is a mystery to me.
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Hi Girls, Just dropping in to say hello. I'll try to check in later,
But if not, today is a good food & exercise day. Hope all of you are well.
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EmilyMay is on her way!
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Hiya girls! Not been writing much but always read and listen to your news!

Sharon - love the pics, you look sooo small!! Well done you

Ammi - 3lbs off is great well done!

Everyone who has lost this week well done you

I've just got in from family swim, I've done 500 of my 1000 mins exercise so quite pleased with that. I stayed the same last week, and this week look about the same too. Not suprised as I've been pretty much eating what I want and not watching cals at all, so this week am hoping to crack on a bit more....

Think I have hit a bit of a lack of momentum tho and need to keep going, have been exercising regularly for about 2 months now and feel the difference so need to keep it going.

Love to you all
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Good Afternoon Ladies!

I had a NSV that I wanted to quickly share!

I was looking in my closet for something to wear to my Niece's Baby Shower on Sat. I saw an old pair of pants that I wore to a party after Sammi was born, so I thought -why not?! THEY FIT!! A little bit tight, but I wouldn't wear them out of the house anyway because they are outdated, and 12 YEARS OLD!!! I am pretty sure they were a size 24!!

That Ammi, my friend, is exactly the motivation I needed for today!!
Thanks for the extra , it worked!

See ya tomorrow!
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Michelle - what wonderful news about your DH, such a relief for you both too that when he has the others biopsied they won't even find an abnormality!

I bet you will have a great surprise when you do weigh next, all that moving and cutting out soda etc must have made a difference :goodluck for when you do decide it's time to weigh.

Lilion - if I had your schedule you can bet your bottom dollar I wouldn't be able to drag myself up at such an unearthly hour of the morning to work out either. I am like you I NEED a lot of sleep, even getting up at 7 am with the girls kills me some days

It does seem crazy doesn't it that people have to be a certain weight to have WLS. Some people like our dear Annie need the surgery now and yet she has to wait to lose 100 lbs first. It's

Sandy - glad to hear that today has been good for you with your eating and exercise.

Have you had those drug test results back for your SD yet?

Em - at least while you are still exercising well you are really limiting the chances of gaining during the times when you aren't wathing your calories. You have done great to do half of your exercise minutes already

Donna - now that's the kind of NSV I just love, it really gives you a buzz doesn't it to get into clothes that haven't fit in a long time

So glad you are having a great day today.

Patti - where are you, are you OK, I'm missing your posts


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Hi Everyone - I haven't really been posting in a while, but I've been browsing. I was wondering if anyone could give me some calorie advice. I've been off the wagon pretty much since Christmas really, and I want to restart, many calories should I try for a 2pd/wk weight loss? STATS: 21, 330lbs, 5'5", not active (yet). (When I am active I will just tweak my calories as needed.) I'm really needing to restart here...I just need some advice. Thanks.

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Ammi i am here but suffering from allergies .. in misery!
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742,000 calories burned
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Annie-I am so glad you are back. I missed you. I have pretty good things about optifast. I hope it works quickly so you can save your pocket book. When I go shopping, I use an expedition size backpack rather than an old lady folding cart (I pulled the wheels off mine in the snow), and when it full, my husband can’t even lift it. He wonders how I walk around with that thing on. As long as it weighs less than 200 pounds, I should be able to handle it.

DJCJ-I always had a rule about sewing. When I got tired enough that I made a mistake that had to be ripped out, it was time to stop for the day. As long as I’m not screwing up, I keep going.

Sandy-Don’t feel funny about not wanting to leave the kids alone at home. I was more comfortable leaving my foster sons alone when they were 10, than I did when they were 14. They seemed more trustworthy when younger, and I knew they could get into more trouble when older.

Donna-I didn’t mess with him too much. I drove a ’61 ford truck at the time, basically a small tank, and he startled me as I was leaning in to grab my stuff. I jerked upright, throwing the door into him accidentally, and he fell down and hit his head on a parking stop. It sure sounds great though doesn’t it. It sounds like it is time for you to buy some new clothes if the ones that fit are too old to wear. I thought stuff came back into style.

Ammi-Way to break that plateau.

Michelle-That’s great news about the hubby. I know that is a big weight off your mind.

Lillion-I have always had to have 8-9 hours of sleep in order to function. Maybe you could get one of those “George Costanza” kind of sleeping niches under your desk for afternoon naps. I had a doctor try to talk me into WLS once, but he said I couldn’t have it because the instruments are only so long, and he didn’t think they’d be long enough to work on me.

I am soooo tired, and my feet feel like I have been fire walking. I spent the day all over town in search of fabric for a new evening gown. I ended up with a red crushed velvet looking taffeta. Himself said a big wow when he saw the fabric. I hope he’s speechless when he sees me in the gown. It’s for the reception in Ottawa. The Governor General is quite a fashion plate, and I’d hate for her to upstage me.
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hi all =] Looks like some good losses this week - well done all i was weighed at measured at curves last the last 6 weeks i have lost 14 centimetres (6.21 inches), 5.1 kilos (11.22 pounds) and 2.6% body was really impressed with that...i had been kinda disheartened about my losses but getting that overall perspective really makes a difference !

Hope everyone continues to have a good week

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Hi all! Its been awhile since i posted. But i just wanted to say hi and give a lil update. Ive been going to the gym 3 days a week. My water intake has improved greatly as well. I had been drinking all crystal light, but i made a new rule this week and that is i have to drink one bottle of water before i get my crystal light and then i drink another bottle of water at night. and thats been working good for me so far. I'm not a huge fan of tap water so i went and bought a huge thing of Aquafina, but i think that im going to save all my bottles from that and go to my mom's and fill them up with her water (spring water).

Catherine ~ I’m just amazed that you do 400 sit-ups! When I was in Colorguard in high school, we used to practice in the auditorium and for part of our warm-ups during band camp we would all line up in front of the first row of seats and put our feet on them so that they were elevated at a 90 degree angle, and do crunches to the beat of the Austin Powers theme song. It was rough!

Amanda ~ exercising definitely gives me energy too. I usually go to the gym after work even though I’m dead tired and all I want to do is take a nap, and for some reason after I work out I have so much more energy! Having a gym partner also keeps me going three times a week. We have both agreed that if we weren’t going together neither of us would ever go. Basically, we keep each other accountable.
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good Morning ladies
Just wanted to drop in and say hi i have been keeping up with the posts, but have been working alot so i havent had time to respond. hope everyone is doing well.
welcome to all the new posters
Annie, so glad to see you back, good luck with the Optifast, i know you will do well, and we are here to support you.
as for me, i am doing fine food and excersise wise. i will have a weigh in friday, so hopefully i will see a loss.
sorry this is short, im off to work. hope everyone has a wonderful day
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Hey everyone-

Well as I had mentioned before I have been drinking mostly water and cutting out sodas. Well last night I had just a little bit of coke and I thought I was going to die! I guess that shows what that junk does to ones system! I guess I didn't learn my lesson from last time. Well I have got a ton of errands to run today. I hope to do the walk at home tape today. I hope you all are having a good day!

SHARON~I like the pics you posted! You look great!

DONNA~That is a awesome NSV!

AMMI~Thanks so much! I am sure the other few will turn out fine. They aren't nearly as bad as the one on his arm anyways. And yeah I really hope to have a good weigh in. I would be happy with one pound gone! lol

MELISSA~Nice to see you back! On calories I am not sure exactly. But when I am really on plan and seeing losses I am at about 1500-1800.

PATTI~I hope you feel better. I actually have to go to allergy testing in a couple of weeks. It is miserable when your allergies act up!

CATHERINE~Thanks hun. Wow that dress you are going to make sounds awesome! I love those colors.

KAZZ~WTG!! Those are really great losses!

KYMBERLY~Good luck at your WI!

ANNIE~Glad to see you back hun!
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