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Hello everyone

PERSONAL INFORMATION: My name is Aimee. I am 26 y/o. I live in Western New York in a smalelr town right on Lake Erie with my husband, 4 kitties and a crazy parakeet (who happens to be in love with the cats lol). I am very spiritual and trying to find a good balance of mind, body and soul for myself. I have struggled with depression and panic attacks where I think I might be agoraphobic. I am currently on prozac for it so I am hoping that will help.

DIABETES INFORMATION: I just found out I was diabetic so this is all so new to me. On Jan 10th I went to the ER and they said they felt I was diabetic my blood sugar was over 300. The ER put me on metformin 500mg twice a day. I saw my doctor on jan 27th who confirmed I was diabetic. She upped my metformin to a pill and a half twice a day. Then I saw her again on Feb 3 and she had the results of my A1c which was 11% eek. So she decided I needed to go on insulin. Hopefully only for three months and then see.

So since then I am taking Novolog 70/30 20 units in the morning & 10 at night plus still on metformin though she lowered my dosage back down to 500mg.

Since getting on the insulin my daily blood sugar has been great and within the range she told me. So yay.

It has been really difficult for me so far and overwhelming experience. I went to go eat yesterday after getting home and was like ugh no I have to test & take insulin first. And i am a huge baby with pain and needles are so scary lol so it has been rough to get my mind to say ok you can poke yourself. It doesn't even hurt. It took me like a week to be able to test myself right. I had alot of trouble getting enough blood at first eh. I am getting better though and getting alot more used to it all.

DIET / EXERCISE REGIMEN: I am 5'7" I am saying I weight 211 right now lol. On the third at my doctors they said I weighed 218 (shoes on) but then on the 6th at a different doctor I only weighed 211 (shoes off). At home it says I weight 210.5 (shoes off). My shoes must weight 7lbs lmao.

My goal right now is to work out a good meal plan and really figure out what I can eat. And to keep up with walking. My goal for now is to get down to 165 and then go from there.

The doctor told me to have 1600 calories and 200 carbs a day. I am a huge carb addict so it is tough lol. But I am counting carbs and calories everyday. Trying to plan out my meals for the week ahead of time and keeping track on

I have a walking video by Leslie Sansone that I am using. Eh well I have only done it three times so far but I am going to keep at it and try to walk everyday 30 mins for now and then work my way up to 60.

SPECIAL HOPES / ASPIRATIONS / ACHIEVMENTS: I want to be healthy and happy. I would love to be off the insulin. I want to lose weight. I want to have a baby so badly and I know I need to get myself healthy and it will help.
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