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Question How often do you weigh yourself?

I've decided not to weigh myself every day or even every week. Before I started losing weight, I was eating terrible and I wasn't very active. Now, I eat healthy every day and work out almost every day. There is no way that I'm not going to lose weight and I've decided that weighing myself everyday was just causing more anxiety. I was worried every time the scale was just a little higher than the day before.

Now, I weigh myself every two weeks, on the day I get paid. That way, I don't feel the need to buy a soda or a candy bar just because it's pay day.

And I was just wondering how often everyone else was weighing themselves. If you weigh yourself everyday, is everyday an official weigh in, or do you have an official weigh in every week or what not.

Just curious.

Sam =]
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Persistance loses weight
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Every morning, every night. But I only weigh officially on Saturdays at my WW meeting. I find weighing everyday helps me know what's working/what's not. Although, sometimes I wish I had to will power to just do it once a week!
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I weigh in as often as possible, cuz i'm really obsessive about it (I'm in a competition with a " friend") Whoever loses has to buy the winner an outfit. I dont wanna spend money on her , I especially hate to lose. She tried to psych me out about a week ago by telling me she lost 8 pounds , ( we were only 2 weeks in) , I think the payday Idea is a fabulous one! You are a genius bravo! I'm gonna start that too , I get paid this friday lets see how it goes! smart girl!
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I weigh in every two or three weeks for the same reasons. I quit Weight Watchers because of the weekly weigh in. If I had gained a tenth of a pound I would be devestated. One week I gained two pounds and I was fighting back tears. The diet was great and easy to follow, but the pressure of the weigh in was too much for me.
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Oh boy, I love this debate. I weigh every day, multiple times a day. It keeps me accountable to weigh every day. I have an "official" weigh in every Monday morning. But if I weigh once a week, I slack off in the beginning of the week thinking I can make up for it later in the week.
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I am trying to figure out the right amount of weigh-ins for myself. If I do it too often, I make myself crazy over the fluctuations. If I do it too rarely, I tend to be a little looser with my eating when I am not close to a weigh-in. Right now, I am shooting for a weekly "official" weigh-in, with the option to check-in midweek if it seems like I need/want it.
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Lifes a Journey
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I haven't touched the scale all month....I an't touch it until the 27th but before I made this stupid rule up for the month of feb. I weigh once a week. some times every day it really just depends. Sometimes I forget to weigh myself at the end of the week and wait another two. I don't really count on the scale much, just how good I look in clothing and how much looser they are getting on me.
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one pound at a time
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i weigh every morning. I think it helps to keep me motivated.
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Hi there
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I do exactly what mdchick does... multiple times a day, with official weigh-in on Monday mornings.

Though I do go crazy sometimes with the fluctuations, in general I like following the patterns. AND, this time I am keeping a graph with my weekly weigh-ins... mostly because I am interested to look for patterns- like the way my weight inevitably creeps up around TOM.

I like your idea of weighing in on payday, though. I have played around with the idea of doing only occasional weigh-ins like that. Food for thought.
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Staying the Same
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I weigh every morning. Keeps me on track. I don't really have "official weigh-in" days but typically my lowest weight of the week occurs on Friday morning, so that's usually the number I like to remember!
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It's about time
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I have an official weigh-in on Fridays when I wake up, but I weigh every morning for my semi-official weight (which I chart in the daily weigh-in thread here). I actually weigh almost every time I go to the bathroom. I'm a little obsessed with it.

On the bright side of that obsession is that I've gotten to be very well acquainted with how I lose weight. Based on how much I weigh at night, I can guess pretty accurately how my morning weigh-in will look. Depending on how much I weigh on Tuesday, I can estimate my weight Friday assuming I stay on plan. And if my weight is way up or way down, I know I need to drink lots of water because I'm either retaining water or I want to make sure I don't start retaining it.
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I weigh every morning and every night. It keeps me focused!
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I weigh every day but I only look at trends. The best way to tell if I'm losing weight is to see the trend over a two week period.
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I weigh every morning. It let's me see how what I ate or did the previous day affects my weight and when I see a gain I can nip it in the bud right away.
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Every morning, but my official weigh-in day is Monday. I like to see the numbers every morning (and trust me, I pray hard every morning) and compare it to what I ate the day before and how much it really affected me.
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