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Let's do this!
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I weigh when I think to do so, which is on average, once a week. Maybe two. I'm on a losing streak so I'm weighing every few days. When I *know* I've gained I will avoid the scale until I can face it. But usually it's about once a week.
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every time i pee! so yeah im an emotional roller coaster throwout the day!
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I got this
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I only count the weight on Tuesdays as it's my official weigh-in day but sometimes I do weigh myself a few times throughout the week to stay on top especially if I've had some alcohol or salty/sodium-laden food.
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Berry and Me
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I weigh in every morning. I like to know exactly how I'm doing.
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I weigh in about 2-3 times a month but only 'officially' weigh in once a month. I like to see the bigger drops in weight, I don't like only seeing 1 pound altough I know that that's amazingly good.
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I think it's up to ones self to decide what's better for you. Some people do better weighing once a week, every other week, and some get off track if they don't weigh in everyday. As long as it works for you, you still see a drop, and you're on plan, there's nothing to worry about.

I personally don't compare with anyone else for weigh-ins, at first I tried to find some direction with advice, but I soon figured that simply weighing myself every morning, and every night, helps keep me in line, on plan, working out, and doing what I do best. I look forwards to weigh ins everyday, I don't dread them even when I know or think I'll gain a pound or two. Fluctuations happen, but it's always nice to see a sudden whoosh, and a new low. If I don't do it everyday, I get nervous and anxious, and from past experiences, I tend to cheat and tell myself 'It's ok, I can lose ____ amount in the next few days, I don't weigh in for another week.'

Like I said before though, to each his own. If every other weeks works better for you, then go for it! I'm glad you're losing and it's a very bright idea!

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Running for my life
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I weigh every morning upon rising, however my official weigh in day is Monday. That is the only day I actually track my weight. I also have a once a month weigh in on the 15th of the month, as I started my plan on the 15th of a month, and I also like to see the monthly trends.
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sugar is the devil
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I used to weigh myself every day when I was attempting to lose weight before. This time around, I hired a personal trainer and he advised me to use the self discipline in me and not weigh myself for a month. So here I am, haven't weighed myself in 20 days... only 10 more to go to see how I am doing! Ugh, feels like forever but I hope it's a "good" surprise...

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I weigh myself too much! lol Being at home all day makes it hard not too. Every time I go into my bathroom I have to hop on the scale. I'm addicted & I admit it. Ya think they have a 12 step program or something for that? =)

I only count my first one of the day though. I weigh every morning before I get in the shower & I write those weights on my calender. I find that helps me because every time I see that I've gained I can look back on yesterday & I always know exactly why I did. Then I don't do that anymore!
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I weigh on Mondays. I tried weighine everyday but I would freak out if I gained a pound, and start to ge discurged.

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I weigh when I wake up, right after I use the facilities. I do it every day. I record every day of the month ending in "5" or "0" and use those numbers to track overall progress. Sometimes I'll be stalled for the first week of the month, but if I look back I see that I lost plenty from the 5th to 5th, even if my monthly weigh was not good. I feel like I have to know daily, and I don't fear it unless I know I've been bad.
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Too much! I work from home right now so it's at least 2-4 times a day. It does provide an instant feedback mechanism for me though. If I'm eating a good lunch and go weigh myself, I'm less likely to go for seconds or grab dessert than if I'm out and don't have that instant reminder of what I'm working towards.
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I go through phases kind of. I'll go for weeks without weighing myself, especially if I feel like I haven't been sticking to my diet as well as I should be. Sometimes though, I go kind of super crazy about it and weigh myself almost every day, sometimes multiple times a day. I've learned to not let it get to me and almost find the daily fluctuations in my weight to be kind of amusing. Anyway, I figure as long as it doesn't stress me out too much, weighing myself every day for awhile isn't such a bad thing.
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i weigh once a week,always at the same time n day. I find it really stressfull to weigh myself everyday, since i know that if one day i did something wrong , i still have time to fix it throughout the week without the scale reminding me.
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Every day a few times, thursdays are "official". I can't not weigh in, makes me anxious.
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