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Ya'll are all so awesome. Thanks for all the comments on the mom situation.

Brooks: I'd never thought about it that way. I know I have my own issues with actually seeing the difference, but I never think about other people having some "body dysmorphic vision" towards me.

Cake: The stairmaster ain't nothin but the devil!!!! I too have tried it. After 10 minutes I almosted passed the eff out. The only thing that will get me back on it is my dream of having a Serena Williams booty.

nomoremc: Sorry you have that "blah" feeling. Hopefully, the workout pepped you up a bit.

Brie: I *may* be able to help with the paper. Let me know what it's on. And one of my good friends is a computational chemist.

Ghost: "World cracker domination"... You are a nut! And I mean that in the nicest possible way.

And now off for my morning weigh in...
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Hot Mama
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hi y'all
this weekend was rough hubbys family had an unexpected loss so our lil mans party became family gathering instead of just a kids party. i think i did pretty well i didnt pig out i was too exhausted from lack of sleep and i sure didnt feel guilty for eating 3 pieces of cake in 2 days cause it was good...
we made it back to the gym yesterday too so we're picking up on that.
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Good morning ladies,

It's a rainy rainy day here. Boo!
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Bee- I know I'm late but sorry about your crappy day at work they are the worst!

Brook- REST! Your body will love you for it!

Luvja- I so know what you mean about "seeing" the weight loss. Once I start actually seeing the weight coming off it makes everything so much easier. Oh and its super rainy here too!

Starmac- Woohoo for size 12 pants! I hope I'll be there soon.

Nothing really interesting for me. I did spend all last night watching you tube videos. Weightlosslosers and antishay! Check them out if you're bored. It's really inspiring for me to see how other people react to losing weight and the struggles they go through. It helps me to realize that no one is perfect and even though sometimes I might feel like everyone is losing weight faster than me and whatnot we all have our difficulties!

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Well today has been super productive! I went to work late due to a dentist appt. But before I left the house I prepared my chicken for dinner tonight along with palnning out the sides. I "decluttered" for a few minutes and now I am stuck going to effin 4 hour meeting! WTF??? I have a slight sinus headache that I hope will subside.

Alana _ I missed you yay for the 12's Come onyou know I am down.

Brie - I am glad to hear mama is doing better and you too. Science....yeeeeuuuuhhh....never been my language.

Beaka - Girl the that damn stairmaster...that shyt ain't right!

lissa - sorry about the weekend events. But at least you had cake....

V - Ewwww the return of the beast always sux. I hope you feel better boo.. Thanks for the flattery...
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I will do this.
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Hi girls!

I am doing okay. The beginning of this week turned out to be pretty darn busy :-( only two more weeks of school left which means on busy Taylor!

My eating is doing well. Went a tiny but cracker crazy on saturday cause TOM was coming - I didn't eat the whole box just a few handfuls snuck in.

On sunday I went to a baseball game and had a good time. I found that I eat less when I share so I shared my popcorn and turkey leg with my dad and boyfriend and that seemed to work. Didn't share my beer, though. That was mine. But I didn't over do it when it came to eating, either.

For dinner we has burgers and I have just got into eating natural and organic foods when I can (Not the turkey leg or things I cannot control - but if I have a say I would prefer natural/organic meat) and I told my dad that when I saw he had generic ground beef.

He kind got mad at me but went to the store and got the natural kind. Mary (his girlfriend) never knew that that was important to me and told me she felt the same way. She said that when I come over on sundays we will try and have organic foods. Yay!

It made me happy she seemed to understand. I wish I could buy everything organic but I just don't have the money and my boyfriend really makes fun of me for buying it. This is something I have recently felt strong about because I have done so well with my workouts and just don't want to put crap in my body if I am working out so hard 4-5 days a week!

I try and buy organic milk, eggs, meat, veggies and fruit. Which works for me and really helps keep my anxiety done about stuff in my food, ya know?

Ugh - sorry this turned into a rant. But I hate being made fun of by my dad and boyfriend. My dad knows I have high anxiety and when I said thank you for buying the natural meat he said "This is something you need to work on" and I am like "No! You need to work on your frame of mind!" ....Mary is going to talk to him about the difference.

Oy - anyway - I am so sorry this turned out to be a crazy post. I guess I was just holding that all inside.

I am sorry I cannot get to personals today - finals are coming and I am going crazy. I am going to try my best to get to them tonight but I have an essay due next week that I must work on.

I love you girls. Thanks for, reading.
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Brighter than the moon!
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My weekend was kind of half and half. It was HOT here, in the mid 90's, so my plans of hiking were kind of foiled. I did get to the gym briefly on Saturday, and then had BBQ and birthday dinner. I made up for it on Sunday by walking for 3 hours (went to a garden in PA to take some pictures) then ate pretty sensibly. I've been doing really well on eating and exercising since last night and today. I went to spinning class last night, then made myself a dinner of turkey breast with salsa on top, brown rice and a grilled avocado. I tried to dissuade the heat by taking a cold shower before bed, but I just kept waking up throughout the night, so I decided to head back to the gym at 5:30 for another spinning class. For future reference, this probably wasn't the best idea I've ever had because I've been guzzling water all day, but I feel GREAT. I'm considering going to the gym again tonight just to get out of the heat. We haven't turned our AC on yet, so its either I drive around, wasting gas, or do some eliptical training.
I went grocery shopping and have meals planned out for the rest of the week, but I am allowing myself to go to happy hour on Friday. I have to drive there and back, so that limits me to 1 drink, then hopefully the heat will have subsided and I can go hiking all this weekend

Taylor, don't listen to them. If you want to eat organic, eat it. One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is people making fun of what other people eat. Its not your body, so butt out!! I live with 4 (male) roommates and they're actually pretty good about respecting what I do/do not keep in the house. They'll even eat most of what I cook, realizing that if it didn't taste good, I wouldn't eat it!
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Busy Mommy
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Hey guys!!!! I've been missing. I know. Crazy crazy. My dd had surgery yesterday and I've been preparing for school and I've been super busy at work. Craziness I tell ya!

1. The DD's surgery went fine and she is doing well
2. Still with my BF Bill. Still great.
3. Bday is in June so preparing for the big 2-9!
4. Still losing weight. Kinda hit a plateau but still losing inches

LOL. I'm gonna have to catch up with ya'lls lives. I am currently working with a trainer who is kicking my behind on a weekly basis. LOL. But the inches are dropping!
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last time
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got my hair done today and i'm feeling good. i still plan on doing the shred and possibly the stairmaster tonight...

30 days till miami!

18 days till graduation!

off to write some pages. beaka i will call u this afternoon...
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Just so everyone knows...I am totallly having an all out cheat day today and I dont even care. I deserve it with al the stress i've been through lately. just wanted to give you ladies an update.
luv ya'll
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Hey ladies!

I'm just going to jump in here. I've been off the forum for forever, but I'm glad to be back. I haven't had a chance to read all the posts (I'd forgotten how fast this thread moves!!!)

I had a bit of a mini breakdown the other day, mostly about work. I'm super unhappy with all the demands that are being placed on me, and I'm no longer in enjoying what I do. I called my mom in tears (coz only mommy knows how to make things better) and sobbed for about 45 minutes. I did breakdown and have a couple of cup fulls of fiber one cereral (not to self that is not a good binge food!) but managed to get myself under control. Yesterday I was so stressed that I hardly ate anything. But I'm back on track today, and am in a better headspace this morning.

I'm glad everyone seems to be doing so well and I'm definitely glad to be back!
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New BodyBugger!
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Hi Ladies!

Its been crazy. Really crazy. The flurry of activity surrounding my house is a welcome sight to see. We have a septic and basement walls. They say if all goes well, the house could be up by the end of next week!

As for diet and exercise, motivation is running a little low. i am terrified to death of the upcoming C25K weeks. I have been craving chocolate like nobody's business. Makes me think that TOM is near.

Also, we had an interesting situation regarding a girl I work with. I'll spare you the details but some rumblings have been heard regarding this new "swine flu" business. People always panic and jump to conclusions so I really take that theory lightly. You never know whether to panic or not. This super-flu-gonna-kill-everyone-business is a little dramatic. Seeing people with masks this early is just crazy. Unfortunately, I still worry about it. I could name for you at least 10 of my students who went to various parts of Mexico on Spring Break. We even had a few staff members there. I'm just hoping that this doesn't hit close to home for anyone. for now, I'll just sit and worry about ya'll!
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This is not a test.
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girls, i just cant stop eating I do well in the day, but i have been over my calories for 3 days in a row now because of eating in the evenings Any hints?
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Eeek! I just looked in the mirror and found 6 grey hairs! I'm not even 26 yet!!! How can I be going grey!?!
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Feelin' Sassafrassy
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Ok time for personals!!

Shan: My mom starting graying at 21. I haven't had the privilege yet of finding any and I am 23. OMG fiber one and me are friends but we aren't best friends for good reason.

Ghost: You can stop! You have to find something to do, and alot of times 3fc is it.

Heather: I completely agree with this swine flu business.

Niki: I am so glad that your DD is doing well. Yay for inches!

Taylor: Good luck on your finals chickadee!

Work was so long today. I had to make the choice to have my cat put down sometime this week. He has Feline AIDS, has tumors growing and festering on the back of neck. He is happy but its only going to get worse. I am sad, he is my baby he sleeps with me every night and we cuddle together all the time. My dad is supposed to take care of it sometime this week. On lighter notes as well my dad is finally going back to work after being off from a work related injury since February. Praise Jesus he is getting on everyone's nerves and is Captain Sensitivity with my mom and her friends death. I cant wait to save enough money so I can move out.
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