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I am sooo bummed! So I am back up to 176 today and STILL haven't started TOM..this is really getting old...I have been bloated and uncomfortable for almost 2 full weeks now. I just want to get this over with so that I can move on and hopefully lose this water weight that I KNOW that I am carrying around.

On a positive note I think I am going to start some laundry and then of course get a great workout in!

Cake- yay, I hope i look that good when I run in July!!

Beaka- yay for dancing on sexy men, I did that on thursday night and boy was it fun

Nish- I WANNA go out on the boat sooo bad. Not that I have one but someone you know around here always does. I mean I can't go 5 minutes in any direction without hitting water so yeah..i'm excited for summer
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Nish- Yeah I'll def be flossing every day now. I'm really good about brushing 2 or 3 times a day but I always forget to floss. Plus it doesnt help that I waited 6 yrs to see the dentist! Anyways sorry about the burn but you at least yout got to be out on a boat all weekend, how fun!! I'm super jealous.

BLCarter- Water weight blows! I was fighting the same 2 lbs for almost 2 weeks Currently I'm up 2lbs from that because of my weekend splurge, but eh what comes up must come they say
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Yeah so I have been on all morning because I am trying to get my home in order. I feel like I have my whole life in order except my house and that is awesome! I am one of those people w/ anxiety and instead of doing everything in sections I think it all has to be done now and then get so overwhelmed and frustrated I get depressed about and do nothing. However if I have plan and do everything step by step then I can do it. It is how I have been succeeding in my WL (diet straight, then any form of exercise, to now running and so on). IDK why I didn't think of this sooner!!!!!!!

Nisha - I got burned at the race also. WOW it hurt but at lest I am gonna be brown. I can not go outside longer than 30 minutes w/out being burned. i am glad you had such a wonderful weekend though. As for the BF and the race he said is going to do it but he can't run it cause of his knees. THanks for saying I look great! IT was nice of you butteruhm I have on a scarf!!!!

Becky - Thanks cutie. BTW you already look great!!! I am sorry you are STILL bloated and you are right that does blow!!!

Bee - You are back home now you have control of the situation again and just go gor your run as planned. You will be fine

Brie - I know you love it......I just don't want all this stress to take a unpleasant toll on you baby. I thought about you when I was making my plan for getting myhouse in order. "With no plan, I plan to fail" you said that a few weeks ago about your exercise.
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last time
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today has to be a great day! my niece got dropped off this morning and didnt cry or whine! for the first time since DECEMBER! she's almost 18 months and i thought she would cry forever. it drove me nuts!

well i plan to workout today before the library. i am going to finish my breakfast and start reading during her nap. that way when it is time for her to go i can get out of here straight to the gym. then i can shower and go to school. i have a plan! now to stick to it lol

k i'm down to 187 this morning and that is awesome. 1.5#'s and i will be back to my low of 185.5.

i cant stand re-losing weight! no more!!!

i definitely need a personal assistant! lol

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Ashlan - BAD Freaking azzzzzz! Great work on your 5K girly, that's awesome you did so good, and you looked great doing it! FYI - my lil brother has probably done 5-10 5k's and his last time was 42 min girly, so you ROCKED IT! Yay for having a plan, I totally have the aniexty too, but I think I over stress! It has definitely worked with your WL, it has to work with your house toO! I checked out that FlyLady site, that sounds pretty interesting! Maybe I'll check that out after school is over.

ks - yea, don't be too hard on your self, you have a long life to live to worry about being bad for one weekend, its when EVERY weekend is bad we have to get worried!

Brie - hw HAS to be priority one, even on your 21 day challenge. You'll be fine, and have the determination to get back to the gym when you graduate, that will be so sweet! Atleast you can get some good cooking in, the dinner sound deeeeeLISH, so just get your cook on, homework done, and you'll be ready for the gym when you can finally put school in the books! YAY, for the end of crying! That's definitely a good way to start off the day. Great Plan, you should be golden!

Beaka - Sweet Sunday! Yay, you are going to keep saying "Lowest Adult Weight" for a long time now girl! We'll see it every week at least!! Yay, the personal trainer is working it off ya, go Beaka!

Icon - the dentist is EXPENSIVE, i hate it! I think it's a conspiracy anyway! lol, that sucks though, hope its over and done fast! no clue on the body water! Did you google? Thanks for sending the link to it though, we are looking for a new one too! Yay for increasing your weights too, that will be major plus in your weightloss, i promise!

Bee - glad you had good weather, and got back to have happy time! Run RUN RUN!!!

Heather - sorry they didn't get to your house! You have such a lovely attitude, I'm rooting for all your hardwork to start showing you results!

Nish - that boat ride was just what you needed, that sounded FUN! I totally got burnt in the same spot a couple of years ago at the Coachella festival. I put sunscreen EVERYWHERE but there, and this was like 4 years ago, I still have the tan lines...hopefully i dont get wrinkled boobs, that'd would so not be cool!

Becky - Hope TOM comes and goes for you! I was in the same boat, but its finally here! Yay, for getting it over with!

ehlow ehlow ladies!! I had a pretty good weekend, went and saw some live music friday night, had a mozzarella and basil samich that was fantabulous. Went to booty camp Saturday morning, got muh butt kicked, then went and picked up my Fruit and Veggie basket from this Co-Op I just joined last week. Man what a freaking amazing thing!! I got TONS of fruit and veggies for so cheap it's ridiculous. I bought an organic basket and an conventional basket, so now I have like 8 cucumbers, 6 small things of romaine, oranges, apples, mangoes, peaches, acorn squash,etc. If you can find a Co-Op in your area, DO IT, it's so worth it! THEN after that my sister and I went to Safeway and bought 8 - 18 packs of bud light because they had them for $9.99 and we're throwing my dad a surprise 60th this coming month so BEER, CHECK! It was funny too cause they had a 2 case limit per person, so we went outside and back in to buy two more each...i was all scared cause i felt bad, but oh well, I know tons of people do it, and right now we all need to save money! So sunday i went hiking with the puppy and my lil brother and his girl, that was fun, we made GOOD Time, it was 2 miles up and 2 miles down in an hour an half. Spent the rest of the day getting some major work done on muh HW. I'm going to take Thursday and Friday off of work this week and spend all day learning! YAY learning, haha. BF is STILL sick, but he's feeling good enough to work out today so YAY, i'm going back to the gym after ANOTHER week off! I'm loosing this week dang it, i WILL SEE 147 this week.

Wishing you all a good day!
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Feelin' Sassafrassy
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So work today is in the sh!itter. I had to leave early on period close because of the funeral etc, and my boss told me just get done what you can get done and dont worry about it. This billing because was sent way over deadline for guarantee to billed out and was 4x the size of the normal billing. So I did exactly what I was told had some help from some of my coworkers and got more done that I could have gotten done by myself. So today my boss had to tell what wasnt billed and the girl that sent me the billing has gotten all pissy and uptight because it wasnt all done. We have communicated today through email and phone about other topics besides this one particular item and she is just down right hateful.

I promise personals tonight.

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Well for the most part, it sounds like everyone is doing well. Yay for great weather and 5ks and boats and stuff like that! Bee, sorry about work, sounds like way too much stuff to do in too short a time frame!

As for myself, I've been battling a cold or flu for the past week. I'm done with that stretch of it, but sad because I haven't worked out in almost a week, after 3 months of going to the gym daily. But now my cold has turned into a sinus infection AND conjunctivitis. Ugh!!!!11111one Can't wait to start working out again but I definitely need to start feeling better and coughing less first!
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Ashlan - You are amazing! And looked cute while doing it to!

beaka - to you to!!! Under 225, You rock girl!!!!!!!

DanSinDeva - You can do it! 147 here YOU come.

So, I totally did BAD this weekend. I probably consumed more than 10,000 calories over the weekend.... Anyways I'm back on track now, I walked so far today, my legs are hurting... But darn, IT FEELS GOOD! Now with the nice weather getting here, it motivates me to walk walk walk. Time to start droppin' the pounds again! I'm actually excited, it's been a while since I've lost a good amount of weight (too notice anyways) I love that feeling of being able to SEE the weight loss.
I hope everyone is doing good xoxo
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So I get on the scale this morning and 223.0!!!! WTF?!?!?! It's almost freaking me out. I know it a combo of taking my new birth control and metformin, eating on plan, and the personal training. Plus, my TOM was last week. So... I'm feeling especially conceited today. Beaka= Sexy Beast.

Kindra: Thanks! I am sooooo excited. It's crazy how well it's going.

Ghost: I'm still savouring it!!! Sorry about everything with the dentist. I don't have dental or vision insurance right now, so I feel you. And I can't believe you have "lemon chicken crackers" in your signature.

Cake: Thanks! And you ARE an inspiration. You are out there gettin it er'day and stayin on plan!

Brie: Thanks! The little icon running across the screen entertains me.

Heather: Of course you house is more important... unless they were off building an orphanage for homeless babies or something.

Nish: I've never heard of wrinkled cleavage as a fear. Use aloe vera! And oh how I had missed the sexy men... now I have the PEEN on the brain!!!

Blcarter: Hope you're feeling better soon! Glad you got in some sexy man dancing too!

DanSin: Thanks!!! This is like the best thing I've ever done for myself. The results are so worth it!!! Hopefully I'll keep seeing results like this. I need to check into getting fruits and veggies like that at the co-op.

Bee: Hurt people hurt people. I know it's cliche, but when people are pissy for no reason it's because they have some effed up stuff going on in their life.

Brooks: Hope you feel better!

luvja: THANKS!!! And I'm glad you got right back on track! Forget this weekend, you're moving forward.

So ya'll I am wore out. Another day of training. We do exercises I'd never even thought of, but it's worth it. Oh, and my trainer told me this other trainer asked about me. He's really cute and stopped me one day when I was walking around looking lost. We chat a lil bit when I see him. It's good to have a lil eye candy at the gym .

I also have a small rant. I talked to my Mom today and told her about being my smallest. To which she said, "are you sure? I think you've been smaller than that." I love her, but sometimes I wanna slap her. My mother was one of the tall, thin, beautiful people. Even now, she's a size 16 which isn't terrible for her height/age. I told her my goal is to be a 10 when she asked how much I wanted to lose. She said that's too small for me!! WTF?!?! She says since I've never been small I probably won't look good below a size 12. This is the same woman who dragged me to a dietitian when I was 8 and made me feel bad when I put food in my mouth at the dinner table. So maybe I'm moving into the stage where people see you making progress and treat you like ish out of jealousy. Rant over.

But I'm still awesome and ya'll are too!!!
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So today turned out to be a great effin day! I managed to stay at work the entire day for once. So I am so excited to say that I did 85 minutes of cardio, which included two 11 min miles, 5 miles on the bike, 3-1/2 miles on the elliptical and another 3 and some change on the Cybex thing. Those odd 5 minutes came from me trying to get on the stairmaster and failing miserably. IDK if it was because of the bike and the elliptical and the 2 miles but that thang whipped my azz in 4.5 minutes and that is how I ended up on the cybex. I just kept sinking going down to the floor and I just laid there on the rails before moving on in defeat....Brie/Alana more power to ya'll! Oh I made Beef and Broccoli Stir-Fry and uhm .....*toots own horn* it was better than Mr Li's HAHA. My sister came over for dinner and she loved it. I was proud.

Beaka _ you are KILLING this weightloss ordeal right now! You go and now when you go there is another reason haha. Sorry about the "NON" reaction from your mom. Sometimes I wanna slap my mama too! She just didn't know how to react to your success is all. Don't sweat it....they can not deny you when ACTUALLY are in a 10!!!!

Luvja - Thanks you. Sorry you had a calorie mishap....just get your walk on gurl.

Brook - Aww that sucks you have been sick baby. I know what you mean, you feel like you are not being WL productive. I hope you can get in the gym soon

nisha - eeeekkk wrinkled cleavage.....the one thing that truly scares me about the tanning bed!

Dansin - You are so gonna see 147 because you just work sooooo hard and stay soooo positive. What is Co-Op? Sounds interesting. I am glad you all stocked up veggies and nutritious items. That is soo sweet what you guys are doing for your dad. I wish my sisters would pitch in and help me do something like that but they are too self-absorbed.

Brie - yay 187 boo boo! Were you able to get in your workoutin today. Was school okay today and is mama???
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Boarding the skinny train
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Ash: You go woman! That is fantastic and you look great!!

Kindra: That's ok, just work a little harder this week.

bjewel: Yummy!!

beaka: Woo-hoo!! Congrats on the mini goal! Here's to the next ! And yay for the eye candy! Keep ur chin up about your mom, I know that can be tough especially when it's someone you actually care about. You're awesome and the sky is the limit.

IconG: Wow, they make scales with that detailed info? How the heck?! I hate the dentist with a passion so I know how you feel.

Heather: That's ok, you're not up, focus on the (+)!

Nish: That sounds like so much fun, minus the crispy part!

blcarter: Yuck, I'm right there with you. Aunt flow hasn't visited me in over 6 months (I know, totally not normal), and she finally came with all her wrath! It sucks!

Steph: That sounds so good, I will look into co-ops over here. You've got a plan for this week and it includes learning and seeing a specific number, go you!!!

Brook: Hope you feel better soon, that sucks! I know you're going to jump right back in from where you left off. Don't stress!

luvja: Bad weekend eh, I think I might have one of those this weekend too. I hate parties now!! LOL! Hang in there, I too, can't wait to "see" the fruits of my labor. Unlike you, I have never seen it! Soon!

As for me, like I mentioned a bit up there, I got my period for the first time in 6 months, I know, it's really weird. And it came with a vengeance! So I didn't work out like I planned to last week. What is really weird is that I managed to lose 4 lbs last week, despite the havoc on my body. I have a feeling that the scale won't be moving much for me this week though, for some reason I just feel blah. Night all, I'm off to 24hr! *hugs*
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last time
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ashlan - my science teacher is a science geek/genius and no one understands what he is talking about except him. but i promise i will pass lol
mom is fine for now...i had a sort of major breakdown last week and it kind of snapped her back into strong mommy mode. so she isnt feeling sorry for herself. and ive been talking about moving home for longer than summer so she is happy. i'll be home in 4 weeks so she should be fine for a bit.
the stairmaster is a beast! i know you can handle it lol

no more - i had a period after 4 months of hiatus and it was awful i feel your pain. but the awesome part is you are down. i went up up up lol

beaka - here's another for you! you are rocking girl! sometimes mommies are stupid lol nisha and i were talking about ours and how they have screwed us up fo life just a couple weeks ago lol. u love em but like cake said sometimes u wanna slap em...but you know better lmao

luvja - i am glad you are getting back active! you deserve to reach yr goals way to go!

brooks - feel better

bee - some people are just born to be douches. (i made that up lol) listen to your boss he/she is who matters. lil angrykins will have to wait!

dansin - i need to find a co-op that sounds awesome!
i see 147 in your future!

anyone have any research papers dealing with physical science, chemistry, geology or physics?? i need help with one let me know if u can help me!

still OP i plan to clean my room tonight so i can get some a/c in this steamy little apartment

hopefully i will be down again in the morning
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Its Alana Time
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Hey friends! I am alive. Seriously it has been way too long.

Okay personals. I didnt get a chance to read last weeks so if there was something life changing or exciting, hit me up.

Ashlan - look at you just strollin down the road. That is incredible. You did it girl. And now i just read your update from today. You are like super woman. Can we get you a cape or something? Maybe "A" t-shirts? And 178! Seriously I am coming down to work out with you missy.

Beaka - you do you. I too have a mom that likes to throw in the sly comment here and the "put down the fry before you balloon back to where you were" comment there. your momma loves you, but you need her support, not the negativity. you said it. Beaka = sexy beast. And now we know you wont be complaining to go to the gym

luvja - i was bad the weekend too. can we just get a re-do?

brook - feel better hun

bee - sorry about work. try not to let it bother you. people can be mean when they dont have to say it face to face.

deva - hahaha i was cracking up at all the fruit then the bud light. we they have a deal you must take advantage of it. I have been looking for a co-op here, but they are full. i need to check it out now though. I want the fresh fruit for so little money. like now.

brie - you workout today? yes is the correct answer ps. yay for 187. you will be in the 170s in now time flat. keep it up. When you find a personal assistant, can you see if he/she has a twin? that would be great.

carter - boo for bloating. and for 2 weeks. tom, hurry your a** up.

nish - i never used to burn. like ever. i could decline the offer to slather sunscreen on. i dont know that the f happened, but all of the sudden, as i got lighter, the sun and my freakin skin became best friends. one instance in my update below. And if this will make for wrinkly cleavage, i will look 75 in 4 years. oh heavens

Okay so my new job is cool. I get to talk to people about refinancing their house. There is a chance that I could move up soon, so i have been a diligent little worker bee.

Of course that means no 2 a days. Really that means no one a day. I worked out 2 times last week. My legs were like putty. And eating is not much better. I eat healthy throughout the day, but its something out dinner where i go wrong. I need to figure this out stat. I like my size 12 pants

Yeah I am in a size 12 now ps. That is something to share. I seriously almost jumped on the sales lady at ann taylor loft. I think that is why the woman who works in the fitting room keeps looking at me weird now. oh well. she isnt ruining my happy time

And I am a red at a tomato. Was out in the sun from 9:45 - 5:30 saturday (the hottest day ever) for Foxfield in Charlottesville (think Kentucky derby esque, but everyone goes for the tailgate/drink until your face comes off). I only had 3 drinks when most people average 12 at least. But without reapplying ever 10 minutes, i am fried. And i have a wedding to go to this weekend. I need a new dress.

Okay i hope i did not bore anyone. and if i did, now you can go to bed tired. I am out.
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Beaka - I know how that feels! I told my mom I'm the smallest I can remember being, and she said "You sure? I think I remember you going crazy because you fit into a pair of Tommy Hilfiger 12s in high school." I'm finally into 14s (not quite consistently yet), but I'm pretty sure if I even still had those jeans, I could get them to zip and button. Ugh @ negativity. Just shrug it off. Just like we see ourselves every day and don't always see the change, they see us every day too and it's easy for them to see what they're used to seeing for the past x amount of years.

Luvja - Mmmm I hope all your weekend calories were yummy and worth it. Sometimes you just need to splurge and not regret each bite you eat!

nomore - I hate when it happens like that. Especially when you don't have a normal cycle and it always sneaks up on you.

cake - I found too. I started cleaning my sink (lol) and suddenly I'm working on the fridge, the pantry, the countertops, the oven... Really though, the kitchen is a common area and I'm not in there that much. My habitat is my room, I need to come up with a plan for my room....

Um... nothing new here. Hacking up a lung as I type. Just wanted to try my hand at some personals and see if I can keep it up for more than 1 or 2 posts.
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This is not a test.
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Beaka- putting it in my sig seemed like the natural next step to world cracker domination Sorry about what your mum said. People are weird. I gave up trying to figure out why they say some of the things they say about weight loss.

Starmac- size 12! congrats

Brook- aw sorry you're sick Seems to be a lot going around. Keep warm, have lots of fluids, eat lots of fruit, have lots of chicken soup, dont leave your hair wet!

Nothing much new here. Doing pretty good exercise wise but i just want to eat everything in sight >.<
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