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Congrats on the loss Nikki, you are doing so great. Clothes sizes are such a pain. One would think that the manufacturers would want to have some uniformness to them so that people aren't always having to return an item because it doesn't fit. I know I get mad and won't buy a brand again if it's a hassle.

Carol, I hope your camping is great. The kayaking will be great fun.

Penny, definitely post your garden pictures - sounds like your yard is wonderful. I hope your back gets better quickly.

Judy, hope you're doing good.

I got up at 4 this morning so I exercised and am surfing before work. The scale was evil but I feel bloated and am darn sure I didn't gain 3 pounds of fat since Tuesday - or am a sleep eater and since I'm hungry in the mornings I don't think that's the case.

Judy, I'm getting my elves out and will be trekking across the mountain tomorrow morning for some quick shopping. I did buy a new phone - the t-mobile wing. It's a brand new on and was a bit pricey but I will like it. I'll try out the internet today (probably at work).

Talk to you later.
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