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Well girls I am a bit sore but thats a good thing after my 70 min. work out yesterday at the gym. Yes I finally got myself there. My close friend is on a one month free bee started yesterday. It was good as she is willing to try new things and eager to do this to lose. I am trying some different machines. My food intake was good except for the popcorn at the movies we went to see The Golden Compass not a bad movie but different than I thought it would be. We went to the little country movie theater its on 5 a head there. A bit cheaper on grandma's pocket. I did limit myself and had a bottle of tea my daughter brought me. I made some flaxseed muffins with apples, grated carrots, almonds and banana. Not bad and real healthy.
Marie I need to start the intake documentation today. A trip to the health food store yesterday was good to buy flaxseed meal, oatmeal, dried peas and oh my QC10 how I have missed being on that. So I got that too and ran into a lady which gave me good info. and told me about the flaxseed recipe on the back of B.Mills flaxseed bag. Thats how I got started making these muffins. I will freeze them individually for my fast flying out the door mornings. Happy birthday from Bear and I. He has been on much better behavior since the purchase of his behavior collar we have only used it a couple of times if he has it on just behaves better. I think he will be a puppy forever like your doggies. I had 3 grandkids overnight and the fourth went to the movies with us and his mom. So its been a nice weekend. I am suppose to go to the gym again today just to use the treadmill, pool and sauna if my friend feels like it. Otherwise on NYeve we are planning on going right after work 3. Then having such bad things for dinner steak grilled lobster tails, shrimp, cheeses I will try to limit myself here and some fuzzy navels for drinks. I figure if we do the gym at least that is a little good to go with the rest.
Hope everyone is doing well and Marie glad your feeling more in control me too! Just comes to a time when yah say okay this is enought lets get it together. I will be working on taking control again on NYday. A little of this and that but with a eye on my intake and not stand or seat by the snack table. Thats a no no! Also only a little piece of cake mom turns 86 and thats her birthday the hubbies is monday.
Hey wow I just added up my intake for yesterday and it wasn't even any foods I was super glad over and wow many unthought of cals jumped in intakes documented is a must. Thank G I worked out as my end intakes were over the edge counting honestly at 2100 and what the heck fun was it all?? Oh journal here I come started todays alread and will reflect back to yesterdays as a reminder when I get lazy here.

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G,day lovley ladies well it looks like we all survived Chrissy and stayed on track to the best of our good intentions . I had a lovely time with the family and friends a bit of tension between my ex and my eldest and youngest DD,s but I just pretended I didn,t notice and the day was pretty good I was more involved with my DGK.s anyway so I didn,t bother with all the other crap. I ate well and even managed to lose a 1lb , well it is New Years Eve here downunder that,s I,ve never pigged out on New Years so shouldn,t be a problem.

Carol, you put me to shame when it comes to workouts but I,ll get there, after all my hinting I didn,t get my treadmill so I have to take my DGS back to Sydney tomorrow he came up to stay with me for a few days, so I just might get one for myself .

Marie I hope Blizzard had a lovely birthday I,m with you I love my doggies too but then again sometimes I like animals more than I like some people animals either like you or they don,t there is no b***s**t in between

Penny I did have a bonzer time thanks hope yours was just as mickey mouse.

Judy your facial sounds great it has been along time since I had a professional facial I do my own. I agree with you all of the support I get from you wonderful ladies is a God send at times and has kept me focused at my lowest of times.

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Hey Juls it will come its not easy nor does it feel real good today on my body but no hurt no gain I guess they say. I worked out last night at the gym but it was a swim and exercise in the pool no equipment then we sat in the hot tub. The jets were great on my sore back. I am not letting it get the best of me. Today will be my 3rd day at the gym. Going to have a nice party with my close friends at my home tonight figure we might want to burn a few cals. to start with I am now tracking my intakes. But not today as there is no sense. My hubbies birthday is today also. We are having a family get together on sunday for that and then will end celebrations for awhile.
How everyone is ready to start 2008 here! I am 07 was tough in the end and I am ready to put it behind us thats forsure. Well talk to you all after the new year comes in. Juls wish you were closer I would give you my treadmill. Could never get into using it at home it isn't so new but it works. I will put a free sign up in town. Talk to you all later enjoy!
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Looks like Ruth has closed this thread and started us off on another thread for 2008.

I don't think this one's been locked yet as I was able to post this as a heads-up for you guys in case you were wondering what happened to 2 pages of posts!
Here is the new thread - it took me quite a while to find it:
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