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Unhappy My Third Day And Feeling Awful

Well today iím bumed out, yesterday i had cake,icecream, chips my sons birhtday, at a lot of cake he likes chocolate i donít so i bought myself one a 4Ē (9 oz) cake that served four.

today i ate at 7:30 am 2 fried chicked wings, and french fries i was in the mood for it and i said oh well better eat it know early then late at night. 1 banana, oh gosh i need to eat all over again,

its so hard i donít think i can do this i just as well give up, i wonít ever lose it i been fat for to long and for what know iím 40 to late, i hate this, iím so upset, sad, i been trying for so long but i give up since i donít lose anything and all i do is think about food.

i wounder how some people have lost 30,50,100 lbs itís my dream. i donít want to die fat my best friend passed away one year already, and she was big she died of cancer it was to late when she found out. anyway the funeral derector (sp) she need a bigger coffin because she is fat and then when they was carring the coffine he said hold it very good, because she is heavy,

i cried so much when i heard that but i donít know if the family heard but i wonít ever tell them, we was very closed for 22 yrs. and my sonís father is four yrs he passed away. he got electicuted at his brothers house fixing the basement life sucks.

I know you all mite get tired of hearing me complain and i know i will be doing alot of that but i just need to be able to go to a place to let it all out. please don't read any post of me when you see my name, i just want to be able to let it out, but i do appreciate any help i been writing menues down, and tips. thanks lot's of hugs,


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Hey, it's one blip on the radar screen. Please don't beat yourself up about it. Would you treat your kids the way you're treating yourself if they made a mistake? I'm betting the answer is no--so stop it!

I'm sure it's just because you're feeling bad right now, but you CAN do this no matter what your age. I'm more than a decade older than you so I know what I'm talking about.

Consider taking baby steps instead of jumping into it head first. Instead of starting with food, start with exercise. Make it a priority. Set a time of day when you can exercise and do it. Commit to one week of exercising every day--nothing major like going to the gym and doing the treadmill for an hour, but something you can live with like walking around the block. Once you've done that, reward yourself (non-food, of course), and then make a commitment to keep exercising and drink only one diet soda a day and drink water in place of the other drinks you were consuming. Commit for a week. Then start adding things like eating more vegetables.

Those little things add up! Once you prove to yourself than you can commit to that stuff, then you'll have the courage to start changing more in your life. And. . .if you screw up, it's okay, really it is. We all screw up.

So cut yourself some slack and go really, really slow.
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I am not sure how you are handling your food but the best way to start, I think, is making small changes. My first change was no more candy bars and although I have to look at candy bars all day long (there is a big box of them in my cube area), I haven't had one for 5 months.

You could tell yourself "I won't eat any more fried food" and then keep to that. Also start incorporating healthier options into your diet like fruit and veggies. Really, you have to work out a plan. The saying "failing to plan is a plan for failure" is quite real.

Honestly, it isn't worth it to fill your body with fattening junk because it has no benefit to you. Sure it may taste good but once you start getting used to healthier options, those will start tasting good as well. There are small sacrifices that you will have to make but in the end you will end up with a healthier, slimmer you.
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Height: 5'8" (Dang, I shrank an inch!)


Here's a link to an interesting article that Meg posted in the Support forum.
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Shelia is right. Don't beat yourself up over this and taking baby steps is key. I hate to know that you feel this way. It makes me sad. You can do it. Really. Don't feel as if there is no hope. We have a few gals and guys here that can testify that it can be done. Look at Beverly here. She is the ultimate role model for this weight losing stuff. Shes been there. We ALL have! I am amazed at her story. You should get to know her and many others on this board who WANT TO HELP YOU! What can we do to support you? Do you need help planning your meals? Do you need a daily phone call to check in? I would be more than happy to be your personal motivator. Another thing, its NEVER too late. Look at our Beautiful Shelia.. Shes the most fit over forty woman in this group. Shes done an awesome job. She's stunning. You are stunnning! You've got to give yourself some credit. You've been through some hard times. I think that your son would really appreciate having his mother around long into his adulthood. You can do this. I swear it.

This is all overwhelming to you I am sure. It is overwhelming to all of us! Don't give up. You have found a wonderful resource and support system in this group. I know I speak for most of us when I say we want to support you and help you in this journey as much as we can. I hope you'll reconsider and keep on going... We want to see you happy.
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majestical - I completely understand. Life does thow us those nasty curves. We have to fight those feelings. I got some great advice the other day. I watched a movie and it helped me. I also listened to music today. I'm at a point where I'm going to sink or swim. I want to swim!! I'm kicking as hard as I can! I see all my friends at 3FC cheering me on telling me not to give up keep going one "stroke" at a time and I'll get to shore. My "stroke" is my workout. I made a cry for help and my friends are there... Like I'm here for and I'm standing by others from 3fc!You keep posting and letting out those feelings.

I would like to give you some advice I got from a very wise person. Thanks (Sarah) not long ago I had a terrible time with water. This wise person told me to get a goal amount. Then Say I started drinking x amount of water at 8 a.m. then I should think of a goal on what time that water should be gone so I could start on the next bottle. So I now have my 4 bottles of waters set to have been drank at a ceratain time. Do I always make it. NO but I have a basic ideal and I've gotten better it's has started to come second nature. Now water isn't such a big deal.

Don't worry about the cake and chicken. It's not going to do anything to worry about it. Next time try and think of another way to cook your chicken. I've noticed that others are posting recipes. Maybe you could do that. Ask for a chicken recipe or whatever.

You CAN lose and yes it is hard work but YOUR WORTH IT!!! Don't give up! Try babysteps. Take it slow... you'll get there.
We're here for you.
P.S. I use to type my messages in MS Word then check for spelling, grammer... now I don't. I haven't noticed any red circles around my errors
Morall of the story -- I don't think anyone cares!! YIPPEE My kind of ppl.
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majestical i want to give you a big
you sound completely overwhelmed. take a deep breath. now two more.
so that you don't stay overwhelmed forget all about those diets you've been on before where you starve yourself. clear your mind. those days are way over.
tiny steps, baby steps. this is not something that has to happen overnight. it takes time to change. dont' worry, we all fall down sometimes but if you know what you'll do when you get back on it's much easier. make a small plan. write it down. and tell us your plan.
your plan could look something like this:
1- what is one thing you can cut out, just one, for 1 week? it's only seven days. that's it.
2- can you take a walk around the block as was suggested? get outside and move a little. it's not a marathon, just one block. you can do that. thne the next day do it again.
that's a small plan you can follow for one week. don't berate yourself or criticize yourself during the week. at the end of the week you can then think about it. did it work? if you fell off plan sometimes ask yourself why, when? got that? ok. now put it behind you.
so many people here have great success but many of them also have big struggles, i sure do! they are very inspiring people and they are here to help you. give yourself a hug. be kind and compassionate with yourself.

take care
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