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Default what was I thinking???

What just happened?

Having a normal, on-plan day, until I ate way more butternut squash than I had planned.... Sat down, added up my calories, and realized that while not "good" I had stayed inside my upper limit of 1500 calories.

So, somehow, I ended up eating a little bit of bread. Then picking at the leftover asparagus from dinner, and somehow that led to slice of bread with almond butter on it.

Final tally: 1800 calories. I have a stomach ache.

I am have done the tally of different reasons why I would do that and can't come up with one.... my old pick around, eat this eat that habit just surfaced out of nowhere.

Dang! PLUS I skipped my work-out tonight, which was semi-planned, but I thought I might sneak it in.


Man! I'm so frustrated with myself. I also wonder how on earth I used to down 3 or 4000 calories in a day. I have a stomach ache now.
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uber, I read the wrong post first! I don't think I'd worry too much about the 300 cals - you probably still have a small deficit - but where the old habit came from...?

Don't worry too much! Get back on the wagon tomorrow and keep your eyes out for nibble impulses.
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300 cal is nothing to beat yourself up over.

Just get back to it tomorrow.

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I think this could be far worse and you can think of it as a bank and taking off alittle on the following days ahead. But really you didn't do too bad. Just learn from this to avoid it another day.

Chin up girlfriend, Your doing awesome!
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I don't think there's always a ready answer to why we overeat sometimes and do so well at other times. You've obviously done extremely well in the past with 75 pounds gone, so congratulations and forgeddaboutit already!!!
You'll do great tomorrow.
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you can totally work that off quickly....

AND, you never know...maybe your body was craving the nutrients in almond butter! Sometimes you have to listen to your body!

the 1800 calories still isn't enough to add even a pound...hang in there! Tomorrow is a new day!
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I agree with everyone else, there's no explanation as to why we over eat sometimes. I have done it on many occasions myself. Just keep going, I find an extra 10 minutes on the treadmill usually helps my mind feel a little more at ease
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Thanks guys! Well, I'm going to bed now and didn't eat anything ELSE!

I know 1800 doesn't seem like that much-- but I normally stick between 1200 to 1300 and I only hit 1500 on rare occasions... so 1800 is really not what I'm supposed to be doing.

I'll move on though. Tomorrow is another day.
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Another way to think about it...if you normally eat 1200-1300, and you're losing 1 lb a week or so, that extra 500 calories put you at your maintenance level. So, it's not even a setback - just a delay.

Right back on track, and move forward.
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Bumping your calories up for a day is probably a good thing if they've been really low for a long time. Helps ward off going into starvation mode.

I totally understand that you're frustrated with the resurfing of a bad habit, but the damage it cause was pretty minimal.
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Really maintaining now!
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So, do you plan on eating like that normally? Of course not! You didn't flip out and eat an entire cake or anything like that, you just ate a bit more than usual. Back on track, and no harm will be done.
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Uber, you might try making sure you're getting enough protein. Sometimes I find that if I'm short there, I tend to roam and pick at things. Aim for 100 grams a day if you're actively working out--see if that makes a difference.

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I'm a bad picker too and I'm not sure that "habit" every really goes away, which is a good thing to know. Knowing is half the battle and now YOU know.
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I fought this urge last night. Thank you for posting it last night, it did help.

I find, for me, if I've been on plan for awhile and have been bouncing around with sodium/water gain, the day before the whoosh, I really fight the need to gorge on food, it's a serious, physiological response to weight loss. The body had a set point, it got comfy and here you come shaking it all loose. I do believe its normal. If I stay OP, I find a nice whoosh the day after, if I don't, then I go through the same thing in a week or so, for the same lbs. Remember, you don't have to be perfect, you only have to keep being. Healthy, always learning and moving forward. You've done so well for a long time, it's ok to slip as long as you stand back up and keep moving forward
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Uber, it sounds like you might have been just a bit over your calorie count, that's all. You still had a good day on plan. Do you think there may have been something that triggered your old habit? It took me a while to recognize what was causing some of my old habits to occur. Like if I am lonely or bored I get an urge to eat, even if I am not hungry. I think it's important to try to recognize things that may cause our behavior like our moods or our environments.

Don't give up because you went a little over. Keep going.

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