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Hi Everyone!
I'm Jan from Phoenix and soon to be from Albuquerque. 47 yr. old Packer fan married to a 47 yr old Eagles fan. Mom to 3 grown stepkids and 1 English Bulldog.
I'm an electrical engineering assistant for a bunch of crazy nuts who design satellites for a living.
And-my dream is to play in the snow. LOTS OF IT.....
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I can't remember if I ever really introduced myself...I think I just jumped in! So here goes...

I go by mj and I have been married for just over 11 years to an incredibly supportive husband. I never thought it was possible to love another person SO much! My parents set an excellent example, but we were also raised to be strong and independent. I never thought I needed to depend on another person so it still blows my mind that I have come to rely on him so much, but in a healthy way. We have two of the cutest, most spoiled beagles you have ever seen and one way I relax every night is to have 'snuggle time' with them. No matter what went on during the day, curling up w/ a warm dog will make you feel better! We have not been blessed with children, yet, but I have not given up on that dream. It may happen, it may not but I will not give up!

I have pcos and endometriosis. I also have a knee/foot issue that aren't related to my weight, but certainly aren't helped by it! Not too long ago I had lost 100lbs and just as I dipped my toe into onederland I started going through a lot of stuff (I had a major surgery for my endometriosis, went on some hormones also for endo which totally messed w/ my body, and my dad died suddenly). Unfortunately, I slowly stopped doing all the things I knew worked and were SO important and slowly the weight started to creep back on. I didnt let it all come back, but more than I would have liked, that's for sure!!!

The good news is, I have found my 'groove' again! I don't follow a specific plan--just try to make healthy food choices and regular exercise. The good news is--it is working again!!

This time around, it just feels different...hard to explain, but it just does. One thing I am doing differently this time is that I am mixing up my exercise. I still go to the gym--I like the routine of it and it is 'my time' to unwind after work, but I am finding other things I enjoy too. Finding this site has made a big difference too! It is wonderful support!!!

I LOVE shopping...especially bargain shopping...losing weight is a great 'excuse' to shop--MUST have smaller clothes! I have also been doing a lot of cooking lately--trying to find new recipes, or ways to make some old favorites healthier.
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On my way...
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Thumbs up

LOL. I like this. I feel like it is FAT PEOPLE ANONYMOUS!!!! HI IM DAPHNE AND IM FAT.....

Im daphne and I am 30 I am VERY happily married to the best man in the world. and I have a 6 year old daughter and a 12 year old step daughter. They are my world and I thank GOD everyday that I was blessed with them. I have been fat since I was about 12 ([email protected] puberty)...

I started my journey at 255 and right now I am at 240. I was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) several years ago. I have been fighting infertility due to my PCOS for about 5 years. My doctor told me that I need to lose weight if I want to have another baby. So after trying all the infertility stuff and all the emotions that go along with that, I have decided to take my doctors advice and lose weight....

I have been posting on here for almost a year. I love everything about this website. There are alot of nights that I felt so alone and I was able to come here and get support.

So thats me.... Feel free to PM me if you wanna talk.....
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I'm Julie. New member here.
Married to a wonderful man who wants to re-enlist in the Army. We've been married for almost 3 years. We were pregnant, but miscarried at 10 weeks. No children in our future. He is almost 40 and I am almost 39.
I have been heavy my whole life. Been on MANY diets throughout my life, starting at age 5 or 6.
Even with losing 100 pounds, I would be considered overweight. In order for me to just break into the "healthy" column, I need to lose 120 pounds. I know I need to lose the weight. That is why I am here.
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Hi all,

I'm Molly, originally from Arkansas, but I've been living in Switzerland for nearly 8 years now. I recently turned 36 and I'm a married SAHM for my 13 year old daughter and 7 year old son. I've been a 3fc member for a while now, but mostly as a lurker.

At six feet tall I've never been small, but I've only been really fat since I had my daughter. Every year I think this will be the year I lose weight, but I never seem to follow through. And, I have really no excuse. I was fortunate enough to be enrolled in an obesity program at a local hospital that tackles the problem from various approaches-- psychological, nutrition, exercise, etc-- and after 3 years I've gained around 30lbs! So, I need to stop waiting around, stop making excuses and just lose the weight before I squander another year of my life. Expect to see me around here more often!
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Hi! I'm Lyn, and I am 38 years old. I have a husband who is TRYING to be supportive but eats so much junk! I have five wonderful children ranging from potty-training toddler to high school senior. I love my kiddos and I want to be healthy for them. I love to cook, I have severe degenerative arthritis in my knees and a torn meniscus and at the beginning of this journey (278 pounds) I could not even walk outside to get the mail. Now I am able to walk to the park 2 blocks away, and home. I ride my recumbent bike for exercise.

I was a thin kid, got about 10 pounds overweight as a 12-14 year old and then lost it and was a healthy weight (135-140 at 5'7) until I was 21 and lost a baby. Put on 20 pounds... then just kept gaining. I have been 245+ for TEN YEARS. Time to make some changes, eh?

I have a blog that has a lot more of my story in it, especially in the earlier posts. (Link below).
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Expecting baby #1! 9/7/09
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I am very new here...and I don't know what I did before I found it! I am 28, working in accounting full-time and I am going to school full-time to get my bachelor's in accounting/finance. I have a boyfriend of almost 2 years (Feb) that I live with and a dwarf hamster named Tasha. I have been overweight since about jr high or so, except for a few years in my early 20's. To lose the weight I exercised fanatically, going to the gym before and after work for a few hours each time. I lost about 100 lbs, but still never got down below @175ish. I also barely ate. After awhile I got so burnt out that I couldn't maintain that lifestyle. Over the past 7 years or so it has slowly but surely creeped back, but now I am the heaviest I have ever been! I am couting calories and increasing my activity in hopes of regaining control of this part of my life. I have ZERO time between work and school and struggle with finding time to workout!

**It has been amazing for me to see how helpful everyone here is!**

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Great thread, Sandi! I haven't been here as much as I like (or should be) so it's nice to get reacquainted with everyone.

My name is Donna. I'm 30 years old, been married 5 years, and have 2 children. I went from chubby kid, to plump teenager, and finally to obese adult and that's where I've been ever since. I have been able to lose weight in the past, but not keep it off. It seems like once I enjoy success, I get off plan. I really need to break that cycle. Right now, with a baby and a toddler, I'm really struggling to get started. So I'm going to start checking in here more often to find motivation. But ultimately, I just need to do it.

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Hey Donna!!!
Great to see you!

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Hi Everyone, I'm Traci, 36 years old. Mom of 4 beautiful girls, 18, 15, 11 and 11months. I'm also a grandma to a 5 month old girl. I'm engaged to be married in August. We're not having a huge wedding or anything since this is both of our 3rd marriage (3rd times the charm right? lol) so we're just planning a trip for 2 to Las Vegas to tie the knot. I have been overweight/obese since the birth of my first daughter - 18 long years ago. I've done all the typical diets and lost significant amounts of weight only to regain it all back again. More then anything else in the world I want to look fantastic at my wedding and I want my 11 month old to never know a "fat" mommy. I want to be able to run and play with her as she grows. So this time is going to be different! I'm GOING to lose this weight and I'm GOING to keep it off!
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Hi ladies! I'm Holli, 32 yrs old, and I work in computer networking. (yes I am a female geek). Avid gamer, love to cook, read, spend time with friends and family, and my fiance too (sometimes - haahaha j/k). I have a 13 yr old son, a 7 yr old daughter, and 2 kitties who are my avatar: Mia is the gray kitty on the left and Chloe is the orange kitters on the right.

I live in Spring TX, native Houstonian, former model and Miss Houston, and I also am learning how to knit which I am very excited about. I act way younger than my age LOL, but I enjoy bringing sunshine to people's lives so everyone wins. So you can guess I'm very outgoing but in person I am a tad shy at first

I am overweight not because of food; I have been borderline ED many times, though, I admit. I had severe pg complications with both my full term pgs and both caused me to gain an avg of 90 lbs per pg. The first time I had toxemia, and I lost the weight within 6 months, and kept it off for 6 years. the second time I had other complications, and my body just stopped cooperating hahaha. All of a sudden it was so much harder. And now with not only 2 full term pgs but also 5 m/c including a 2nd trimester loss last June under my belt...well, you can imagine my hormones are direly confused!!!! LOL! So if any of you have any ideas on how to help out those hormones I'd be all ears.

So yes I hope my body can get back to normal - hormone wise and weight wise And btw I LOVE 3FC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm here every day
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Big Red One
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Hello, I'm Rusty. I work for the CBS station in Kansas City. I am an editor. I am an avid sports fan. Love the Cowboys and the Orioles. I also love movies and music.
I'm originally from Baltimore, MD. I've lived here a little over 2 years now.
I have been doing the Slim 4 Life program here in Shawnee, KS. I have been doing this program for just over 5 months now. I weighed in today down 105lbs. I still have a long way to go. I will probably want to lose another 100 before I feel totally comfortable with myself. But I have a goal right now of 293. I am 43lbs away from that goal. Once I hit that, I will see where I want to go from there.
I am new to this site, but I already see how most of the people here are very friendly and helpful and I really appreciate that. I know that I will be a loyal contributor and offer my assistance to anyone who has questions or needs a friendly hand. Thank you and nice meeting all of you.
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active kids, active mom
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Hi All,

I don't exactly remember when I started here. I think I came for a bit during a false start over the summer and then returned for the real deal in October. Whenever it was, I am glad I found this place. The advice, support, inspirational stories are amazing.

I have lost and gained many a time before, but I have the most active, jock-like kids in the universe and, besides staying alive for them, I want to keep up with them. My 7 year old daughter thinks a perfect day includes a good 7 mile bike-ride, several hours at the beach, all of it spent running around and swimming, some serious rough housing, some time to dance, and some time to run. She never tires and I'd like to keep up.

When I am not chasing children or working out, I knit...a lot!
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I deserve to feel good!
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I'll try to keep this short and sweet!

I'm Theo, soon to be 28 years old, recently moved to Northern New Jersey. I fill my time with work (I'm a bioprocessing lab technician) working out (yes, seriously!), partying with my friends and playing with my animals (1 horse, 1 dog, 1 cat). I'm a sports nut (Red Sox! Giants!), traveler, avid reader, musician and aspiring chef!

I really have no idea how long I've been posting here but it's been around 2 years maybe? I've been significantly overweight since my late high school years but in the past 2 years or so I've totally come to terms with how I need to live my life and how I want to live my life to be healthy and happy. I have always had a super positive outlook on life and that has really helped me lose this weight. Only 37 more pounds to go 'till goal!!
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Oohhh I love these.
I'm Linsey, I'm 27 and I'm a Boston girl. By day I work for Broadway (tours that is ) I'm an avid crazy Red Sox fan, could care less about football and the Patriots and I'm not in love with Tom Brady (like what seems like every other girl I know.) I'm not married, I have no kids but I do have a newer relationship going with a lovely boy...who I'm hoping can continue to put up with me as I tend to be a handful...and a cat who is more of a pain than me.
I'm a raging workaholic with other battles as well...though I won't bother them with you here as the are all on my need to repeat.

My Journey started just over a year ago and I was on a real solid losing streak and in the past 6 months have suffered some set backs but am now doing my best to take it day by day and be back on the wagon. I've been overweight as long as I can remember but really got up there within the past few years...first by working double shifts in a restaurant and going out drinking every night....then once I got this job it was an endless line of take out and catered affairs. I was also going for my masters at night and was going out eating and drinking after class and not sleeping.

I'm at the weight now where I teter...the weight I always get down to before just putting it all back on so I'm trying to address my emotional issues that keep me from going further every time so that I can be successful.
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