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Hi everyone, I love reading all the posts and getting to know everyone better.

You can call me Ginger (it's not my real name as I don't like to use my real name online), I am a 34 year old SAHM of three very busy little boys. In 2002, I met my husband online and married him 10 months later in Jamaica. In 2003 we got pregnant with our "first baby" and at my 20 week ultrasound I found out I was actually having 3 babies, not 1. So we moved in with his parents for support and help. After putting on a whopping 94 lbs!!!!!, the boys were born in 2004, so I had been married 2 years, yet I had three children already. 2005 was sleep-deprived and blurry, 2006 was a little better and 2007 was the year I could have done something about my weight but made too many HERE'S to 2008! I am starting with trying to lose 100lbs. and then I will go from there..... I am here to stay and I am losing this weight. I am focusing on organic food, controlled portion sizes and lots of exercise and water.

I love to scrapbook & I am a reality TV junkie! I am a ex-MacDonalds JUNKIE and I have quit the habit once and for all. I won't ever eat anywhere near there again.

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By God's Grace
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Hi all,

I'm Shannon, 23 years old. I've been married nearly 6 years, no kids yet. We do have two dogs that we love to pieces.

I started my weight loss journey on 1/14/07 and lost almost 65lbs last year. I hope to finish it up this year and get to goal! I'm a calorie counter/journaler.

I wasn't overweight all or even most of my life. I got into trouble as a young teenager and moved in with a family that taught "food is comfort." I quickly gained about 30lbs (20 of them much-needed, if I'm honest.) I stuck at around 165 for a while, then got married and gained nearly 100 lbs in 5 years. DH and I ate out (literally) 2-3 meals a day, 7 days a week for almost 2 years, resulting in 40 of those lbs gained. We moved back to my hometown after that and I re-discovered the emotional eater within me. I gained another 60 lbs or so in 2 more years.

Now, I see the emotional eater and can combat her effectively (most of the time.) I'm on my way down!!

My motto in life: By God's Grace. It's by His grace that I do anything with success. Christ in me gives me victory!
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HI everyone. I've been hovering around 3fc for a long time but I recently (as in today) found the 100 lb board.
I'm a 24 year old wife and mother. My daughter is 2 years old and my husband and I got married in July 2007. We live in Anchorage, Alaska where I work part time as a retail associate for Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I'm also a full-time online college student for a degree in Medical Office Management. My husband works for a moving company. I have 102 lbs to go to my goal. But I'm concentrating on losing 25 lbs per year. Anything more will be gladly welcomed but I'm going for 25 lbs. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.
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Want 2 be slim & healthy
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Im Kate, originally from England but have lived here in Spain for 14 years now. I live with DH and our son Pepito.

I have been overweight all my life, I lost all my weight 15 years ago but slowly put it all back on again, plus more (sob). I joined here in Sept 07 and have lost 55 pounds so far.

Good luck to everybody Kate x x x
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Choosing with every bite.
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Hello. I've been a member for awhile but haven't posted an introduction. Although my goal is 60-80 pounds, I feel at home on the 100 lb. Club.

I'm 54, married for 35 years, have a 22 year-old son and a 15 year-old daughter.

I was naturally skinny/underweight until my late thirties (5' 6 1/2" and 119 pounds). I ate whatever I wanted, but once I was full, I couldn't swallow another bite.

When my husband started his own business, we ate dinner out for a year (ate dinner at home 4 times). I was also eating breakfast and lunch out at work. My weight gradually slid up. Then I gained weight with each kid - fifty pounds during each pregnancy. Lost it all with each for at least a day, then started gaining again. Lost some weight with WW and Atkins several years ago, but when my husband no longer wanted to eat diet food I found it hard to continue while making non-diet meals for him. I gained some back, and maintained at the high end of overweight for quite a while.

In November 2005 my early morning (5 am) walking partner developed a sciatic nerve problem and couldn't walk at all. We’d been walking 40 minutes (2 miles) first thing in the morning for 4 years. In 18 months, I gained 24 pounds.

In April 2007 I realized that my size 18 pants were getting tight, I believed 20's were nearly impossible to come by and women's sizes just are not proportioned right for an "Apple". To get more room in the waistband, I'd be wearing pants that were 10 inches too big in the hip. I believed that if I gained any more weight, I would not be able to find anything I cared to wear.

Also, it hit me that in less than 7 pounds, I'd weigh 100 pounds more than I did in my late teens through my 20's. I immediately started doing Weight Watchers on my own. I gradually lost 14 pounds, then lost and regained the same pound for several months.

At my next trip to the doctor, I found my blood chemicals were slightly bad. As I followed my doctor's diet instructions, some readings got better but my cholestorol got significantly worse. My husband's doctor told him to go on South Beach in mid-December and we've been losing ever since (14 pounds April to mid-December, 12 pounds mid-December to mid-January). I look forward to my next bloodwork to see how I'm doing.

Although the maintenance phases of many diets seem extremely similar to me, SB is working because I don't have to be obsessed with the plan, I like the food, I'm not hungry, and I can indulge a little when it's important. Doing a little calorie counting, I realize I have to eat more to keep from falling below 1200 calories a day. I can see myself eating like this indefinitely.

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Default Roll Call!!

Good Morning!

I am Jennifer. I am a 33 year old wife (13 years) to the love of my life and a mother to 5 children. Makaela-12 (my tween, Drama Queen who wears her heart on her sleeve),Gabrielle-10 (my beautiful, absent-minded professor), Alexander-5 (my loveable little-man who always knows what I need), Matthew-3 (my care-free little pig-pen) and Kristoffer-16 months (my happy little-guy with a smile that'll melt your heart). I am a registered nurse with a great career, but I am unhappy with myself. I have not been overweight all of my life. I have gained 115lbs since I got married and I can't take it anymore. Food has ruled my life. It is my shoulder to cry on and my friend to laugh with. It provides something to do when I am bored......mad.......sad......happy...... So, here I am!! This time I will succeed! I will not continue to let it rule my life. I can't wait to meet the "skinny" me this summer. It has been a long time since I have seen her. I have spent too long feeling sorry for myself and not enough time doing anything about it. So, it is time to prevail!
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I'm Catherine (aka Kitty) and just turned 44. I've been around for a few months now but never introduced myself. I started my LAST weightloss journey in May 2007 and have lost 65lb so I am two-thirds of the way to 100lb lost and really feel I can reach it.

I calorie count and watch my fat grams.

I live in the UK with my husband and two kids (DS 14 and DD9). I have always been overweight since being 8 year old but only became obese after my first pregnancy. I lost some, but not all before having my daughter and gained again during my second pregnancy. Its took me 5 years to get the additional 50lb off and then gained it all back again over the next 3 years. Ten years on I'm back at the pre-pregnancy weight before I had my daughter. Another 50lb then I will be at my pre-preganacy weight first time round.

Nice to meet all you guys.


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This was a great idea! Thank you, Sandi, for starting it. It's nice to put some personalities & backgrounds with the people who I "hear from" all the time.

I'm Beth - 39 - and married to a wonderful man. Everyday he tells me that I'm beautiful.... if only I believed him!

I'm a public accountant - halfway to my CPA certification. My real Happy New Year doesn't come till April 16!

I've struggled with my weight my WHOLE life. I actually am a Lifetime member of WW - and I even worked for them for many years!

I know my weight issues all revolve around self esteem, etc. I know all the right things to do - its just a matter of figuring out when & why the switch flips that leads me down a destructive path.

I just want to be healthy and not have all the problems (both physical & emotional) that being soooo overweight entails.

I love this web-site, because it is one of the most motivational things I've encountered. Now all I need to do is log on every day!!

Thank you all for your kind words & support. And I look forward to the day when I feel good enough to "give it all back" to my new community
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Mz. Matherne
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Hi Ya'll!!
My name is Ashley and I am 22 years old. I am a stay at home mom of 2 kids, ages 5 and 4 and a wife for 5 years this year. I have been fat for most of my life and I am finally doing something about it now. I've been through diets on and off since I was 12 maybe younger and never went through with them. The most I ever lost was 20-25 pounds but always put it back on plus more. This time I will do it and nothing can stop me!

I hope to get to know ya'll more!!
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back on the wagon...again
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Hi all! I'm Michelle, I am a 31 year old SAHM/writer, I have been married almost 7 years and have 2 small children, ages 2 and 4. I have struggled with my weight my whole life, but was generally able to keep it under 200. I went through a very painful breakup 2 years before I met my husband and went over 200 for the first time in my life.

I was about 205 when I met my husband. We lived with his mother the first 6 months of our marriage. It was miserable I also had moved a thousand miles from my friends and family and was lonely as my husband worked 3 jobs. I gained 40 pounds. A couple years later I miscarried our first baby...gained another 20 pounds. And I kept on another 20 after each child....I was 309 when I delivered both of my kids.

I hovered around 300 for a long time. Then in Jan last year I got really sick and lost 10 pounds Tried to diet to lose more and just hovered again at 290 but in Sept got really motivated and am now at 259. However, my motivation is about non existent now and I am really struggling to get back on track. So far I have not regained but I haven't lost anything in 2 months. I am hoping that I can get remotivated by reading all the inspirational stories on these boards. Nice to meet everyone!!
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Cool thread!
I'm Diane, 44 years old, married 21 years (next month), with a 13 year old daughter and an 11 year old son. I work for an insurance agency as the commercial marketing specialist. I live out in the country with horses, cows, chickens, turkeys, etc. I love fishing, hunting, riding horses, hiking and camping. I spend an incredible amount of time running kids to and from practices/games, and I enjoy that so much! I totally neglect housekeeping... but I hope it is for all the right reasons! (either that or I just have a lot of excuses and justifications as to why my house looks like it does!!)

I've been fat for a long time. I wasn't always this way, so I'm hoping to get back to a much healthier weight. I know that a lot of what I do would be so much easier if I wasn't packing around so much weight. I joined almost a year ago and although I could have done much better last year, I'm excited about the year to come. I've learned a lot over the past year and I believe I have a good plan for the time ahead.

Good luck to all!
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Hi everyone! It's very cool to get to know all the people here, even though I don't spend a lot of time in this forum anymore. 3FC and especially the 100 lb. Club were such a huge part of my weight loss success, though, and I want to encourage everyone to stick around and support each other because it's sooooo important!

I'm 36, a high school English teacher, and I've been married 14 1/2 years to my wonderful gorgeous husband. We coach cross country together and teach at the same school. I'm currently 3 months pregnant with our first child, and that would NEVER have been possible if I hadn't lost 110 pounds and gotten healthy. At one point I reached a low of losing 115 pounds, but that other 5 pounds came back fairly quickly and now I'm up to 172!! I guess I'm supposed to be gaining now, though!

More important than losing 110 pounds, though, I got really healthy and I became a runner. I love running, and though I have to take some time off from it now, I plan to get back to it and I hope to run a full marathon next year. It's kind of become my life's mission to spread the word that ANYone can become a runner if they want to, and that if I can do it, anyone can!
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Hi I'm Ellie 58 years old. Married for over 33 years to a wonderful man and living in North Carolina

I just joined the group a few weeks ago and I'm on the blue team of the TBL

I lost 2 pounds this week

I've been struggling with my weight for a very long time and I'm very happy that someone shared this group with me.
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2 wheels is plenty :D
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I'm 41 - I lost 100 pounds back in 2004. For the most part (give or take 10 pounds) I've kept it off since then. I lost it by calories counting and walking - since then I've added biking, spinning, weight training and running. Before 2003 I had always been overweight and except for weight watchers when I was in the 6th grade I had never really made any serious attempts at taking the weight off.

I'm a business analyst, so I also spend 40 hours a week on my butt in front of a computer.

Lately I've been training to become a spin instructor....I've been contemplating becoming a personal trainer. I'm a big time fan of Jillian Michaels, the trainer from the Biggest Loser.

Married for 20 years (not of the murder attempts have been successful) with no kids, 1 doberman and a couple cats.
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Hi Folks....I am glad to be here at 3FatChicks! I came here last fall. I've been fighting the weight battle most of my life - gaining, losing, gaining again.

I am 55 years young, a professional storyteller & puppeteer, been married almost 30 years to my handsome hubby, have one child (he's married) and I have a grandson named Alex (almost one year old).

I love gardening and volunteering at various organizations.

This is an awesome website. They say "it takes a village to raise a child" - well, I think it takes a village for me to get healthy. I am trying to pull together all the tools I can.... good food, movement, classes in anything I can to help me in any way, and the most important new tool....meditation.

This was a great idea, Sandi....thanks.

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