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Default April weight loss challenge

Hi everyone

We are nearing the end of the month yet again and it's time to get geared up for the month of April : ) Hope to see everyone from last months thread as well as anyone who wishes to join us along our weight loss journey. As mentioned before; our plans, goals, and weigh-in's (when or how we weigh-in) will vary. Our ultimate aim is to support one another and if anyone is just starting out or working on getting back on track and currently not aiming to lose weight just yet, but rather working on changing some habits, please feel free to join us as well. It's a new month, fresh start.

My goal for this coming month of April will be to continue with my plan and to adhere to it diligently. My plan consists mainly of fruits, veggies, salads, and low-fat proteins (fish and chicken) with an allotment of lean beef 1x per week and also eggs (omelette night 1x per week). I also limit my carb intake and drink plenty of water ( I slacked a bit on this last month and am making it a primary focal point for this month).

I will continue to weigh-in on Mondays and keep track of lbs. lost, my shedule will look as follows:

4/2: (towards month of march)

I am excited about our new month together , let's kick some butt
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oops, I forgot to mention my weight loss goal. I am shooting for 8-10 and I am GOING TO LOSE 8 lbs. minimum, there! I said it, lol I am going to have to work very hard for it but I am ready! I am just going to take it day by day, as always. Have a great day all
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Cool! I was just thinking about a challenge, and there you are!

Well, presently, I am fighting with my scale at the moment, so I am not going to look all month for a pleasant surprize for the end of the month. Using my clothes (you know those well wished sizes purchased at a smaller size) as a measuring too. I want to fit in to those size 12 I purchased early 2005 that is collecting dust in my closet.

My trainer told me my diet goals. 33% protien 17% fat and 50% carbs. I tack on fitDay.com and I am getting closer each week. I will get there by the end of the month.

I go to the gym 4x/week. Two days with trainer, two days on my own. Saturday is kickboxing, Monday is LifeCycle class. I am working on a pull up. My training sessions are going to end by the middle of the month. I have to create a workout schedule for myself. That will be finished by the end of the month.

I am looking for a buddy to help keep eachother accountable. Anyone interested?
Vegas Babe
One day at a time...
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My April goals are:

(1) to lose 10 pounds and get under 270. (I am very close to being under 280 right now.)

(2) to fit comfortably into a size 24 or less. My 26's are very loose on me right now, and the 26/28's practically fall off me. I still have several size 24's which I can wear but are a bit tight on me.

To reach them, I plan to continue my current program of the Southbeach diet, 10+ glasses of water every day, and exercise 3 times a week.

Go team!
Wish me luck!

Current Mini-Goal (under 300)

Ultimate Goal (125)
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Hi all! I am new around here, but am itching for a challenge and accountability partners! I would love to help keep you accountable, Vegasbabe, if you'll do the same for me. My April goals are:

1 - Exercise a minimum of 30 minutes, at least 3 times a week;
2 - Stick to my plan of a protein smoothie for breakfast, Slimfast or salad for lunch, 2 snacks and light dinner (chicken/fish and veggies).
3 - Drink lots of water and less D. Coke!
4 - Keep my eye on the prize instead of turning to food for comfort.

If I do all these things, then I know that I can lose 8 pounds in the month of April. And, I also plan to check out this board at least a couple of times a day. Good luck to everyone!

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hey...I'd love to join! My biggest problem is I don't have to be held accountable to anyone, this might just be the perfect place for me! I think I might need someone to tell me to smarten up when I slack ...my goal is to lose 8-10 pounds this month. I haven't lost more than 1 pound this week, but the jeans I've already taken in 2 inches are falling down now...so something is happening.

I'm trying very hard to stick to fresh fruit, and veggies...turkey and chicken...and am working on portion control. I've been pretty good about getting up and moving and if I don't get on my eliptical inside I walk outside, or play with my kids in the yard.

Maybe my mistake is weighing myself EVERY morning...it is a little disappointing. I want to be in the mid-low 180's by the end of April. I'm going to check in daily...right now I'm going to go throw out any temptation in my kitchen that doesn't belong to the kids...
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Hi, my name is Toni and I would like to join this thread too.
I need more motivation because it seems no matter what I do I can't drop weight.
I exercise 6-7 days a week but I can't seem to put down the snacks.
When I get home from work I usually binge. Depending on how my day went.

So my goals in April are to lose 8 lbs. and to stop the binge eating after work.
(Also, to stop weighing myself everyday because then I get discouraged.)

My ultimate goal is to lose 47-57 lbs.

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Hi guys

I was a part of the March challenge and didn't do very well because of various obstacles that I allowed to put me off track but this month I need to be really aggressive!!! I want to be wearing a bikini this summer so my goal for April is to lose 12 pounds. (May 10 pounds, June 10 pounds, and the rest in the first few weeks of July!

Toni, I hear you about the snack binging so, if we donít want to binge when we get home from work, we need take away all the temptation from our cupboards like mytwinsmommy did.

If you really need a snack - walk, jog or bike to the closest store and get one portion of what you need to ease the craving, but donít buy enough to store in your cupboards. I think itís even dangerous to keep fattening snacks in the house even for our kids. I have been struggling with my weight long enough that I should know by now that Iím not doing my kids any favours by teaching them the habits that got me into trouble with my weight.

As a matter of fact I am going to take this weekend and do a cupboard/fridge purge of all the junk in there and save myself from all of the temptation!

Well VegasBabe, if you need someone to really keep you on track then you have come to the right place. I need a good hoof in the butt to keep me on track as well soÖlets bring it (I don't want to be a flame...I want to be a raging fire!) Feel free to use the private messages board if you want to go over your food and/or exercise strategies. I log on here at least once a day during the week and at least once on the weekend so letís do this!

FSA as always I am looking forward to reading your encouraging words to all of the chicks here. I hope you pick up the Womenís Health April 2007 issue so that you can find out more about fish. You were mentioning that you dig your own clams, Iím not sure what area of the country you are from. Itís hard to really grasp that people on this site come around the world and not just somewhere close to Toronto. Please donít feel obligated to tell me if you want to keep that info private

I must be goingÖI am rambling. Good Luck everyone!

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i am going to join in on this April challenge...my goals for the month of April are to try to eat all of my calories that i need in a day...my second goal is to run/walk on the treadmill 5x per week for at least 30 minutes...i do it 5x per week now but sometimes i do 20 min sometimes i do 40...so i want to be consistant....i too sometimes need a little kick in the rear to keep going...i am motivated however some nights when i get hom i am exhausted..but its those days i especially need to run/walk...i look forward to this challenge and getting to know everyone in the process..
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I'm in! Here are my goals:

-Be able to fit comfortably into a pair of jeans I bought when entering college (size 18's). I haven't worn them in a year. They fit on me now but I can't really move around in them or sit down comfortable. So my goal is to lose enough that I get enough wiggle room to wear them in May.

-Lose 10 lbs.

-Do cardio 6 x's a week for 30-45 minutes and lift 3 x's a week.

-No binging episodes this month.

-Just basically getting through the month. My longest diet lasted roughly a month and I think getting past the one month mark is really important for my sucess.

We can do it!!! Good luck to everyone!
"There are only 2 choices; make progress or make excuses."

Mini-goal #1: Pre-Florida weight by end of March
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Hey guys!

So I tried joining the March Goal, but I never really stuck with posting here on the chat thread. I sorta stuck to the plan, but I don't think I quite made goal. Still losing even a bit is good.

Alright. My goal for april.
- Eat intuitively. eating when I'm hungry, trust my body to know.
- Lower calories by eating veggies, fruit, lean proteins, and whole grains.
- Exercise every day. Lots of cardio, and some strength training of some sort...
- Be really aware of binging, since it's exam period and I'll have more free time than usual, which leads to binging. -> Have a plan of attack for these situations...
- Have fun and measure myself every friday.

I'd like to lose another 4" total in April, so that my total inches lost since January will be 10". Then I will weigh myself for the first time since late January (scary).

Alright. Good luck everyone.
Loss to Date: (since Jan/07)
Pounds: 19.6lbs
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To Go: 4.4lbs
Check out my story so far (and some before & current pics):
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Default Love to join the April Challenge!

I just joined this site this week and a challenge sounds great to me as I'm competitive and need to be answerable to someone.

I'd like to lose 8 pounds also. I intend to do this by following a high fibre/low fat diet and drinking lots of water.

Having a bit of hard time exercising right now because of heal spurs, but will keep active as I can.

Count me in kids!
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Thumbs up April Goals

Hey, new to this forum and would love to join the challenge!!! My Goal is 8 lbs for the month of April. I have a couple small obstacles though because this weekend is our town's annual pig picking (that's the south for you) so I'm not sure how to count my calories with this... I guess I'll have to grab a handful of walnuts before I leave the house and just be conscious about my food intake. The other obstacle is that I'm going to Florida for a family vacation and visit my sister on the 7th-12th. This is going to be huge for me because I will be so tempted to just say "Forget it, this week-- I'm on vacation!" I'll have to be very intuitive with my hunger and gage my food intake that way. There is no way I'll be counting calories that week. The rest of the month is fair game so this is my plan:

~Count Calories with a daily goal of 1250 calories
~Walk everyday for at least 30 minutes
~Cardio 3 x a week with heart rate at 80%
~Stretch everyday!! Flexibility is very important
~Light strength training 5 days for toning-- focus on abs (had baby in December)

GL Everyone and Thanks for the motivation!!!

"Chocolate covered Broccoli"


April's Challenge
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Thumbs up Definitely need a challenge

Hi all. I am definitely in need of a challenge. I'm having surgery on May 1st, so I'd like to lose 10-15 pounds by then. That will at least lower my risk & probably blood pressure a bit.

My focus will be to:

1) Eat 1200-1500 calories per day
2) Work out at least 3X per week (for 30-45 minutes each day)
3) Drink plenty of water
4) Get plenty of rest

Good luck to us all!!!

Live the life you've imagined! - Thoreau

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I am in! I need a serious kick in the behind and get started on losing weight. I've been eating way too much junk food and haven't been exercising at all. So, I'm really excited for this. Btw, I've been a member for a while, just haven't visited since I gained back all those pounds..grr
Anyway, my goals for April:
-lose 10 lbs (current weight:150 lbs)
-drink 8-10 glasses of water a day
-work out at least 5 days a week for at least 30 mins each
-give up junk food cold turkey (I can do this if I just give myself a few day...lol)
-try to push away the negative thoughts about my body

I'm a college student, so I've gained about 20 lbs since freshman year. I'm a junior now, and I really want to get this weight off once and for all. We can do this! Stay strong!
Mini-goal by May 1, 2007:

Ultimate Goal:

"Where there's a will, there's a way!"

I can beat this! I can kick bingeing out of my life. I have will power!
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