Support Groups - Queens' March Toward Spring! Let's get this show on the road!

12-28-2005, 01:26 PM
Our Good Queen Eydie hath put the idea in me feeble brain that what I long for right now is to celebrate what is called "Imbolic" in some circles, spelling varies. It is celebrated in Pagan circles January 31-February 2, often dedicated to the Celtic Goddess Brigit. I personally would consider this challenge started as of today, December 28.

S'enough o' the history. I do not mean to make this into a religious thread and those of all faiths are SO encouraged to take this idea ... of using the early, early, early spring to, well, spring into spring accordin' to their own belief systems, rememberin' always that the mind (which IS the source o' spirituality, in my opinion) works in tandem with the bod to create a PERFECT QUEEN. Perhaps the Queens would like to assist the Towel Boys in deep cleaning the palace, or perhaps they would like to do a series o' special challenges in honor o' the comin' o' the light o' spring and summer (no small season here in Arizona). Perhaps there is a special project our Warriour Queenlies wisheth to tackle ... I know that's where I am in my thinking ... before we tackle spring proper.

Anyhow, everyone is invited to post one or more challenges during this period!

A Google search o' Imbolic says this is the time for renewal, purification and spiritual growth, a good time for startin' spring cleanin' and getting rid of things we don't need.

I, FOR ONE, don't need these extra pounds keepin' me from my goal, I don't need Demon Sugar to be my friend anymore ... so I will be in warrior mode and on the march.

Anyone else?

12-28-2005, 01:37 PM
'Tra la, tra la, it's the lusty month o' May, a time when every frivolous whim, proper or IM ...' (Camelot) :carrot:

Very well, Empress Amarantha, I will join you in your pre-spring challenge! My overall goal for this challenge, ending February 1, is to "spring-clean" both my dwellin' place (physical and spiritual)! In truth, I am somewhat bummed this end-o-year that I am not YET at my weight loss, health and fitness, financial and spiritual lifetime goals :tantrum: ... and have decided to travel during this season to a cave in the Deep Dark Dilemmatic Diet Woods and meditate on spring (I KNOW it's already spring in Arizona, but here in La-La Land, it's still winter) and FIGHT the Demon Refined Sugar and the Demon Too Much Food and the Demon Not Wanting to Exercise Mojo.

My goal for this week is to reach my Oracle Fitday's Recommended 1702 Average Weekly Cals and to NOT eat anymore refined sugar, starting Tuesday, which is already over and I did not eat any refined sugar. I will report on these goals daily and hope any other PRESPRING WARRIOURESSES (!) will join me ON THE MARCH!

Sounds like a plan. Who's in?

~ Signed, Dame Amarant Hawanders, Adventuress

12-28-2005, 02:06 PM
Thanks to Amarantha for starting the new thread, and yes! I'm sooooo in! I'm reading a book by B.K.S. Iyengar titled "Light On Life" about yoga practice and he says again and again that the outer body and spiritual body are connected and I'm loving hearing that right now. And kind of goes along with what our Empress was saying just now too.

I want to get back to drinking lots of water and starting a calorie cycling program again, and getting back to serious workouts instead of the abbreviated ones I've had to do recently, and I want to lose weight--about 15 pounds. And meditate daily, and read more. Wow, I guess I could go on and on. I'll make a more detailed list of my resolutions.

Where's Anagram and Ceara? Haven't heard from them in a while....:hug:

12-28-2005, 04:20 PM
Yeesh. I'm in, although Feb. 2 here is still mid-winter. :(

12-28-2005, 04:49 PM
Yeesh. I'm in, although Feb. 2 here is still mid-winter. :(

Ah, but only it only LOOKS like winter, WN! In reality, it's spring wearin' a snowy disguise, dinna ye think? :) :carrot: Thanks for joinin' in ...

12-28-2005, 04:53 PM
Thanks to Amarantha for starting the new thread, and yes! I'm sooooo in! I'm reading a book by B.K.S. Iyengar titled "Light On Life" about yoga practice and he says again and again that the outer body and spiritual body are connected and I'm loving hearing that right now. And kind of goes along with what our Empress was saying just now too.

I want to get back to drinking lots of water and starting a calorie cycling program again, and getting back to serious workouts instead of the abbreviated ones I've had to do recently, and I want to lose weight--about 15 pounds. And meditate daily, and read more. Wow, I guess I could go on and on. I'll make a more detailed list of my resolutions.

Where's Anagram and Ceara? Haven't heard from them in a while....:hug:

Thanks for givin' us this great idea, E!!! And yeppers, this is a super time for the mind/bod to charge right back in and reach for rejuvenation. And we will be better than ever come February 2 ... just in time for mayhap a St. Val's Anti Sugar Crusade? Somethin ...

I also miss Anagram and Sword Bearer Ceara. And many others ...

Gotta go, bakin' those fake English muffins again ... added salt this time ... they would also be good with cheese and herbs baked in ...

12-28-2005, 09:03 PM
thanks for the idea, eydie. thanks, amarantha for starting the thread, and for thy support regarding my plumbing woes, and the good idea about removing moisture from my royal closet. i will check that out! i definitely like the idea of renewal and rejuvenation. i have been in de-cluttering mode physically and emotionally myself of late, and i have to say it is feeling good. having to move my closet stuff to "dry land" the other day forced me to go through all all its contents and de-clutter, because i want to be able to put much less back in, once the closet dries out. i'm almost done with my project, and while i would not have chosen for the reason to have had to do this, i am feeling good about using the situation as an opportunity, and not a negative. ok-so for my challenge, i am going to continue with my daily meditation, exercise, and de-cluttering my home and then keeping up with/remaining organized. i will eat 1200-1500 cals/day in small, healthy meals; cut waaaay down on sugar intake; and move demon scale downward. hi to all royals, mentioned or -un. have a good evening, one and all.

12-28-2005, 10:31 PM
I'm in! I am SO ready to put the holiday season behind me and start reorganizing and streamlining, both diet/health-wise and house-wise! I love the fresh start that January brings, and whether Imbolc or Groundhog Day, both signal the coming Spring, which means winter is retreating for another year. Brigid was always one of my favorites!

My plan is to continue with my low-carb approach, which seems to work for me, and to get back to the exercise I love most...heavy lifting. Going to be doing it at home, as joining a gym is not in my immediate plans. I have enough free weights here at home to make it work.

Here we go, girls!

12-29-2005, 12:03 AM
:welcome: to the two Noble W's ... Wsw 'n Wildfire!!!

Thou hast reminded me that I'm going to continue my daily decluttering sessions also as a part of this challenge. Heck, it burns cals, so I can't go wrong.

Wildfire, Groundhog Day is neat, too. Sometimes my life reminds me of the movie of the same name with, I think, Tom Hanks? I love that movie ... :)

My neighbors have started one o' their bonfires ... I think I've posted about that before ... they go on until 2 or 3 a.m. ... used to bug me because I worried the neighborhood would burn down, but so far it hasn't, so now I kind of like it ...

Just reportin' on my first prespring challenge day ... it was super ... but finding self in the throes o' some sort o' anxiety attack ... cars, business venture, career (aside from biz venture), pets, depression, blah ... and no one is emailin' me ... or rather, the wrong people are emailin' me ... hmmm.

But all this is likely to be sugar withdrawal and will vanish with the bonfire ... so to echo the Wild One ... "Here we go ..."


All goals will be reached in this challenge ... spring awaits ... and the groundhog will see his shadow ... or not see his shadow ... I'm never sure which is the desirable outcome o' that event, guess it depends on your point o' view!!!

My cals were in the 1700s ... I am trying to bring them down to an average of 1702 this week ... had some high days BUT stayed on Sugar Busters today and yesterday. Also worked out with the trainer but I wouldn't let her tell me anything, so we mostly just stretched! :)

12-29-2005, 07:17 PM

Well, Dame Amarant Hawanders will end the eatin' day at 1726 cals, or thereabouts ... still have one meal to go!

Sugar Busters Day Whatever went well. Stayed awake last night obsessively worryin' 'bout stuff but went to exercise class anyhow, except didn't do the cycle, went into fitness area and did mixed cardio (treadmill, track, elliptical) for 30 minutes, then went to class for core and stretch.

Ok, I have posted two in a row, so let's go! :lol: Let's get those PRESPRING CHALLENGE cards 'n letters pourin' in with glowin' reports o' everyone's day!!! Hooray!!! Come out 'n play!!!

WARRIOURESSESS, ARISE. WE WILL FIGHT THE DEMON AND EMERGE VICTORIOUS WHEN LIGHT AND WARMTH RETURNETH TO THE LAND (actually it was extremely warm here for approximately three hours ... but it's metaphorically winter) ... Huzzah!!!

12-29-2005, 08:37 PM
Struggling. That's the one-word descriptor -- it's the end-of-month, times 12 because I have to finish the definitive "State of the Site" report along with a fresh and exciting horoscope column and all my regular work. And no new assistant yet, nor is there one on the horizon. I'm exhausted, stressed-out, burnt-out, barely makin' it. And have turned to sugar a couple of times, although I generally made up for it with going lighter other times. Still exercising, trying to meditate and do yoga. Two more days...

12-30-2005, 10:04 AM
:balloons: Hello everyone, I have just found this new thread (thanks, Amarantha)!
I think a good place to start for me would be to eliminate the "second helpings".
Have a great day!

12-30-2005, 10:50 AM
Um, yeah...remember how I was saying I am ready for the holidays to be over??? Well, they still aren't. Not that I want to go back to sirreee...but at least when I am at work I eat on a regular schedule and it's all just much simpler. I am resigned to hanging on by a fingernail until Monday, assess the damage then, and start over.

My new stove arrives mid-day or thereabouts. Compared to the 17-year old beast that came with the house, this new one is very different. I asked DH to get me a plain, white electric range...but as usual he spoils is a flat top (no coil burners, they are radiant) and it is convection. And the oven is much smaller than what I currently have. Ah well, not like I feed large crowds, and DH wants to buy me new pots and baking pans. Like I would refuse that offer. Say, Eydie, our chef extraordinaire...what do I need to know about convection cooking?

Once the stove is delivered and set up, we are off for a romantic evening in Niagara Falls. A surprise DH sprung on me yesterday. He has booked a room overlooking the Falls for tonight, and tomorrow we will cross to NY and do a little shopping...he wants a satellite radio from the US, not Canada, and I can always shop! We will head for home tomorrow afternoon and be safe and snuggled with champagne for the changing of the year. In other words, off the roads before the partiers and drunks get out.

Oh, I must call the appliance recyclers to come pick up the old stove...have a great day! :wave:

12-30-2005, 11:45 AM
My last stove had a convection oven...I loved it and you will too as long as you don't do a lot of 'large' cooking. Everything take less time to cook by about 20%. I miss it. Enjoy and take advantage of the cookware. If you go to, they usually have great deals on cookware! I bought a 12 piece set of Calphalon for $125. :D

12-31-2005, 02:48 AM
My last stove had a convection oven...I loved it and you will too as long as you don't do a lot of 'large' cooking. Everything take less time to cook by about 20%. I miss it. Enjoy and take advantage of the cookware. If you go to, they usually have great deals on cookware! I bought a 12 piece set of Calphalon for $125. :D

:welcome: It is great ta see ya and hope ye stay around and join us in our challenge.

12-31-2005, 02:54 AM
Yo, here be my report ... I'm NOT reportin' this disasterous sugar-ridden day. But what I learned is that the before-New Year's mess in my life had to be soothed with one last dance with the Demon Refined Sugar, followed by too many cals and that I am rededicatin' meself to this quest, but will start the countdown on New Year's, like everyone else! :)

Hi, Aria!!! A good startin' place, that second helpin' thingie!!! Must consider that meself!!!

Arabella, I'm w'ye on the crush and stress. T'will abate soon, methinks. We soldier on, I guess. :)

Wildfire, I be envious re the Niagra Falls journey. Enjoy ... don't know anything about convection ovens ... had a tiny portable one once ... worked pretty well and would love to have a big one! :)

I am going to bed so this day will be history!

12-31-2005, 02:54 AM


12-31-2005, 10:36 AM
Hello all!

Sorry to be so long but I have been fighting many dragons, demons and other dangers.....

Some battles were lost and although bowed and bloodied, I rested and remain convinced that the battle is NOT over, I CAN win and even better, on MY terms....

And yes, its true..... sugar led the opposing fight and did win .......
And sometimes, very, very handily..... in fact, more than once, I simply surrenedered.....

BUT this morning, I awoke remembering something the security guard said to me yesterday am as I giving him greetings of the morning....

The security guard said to me...... " You wake up in a good mood don't you?"

And I smiled and told him the truth..."No".....
But then I explained .... that I had realized after miserable mornings, Sunday afternoons spent dreading Monday, borrowing worry when I didn't need any.....that even when I don't feel cheerful, the best thing to do is to put on my "game" face and that small step itself is the step I need to slide into a better frame of mind.....

So today..... I am

BACK .....

Yes, the scale is up nearly 8 lbs and a few items of clothing do not fit nicely at all anymore.....

BUT I am moving forward.....



And don't forget what the other side of the FRESH START Card says!!!


Just move on.....

I will drink water, decaf tea and coffee and at the same time, keep setting the alarm clock for 15 minutes at a time to get things done....

Did I see that Wildfire is going on a trip? Have fun!

So, let me see what else I've been missing.....


12-31-2005, 07:18 PM
IT BE GOOD TO SEE THEE HERE AT THE PALACE TONIGHT, K! I know those fights w' the demon, led by Sugar, the most evil o' all. :)

Never fear, we will vanquish him. I did not even try today ... spent day setting up my side biz and know I have to work for paper tomorrow, albeit at home, so no real rest in sight, but TOMORROW is day one o' Sugar Busters, yet again. I decided to just let 'er rip again today and eat some candy. Am having a steak for dinner.

01-01-2006, 10:52 AM
Hello all!

So far, I 've figured out my vacuum cleaner is not performing well....the bag inside wasnt attached .... had a lovely pile of compacted "yuk" inside the machine but outside the bag....luckily, it appears the inner workings are protected so all is well.....

Dh is working so I am trying to get things done so that when he returns he sees some improvements....
It just doesnt seem fair that I do nothing this weekend as he works most of it...
So I am trying to do things that will make a big impact....
Like rearranging a piece of furniture .... removing a pile of clutter that's "rooted" to a table, chair, etc...

Its amazing how much paper clutter there is.... seems like its just a flood of paper....

And beleive it or not, I'm thinking about starting a decoupage project w/ some glass ware I found sorting thru a box....

Hee hee....


I'm also getting some activity in w/ my up and down, bend and stretch w/ the vacuum and shredder....

So, who's with me?
Who can keep me company for a few minutes to tidy a corner, wipe a mirror,
toss something that you really know you won't use (although by rights, there's no reason you shouldn't....for me, a never used box of "Shout" spot wipes....There's a really good guess that the wipes are so old they are all dried out..... much like the bag of rubber bands ( elastics) that are so old they shred when you pull on them.....

Where does this stuff come from?


Just like my email... yesterday I deleted nearly 1600 emails... some read... many not... although I will still receive daily the recipes, etc... sometimes there are great things .... But why don't I delete the ones I know I will never use... for instance, any recipe w/ meat in it? or any other type of email that I know I'll never use..... Why do I not hit "delete" now... Why do I think I should wait till later?


And as I look around my desk here... why do I have "friar tuck" salt & peppers, Hummingbird windchimes waiting to be detangled, etc, etc...


Who's with me?

01-01-2006, 11:17 AM
:newyear: Happy New Year 2006 everyone!!!

Kaylets ~ Great job on deleting the email! :)

01-01-2006, 12:23 PM
Kaylets, I'm with you! The tree is down, the decorations boxed, DH (now out of bed and fed...I'm not stupid..feed him first, then put him to work) is putting all the Christmas storage boxes back into their storage space. I'm just about to vacuum and put the living room back to its normal order now that the tree is gone. Only a couple of loads of laundry to do, well one more once I change the bed...clean the bathrooms, a quick dusting and the house has its fresh start!

I had a close encounter with a multitude of elastics found in my desk while cleaning last week, too. Where DO they come from???

Happy New Year, all!!

01-01-2006, 12:42 PM
Happy New Year, :queen: s!!!

K, I am so with thee ... this week I am DELETING some o' the work I have to do for the paper (by doing it) today, DELETING all the Demon Refined Sugar and the extra pounds I put on in the past week o' feastin' when I meant to be watchin' cals ... I have already DELETED the setting up side biz work day by doing it a week ahead, since I could get into the space ... not gonna talk much 'bout that ... s'done anyhow ... I AM DELETING MYSELF AS A NON SUGAR BUSTERS PERSON ... back on the NO SUGAR COUNTDOWN! This is Day 1. I DELETED some dust and mess from the house and am ON THE MARCH TO GET RID O' THE 2.6 EXTRA POUNDS I PUT ON THIS WEEK. I will be challenging myself in addition to the no sugar to PRACTICE GWLBs all week ... Good Weight Loss Behaviours ... cal counting, Sugar Busters eating (modified) and adequate exercise.

I have taken steps to post in fewer places on the net, but don't wanna eliminate this.

I will declutter each day this year.

I will think about crocheting something and maybe blogging about crafts instead o' weight ... maybe.

I will continue to use Fitday PC to monitor my weight goals.

01-01-2006, 12:42 PM
P.S. 1600 emails is a LOT! You must be popular, K!

01-01-2006, 12:44 PM
Forgot to add that even though I gained 2.6 this week, I've lost 8 inches overall since July!

01-01-2006, 02:23 PM
Wooo-hooo and Happy New Year to all! I'm liking the spirit in here. No time for any but a fly-by, but here goes: Had a very nice New Year's Eve -- worked all day, the latter part of it in sequined blouse and velvet pants, then had a good seafood-pasta dinner with friends before going out dancing until 2 in the A.M. I can still hardly believe it myself! Didn't get to sleep until about 5 and then woke up at 9, but feel more or less okay. Finishing up with huge piece of work today, gathering statistics, submitting report. I will be SO glad to have that out of my hair, oh yeah.

Not pigging out but not also being really careful, foodwise. Steeling self to get ready for a new campaign with the new year either tomorrow or Tuesday.

K -- I can see i've got no time for anyone but me-me-ME. Love ya, though! :hug:

01-01-2006, 02:43 PM
I'm workin' today, also, Arabella! Happy New Year to us! Sheesh!

01-01-2006, 08:22 PM
Yo, this is an FYI message to all :queen: s who were doing BFL for Women. I was looking through the exercise vid catalog and note that Dr. Peeke has a BFL for Women video out. According to the write-up, it has a 50 minute informational section and a workout section. Seems like this'd be good for those of us interested in BFL who are refocusing at this time. I know I want it ... 'cept I'm broke! :) Later, though!

01-02-2006, 12:14 AM
VERY interesting, Amarantha! I must look into it. Thanks!

01-02-2006, 08:45 AM
Hello all!

Still trying to continue some forward motion.... trying to follow my own "draft" following the physics principle of a " body in motion stays in motion"....
I even caught myself offguard yesterday afternoon... I was on my way to bed for a nap and decided to " just wipe down the bathroom floor a little".....

What I always like about washing a floor is the instant graftification.... your results are right in front of you.... why oh why does it seem so complcated b/4 hand ?? And how interesting, all it took was for me to take a wet soap rag and start..... and b/4 you know it, I had more than 1/2 done....
Did I have the entire room emptied out? No, that's why I only did 1/2 .... now today, I hope to move things over to the clean side and finish....
Does this make things any less clean on the clean side? Not really.
Does this measure up to my usual way of washing a floor? Not really
But .... when I finish today will both sides now have been washed?



Empress... I too have been bitten by the " need to feel creative bug".....
In fact, am finding neat craft tools during my decluttering that are feeding my imagination.....
Especially finding new uses for items.... I found some older craft projects that used what looks like a small wooden fence.... Some still had some wood letters on them.... I just popped them off and made a few cute gifts for two bosses, dh, and a girlfriend.... This sounds a little cheesy but I 'm not 100% ready to share w/ the world what I did so if you are really dying to know, pm me.....

As for the knitting/crocheting/tatting work, I have tremendous admiration but a few folks have given up trying to teach me.... I do better w/ projects that move more quickly and need less hand/eye coordination to master and get speedy.

Wildfire.... Very clever to feed the help b/4 putting them to work...Not sure what DH thought when he came home yesterday..... It was obvious some things were in not in the same order as when he left but I'm not sure what he noticed....
Although I was happy that he had made tempeh and saurekraut during my nap.

As for the, not that popular....just on too many lists....
and don't forget the flylady says about 8 a day....

Aria... again, I really like your scene.... although I'm hoping not to see much ice this year!!

So, here go royals.... All we have to do is start....!


01-02-2006, 09:55 AM
Kaylets ~ I relate to your "washing the floor" thingie! So simple and yet so tiring and complicated. Believe me, it has nothing to do with the floor, it is all in my head, hahaha! But, sooo worth it!

01-02-2006, 06:09 PM
Well, I deleted a previous post 'cause I am feelin' somewhat better, thanks in part to noble :queen: K ... thanks for the conversation today, K!

Did well in the workout and food division today ... half an hour of circuit training, no sugar, also cut back on milk today for cal purposes but never regret the amount of milk I drink as at risk for osteo ... cals good so far ... am cooking a steak ... bye, Queens!

01-02-2006, 09:19 PM
Day 1 done, and feeling more in control! Made DH take all the random chocolate that was hanging around from stocking stuffers, gifts, etc., and put it downstairs in his desk. That eliminates mindless munching on the worst of my diet demons (that being chocolate) because I have to get past DH to get it! (He has been instructed to fight to the death.)

Scale was most unkind this morning, showing 2lbs up from the holidays. Don't plan on it sticking around, though, so not changing the ticker! Thinking positive!

Ain't no stopping us now...We're on the move! :cb:

01-02-2006, 09:53 PM
Be careful, Wildfire, those random chocolate demons have been known to escape faster than Houdini from INSIDE locked drawers, even when the desks were wrapped in chains and dropped in Lake Michigan during the winter freeze. :)

Yep, we're on the march now! Let's get 'em! Not the chocolate ...

01-03-2006, 06:25 AM
Hello all!

Well, I did it. Got back on the scale. First time in about 2 weeks..... and was grateful that at least this morning it was lower than the last time.... Less clothing probably but no matter, I am taking all the positive I can from that one.....

As you know, I am doing a major sort at my house. Found a bottle of unopend B12 vitamins. And decided to start taking them. Just a few days now.
Is it me or do I feel a real boost of mood and energy??? Is there really something to B12 making you feel zippier? This whole time I thought not......


Wildfire....If it were me, I'd have broken into DH's desk in the middle of the night.....

This past holiday sugar freeforall, eating like I was eating for 6, and still wanting MORE< MORE<MORE!!! only served to reinforce that

Much less, it also makes me feel bad.... not just physically but mentally.
Miserable the days after I have it and then fighting the physical cravings later too....


common sense says.....
:o :dizzy:


01-03-2006, 09:15 AM
Hola Chicas!!! :hug:

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, long time no log in....
I'm SO busy (and love it :carrot: )

Still holding strong at 8lbs loss total. Getting back into wanting to get into shape. (But isn't wanting and doing 2 different things? Yes, but I haven't really WANTED to for so long, it's a step in the right direction for me.)

Hope everyone's Holidays were fantastic. Mine were so so. DH and I had a near knock down drag out on New Years Day night. I don't know what got into us!!! (Ok I do, I've been feeling like the chamber maid in my own house for far too long). Nothing like starting the New Year with a fight!!! We both said some very hurtful things and I think I may have stepped over the line (I've got a hurtful tongue when provoked.) I made him cry. I actually made the one man I love in the world and cannot possibly live without, cry and for that I am truely ashamed. :cry: We're working what my problems (sheer lazyness of the men in the house.

Let me be right back....


Anyway, lazy men (I mean, they hardly get up to go to the bathroom on their own now a days). I just had enough is all. Things better change around here!!!

Have a productive day everyone.

01-03-2006, 01:22 PM
Yo, :queen: s, here we go 'n so happy to see thee Froglady!!! Sorry thou hast had a spat with thy spousie but t'will likely be a good thing in the end ... these things are good for marriages, I hear tell (I'm not married, so t'is only rumor I have to go on)! :) Congrats on holdin' the line at thy great 8 pound loss! :cheer:

Nay, :queen: K, it is NOT your imagination ... in my not humble O ... B12 especially, but really all the Bs are a great help in energy production and they also don't really have (in my limited scientific opinion) side effects or toxic dosages as some vitamins do ... as we age (not you, speakin' generally), the Bs tend to be less and less apparent in the bod (apparently, or so I've read, again, not an expert) and so it's not a bad idea to supplement (IMO). I oft resort to a bottle o' sublinquil (sp?) B12 tabs and they act very quickly to help me keep going and feel better, although, again, there's always the possibility of the placebo effect, but anyway ...

World, I feel much better today than I have for awhile and lo it is DAY 3 o' the 365 days o' no refined sugar I intend to live ... maybe I should count that backwards ... 362 days to go ... or would that be 363 days, since I'm only 2/3s through this one? MATH MAJORS, HELP! I'm not graspin' the concept ...

Gotta go to mountains to work but at least don't have to work tonight!

Instructor not at exercise class so there wasn't one, so went upstairs to fitness area and did 15 minutes cardio, 10 minutes ab/core work, 10 minutes stretch and 20 minutes jog/walk on treadmill.

01-04-2006, 10:09 AM
OK. am marching. Glad the holidays are over, although they were fine. I just dislike the lack of routine.

Have lurked a couple of times but no time to post. Am taking a minute amount of time now.

Will check in again...:wave:


01-04-2006, 10:20 AM
Morning all!!!

I'm tired today for some reason. :yawn: I just want to crawl under my desk and nap....

Not much going on here yet, everyone I work with is just starting to stragle in. (They get in between 9 and 11am everyday. I'm here at 7am).

I'll check back later.

01-05-2006, 09:14 AM
One normal routine day!

Goals for this sugar and lots of water.

Saw part of an interview on Oprah the other day with Jonathan Frey. I know he is addicted to drugs but I am addicted to food. He emailed a woman who'd contacted him for help and told her just to hold on, hold on, hold on. This worked all day for me yesterday...a mantra against the cookies.

Also, a long term take my ruddy vitamins!


01-05-2006, 06:34 PM
I'm still here. Off to a rocky start. Over the holidays I got into the habit of nibbling here and there and now it's hard to break that habit, particularly at night. I did okay over the holidays on my own, then the socializing and eating!
My weight's up by about 8 pounds according to my new oh-so-accurate scale. Trying not to panic...........:o but am feeling more distressed about it then I'm willing to admit. One step at a time......:hug:

FINALLY saw my doctor about my broken toe, only 3 weeks after the break. I feel reassured. She told me that it was normal for it to be tender for a few weeks and she even gave me the go-ahead to start working out again, [as long as it doesn't cause excessive pain] so that's good. Maybe that'll speed up my weight loss!

01-05-2006, 07:17 PM
Hello girls glad to see your still around! Well I'd like to join in with the challenge. I am off to see my son and his wife in Hawaii in March. So thats reason enough for me to get serious and take off 10lbs. I started this week to get back into the swing of eating better not so much junk stuff and really think before eating. It is going okay could aways be a bit better yah know how it is. But all in all not so bad of a start after all that holiday goodie stuff. The ref. is got good choices in it and I have been packing healthy lunches. I have managed to get a few goodies into my diet but not many. Big changes from christmas. I figure this week tackle the food choices and increase the water next week the exercise. If I did it all at once it might of sent me in a whril wind. I am going to clean the ref. and freezer out this weekend that will be my spring cleaning start. Hope your all ready to make some changes with me! Lets go girls! March is coming quickly and this is a new year!!!!!!!!!!! Lets make things happen for ourselves.

01-05-2006, 08:16 PM
Hello all,

Short work weeks wind up being the same 5 days amount of work crushed into 4 days....

As for no sugar at all, I literally walked the edge of the cliff but got lucky... the m & m cookies ( luckily only 3 were there) were made of peanutbutter so I am sure that's why I didnt go right off the deep end.....

But the key is really as Ceara says..... Hold on ...Hold on...Hold on..
In my opinion, that was the absolute best part of the entire experience of his book...

So.... the first 3pt sweet potato tasted so good I decided to make it the better part of my meal and am now cooking the remainder...

DH is at a meeting tonight and so far has called me aprx 6x.... the first 4, I had the phone on vibrate in my handbag so I didnt realize he was trying to "make sure nothing had happened going home".... then, he called back moments after we did connect to have me get something online so he could speak about it at the meeting...
Last minute assignment...
Luckily, just research about the spring show at the local dinner theatre....
Funny how you can get no calls for days and then 7 in less than an hour. All from DH...

anyway...time to get some things done....

Anyone see any of the New Biggest Loser?

01-05-2006, 10:41 PM
Hola chicas! Struggling to stay on the straight and narrow, but today was a decent day.

Destiny, thanks for popping in! Sorry I didn't see your reply sooner. I am enjoying my new stove. It has the option of cooking regular or with convection, so I am experimenting to see which is better and when. Roasted chicken is great with convection...cookies, not so much. I've gotten over my fear of damaging the cooktop, although still being careful to lift, not drag things across it.

Had a yummy salad for dinner spinach, chopped pear, walnuts, and goat feta in balsamic vinaigrette. Copied it from one I had in a restaurant, except theirs had caramelized walnuts and gorgonzola cheese. The gorgonzola was too strong for my liking. I have discovered I really like spinach! Nice change from the various lettuces.

Welcome back, cacmsc! lucky gal!

Greetings to all! :wave:

01-06-2006, 07:42 AM
Wildfire I love to cook and a new stove sounds like fun! Enjoy and make something healthy!
I agree Kaylet shorter weeks are packed for sure. I have to be real organized when I plan my 2 weeks off in March. I have to see 25 clients in the month and write reports etc. and hope there aren't any huge problems. Oh I know it will all work out I have done it before. It surely takes planning.
Well I got out my white square today and I was up 4lbs. from the holidays so don't feel alone Edyie. I am right there with yah. But we are going to lose it for sure. The scale I haven't decided if its a friend or not? It does help us from getting off course too far. What do you all think? I am going to do it again on Monday I think and then friday. 2 TIMES A WK?
I am trying to make my changes with foods this week and increase the water next week I will tackle the exercise. One step at a time works better for me. I have to get myself motivated. Well good luck everyone. I am off calorie counting and trying to make healthy choices. I like that note on hanging on! It might just help I am willing to try anything almost!

01-06-2006, 08:40 AM
Here we go Friday! Hold on...hold on...hold on...
That is really working for me so far....and the box of Peek Freans is going to the food bank. It was a gift at Christmas and I just decided this moment what to do with it. I love PF's! No more little whispers from them!

Yesterday was good. Vitamins in, water in, no sugar in, maybe a bit too much lasagna, but it was so good. Besides after work yesterday, it is a wonder that I didn't open the PF's! I could have eaten the kitchen but for the mantra (see above).

Today's goals....water, no added sugar and reasonable eating.
Long term...vitamins!

Wildfire, glad to hear that you are enjoying your new mom has one and those flat tops scare me. She has threatened us all with bodily harm if we touch it...and we're all grown up! Nothing like the fear of mom. That salad sounds lovely...I like spinach too (not the curly, gritty kind) and used some in the lasagna yesterday.

Kaylets...I forgot that I have some sweet potatoes in the fridge...thanks for the reminder...I think I'll do them up...bake them that is. I don't like gooped up SP.

Yup Eydie, I agree night nibbling is the worst! I've taken to the bed early so I'm not around the nibbling husband and son. Hate crumbs in the bed.

Cacmsc, Hawaii!?! How lucky. That'd be a real motivator! Twice a week on the scale sounds reasonable. Unfortunately, I'm a twice a dayer....which is obsessive in my opinion. But I still do it!

Anagram, where'd thee be?


Carpe looks like the sun may shine here today...better find my eyes, my eyes! Too many days since it was last seen. Thought I was at the north pole or something....


01-06-2006, 09:57 AM
4 good calories day in a row...:carrot:

01-06-2006, 07:32 PM

The fridge at work still had fudge in it... how t his can be w/ nearly 30 people working there is beyond me.... am I the only one w/ Fudge Radar?
Now there is about 3 inches less of it.... And I think the best thing would be to toss it as soon as I get there in the morning...

Yup... do something proactive......

Dh is yet working late again.... and now has the hoarse voice that seems to be everywhere. He says he feels better than he sounds but you know how that goes....

Since he is working late and I am going in tomorrow, I need to do 15 minutes at a time to get some things done....


See you in about 2 or 3 more bell rings........

01-06-2006, 08:29 PM
Here I am again.....

Notice I've never welcomed Cacmsc to the palace!
Welcome and welcome again....
Glad to have another royal among us....

A friend at work shared a "Signals" catalog and was excited at so many of things I saw with inspiring sayings and etc.
There is a lovely framed print with a poem by Colleen Hitchcock that really moved me. My guess is most of you are familiar with this poem...

my guess is, you won't mind if I post it here....

Let's call it the thought of the day........



And if I go,
while you're still here...
Know that I live on,
vibrating to a different measure
--behind a thin veil you cannot see through.
You will not see me,
so you must have faith.
I wait for the time when we can soar together again,
--both aware of each other.
Until then, live your life to its fullest.
And when you need me,
Just whisper my name in your heart,
...I will be there.

"Ascension" copyright 1987, Colleen Corah Hitchcock


There is also a plaque that the Signals catalog says is their Exclusive...
I don't see any author credited....

I want to share that one with you too....

What Cancer Cannot Do

It cannot cripple love.
It cannot shatter hope.
It cannot corrode faith.
It cannot destroy peace.
It cannot kill friendships.
It cannot suppress memories.
It cannot silence courage.
It cannot invade the soul.
It cannot steal eternal life.
It cannot cannot conquer the Spirit.


See you in a another few bell rings...

01-07-2006, 09:58 AM
OK, another. Deep breath. It was scary last night though...those siren calls from those homemade chocolates. I should send them to work with my husband. DS assured me that he'd eat the PF's. Maybe I should just put them into the condemned bedroom...his!

The sun shone most of the day yesterday!!! It was very nice! I spent the afternoon quite companionably with the dogs...managed to get 2 of them combed through while listening to the soaps. They need week. Today it is bath the visitor one and finish her up. She goes home tomorrow. A nice girl.

Isn't it odd for you to work on a Saturday Kaylets?

Food was a bit much mid-day yesterday...caught myself going towards a binge. Amazing how dog hair can stop that. Didn't eat much supper though....3 pieces pizza...square that may be why the chocolate cravings. Had 3 cans of pepsi though...I don't usually drink that. Note to self...drink water not pop! Vitamins in.

Goals today...more water, less food, or maybe more veggies, vitamins.

Cleaned and sorted the last years worth of bills last night...see how you inspire me Kaylets? Now for the top of the fridge...sigh.

Aria! :carrot: Way to go! :carrot: 4 days! Is it 5 now?

OK...time to get this show on the torn between mini-quiche or rice and raisins for brekkie. Quiche I think.

:wave: to all!


01-07-2006, 10:31 AM
What are PFs? :)

01-07-2006, 11:13 AM
PF's are Peek Frean cookies...very delectable. Kinda like hard shortbreads and likely British.


01-07-2006, 11:36 AM
Thanks. I haven't ever seen those here.

I probably should avoid buyin' any o' those if I run across 'em, then. :)

01-08-2006, 12:53 PM
Hope all royals are well, both those within and those without the palace. Insanely busy (what's new?) but striving to remain sane. Still doing work of 3 people, but the job ad went out the other day so I have hopes of the cavalry's approach. And I did manage to finish the "State of the Site" report on New Year's Day. THAT was quite a burden lifted, making all else seem possible, more or less... Am working on horoscopes today, a look ahead at the year. I'm just going to approach it as fun, creative, soul-satisfying kind of work so that I don't feel so badly about working on the weekend. Next weekend, I'm going to take the time off, for sure :crossed:

I'm ready to start making some weight loss progress again. Managed not to gain over the holidays and I'm happy about that, but it's time to make the number go down. I'm thinking of joining some kind of group or seeing a consultant, because I think it'll help me keep focused and try harder.

On the bright side, my numbers have improved again (other than the weight one :rolleyes: ). I've lost 3% body fat in the last couple of months and an entire pound of visceral fat, which puts me into the healthy range as far as that goes :carrot: My muscle mass has increased four pounds, as well. Soooo... progress. Nevertheless, I want to see the weight go down too.

Someone mentioned our beloved Anagram -- I have been in touch with her and she's still in much the same situation. There's some progress for her DH but then there are setbacks and difficult things to face. She's coping, but it's very hard, I think. Just wanted to report (I don't think she'd mind) because I know we all worry when we don't hear anything. Now -- wonder where our Punkin is...

Kaylets, I concur about the B vitamins too! I started taking extra B complex and extra calcium/magnesium a little while back and I feel SO much more like myself. Thanks for posting those poems -- very inspiring! I hadn't read "Ascension" before, but it was so moving, and really sums up pretty much how I feel about death: it doesn't exist.

Amarantha, I'd join thee on thy noble no-sugar quest, but one thread is the most I can cope with, I think. And spring doth call to me... although I'm extending my focus to the vernal equinox in March, when we might have some faint glimmerings of spring here. I'm mostly swearing off sugar, although will have a little red wine and the occasional thing like marmalade on whole-grain toast. Of course, if it impedes my progress, it's gonna hafta go, though!

Welcome cacmsc! Your name seems familiar -- do I "know" you from somewhere? I used to be babette... I must say, the scale is crucial to me. I've started to weigh in daily, just because otherwise I can start to think "Hmmm... haven't done well, I'll wait to weigh in" and somehow the days can turn to weeks and before I know it I haven't weighed in for months or a year and have gained 30 or more pounds. This has happened to me a few times in my life. Sure hope I've learned my lesson!

Ceara, there must be something in the air. I seem to be starting to sort things out almost as if it came naturally to me. If it goes on much longer the house may actually be clean and tidy some sweet day! Know what you mean about the James Frey thing and "holding on" -- when you get down to it, addiction is addiction, huh.

Wildfire, your salad sounds wonderful! I'll be trying that one, for sure. Thanks for the description!

Eydie, some of that eight pounds is surely scale discrepancy, isn't it? Darn nibbling, though. Gotta hate the way it adds up! I'm vowing to quit, myself. Back to forcing myself to eat only at the table. Hope your tender toe is all better soon!

Sheesh, long-winded today, am I not. K -- not enough to just talk about work, must actually do some. Love to all! Let's head to spring, or V-Day or whatever future point of choice in STYLE!!! :carrot:

01-08-2006, 04:24 PM
S'ok 'bout not joinin' the no sugar thread, Wood Nymph, it's just somethin' extra! :)

I am workin' too today but can't seem to concentrate so haven't gotten very far, most of the stuff will probably have to wait until tomorrow, but I'll do a bit more.

Thanks for the update on Anagram!

01-08-2006, 08:59 PM
hi all, and happy new year! i haven't caught up on all the posts since i was here last, but have been thinking about the royal court. i had some "ms technical difficulties" and also some computer ones, but hopefully both are improving. my printer/copier died, too, which has really been a pain in the neck. i can't afford to replace it now, and the copy machine portion was so helpful for my insurance forms, etc., and not having to go out to make copies. ah well. anyway, i have been staying op, which i'm pleasantly surprised and pleased about. am putting it in to even higher gear again, too, now that i'm feeling better. going back to regular daily exercise routine also. well, take care, all.

01-09-2006, 09:33 AM
Good morning, Queenlies, and welcome to the week! I'm starting to feel fired-up about this weight-loss thing again, praise be. :carrot: Mostly a "get real" sort of deal:

Q: Do I want to lose weight?
A: Why, yes I do!

Q: What do I need to do to accomplish that?
A: Change the balance of input/output -- eat less and/or exercise more. That'll work. 500 cals. a day's worth will yield a pound a week; 1000 will yield 2. This has been demonstrated. Whatever my other numbers, the proof of gaining muscle/losing fat, I can still also lose weight if I do this. And will be much better off for it.

Q: Can I make those kinds of changes?
A: Yes I can!

So... I'm going to go Core. Low GI, high-nutrient, high fibre, moderate fat (but healthy fats). Here we go!

Shocking revelation this morning: DH was saying that he thought I should do whatever it takes -- whether joining a group or getting some individual counselling -- because I've been trying to get the weight off since we met. I said "Yes, and I've actually gained a lot since then." DH said he didn't think I was much heavier at all than when we first started dating. :eek: In point of fact, I'm at least 60 pounds heavier than I was then! I can hardly believe he doesn't realize it. Weird, eh? Anyway, he's right in that I want to do this and get it done...

Amarantha, me too, not getting the work done yesterday. Have to put pedal to metal today -- I hate that! Ah well...

wsw, congrats to you for staying OP whilst dealing with pesky technical difficulties! I think there's a whole new spirit of resolve in the palace now -- we're gonna leave those pounds in the dust!

K. 'Nuff talkin' -- time for action :carrot: Love to all. Let's make this a good one!

01-09-2006, 09:54 AM
Hello everyone!:balloons:
Arabella ~ Sounds like you are highly motivated and have a good plan of action.
Hang in there, you can do it!

01-10-2006, 07:42 AM
Kaylets nice poems. Thanks for sharing and the warm welcome.
I am trying to reintroduce my exercise this week. Last week I tackled getting into eating better after the holidays. I still have a few slip ups but it is coming around.
I have an incentive to lose some wt. before I fly to Hawaii to see my son and his wife 3/9th. My hubby and a friend of mine are all going we have great plans and can't wait to see the kids. This is the first time we will of gotten to see Hawaii and haven't seen him in 1 year. It is the longest time apart ever. So I am motivated for sure!
Arabella I think we have crossed our paths before on this weight loss journey one of the many sites here. I decided friday will be scale day. Yes you are very right and I too sometimes stay off too long and where does it get us? In trouble at least most of the time for me. I have to lose what I put on during the holidays a few lbs. then anothe 5 might be nice to add to that loss. At least I am making an effort to make some positive changes. I am trying to get the exercise going. Our weather is crazy here and will be in the 50's this week so maybe some outdoors walking will be in my plans. We are usually having very cold snowy weather by now its nuts weather wise here. The world is surely changing. Hang in there we can do this! Sounds like your motivated and ready to go. Me too!

01-10-2006, 12:29 PM
Sick again ladies....

Not strep throat and not the wisdom teeth, but Sydney got sick with Winter Vomiting Disease (I never knew this existed!!!) and I caught a cold. She's better though, and I feel like crap.

Off to go secure more cold meds. Unfortunatly missing work yesterday and today. Well, I say unfortunatly....Maybe I'm used to a faster pace of work or a bigger work load, but they hardly have anything for me to do!!!! Maybe it's a slow month...

01-10-2006, 07:23 PM
HEllo all!

Can't believe its Tuesday evening already....

Wood Nymph --thanks for the update on Anagram... I have been wondering and worrying about her and am glad you could share w/ us.

I said I'd throw the fudge away didnt I? Well, when I went in for the extra hours on Sat, I didnt go near the fridge & thought I was safe... instead... on Monday...
Guess what I had for lunch...


Again... one day clean ....

This is why I avoid this stuff... its like crack cocaine... and I am powerless.....


Tonight, I make cauliflower soup and eat cabbage soup while its cooking...
Many benefits to both....

Crazy I tell you.....

My timer just went off so I hope to stop again in a few rings....

01-10-2006, 08:36 PM
kaylets, i can't believe it is already tues. evening, either. the days, weeks---just seem to fly by. boy, do i ever understand about demon fudge. i have been craving chocolate so much lately.

more cals. today than i needed, but did do more exercise, at least. tomorrow, back to most basic food plan. well, good evening, all!

01-10-2006, 09:13 PM
Today my dear love lost his battle for life.

He was my great gift from God and I always knew I'd have to give him back someday. Today was the day.

I will be all right, my Royals, because I promised him I would be and a Queen always keeps her promise.

01-10-2006, 09:20 PM
I am so sorry to hear the news, Queen Anagram! Your dh waged a truly brave struggle and you were ever at his side. We are all thinking of you, my friend.

01-10-2006, 10:36 PM
Oh Anagram..........:grouphug: I am so sorry to hear this. Praying for you and yours.


01-10-2006, 10:52 PM
Anagram dear....So, so sorry to hear you're Royal Love has gone ahead of you.
We are sending you armfuls of courage. I cannot imagine how I will deal when its my turn.
But please remember, this is still your safe place.... to not have to be brave, not have to be polite, to share and know you are safe.

You are in my thoughts and prayers.
You are loved.

01-11-2006, 07:28 AM
Anagram your loss is felt throughout this site. I am sure you were his strong support throughout his battle. Know that I am very sorry for your loss and you will meet again in a place without pain and suffering.
Thinking about you!

01-11-2006, 08:03 AM
Words fail us, dear Anagram. I'm so sorry and will be thinking of you. We love you.

01-11-2006, 11:56 AM
Anagram, I'm so very sorry for the loss of your darling! What a wonderful gift you gave him, though, to keep him at home with you -- where he wanted to be -- through his final days. Now his suffering is over, and I hope your grief is made more bearable by the knowledge that you did your valiant best for him! Remember that you're never really alone, but are always in a circle of love :grouphug: Thanks so much for letting us know. Love to you!

01-11-2006, 12:12 PM
Anagram, please accept my heartfelt condoleances. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your dear husband! You took such great care of him and he was brave and blessed to have his last days at home with you. I am thinking of you and sending prayers. Wishing you strenght and peace. :grouphug:

01-11-2006, 04:47 PM
Anagram-I just wanted to send my heartfelt condolences to you and your family. I agree with Kaylets, this is your place to come and talk. We all love you here.

01-11-2006, 08:45 PM
Oh Anagram. I have no words to express my sorrow. If you are unable to grasp anything else at this time, know these two things: Your dearest will always be near, and we love you. :grouphug:

01-11-2006, 09:59 PM
Thanks, all, for your love and kindness. Today has been so hectic and I'm probably so wound up I'm feeling silly. But I know the crash will come and I'm prepared for it. Pencilling it in, as it were.

And, yes, he'll be with me. He was- in the early hours this morning- comforting me, teasing me, loving me as he always has.

01-12-2006, 08:07 AM
Ah, the week is flying along! Glad your DH is with you Anagram.

Am still fighting the good fight. Got the Christmas tree and decorations down yesterday. The guys got the boxes put away last to clean and re-arrange the room again. Never ending story. Anyway in the process, I found the box of home made candies.........chocolate. I actually sat down and opened them, smelled them, thought for a minute and put'em away. Small victory for woman kind. Actually I talked myself outta them.

Have 2 functions this week is the parentals Friday night..and the other is pizza with the dog club. More challenges. However, things have been pretty good on the intake front. Have managed vitamins every day...a minor miracle in itself...and more water, with the corresponding more exercise going to the john. Food portions are still an issue but am wrestling with that. No sugar though...GOODY.

Anyway....hope all are well, and hangin' in there....the wagon moves on with or without us! I'm personally tired of draggin' my A$$ behind it all the time tryin' to catch up!

Carpe Diem!



01-12-2006, 09:03 AM
Dear Anagram, I am touched to hear that you can feel your DH is still with you.
Sending prayers and good vibes to you both! :grouphug:

01-12-2006, 09:17 AM
Still swamped at work, but they're interviewing for the production job either tomorrow or early next week, so things should improve then. I signed up for a storytelling course and had my first class yesterday morning. I had so much to do that I almost blew it off, but decided that I needed to get out for my sanity. And as soon as I stepped out the door I felt better, things felt more in perspective.

I'm doing pretty well OP-wise, exercising, not over-eating. I really think, though, that after I get back from the company meetings I'm going to kick it up to the next level, do core and possibly join a group. The meetings are always awful food-wise. I'm going to take some nuts & stuff with me so I can avoid the sandwiches and things they serve us. I usually go in with good intentions at the start and end up eating like a champ. Not this time! :no:

Anagram, so happy to hear that your darling is still with you. I thought he might be -- that's quite a bond you two have. :hug:

Ceara, good going with those chocolates! Brave girl!

K -- I do actually have work to do. Hi ho... Love to all!

01-12-2006, 05:03 PM
angagram- i am so truly sorry to hear of the loss of your dh. i know you are right, and that he is indeed with you. you took such good care of him, and he was a brave fighter. you are in my thoughts and prayers. please take good care of yourself.

01-13-2006, 08:04 AM
Anagram the spirit is a wonderful thing and I am glad your loved one is with you!
Calories were up yesterday as I had a few bad choices in the evening. Stressful afternoon it work and I allowed it to get the best of me. Not today! I am ready to fight back to stay on track no matter what! Sometimes work and unneeded stress can play such a role in our actions with food. Recognizing it early on is a good thing. One day is better than a week. Take care everyone and have a good day.

01-13-2006, 09:22 AM
Where's Punkin? :?:

Will be thinkin' of you this pm and eve Anagram. Hold fast. You are in our hearts.

Butt is still firmly planted on the wagon splinters yet. Slight eating op tonight...but the chocolates still sing to me. Have you ever hidden something on yourself? I will perservere though. One day at a time, one minute at a time...hold on, hold on, hold on. Water, vitamins, portions and no sugar......

Grounds for divorce in my house. For the past many years, both my husband and son have had plantars warts and I threatened to kill or divorce, whichever is applicable, if I got one. The DAY has arrived. I am not thrilled. I haven't had one of these since pre-teen when I took swimming lessons!

Anyway, gotta go. 'Tis the Friday brekkie thing and then I'm off to groom Mom's dog....just tidying. My dad and mom have been working on her...a v-e-r-r-y S-C-A-A-R-R-I-I-E thought.



01-13-2006, 10:08 AM
Morning all! I have another small victory with the scale. Down 2 more pounds. That was until AF came for a visit this morning!!! I'm 2 weeks late and I was beginning to wonder when the CEO of EPT was going to call us and thank us for personally paying for his vacation this year with our test purchases. I'm late often, but 2 weeks.....

Anyway, I feel horrible now!!! Bloated...Blah...

TGIF! And a 3 day weekend to boot. YEE HAH! :carrot:

The job is still SO SLOW!!!! I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop....still

We'll see.

Love to you all!

01-13-2006, 10:14 AM
Hello everyone! :balloons:
Wishing you a good "Friday the 13th"!
Ceara ~ You can get rid of a plantar wart just by using over the counter Compound W (spelling?). Just make sure you cover the area with a band-aid when you are done so the product does not spread and give it at least 6 weeks to 3 months.
Hope that helps!

01-14-2006, 08:31 AM
Hello all....

Although I have been tempted sorely somehow I managed to stay away from sugar for aprx 3 days.....
Nearly did a u-turn into the VP's office yesterday when I realized he had refilled his candy jar to the tippity top w/ choc bars.....but somehow, someway a comment someone made came to me.....
"Sure, a chocolate binge would be tasty but what how would I feel afterwards?"

Mentally, physically, but especially mentally.... I managed to keep moving past his office... of course, it helped that he was IN the office on a conference call .... The idea of me going in there repeatedly to grab choc bars while he was on the call was too far fetched.... and short of running in, grabbing the entire foot tall jar (like that wouldn't get noticed!)
come to think of it, seems as though my biggest temptations are Sugar and Free..... when they're combined...... very difficult for me to resist......

So I am planning on remaining sugar free today too...

Today, I am going to an all day Toastmasters seminar.... I am especailly looking forward to the afternoon session as a professional speaker who is also a Toastmaster is going to speak on how to become a professional speaker....

Ceara, I've never experienced the Plantar wart problem but do know folks who had real problems w/ them. Sounds as though you have your share w/ DH and DS.... I'm not even sure if they're caused by a virus or a fungus...
Good luck....

Frogger! Good for you showing a loss at the scale....thats' great!
I also have a 3 day weekend... We'll be spoiled by time February starts!

Need to get myself together as I am hoping to make some contacts and always do better meeting folks when I know I look good .... its a shame I am so self concious but at least its simpler nowadays....
And another GOOD reason to stay On Program..!!

01-14-2006, 10:15 AM
I'm still around---but have fallen prey to a mild cold. Nothing spectacular, just enough to make me very tired.

01-16-2006, 07:50 AM

Today marks my return to the palace. My steps will be small and slow but I am back. Thank you for all the love and support.

01-16-2006, 10:39 AM
Ended up working on the weekend again. Can't wait till I can stop doing that! Woke up to a "Winter Wonderland" out there, after quite mild weather. It's pretty, anyway. And we've been incredibly lucky with our weather so far this year, no extreme cold.

Walked to gym in said wonderland, did circuits, walked back. Almost finished yoga. Now I just have to get in meditation and I'll be set -- oh, yeah, and eating properly. How could I forget! :s:

Trying to prepare for trip to Boston on the weekend, figure out what I'm going to wear to each of the various functions. Actually making a list :rolleyes: Thinking I need to buy another pair of pants :chin: Once I've got my outfits all worked out I'll feel better. The meetings are going to be very strange. Funny thing -- they sent out the company survey last week. Usually they send it AFTER the meetings. Hmmm.... wondering if they think they'll get better responses now than we'd be likely to give after the meetings? I guess we'll see...

Kaylets, I haven't been totally sugar-free for a while now, but your message reminded me of how easy it can be once you get going. I remember doing the South Beach induction and, after a couple of weeks, feeling like it was no trouble at all -- no cravings, no urges, could go on indefinitely. Yeah. Hmmm... I'd say when I get back from the trip, it's time to do that again. And maybe stay with it this time :rolleyes:

Anagram, so nice to see you back in the palace! Be gentle with yourself :hug:

Eydie, the fatigue is almost the worst part of a cold. You take care of yourself, too.

cascmc (hope I've got your letters right!) -- that is so true about stress and the weight loss battle. I swear, if I could get a handle on stress and fatigue I'd have this avoirdupois lost in no time!

Ceara, sorry about that plantar's wart -- I had one years ago. I think that aria had good advice about the Compound W, though. Blast that sucker!

Frogger, WTG on the 2 pounds down! I'm a little unclear as to the EPT status -- officially not preggers, or do we know yet?

Amarantha, I saw, whilst visiting the other thread, that I'd missed thine birthday. Hope it was lovely, and I do gratefully thank the graces of the universe that brought you into our circle!

Aria, I have never had anything of any import happen on Friday the 13th. My DH has gone so far as to avoid flying on that day, though. And every time I say that nothing much has ever happened to me on that date, he knocks wood. :lol:

K, Lovelies. I must be off. Love to all!

01-16-2006, 10:48 AM
Welcome back, Anagram! Take the time you need. Sending you some good vibes! :goodvibes

01-17-2006, 06:18 AM
Hello all!

We had bitter cold weather for a few days.... Yes, it's winter time but the tempertures dropped nearly overnight almost 30 degrees and the winds were screaming.....Bitter, bitter cold.... 3 days of it, at least yesterday by day's end the wind had ended and the difference was really noticeable....
Makes my shoulders and neck want the heating pad and the liniment.... I've been doing neck rolls and stretches and even took a nap when my head was pounding but just couldn't get comfortable....

Good to see you. Yes, please be gentle with yourself. How are you?

Eydie.... The cold/virus thing makes everyone exhausted ...... bone weary....
and those who try to soldier on seem to get worse.... those who can get into bed and sleep it off recover more quickly.... Be warned.... the fever blisters are legendary! I thought my headlight sized fever blister made the record books until I saw the boss'.... she had 5 total.... 3 outside... 2 on the inside of her mouth.....

Ceara... thought of you everytime the dog show was advertised on tv.....

Just caught a look at the clock and must apologize that I have to run ....

Hope ALL the royals are doing well.....

Here's the thought of the day:

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle."


Tea anyone?

01-17-2006, 07:37 AM
Kaylet wow I know what you mean about the weather. Last friday it was 61 here really warmer than its ever been in January then the next day 23. It was crazy and this morning 9 out. Burr! We will see spring soon.
I had yesterday off from work but had to do major cleaning. We had those awful pantry moths. Watch that bulk food stuff. I love going to get it but most likely thats what started the problem. We had to do an overall on the whole kitchen. It is still not completed as of yet. I am going to redo all the cupboards reorganizing that is. So lots of work on a day I was to have as vacation Hah hAH! Well think of the calories burned I guess. Don't wish those little things on anyone and anyone can get them according to the guy at the hardware store.
As far as wt. loss goes haven't jumped the scale. I did manage to get in 110 min, for the week as workouts. I lacked 90 min. I will try it again this week. I hope to go right after work today. I enjoyed going on saturday to the gym it was a slow day there and no pressures to watch for machines etc. I have to tighten up my waist line thats what happens when you slack off during holidays. I am trying to get back into the swing of things.
Anagram welcome back and my thoughts are with you.
Have great day girls keep moving and burning those unwanted calories!

01-17-2006, 09:18 AM
Arabella-Oh no, not preggers. I thought for sure though being 2 weeks late. But no, AF finally decided to visit. We actually took the time to discuss such musings. We've decided to wait to try until Sydney is 2. Which isn't very far away if you think about it. She's 15 months.

Anyway, much to do today. I'll check back later!

01-17-2006, 10:13 AM
Arabella ~ I think I missed Amarantha's birthday too! Happy belated Birthday, Amarantha!

01-17-2006, 09:27 PM
Thanks for the birthday wishes, :queen: s! :)

Hi, Anagramatic! :wave:

And a hallo to all mentioned 'n unmentioned ... I've kinda got the blues or the blahs or something at the moment, haven't been meself since the pneumonia and wonder if it's back ... hopefully not ... so shall ariseth 'n go now. Baking chicken. Discovered individually frozen chicken breasts in a huge pack that are NOT injected with sugar ... these are so much easier for my on the go lifestyle ... I'm going to eat said baked chicken with Annie's Natural Green Goddess Dressing ...

01-17-2006, 09:42 PM
Amarantha, me too---about the blue blahs, I mean!:?:

01-18-2006, 08:01 AM
Happy belated Amarantha! Hope it was a good one for you!
Yesterdays eating wasn't too bad I did get into some peppermint hearts I bought. Though thats not as bad as some other things it adds up. I ate good for the day. Today I have packed a healthy lunch and am off to work. I missed my work out after work yesterday due to freezing rain. THought it better to get home safe. I will get there today.

01-18-2006, 09:00 AM
All goes reasonably well here, managing to stay more-or-less healthy. Tired, though. Yesterday I successfully fought the urge to binge by reminding myself how hard it is for my body to carry all this extra weight. That was a triumph, and, as I always say, each time we beat the :devil: makes it easier to do it again next time. Have been doing well with keeping up the exercise, including yoga, but not doing as well with the meditation. WILL do it today, as it has the capacity to transform life in a way that little else does.

I'm heading off today to look for a new pair of pants for my trip (and see what other things are around for me ;-) I'd love to get a real cocktail-type dress for the special dinner, too although black outfit i wore new year's eve will do: Flowy, velvety trousers, heeled sandals & sequined blouse. And a jacket to wear with pants for meetings would be nice... Looking at Cotton Ginny & Value Village (I've got coupons for $ off at both places) Informed DH this morning that I might have to do this. Business meetings are always a good excuse for buying clothes! :s:

Amarantha & Eydie -- for me, the blahs are usually part of not feeling well. When I feel fully well, I usually feel like I could conquer the world. (Fortunately for world, I generally have at least some minor sniffles/aches & pains or whatever :lol: ) Look after your own sweet selves, rest and restore!

Love to all, mentioned or un- Be kind to yourselves today!

01-18-2006, 09:14 AM
Arabella-You use that excuse too to shop???? Glad I'm not the only one!

Happy Belated Birthday to our dear Amarantha.:gift: Hugs!

Morning eating was OUT OF CONTROL yesterday. OK, eating was out of control for the morning and afternoon. I did do well at dinner though. I've cut my portion sizes and then I eat, and then I go get busy doing something else.

DH made me a tuna fish sandwhich for lunch today. He's being so sweet! (Wonder what the catch is???) LOL ;)

Truely wanted to weigh in this morning, but I just forgot. Wanted to see if I am still at 13lbs loss. Maybe tomorrow.

Good day to all!

01-19-2006, 08:13 AM
Frogger I wish I was still at my loss wt. Christmas dragged me up the scale a few lbs. Not a nice thing but I did it to myself. Now I am trying to undo it. I got on the scale this a.m. and still no movement. I have increased my water, exercise inc. but still need to do more. I guess maybe I am consuming too many almonds? My friend had the smoked ones and I ate them yesterday the sodium level is high that could be counting for no loss at all. Oh well I will keep on trying to improve myself. Frustrated I am. Maybe I should go back to South Beach diet? Whats everyone else following? I generally count calories and watch my fats. Just thought maybe whats working for others is worth a try.

01-19-2006, 09:20 AM
OK, so I'm at 11 lbs lost. Still fantabulous!!!! :carrot:

cacmsc-Maybe you're retaining water from all the salt in the almonds? Drink up!!! I used to do a self modified version of low carb(before South Beach came out. Low and behold, I think they stole my idea!!!) I lost 80lbs and then got preggo and gained it all back minues 10lbs. Tried it again awhile back and stuck to it for 2 months. I gained like 8lbs. So I'm starting over with portion control as #1 and excersise (which I haven't gotten around to yet :^: )

Eating was fair yesterday. Really good throughout the day, but crappy at dinner. DH made turkey burgers and fries. 2 helpings of fries (not fried, baked in the oven).

01-19-2006, 12:11 PM
Hello everyone! :)
Good job, Frogger! Enjoy!

01-20-2006, 07:09 AM
Two days ago I finally felt I could step up to Demon Scale. Couldn't find either scale. DS and his cohort did such a good job of cleaning up(hiding) things, I was at a loss. No problem - I was going to doctor yesterday.

Dr's scale said I've gained one pound since August. ?????? No way - or maybe I lost more after that and regained. So yesterday DS called and I asked re scales, found mine, and hit it this morning. Up about five/six pounds from my lowest. Even this low amount is a gift as I FEEL LIKE I've put on 15 or so.

I'm slowly gaining on the wagon. Plan to start my water workouts next week. AND since it's so nice today I plan to go to a park and do at least an amble to see how those muscles feel. Back on prednisone yet again. (A gentle Queen has been taking me along on her walks, which has much benefitted my well being tho not my calorie count. She takes such lovely walks.)

On all other fronts, I am still overwhelmed. Will work way through mounds of paperwork and other distractions and maintain composure as well as possible otherwise. I have been blessed with marvelous friends and family.

HOOHAA, Frogger! And all other Queens valiantly fighting our mutual battle.:hug:

01-20-2006, 07:24 AM
Frogger thanks for the info. and I must of had water wt. cause down 1 lb. today. I will take that I needed some type of progress to show up. Thank goodness. I am trying to watch things that go in to my mouth! Portion control and cal. and sugar and fat levels. Along with working out now I should see some more movement. I am up 5lbs. from my very lowest wt. I need to lose that before my Hawaii trip in March if nothing else comes off. I wish I hadn't slacked off during the holidays. To think of how much closer to my overall goal I would of been. I want to lose 13lbs. would be lovely! I don't need to lose a bunch but with thyroid disease it does make your metabolism a bit messed up. We'll see what yesterdays blood test comes up with if anything. Most likely tri are up and chol. from being naughty!
Anagram hang in there sounds like your trying to get things going again. Good for you! Your lucky to have such great support and I am glad you have it! Exercise will help you to get focused and feel a bit better for sure.

01-20-2006, 09:07 AM
Hello everyone!
Anagram, I am also happy to hear you have such good support with friends and family! Walks are great aren't they? Sounds like you are taking good care of yourself! :)

01-20-2006, 01:12 PM
Well, I had a big o' long 'let's get with it' postie and somehow, it didn't post. :mad:

Let me do the cliffnotes version...

I've found that eating slower really helps me get full lately. I think a lot of us shovel in because we are SO hungry. I know I have found myself plenty of times at the last bite realizing I hadn't really tasted a thing (and had eaten twice as much as I need/wanted to). So let's make it a point to slow down and enjoy our food. You may find that you'll eat less but enjoy it more.

Also posted about salad...It's REALLY helped me with portion control. I'm a big eater. I like to see plenty of food on my plate. (And I mostly like to eat all of that food. Clean plate club here:p) Anyway, I've been sort of faking myself out. I don't just start with a salad, I use it as a 'side' item. I put it on my actual dinner plate. It's the first thing that goes on (and it's the largest portion). I find no fault with eating as many and as much fresh veggies as you want. I don't think it will hurt you. So, salad. Nothing fancy, some bagged romain mix, a couple of croutons for crunch, a pinch of bacon bits or cheese if I have it, and a little bit of dressing. Then I put a little bit of everything else for dinner on my plate. Fakes me out to thinking I have this huge plate of food when really it's mostly salad. If I am hungry after that big plate, I have more salad or another helping of veggies only. It's really been helping I think.

Ok, that's my $0.02 for now:^:

01-21-2006, 08:44 AM
Well, it was a start. Went to our favorite park and took one of our shorter walks. Maybe it was the nice weather but it went very well. Today I'm going to try the cemetery. It's a small one and dh is buried within a circular center of it so I'll go around the circle at least once for a start. Can you imagine having a walking "track" on your mind while you're picking a burial plot in the rain? But that seemed to add a comfortable dimension to the whole thing.

Still having trouble reining in the appetite but at least adding more fruit/salads. Small steps, small steps.

01-21-2006, 11:53 AM
Hello, all! :wave:

Anagramatic, great work on the walkin' ... yes, I can imagine envisioning the peaceful walks to be experienced when choosing such a location ... it sounds beautiful, like the labyrinths people walk around to find mental and physical peace ... or for whatever reason.

Good job on the small steps.

01-21-2006, 03:24 PM
Fly-by "Hi!" :wave: I'm currently going nuts trying to get ready for trip tomorrow and have work done for the site for the first two days, which are going to be action-packed from early morning till late at night. Can't wait to get back! :rolleyes:

I need a nap. Anyhoo, I'm in survival mode. Chocolate is calling to me ... I know it's out there.

Love to all! See you in a few days, most likely.

01-21-2006, 04:22 PM
Sending vibes for a great trip, Wood Nymph, and also that you have the get up and go to get it all done and together before you go~~~~

Walked today, briskly at first, and then round and about. all told about an hour. Felt good!!!! Large salad for lunch but unfortunately I didn't stop there. Still it was mostly salad.

01-21-2006, 05:47 PM
Thanks, Anagram! Salad is good, as is an hour's walk -- good on you, kiddo!

I just managed to push self out the door a half-hour ago and managed to get round the harbour for "crow time." We've got a lot of crows living in the park (at least in the winter) and they herald sunrise and sunset. I was stressed on the first part of my walk, although always restored a bit to be at the harbour again. Round the end, the sun was setting, pretty colours and clouds on the horizon and the waves splashing in. The crows were settling on the tops of trees like big black leaves and on some signal would sail forth with a great caw-cawing, wheel overhead in one direction and swing back again, as if imitating the waves. Another surreal moment at the end of the boardwalk. I thought, walking back homewards, that it could have been a dream sequence .

I'll get done what absolutely must be done. Heigh-ho!

01-22-2006, 09:50 AM
Hello all,
A week ago today, it was so cold w/ intense winds I was wearing a long coat w/ a big shawl wrapped around my head to keep my ears from falling off...
Today, they say it will be "Suprisingly warm"....

Scared the heck out myself in the grocery store this morning when I thought I could button my shirt anymore. That I had gotten to big for it to fit....

This is a new issue for me... guess because I have gained and feel so little motivation to be on program...... Guess my subconcious thinks I can gain it all back... so I guess I better put some thought to that subject....

Speaking of food....
Dh and I bought a loaf of bread from the Big Sky Bread Company yesterday.... Garlic Olive Bread.... With whole black and green olives in it...
Will have to try it at home.....

How is everyone ??

01-22-2006, 10:09 AM
good morning, all!

have been thinking of you. so good to see you, anagram! haven't been op as diligently as i would like, but the past few days have been back on track. my food choices have been pretty good, though. portion control is still my demon. i have also kept up with my exercise, at least. breakfast was nutritious and the right portion. so far, so good. well, take care, all.

01-22-2006, 07:08 PM
Hope you have a good trip, Wood Nymph. :)

I'm trying to push ahead with work today also ... even if it takes all night ... so tomorrow will be better. But I'll probably just go to bed and leave it, in the end.

01-22-2006, 07:09 PM
Hi, W!!! :wave:

01-23-2006, 06:17 AM
Hello all,

Las night, my back was so sore and tight I went to bed covered in liniment....
and now, this morning, it is monsoon like...... just goes to prove the theories about folks being able to predict the weather are TRUE no matter that science cannot prove it.....

Empress, my belated birthday wishes to you....
Remember that song " getting better, not older"?

Wood Nymph... Business travel is not my favorite but sometimes enjoyable so I'm hoping you have some fun on your trip....

As for the blahs so many of us have been noticing around the palace....

Supposedely, the 24th of Jan is the 'calculated day' when the blahs are due us..... the doldrums of 'winter', flus/cold season, as well as lack of sunlight....

In other words, we are not alone.....

Anagram.... Reading about your walk is so motivational to me.... I remember years ago when I was without a car, how I discovered how walking could clear my head and help lift my mood.... Knowing your RA might be aggravated in this rainy weather, I am even more impressed you are walking....
Imagine us with you, although you might have to slow down to have me keep up!

Eydie! Ceara! Frogger! WSW! Aria2000! how goes it?

here's our thought of the day.....

"The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook."
--- William James

Question of the day :

"Would you consider yourself an artist?"


Take care all....

Anyone ready for tea?

01-23-2006, 08:14 AM
Arabella I felt like I was on that walk with you. Nice trip thanks! I have a bit of a cold dry cough and ache. Not so nice! I have soaked in a hot tub a couple of times this weekend just to relax with some nice bubbles of lavendar scent. I didn't do too bad on my intake this weekend except for some cinnamon buns I bought for the hubby. They are almost gone thank goodness and I had my whole wheat english muffin for breakfast with blueberry jam. Well off to work and I am going to go to the gym just to do the treadmill after work for a bit. My body won't take more than that today. Still not feeling great if the State wasn't coming to ck out the books on my caseload I would stay home and rest.

01-23-2006, 11:26 AM
Thanks for the birthday wishes, Cac 'n K! :)

Running late. Wanted to re-recommend a book called Body for Life for Women ... I was just reading it (during my weights at home day) ... I am trying to de-emphasize the gym scene in my life and enjoy more home workouts. I have a crazy feeling that I only do well at the gym with a personal trainer and that's crazy ... I've fired (nicely) another trainer and cut gym workouts to classes only for the socialization and general conditioning ... sometimes will do weights at gym as they have heavier poundages and machines, but really, my body and mind enjoys not taking the time to drive there and realizes that actually I know a heck of a lot about lifting weights and exercise in general, as well as weight loss (see ticker :) ) ... so why am I always seeking external answers and a "guru" to help me out when all I need is already present.

Anyhow, I really like this book, which I believe was originally recommended by the noble queen E!

Ok, I am late. I only have four hours to do on the beat, see the publisher, etc., then I will work at home until finished.

01-23-2006, 05:23 PM
Hi, there. Walked again somewhat yesterday with dd & princesses (here for an overnighter). Not a lot but faster than my usual pace w/these companions. Yes, K, RA is flared. actually was flaring a couple of weeks ago so back on prednisone (###s) but this weather has been so bad for it all. However, once kids left, I ran two errands and then had a good, relaxing sitdown plus a good cry because dh isn't here to watch his beloved Steelers in the Superbowl.

Now, I'm more relaxed and going to start another round of doing odds and ends. I'm accomplishing a lot but in a very serendipitous fashion. DD nagging me to take better care of me - doesn't believe I'm a step ahead of her but I am. Going to, going to. Am, am. Slow steps, right direction.

01-24-2006, 11:31 AM
:balloons: Hi everyone!
Sorry I haven't been visiting lately, just very busy.
Nice to see you are doing so well, Anagram!

01-24-2006, 11:33 AM
Hi, all! Cross postin' again from far far diet lands as I have only so many analogies in me feeble brain to explain my current fitness program:

"We're on the march!" saith Crone Jana the Jungle Lass, Exercise Queen o' the Wild Exercise Amazonian Tribe, which has latterly taken over Diet Town Village. Finding the folk there to be sedentary 'n set in their exercise ways, the Amazonians decided that instead of issuing new laws for the place, they'd just kidnap the noble Inspector A ..., latterly in command o' the No Refined Sugar Demon Fighting Precint House, and initiate her into their tribe.

Time passes.

Newly initiated Amazonian A ... realizes that the tribal religion forbids fornification with Demon Refined Sugar and so decides she can in good conscience give her all to membership in this sisterhood. Deep in a jungle clearing, by the Sparkling Superhealthy Magickal Waterfall, with the Beneficial Sun relaxing her every pore, she swears eternal fealty to Tribal Principals: LIFESTYLE PHYSICAL ACTIVITY OR FORMAL EXERCISE 24/7; and, of course, NO REFINED SUGAR FOR 365 DAYS IN A ROW!

"Let's go!!!" confirms Crone Jana the Jungle Lass, the leader o' the pack!

So everyone went off to do a Leslie Sansone video, thus demonstrating the First Spiritual Principle of the Amazonian Exercisers: WE DON'T NEED A GYM TO BE FIT AND WE DON'T NEED A PERSONAL TRAINER TO TELL US WHAT TO DO 'CAUSE WE KNOW!

Then members of the tribe went off on their personal jungle errands for the day.

Film at 11!

01-24-2006, 01:49 PM
Methinks thou hast probably more knowledge than most physical trainers and $$$ would rest as well in thy account as anyone else's, Queen A.

Made it to pool today. Stiffer than I expected to be. But that will go in time. At least my exercise time has increased if no other improvements being made (well, some are but not yet enough).

01-24-2006, 01:52 PM
Plus tried scale again today. Up about 8 pounds from lowest - back to where I had plateaued for so long. Well, did it once, can do it again, I guess. And still feel even heavier than that. So I'm glad that's all it is.

01-24-2006, 01:56 PM
I know you can do it, Anagram!

01-25-2006, 06:38 AM
Hello all!

Anagram! Only 8 lbs up??? Everything considered I call that a major victory!
I too am up about that much if not a couple more....
I'm with you.... wish it was in the pool but I will step lively on the stairs as you descend into the pool .....

Empress, I will come back to enjoy the new saga....
my eye caught "fornication w/ sugar" and that certainly was enough to give me a giggle...

sorry for such a short posting .... but hello and hugs to all....

Thought of the day :

"Sometimes instead of climbing over barricades, you've got to walk around them."

Question of the day :

"What's your favorite mode of transportation??? Least favorite?"


01-25-2006, 07:40 AM
The little white square in my palace reads I am down anothe 1 lb. its a little loss but I will take it. I will take anything that is a loss no matter how little. This is 2 lbs in a weeks time and so I am only up 2lbs. from my lowest pt. last year. Lately I have been trying harder to watch my portions, drinking lots of water that seems to help. I still haven't gotten the exercise down pat by any means. I have tried to use the stairs instead of the elevator though. The cold I had slowed me down a bit with exercising. I plan on swimming with some girls on Thurs. gotta dig out he suit. Anagram so glad to have you back. Kaylet we will keep marching forward and look to reach our goals. We have all been in a bit of a slump. I know that the Hawaii trip in March has motivated me to try harder. I also have 2 family weddings this summer. Lots of events that help motivate me. Plus some of the girls in my office are also watching their intakes so we share ideas etc. The more of us tending to what we eat and how we are changing our lifestyles the better for everyone. Good luck girls and keep moving forward! We can do this! 7 lbs. to go but every little one counts!

01-25-2006, 08:53 AM
You are so right, casmsc (I think I'm going to go with Firefly - like that) - the more we surround ourselves with careful people the more likely we are to be careful ourselves. Yes, K, I'm grateful it's ONLY 8 ##s - when things started going south a bit around Thanksgiving and all the food was at its height - I lost all the little control I had kept earlier. Plus great neighbors have kept me supplied with great food the last week or two and I'm eating from the freezer. Getting there though. Another motivation is that the 9 year old princess has a higher cholesterol than she should so I'm trying to lead/guide her a bit without making it a big issue. She's not overweight and she does a lot of exercise (at nine, one usually does and Mom keeps her hopping with dance classes, etc. as well) but I suspect has a genetic tendencey (as did dh) to high cholesterol. She loves Laughing Cow low fat cheese now, courtesy of Mim, and dried pineapple. They are "special foods" I have for her when she comes so I'm sharing the cholesterol battle with her (though it's not been a problem I've had so far).

Today's a paperwork day. Cold, clear after a rainy, blustery night with thunderstorms IN JANUARY. Put some Slimfast in to chill - that's always a sign I'm getting even more serious. Lots of yogurt there as DS always stocks up on that for both of us when he's here and I buy kiddie ones when the young'uns are coming and I always eat the leftovers. Fruit still there too from some nice fruit baskets. So it's not all bad.

Still it's GS cookie time and I ordered 8 boxes again - at least 3 I'll give to sweetie next store. And there's a new one that looks somewhat more healthy. still have several boxes in freezer from last year so I wasn't too bad. And the ones that went were often served to other people. But a grandma has to do what a grandma has to do and one of those things is to order GS cookies.

01-26-2006, 04:18 AM
Shh, just me, skulking round the palace in the middle of the night again. Was a heavy paperwork day. DD here. No time for exercise but a lot accomplished otherwise. Food ok, liquids ok. Not good but not outrageous either. 'Twill come, 'twillcome.

01-26-2006, 08:51 AM
I've been skulking and lurking here at the palace too, keeping to the shadows, keeping to myself. Life has been challenging for me lately on many levels---hopefully I'll bounce back soon. I'm okay, just quiet.:hug:

01-26-2006, 11:36 AM
Jana the Jungle Lass is also skulking; today's my day to focus on my Body For Life for Women mission statement and MYSELF! :)

I am forcing myself to ignore the piles of writing to do for the job and taking a day off.

01-27-2006, 06:26 AM
Hello all,

The court system tried a few times but even my luck remained true with their drawing too and I wasn't even picked for jury consideration. So I spent the morning in the court house meeting a few other "jury contenders" and being thoroughly entertained by the "Jury Cooridinator" who had an outstanding speaking style..... I told her so too....
In fact, wanted to share with you one technique she used yesterday that made so much sense when I heard it out loud....
She was speaking to a large room but I think she' do this w/a smaller group too...Each time she had something to say she wanted to make sure we remembered she'd repeat it 3 times....e ach time with slightly more emphasis....
For instance, when she was explaining when our day would end....
She was loud and clear the first time she said " cases are heard until 5 pm...." but by the 3rd time she said it w/ a bit more emphasis than the 1st and 2nd time, you knew loud and clear that as long as the judges were there, we'd be there too.....

It wasnt long before you knew, when she began to repeat herself " Lunch is generally at 1pm but it miiiiggggghhhhhttttt be later" that you knew, THIS is something I should remember.....

So I began to wonder how I can use that same reinforcement to get myself back in the losing mode instead of "if I don't look I wont't have to see the number".....

I wonder...

something like.....

" I always feel so much better when I only eat the foods on plan"... ( in my case, as little refined sugar/white flour as possible)

and if I say it again, just as clearly, but a little louder and w/ more emphasis...

and then again, with even more emphasis....

The jury cooridinator told us the reason she announces things in 3 is that the first time she says it, she's afraid her audience isnt paying attention... the 2nd time, she's hoping they are thinking " I better pay attention" and the 3rd time she says it her audience is saying " I hear and understand her"....


"I always feel so much better when I eat the foods on plan."



Thought of the day :

"We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere."
--Tim McGraw

Question of the day :

"Do you have an item you always carry with you? "


01-27-2006, 11:01 AM
Good Morning all!!

My new vice...Diet Black Cherry Vanilla coke. DANG IT!!!! I was doing so well with only drinking water and ice tea. I'm up 3lbs. (Probebly water retention from drinking soda). I only allow myself 1 per day, but jeez, seems like that is too much now.:mad:

I am still liking that I am 1 size smaller now though. :o

So for today..NO SODA.

If it's one thing, it's a hair tie. I ALWAYS have a hair tie and probebly a back up stashed too. I have WAY to much hair not to. (It's to the middle of my back again and that's after just having 2 inches cut off last week!)


01-27-2006, 03:27 PM
Dang it.. I gave in....

01-27-2006, 07:38 PM
Hi, Froggie 'n K!!! :wave: And all other :queen: s, mentioned and un ... just a flybye as am enjoyin' the dregs o' my second day in a row off. Don't really feel very well, but it's depression, not pneumonia, so that's good.

K, one idea might be to tape yourself saying (three times) whatever positive affirmations you are working on, then play back for yourself. :)

Sorry to be so MIA and to leave the sugar fornification saga hangin' ... almost gave in today due to some financial things going wrong. Went to store and felt the sugar callin' me all around, literally. In the end, got some peanut butter and ate on an apple as suggested in my current Bible BFLFW. Gave up the half-hearted attempt to do coherent work and took bath in vanilla sugar scented soapsuds, slept with Old Dog on couch.

Froggie, the vanilla black cherry diet coke sounds yummy.

Anagramatic, thou art doin' wonderfully well.

Hi to the two W's ... Wood Nymph 'n Wsw!

Hi to Aria.

01-27-2006, 07:39 PM
Aaaah, had a loverly massage today - gift "in lieu of flowers" from my sister. But she also gave sizable check towards bench in cemetery. Anyway, my massage luck in relatively recent attempts had not been good. Not getting what I needed from them. So she got me one where she goes = and this gal was good. I'll be back - as part of my "be good to me" plan.

Food improving, not much exercise. But supposed to be springlike tomorrow so I WILL get in a good walk.

Now, Frogger, that's not fair. Diet soda's not supposed to put weight on. And hi there, Eydie. Been missing you - glad to bump into you on a skulk.

01-28-2006, 09:24 AM
Sounds lov-er-ley Anagram. Being good to your self is a good thing (ick...Martha). Yes Frogger, soda has a lot of stuff in it...but it does sound yummy!

:wave: to Empress A, Arabella, Eydie, Aria, casmac, wsw, wildfire and Miss K....hope I didn't miss anyone but am brain dead.

Have a lot on my plate these days including food. Have been using the crock pot a lot, which is good, but those sweets keep calling me! I must buck up the resolution! :drill:


01-28-2006, 04:03 PM
:lol: ... Martha! She was just on the TV when I woke up from a nap (I keep the set on to discourage criminals from enterin' my abode whilst I sleep).

Dunno, I used to dislike her, still do, actually, but I have to give her credit for pluck. She seems divinely unrepentant and just short o' tellin' the establishment where they can head on out.

I sorta like that.

01-30-2006, 06:49 AM
Just a small walk yesterday between the raindrops.

My daytime choices are a lot improved but those evenings.........

This morning I start the Slimfast for a bit - just in the mornings probably - but it's a sort of psychological thing for me. Worked well for me before - hope it will again. Still not being strict with me. Trying to "gentle" me back into line. Cut down on prednisone now too.

On other fronts, making some progress on paperwork, expect it will take forever. Still getting rid of medical stuff - now it's just prescriptions and miscellanous and sorting/filing medical paperwork. Still house has taken on more of its former appearance. All not back as it was but that's ok - looking for new/fresh ways to arrange things eventually.

Still not up to talking to many people. Each time I run into someone who offers condolences, it's like a fresh reminder dh won't be back. I think my comfort zone sometimes lets me think he's just out playing golf or something.

Sister offered me a ride to a family wedding in March. Had not planned to go. Probably still won't but it's something to think about. Another in CA in June. Not expecting to go to that either but, again, something to bend the mind around.

Drove 45 minutes yesterday to meet dd/princesses for lunch. Pleasant. Will be going to visit next weekend - another milestone - first time w/o dh - first time in more than 8 months too.

Piece by piece, step by step, pound by pound or in my case, ounce by ounce.

01-30-2006, 06:57 AM
Hello all....

Lots of little stuff ( everyday, runofthemill) keeping me from posting....

but you are all not far from my thoughts!

Thought of the day:

Subject: The Bathtub Test

> It doesn't hurt to take a hard look at yourself from time to time.
> This should help get you started.
> During a visit to the mental asylum, a visitor asked the Director the
> criterion which defined whether or not a patient should be
> institutionalized.
> "Well," said the Director, "we fill up a bathtub, then we offer a
> teaspoon,
> a teacup and a bucket to the patient and ask him or her to empty the
> bathtub."
> "Oh, I understand," said the visitor. "A normal person would use the
> bucket because it's bigger than the spoon or the teacup."
> "No." said the Director, "A normal person would pull the plug." Do you
> want a room with or without a view?

************************************************** ****

01-30-2006, 07:32 AM
Anagram one step at a time. You have just had a big adjustment in your life. Little changes for yourself will ease you into feeling better soon. Sometimes people don't adjust well if they take too much on at once. Maybe going to the wedding wouldn't be a bad thing. Your hubby wouldn't want you to stand idle. Changing somethings might be a good ideas but do it slowly one room at a time. Just ideas hope it helps a little.
As far as myself I have had that cough flu virus 1 1/2 weeks. Not fun but its on a mend. I have lost 2.5lbs since I started watching my intake more. But haven't gotten into the exercise as I was too sick.

01-30-2006, 09:06 AM
I figured that my hold on my 1 diet soda a day (which sometimes I do not have at all) is not my problem. I have the 'eat and forget' syndrom. I stuff something random in (like say a cream cheese danish) and then forget all about it. I MUST STOP THIS BEHAVIOR. :mad:

So I've bought myself some yummy and healthy foods this week. I vow to eat a good well but healthfully (is that a word? :?: )

I'm afraid we are now broke though. (Don't you hate that???) I'm still getting used to being paid twice a month now. We changed all of our bills to be once a month before (since that's when I got paid with my old company) and now we have to change them again! Plus I have to figure out what's a good time to pay what. We get paid on weird dates too. The 7th and the 22nd. Who the heck gets paid on those days? :?: So I miscalculated how and when the bills were due this past month. Oh well, we all have those days :dz:

01-30-2006, 09:07 AM
Hope you're feeling better soon, Firefly. The 2.5 sounds great - I braved the scale today and found I was UP about that much. Go figure. I'm feeling like I'm down and I'm up. I'm telling myself it's a temporary gain (like from eating out yesterday - always more salt in restaurant food than I usually eat).

Nope, no big changes. Promised my kids they don't need to worry about that. Every little thing in my life has changed and I'm having all I can do to make all those adjustments. But despite all the grief and the big void, I'm feeling happy too. More for the good life we've had, I guess, and for the good I know there still will be to come.

Considered going to the early pool session this morning but fog so thick I decided to go to usual time. Safer.

01-30-2006, 09:09 AM
I agree that one diet soda a day can be a good reward, Frogger. As soon as i can get hold of some of my Tab again, I'll be back to that. Over the long haul, that's not nearly as much a "vice" as a lot of other things I can get in to when I'm feeling deprived.

Aren't our memories marvelous? Mine gets pretty selective too.

01-30-2006, 10:44 AM
Popping in to say "Hi" :wave: I survived the meetings and trip last week. It was a little on the brutal side, though. 7:30 A.M. meetings, full-day presentations, turmoil, etc. Almost missed my connection in Halifax because my earlier flight was late leaving but managed to convince the agent to let me board, although I could clearly see she didn't want to.

I was exhausted after the trip -- classic time to get sick, after all the stress and exposure to unfamiliar bugs and etc. But I took my ginseng and tried to get some extra rest and I feel pretty much healthy today. Feeling somewhat reinvigorated, regime-wise. Thinking, still, of going to a weight-loss consultant.

Anagram, I'm so glad you're feeling the sweetness in the bittersweet! You never know, you might be happy to go to the wedding by March. Sounds like you had a nice lunch w/princesses. Reminds me, must call princeling...

Frogger, know what you mean about the memory thing -- my problem, often, is forgetting how tubby I am. :rolleyes:

Firefly (do you mind if I call you that? I can remember how to spell it :lol: ), congrats on the 2.5 :carrot: Good for you! Hope you make a fast recovery from cold/flu!

Love to Queenlies all, but I can't see the previous page and in any case should be working (of course! :p ). Let's make this a good one!

01-30-2006, 08:42 PM
Welcome home, Wood Nymph!!!! Glad you're feeling reinvigorated for the eternal challenge.

Can I do it? Can I do it? Finally have a good diet day? I worked out in the pool today and so far am somewhat under 1300 calories for the day. That allows me at least 200 for an evening snack. The key is can I stop at 200 or thereabouts. Not enough water yet but small steps, small steps. Don't think I can be this "good" every day but just to do it for one day is a major accomplishment on my stroll after the wagon.

Gearing up for a good February. (I hope.)

Lovely weather today - almost 60 degrees. Unheard of. I think we're heading for one of the warmest Januarys on record. I'll take every minute of it.

01-31-2006, 05:33 AM
I did it! I did it! Of course, I went to bed VERY early.

01-31-2006, 06:47 AM
Hello all....

Scale showed increase for me too....
More proof that journaling lets you know that even too much on program foods can be problematic.....


Thought of the day:

"Today is the day!"

Question of the day:

"Which song would you choose as your theme song?"


And I really want TODAY to be the day..... its very hard to describe how it feels to be without that losing motivation when I was on the losing side......
Instead, it only seems like I have that Pacman motivation of eating everything in sight.... guess the Pacman reference is only good if you're of certain age group..... or did they release Pacman again????

I am putting on the Royal Losing Crown and figure this too, is all part of the process......

WoodNymph.... How clever you are to recognize the pattern and get some r &r in to avoid the usual sickness.....

Anagram.... You are my inspiration... Thanks for being so honest... I can appreciate why you are feeling so many emotions....Both of you endured a long, grueling true Royal style... you're strength is reminding me that "Love does make you strong"

Empress.....Please send the royal trainers, cooks, scribes etc..... Q Kaylets is ready to START AGAIN....

Ceara.... How goes it?

Eydie??? Shoveling fog at the Homestead?

Firefly? How goes it your way too?

Aria? :hug:

Frogger :dizzy:
Who am I forgetting?

Please don't think I am forgetting on purpose......



01-31-2006, 12:36 PM
Sorry I was away: computer problems!

Anagram ~ Great job!
I know what you mean when you say you don't feel like being "reminded" of your loss. Not that it compares, but I went through something like that when I got divorced...a long time ago.
I even refused to talk about it. I did talk about it sometimes, but only when I wanted to. Hope that helps.

Kaylets ~ It is nice to see I was missed, lol! :)

01-31-2006, 08:23 PM
Very much the same idea, Aria. I'm sure there were people you felt comfortable talking to but others that you just didn't know where to start or maybe just didn't figure they needed to "know all" no matter how kindly they may have meant the questioning. I'm getting a little better about braving the outside world because I'm coming up with gentle ways to be more in control of situations.

Doing ok foodwise again today - if I go to bed early enough again. I'm at about 1400 calories so have a little wiggle room left. Not enough water again and not enough exercise either. Lost those pesky extra pounds that had popped up Monday morning - I'm sure it's the salt in restaurant food.

Whoa, wagon, wait up!!!! Kaylets has issued Fresh Start cards and I really want to board. I'm in need of a new theme song. It's always been "All The Way" but I'll be coming up with something a little more quirky for the next phase of my Royal Romp.

Looks like it's soon time for a Rousing Royal Roundup. Too many Queens be hiding out, fighting the bugs, the blues or the busys. Come out, come out, wherever you are. You are missed!!

02-01-2006, 06:26 AM
Hello all!

Anagram-- I love that! Fighting the busy's, the bugs or the blues.....
How many times do I use one of those excuses???
And for me, too often I use that first one as an excuse instead of
"how can I better manage my time ?"

We have interesting weather again this am..... some fog... some not... some rain....
I need to pack lunches and get out the door....

Here we go!!!

Thought of the day :
"The first step makes us 'On our way!' "

Question of the day :
"What will the title of your biography be?"

Take care all!

02-01-2006, 07:38 AM
Hello everyone so nice to see so many folks checking in. Sounds like we are all geared up to make some positive changes in our lifes. So lets go queenies! I feel much better though my voice is still off sound like a frog! No offense Frogger! At any rate I my attempt the gym this afternoon after work. I haven't done the scale this week but was a bit naughty once my taste buds returned. The first day it was like I did good til coming home from work. Then it was like I ate healthy but extras. I have been knitting and reading in the evening so less munching when I do those things. So as long as I am busy it goes okay not munching. Gotta stay on track or the couple lbs. will come looking to reatch to my body! Lord only knows I don't want that. Yesterdays down fall was ordering chinese even though I was careful of what I ordered. The sodium levels are high I think etc..... I have a healthy lunch planned and a grilled burger for dinner without bread kind open faced. Preplanning always has helped me. For those of you who need to increase your water try to add some fresh lemon slices or put your bottled water in the freezer for a bit. If I do these things I tend to drink more good luck!
Anagram sounds like your going forward and thats great. Memories you have will be with you forever. Continue that exercising you it will help you feel better all the way around mentally and physically.

02-01-2006, 05:31 PM
Have the drags today big time. Sleep messed up again last night but took a nap this afternoon. Not doing bad on food SO FAR. Just did some light stretching exercises and feel better for that. Feel like I need a diversion from the things I've been doing the past few weeks. Supposed to lunch w/friend tomorrow - maybe that'll do it - and maybe start me on my next, slightly more social phase.

Starting to look gloomy outside w/grayish/wet weather for the next five days or so. And then that candy-centric holiday coming up---might be a good time for me to scale-hop more than usual to keep me motivated. Today I was at 8 lbs up from my lowest and I think I'll use that as my new "starting" point. I'm still about 45 pounds down from my original start but need to gear up for a new round and not rest on my old laurels. i think I've been doing that for quite a while now. Up, then down, up, down. With the exception of having reached onederland (briefly) this past summer and almost through no effort (save good choices, maybe) of my own.

Well, now's the time.....dare I think I'll be in onederland by Springtime?

02-02-2006, 06:10 AM
Hello all!

FRESH STARTCARDS! Get while they're hot!

Snack day leftovers got to me y esterday.... so I wound up w/ cookies for the majority of my food intake.... and now wonder if that itching I felt last night is related to food coloring or what have you ( Colored for VDAY )....


BUT..... when I turn my FRESH START CARD over it reads "NO GUILT" so I just am going to continue on this morning with a FRESH START!!!!

This morning's thought got all the juices flowing for a speech....

Might even be a great "hand out".....


Thought of the day :

"A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it bearing within him the image of a cathedral."
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Question of the day :

"Do you remember pet rocks? Did you own one?"


Here's to a great day all.....

and Anagram, Onewonderland awaits... if not the first of spring, you know mid spring will follow!


02-02-2006, 08:54 AM
Braved the scale today. No better, no worse than end of Dec...I'm lookin' at it as no gain. I'm on the tailgate with you Anagram! Yup, onderland awaits you!

No, no pet rock for me.

So, am off. A patron came in last night...I'm still in shock. She was always so vibrant and active. Diagnosed with ovarian cancer in Nov. and is undergoing chemo. Man! I'm still reeling. She'd better beat this. stuff to do. :dunno: what. But will find something I'm sure.

A no guilt/fresh start card for me K!



02-02-2006, 10:35 AM
Pass me one of those FRESH START CARDS! I noshed on pizza yesterday. :^:

And I fell down the stairs....with the baby...

She's alright, as I was carrying her in front of me against my chest. I don't know if I slipped or what, but I found myself backside down on the stairs (more like a slide/fell). All bruised up. Both elbows, big bruise on my back and my rear end. She got up and stood there looking at me like "Are you going to get up now Momma?" Funny, my mother did the same thing with me when I was Sydney's age. Except she slid/fell down the back cement stairs that were covered in ice and broke her tailbone.

Well, I must run for now dearies. Check in later

02-02-2006, 11:19 AM
Frogger, sorry to hear you got hurt! Thank God your baby is ok!

02-02-2006, 11:48 AM
Froggie, so glad you and the tadpole are unharmed!

I've broken a tailbone btw and believe me you are lucky ... hurts for months and months!

Stay safe.

02-02-2006, 11:56 AM
Queen K!!! Sorry I didn't see thy plea for cooks, scribes, etc., earlier, but have asked Pirate Paula the Personal Trainer (she's hard to describe) ... I posted about her on the BFLFW thread ... to drop in on thee !!!! :lol:

Anagramatic, I do think you can reach Onderland by spring, depending on your definition of spring, as this differs from place to place, but do be gentle with yourself ... you are doing great ... maybe just a goal to maintain and feel good, take gentle walks for awhile ....?

Hi, cacsmc!

Huzzah to the good Wood Nymph and noble Ceara!

Hi to Wsw, hope thou be doin' ok!!!

Also a huzzah to all :queen: s, mentioned 'n unmentioned.

I need to get a little more sleep as I'm workin' tonight. Sort of have a sinus thing going, but enjoying my BFLFW daily exercise a lot.

02-03-2006, 09:36 AM
Ooh, Frogger, glad you're ok. Did same carrying 2 week old (40 years ago) and still remember that awful feeling of "is he ok?". He was but I had elbow problems for a long time.

I did it - sort of. I've strung together TWO GOOD DAYS, ONE pretty good day and one okay day. I am being gentle with me - more just aiming to eat in a more healthy way than I had been, get a teeny bit of exercise, get some sleep, come out of the fog. High functioning but still grieving, of course. Terribly lazy this morning so far - good thing No Guilt Card covers that too ;)

Braved lunch yesterday - ok. Will do more next week I think. Gradual. Small steps.

Have done 85 thank you notes to people who sent Mass cards, flowers, food, other kindnesses. Plus gobs of sympathy cards. Many people I need to call, etc. People came who worked with dh 45 and more years ago, many mentioned how he had helped them with their careers and many young ones said same.

I truly miss my Prince Charming and I know this could be a time when I could give in to eating everything in sight (and even things I've hidden). So that's really my first goal - to keep in mind that doing that is NOT in my best interest. No need to be a Drill sgt. right now - just head in better direction, make some better choices.

Right now I'm choosing to get ready to go to pool. Blah, rainy day here so I need that warm water.


02-03-2006, 10:07 AM
Great job, Anagram!
How sweet to hear all these nice comments about your "Prince Charming"!
Hope you had a nice time at the pool! :)

02-03-2006, 05:15 PM
Frogger, glad you're okay? Are you sore today? Sometimes there's that delayed reaction....

Anagram, so happy to hear that you're coming thru this difficult period with grace. As usual, you're an inspiration!

I'm doing BFL For Women with Amarantha--still on week one and it's never too late to come check it out. It's really thrown me back on track!

K, I remember pet rocks but never owned one. Ah nostalgia!

02-05-2006, 07:57 PM
Frogger glad your going to be okay. I feel like that when my baby was only 2 months old many years ago. I was doing laundry at moms the baby was upstairs napping. I caught myself with the railings and sprained both wrist. Lucky it wasn't worse oh not fun! Hope things are going better now.
Well I feel overall very motivated this weekend. I had pretty good intakes made some better choices with foods and portions. I walked around the lakes in the local state park. I did 8 miles total and it felt great! I am charting my intakes, exercise and wt. I need to do that in order to gain the control of what lifestyle changes are going on. So it will be good to reflect back to later on as well as keep me on track. It helps having a friend whom enjoys walking too. Good luck everyone, spring is on the way! Bathing suit time is next month for me with the vacation coming quickly. That sure helped motivate me.

02-05-2006, 08:06 PM
Hi, all! Just checkin' in to see how the palace is regroupin' after the server change. Everyone seems pretty motivated here ... Anagramatic, you are doing so well. Thinking of you ...

02-06-2006, 09:56 AM
Hello All!

Yes, still black and blue (and PURPLE!!!) I've got a huge bruise on my right elbow, a huge bruise on my back right by my shoulder blade and although no buise is present, I have a VERY tender large area on my rear. :dizzy:
I am now officially scared of stairs....

So I've given this job a good trial run I think, 2 full months. I don't know that it's for me. I am again finding myself with nothing to do. The lady I bunk with in my cube here is currently looking as well. She said that she didn't like the job from the start and has been here a year. I like the company though. I guess just not what we are doing here for the client. I'm dare I say it...BORED...:o
Been seriously thinking of going back to school, but I don't know when that will happen. I don't have the time/money to do that right now. DH still has all of this semester and he plans on taking summer courses and then all of next year to go. I'm thinking a radical and totally not typical career change. I must be mad! :crazy:

And to top it all off, I'm attempting to do the taxes, and I must be doing something wrong, because it says we owe like $2000. I hate this online site I'm using. But I hate the paper version even more (and Turbo Tax even more than that!!!)

Ok, guess it's one of those days!:p

02-07-2006, 05:29 PM
Hmmm -- have I missed the bread crumbs? Or are we all just having a midwinter blah spell?

Visited with the princesses over the weekend - first time in almost nine months I've been there. Enjoyed it but since coming home I've been a bit off sorts. Also seem to be "enjoying" a cough, sore-ish throat thing that I hope just evaporates.

Wandered through Wally World a bit ago and couldn't find a thing in the grocery department that appealed to me. I know I'll eat anyway and would rather it be something that I'm really hungry for. Just couldn't figure out what that might be for today. (Fortunately that included all those candies packaged in red.)

02-08-2006, 07:50 AM
Anagram hope your not getting that cold thing I had it wasn't friendly. It will be 3 weeks on thurs. and I am just getting over it. Good luck and drink a lot of water and have some chicken noodle soup. Hope you feel better soon.
I had an emotional brownie attack last night. A client I have been working for 5 years has made a choice that I feel is totally wrong and going to change his life something fierce. My heart felt like it was torn out of me at the end of the day we have worked so hard together and he's come so far. So some emotional baking and eatting came down. I just induldged by the fire with my book and brownies in hand. Sad as it was it is over and I am feeling better and more in control this morning. I have preplanned my foods for the day and a workout. That always helps me get back on track journaling for me is like quick fit to get back on track. Thank goodness. I just started to gain control I am not ready to stop having it now. So I am head strong today and motivated once again to get back on track! 28 DAYS TIL HAWAII! NO TIME TO MESS UP WITH BROWNIES NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great day everyone and less shake it up! Yes Anagram we were having a melt down! But lets pick it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

02-08-2006, 08:38 AM
Sorry to have been AWOL, but have been still busy. After my announcement last week that I felt reinvigorated, diet-wise, I had a stretch of crummy days. By Friday, I was so fed up and discouraged that I just snapped. I thought "Is there anything that's worked for me?" And I remembered that going low-GI worked like a charm -- less hunger, better energy, no cravings, etc. And I've been on that plan ever since.

Seem to have managed to catch a cold anyway -- seems to be almost inevitable after stress-filled meetings and too much work. Ah well. I don't feel totally wretched and maybe it won't last too long. :crossed:

Firefly, Hawaii in 28 days sounds woooonderful! Let no brownie stand in your way!

Anagram, you're doing so wonderfully well. :hug: Having off-sorts periods is part of the deal, though, I know. And incipient colds don't help a bit. I really believe that colds and viruses often have an emotional component, too, that makes it that much harder to feel "ok." Glad you had some nice time with the princesses -- my princeling and his dad are spending the day today. Me too, not hungry or very interested in food -- boy, that doesn't happen too often, maybe something like appearances of Halley's comet.

Frogger, I'm so glad you and tadpole survived the fall intact (if a little on the technicolor side). My sister was the one to fall downstairs carrying my son. No injuries, except to the leather-soled slippers she was wearing, which she cursed and threw in the garbage! This seems like a very good time for you to start looking around and thinking about your career options. Good luck!

I must be off to accomplish a thing or two before the boys arrive. Love to all, mentioned or un- Let's take this day and do the best we can with it!

02-08-2006, 09:04 AM
Hoboy! I think I'm in for it coldwise. Seems to be worsening. Yes, I have been going sort of full tilt and probably an enforced rest wouldn't hurt. To have lunch w/friend today though. But if i'm hacking and sniffing, I won't be any fun for sure.

And Hawaii - what a goal!!!

Enjoy your boys, W.N.

02-08-2006, 09:44 AM
:balloons: Hello!
I hope everyone feels better!
It seems that so many people are falling down the stairs lately (not only on this site!)
Let's be careful, everyone! :goodvibes

02-09-2006, 07:45 AM
Anagram becareful with that cold if it gets any worse you should visit the dr. I had to in order to get med's. They say if it gets worse antibotic is the only answer. Good luck and get some soup into yourself and some hot tea.
Arabella thanks for the support. I need all I can get somedays. I am trying my best to make some positive changes. Yesterday was a healthier day for sure. Still have those brownies in the house. They are going to the grandkids today! Those little ones can use a choc. boost mom will love it!
28days to Hawaii boy I gotta be good to make some great changes before I go. My son told me he has avocado trees, tangerines, mangoes and those little bitty oranges? Can't remember the name. So lots of fruit at his house. I will love it and plan to make some mango salsa hot of course. I have had a crazy busy work week. I plan on working reg. hrs. today if its not snowing hard I will go to the gym before coming home. If it snows video workout. I gotta keep it going here!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great day everyone eat healthy and move alot!

02-09-2006, 10:14 AM
Just checkin' in. Having the February meltdown...but am fighting it. Got in a walk yesterday, and am on Day 4 in a mini healthy streak.

Frogger, hope your rainbow is fading...tough on the boring job front.

Arabella, take time for are more important than the job.

Anagram...a cold! :fr: Yuck. Pamper yourself. I'm using a lot of hand sanitizer at work...nothing worse than a contaminated book! your ticker moving down? Good work!

Hawaii?!? I am jealous. Motor on Cacmsc.

Where's K these days? I guess we are all busy, busy, busy.

:wave: to all Queens! :)

Gotta :tread: (run...hit the roads)


02-09-2006, 11:07 AM
I too have had a few crummy days lately. I weighed last night and I'm now up to 238. I'm not sure what's going on. I think I'm just eating too much again. Will try to control :^:

Other than than that...Sydney fell in the tub night before last. So now we are both black and blue. She stood up after Mommy told her not to and slipped and busted her noggin (actually her left brow bone). Big swollen shiner! She's alright though. Cried for 5 minutes and then was playing with her toys like nothing happend!

02-09-2006, 12:04 PM
Wasn't the greatest visit with the guys yesterday -- DS was not in his usual easy-going, open mood; I was tired and beleauguered. DGS was absolutely his own charming self, though, so the day had some highlights. And we can't expect every day to be perfect. I think I need some "me" time... I WILL meditate today and I WILL get out for a walk in the sunshine.

I have to get back to work -- 2nd "emergency" assignment in as many days. Love to all!

02-09-2006, 08:10 PM
Hello all!~

Sorry for the long absence ....

I finally was offered the position w/in the other division of the same company.
I begin my new position 02/27....

Interesting how that interview was what I had thought so awful......
At one point, I laughlingly said to someone that perhaps the long time to make a decision was what finally did it .....that perhaps all the other candidates dropped out .... found something else after such a long time....

Either way, I will prove that they wound up with the best anyway.
As I might have mentioned, this is a field that I have nearly 8 yrs experience, much less I really do enjoy this facet of the insurance world.


I will be right back... need to move laundry ...

02-09-2006, 09:07 PM
Hello everyone!

Anagram ~ Hope you feel better! :hug:
ceara ~ Thanks for the encouragement! :)
frogger ~ Hope your luck gets better this week! Thank God Sydney was not hurt! :goodvibes
Kaylets ~ Congratulations on your new job! :encore:

02-10-2006, 02:35 PM
Finally hie-ing off to the doctor this afternoon. I've been hearing so much about this crud - I'd have been satisfied with second hand information. Keeping me from pool too after I'd just paid for the month.

Congrats, K - yes, they will be getting the best candidate, for sure. Wood Nymph - here's to your "ME" time. It's funny - even now when I have only ME - it seems like I'm not taking 'ME' time but always thinking of what I "must" do. Must be something built-in.

All that fruit sounds like a real treat, Firefly. And congrats on 4 day ministreak, ceara. I had one going last week. Alas not this week.

Expecting to be snowed in tomorrow - looking forward to it in a way. A strange bird, I am.

02-11-2006, 11:42 AM
I haven't gotten terribly sick with the cold and today even feel some energy returning. I did shopping and vacuuming yesterday, to keep chores from eating up my whole Saturday, DH has signed up for dinner duty, I have sworn not to work this weekend. All this makes me pretty happy -- I knew yesterday that life would seem much sweeter this morning if the house was relatively clean and tidy. 'Tis so!

Have done yoga (after lounging in bed with newspapers and coffee for hours!), now will meditate and take a walk in and around town. Trying to track down my sister to have lunch.

Surprisingly difficult to keep myself from working :rolleyes: but I absolutely won't allow it. If I get any big ideas about new projects, I'll just make a note and then go back to not working.

I'm very happy to report that the cold didn't manage to knock diet off-kilter, although scales show a couple pounds up (does that happen to anyone else when they get a cold? Seems to always happen to me. And face looks puffy -- must be puffed up with something, right?).

Anagram, there's something so cozy about a good storm, isn't there? As long as I've got books and etc. I love being housebound while nature does its wild thing outside. Re: me time -- I've always got to be in the right frame of mind for it to be good. I know often I've looked forward to DH going on a trip and then just wasn't able to enjoy the time at all. Ah, we're complex beings, are we not. It's supposed to storm here Sunday night into Monday and I'm looking forward to it.

Kaylets -- congrats on the new job!!! :carrot: I hope it turns out to be even better than you anticipate.

Frogger, hope the technicolor fades soon!

Amarantha, how beith thee? I saw somewhere that you were still not feeling up to par. Don't you hate the way these things drag on? Makes life so much harder!

Ceara, how are the hounds? Congrats on the mini-streak!

Eydie, how's winter going for you? I'm ultra-impressed by your workouts, I must say! Gonna emulate, I am. :yes:

Firefly, hot mango salsa sounds fantastic -- got a recipe?

WSW, how goes it? Still managing meditations & tai chi? I've been pretty regular with yoga, walks, and gym but haven't managed tai chi and have been slacking on the meditations. Think I'm going to do a brief meditation to start days from now on. So that will give me at least a little and might get me in right frame of mind to do more after.

Aria, isn't that bizarre the way the same thing happens to people at the same time, like falling downstairs. Almost like it's the alignment of the planets, or something in the air.

Love to all Queenlies mentioned or un-, within palace or AWOL (missing Punkin & Cerise :( ) Onward!

02-11-2006, 12:33 PM
Looks like we're not going to get as much of the storm as predicted earlier. But still some. And I'll enjoy it anyway. On antibiotics, stronger cough syrup, etc. Feeling slightly better. And happy though I sometimes feel a little guilty about feeling too happy. DH would not want me to be down though. I find my thoughts re him always bittersweet because even though I miss him sorely I always smile when I think of him. 'Twas a month yesterday.

Having a leisurely day for sure. Doing a little this, a little that, as mood strikes - a little tea, a little time on the sofa under a throw - a little read - maybe a little music - my idea of an almost perfect day.

Yours sounds great so far, Wood Nymph. May it continue.

02-12-2006, 10:07 AM
Yes Anagram...drugs are always good in this case! There are some virulent viruses out there!

Nice sunny day in the neighbourhood...snowed at the north end of the county but not too much here. Had a nice walk...a little nippy on the cheeks...face. Am off to church (annual meeting :( ) and then have a meeting work (only a little bit) and then I am going to reaquaint myself with free weights. Slowly.

Have a great day and get movin'!
:wave: to all :queen: S

02-12-2006, 02:48 PM

Here we are, mid-Sunday afternoon and all is relatively well. I'm reminded of how effortless the whole food thing is when I keep wheat and sugar out of my diet. I remember coming to this point before and thinking how I'd always assumed that it was deep psychological issues that kept me overeating and how, to my shock and amazement, it seemed to actually be completely controllable with just a shif t in foods. Must always remember this :yes:

My SIL has been sick since the fall and went to a naturopath who put her on a wheat, sugar, and dairy-free diet. A friend was planning a birthday party for her and asked me whether I'd rather do apps or attempt a cake. I opted for the cake, because my mom makes THE best cake -- chocolate/raspberry with a sublime texture and taste. Anyway, I'd been thinking that it might be adaptable to a no-sugar no-wheat recipe. Soooo I made it, substituting honey and fruit concentrate jam (I did strawberry because I couldn't find raspberry) for the sugar, soy-based sour cream substitute (I was amazed by how good that was -- will definitely buy again -- and using spelt flour and ground almonds. I used a little stevia to boost the sweetness without using more honey. The icing was unsweetened chocolate melted and mixed with the "sour cream" and fruit concentrate -- it set up to the perfect texture. The texture was lighter than the original recipe, but then I realized that I'd halved the original but forgotten to halve the baking powder and soda. Nevertheless, it was a fabulous success and got rave reviews. I'm thinking (not really seriously, I guess, but thinking a little) about starting a sideline of wheat and sugar-free goodies. I wonder if I could test at the local farmers' market....

Cold here yesterday, but beautiful. I didn't manage lunch with my sister but did catch her for coffee later. And such a lovely walk home! Just getting on for sunset, and I saw the reverse of my moon setting/sun rising scene. The moon was risen, but not too high, a huge pale disc in the sky and the sun setting in on the other side of the sky. I was walking through the old part of my town, the harbour visible at the ends of streets both to the south and west. As I neared the park, heading home, the sun was a huge fireball on the horizon and the crows were gathering in the trees. So much beauty out there! I resolve to be outside more.

Anagram, I was thinking that, in some ways, happiness must be easier now that the crisis is past. You were so worried about your darling and knew he was suffering. Now, although you miss him terribly, you know that he's safe and free of pain, with nothing to fear, nothing to worry about. And I can tell that you're still buoyed by the love and life you shared with him -- what a wonderful gift! :hug:

Ceara, hope the meetings aren't too onerous or ornery! Free weights are good -- I'd like to get some, for those days that I really don't feel like going to the gym. 6:30 a.m. is not my best time, as far as getting out of the house goes, but it works with DH's schedule. And it's always nice to feel like I've got it done early, too, I guess.

I did a neutral henna treatment -- supposedly fantastic for giving body and shine. Now I'm off to the jacuzzi to soak and give self enough of a pedicure so I can go get a professional one later this week without TOO much embarrassment. :rolleyes:


02-13-2006, 07:52 AM
Arabella I will ck out my recipe for the mango salsa and share it with yah. I am getting so excited 25 more days to go. I haven't seen my son and his wife for a little over a year. We wil have a great time. Lots to do, see and catch up on stuff.
Kaylet congrats to you on that job. Good luck!
Frogger you two better becareful yah sure are showing colors. Stay safe! Sometimes the scale isn't so friendly but measuring or seeing with your own eyes how things fit helps more. Ck it out and it might get you more of a jump start than the scale. So folks on the scale get discouraged I have been there before. I will do the scale later on this week.
Yesterday my walking buddies and I did a 4 mile walk around the lakes in the state park. It was tough not as easy as regular walking when there is snow and inclines etc. But a great workout and I feel it today. I am feeling better finally that virus with the cold stuff is awful. Started to feel better after a week or so then back down again. What the heck who has time for not feeling well. So I am feeling good again and ready to challenge myself to healthy eating and some exercise. I am going bathing suit shopping on the 25th. I set a date so I could get a grip on things before hand. I think it has helped. Well eat health and stay motivated we can do this.

02-13-2006, 08:09 AM
Arabella, the cake sounds fabulous!:D I have a list of sugar-free cook books if you're interested.

02-13-2006, 09:24 AM
Cake does sound scrumptious. But it's Monday - no guilt/fresh start day - so I guess I'd best not be thinking of scrumptious (yum, yum).

Two days of being "snowed in" are enough. Ready to move on. Actually we only got about five inches, could have gone out all day Saturday and driveway/roads were cleared by mid morning Sunday. But decided best course with cough, sore throat, etc. was to veg. Got lots of stuff done despite myself - stuff you'd only do on that kind of day. Feel better rested. Feeling slightly better finally but note that Firefly did too (I'm on day ten) so won't go crazy until I feel LOTS better. As she says too much to do to feel sick. Was going to go down with princesses for a day or two but definitely not up to that yet. Feeling too good to huddle on sofa another day - middle road, middle road. No pool again though - have mostly been doing stretches.

Hawaii, bathing suits - aah!!! And was listening to birds sing this a.m. I'm sure we're all looking forward to spring! But what else? Firefly - Hawaii, Kaylets - new job. What's getting the old motivation into gear and moving us onward? I've scheduled a (reward)massage for each of the next three months but that's not enough. Ceara, any good shows coming up for you? wsw, when do you expect your earlier-than-mine spring? Other vacations being planned?

Sky's so blue today, snow outside the window to my right is still so pretty, it's Monday. A perfect day for the next day of self we go, Monday, here we go (missing you, Kaylets).

02-14-2006, 07:32 AM
I am up and movtivated this a.m. and off to the gym in 20 min. before work. I have made every excuse possible lately even though I was sick for not getting to the gym. So today is it. I am up early of course went to bed at 8:30. I got 4 miles in around the lakes sunday, plan on going on thurs again. Then today and friday workout in the a.m. maybe I can reach my goal by 3/9 if I keep it up. I am journal writing my intakes and exercise, wt. That helps me to keep and get some control. That cake sounds wonderful. You might surely be a hit at the market. Sounds like we are all venturing out there to look forward to some positive changes in our lifes. Lets go Girls!

02-14-2006, 09:17 AM
Just checking in...

My Aunt past away from cancer on Sunday morning and we will be attending the funeral tomorrow. My cousin (her son) just past on back in August of a sudden heart attack. I feel very down.

Haven't been eating well, although I have the best intentions. I have a lot on my hands right now. Besides my Aunt's passing, I'm trying to figure out WHY we never have enough money, even though with this new job I get paid more...WHY is it that we may owe taxes this year when we have never before (I still say I am not doing something right..and where is that money going to come from if we do indeed owe?) And how can I get rid of my lazy BIL without causing a family meltdown. Maybe it's a cop out, but since he moved in, (and doesn't pay rent) our electric bill has gone up almost $200, water bill sky high, house a mess, and he doesn't pay a dime. I know he bought tires for DH car which was great, because we obviously couldn't afford it, but what about pitching in around the house???

Well, back to work though....I need a good soak in a tub...anyone got any Calgon?? LOL

02-14-2006, 09:46 AM

Frogger ~ I am sorry to hear about your aunt and nephew!
Please take it a day at a time and hang in there!

02-14-2006, 10:22 AM
Frogger - my condolences. I remember the death of your cousin and how that was such a blow to you. Another death so soon makes it more so.

And no wonder you feel down! BIL still there and not doing much to help would wear me down in about 24 hours. And, of course there are additional expenses because he's there. Does he have ANY job yet?

Re taxes, you may need to have one less dependent declared on W-4 so enough is deducted. Of course, making more would mean you'd be taxed a bit more in total but if your main concern is that you not owe more at tax time, your safest thing is to have more deducted. Of course, that's a bit less to spend each pay but you'd likely miss it less. (Unfortunately I must pay quarterly deposits and that's really a blow when you see it going out and you have to sign for it.) For many people, managing money is more difficult than making it and there are lots of things out there to read up on that would help - maybe something you could do when job's slow? Happens to be an area I LOVE and I learned a lot of my basic stuff reading articles in mags like Woman's Day, Family Circle, in the old days (and then reading lots of professional articles in stuff dh got and later taking two years of college accounting). But just getting a handle on where it goes is a step up and time worthwhile spent.

Feeling only a smidge better today but it's a step in right direction. Think I'll plan at least one errand and see how it goes. Going to DD's for valentine's day is definitely out. I'm getting well rested and gobs of junk stuff done in between - out of sheer boredom.

02-14-2006, 02:12 PM
:encore: :encore: :encore:

To the sweetest, funniest, most intelligent, resourceful and altogether regal bunch of women I've ever had the pleasure to know!

Same old, same old here. Actually had a run in with dark chocolate and some trail mix yesterday, I think as a result of the smidgen of sugar in cough drops. I think I'm okay without them now, so hopefully that won't be repeated. Had my walk, did most of yoga. Just have to finish yoga & meditate. I keep saying that and not doing it. No try, only DO!

K. S'pose I should be working. Love to all!

02-14-2006, 02:13 PM
Oh, Frogger, so sorry for your loss! :hug:

02-14-2006, 07:41 PM
Sorry for your loss, Frogger. Please take care of yourself.

Queens, I am having massive trouble getting in to 3FC on my home computer. No problem at all where I am working today, but may not be back all that much until this is resolved, if it can be.

Happy St. Val's Day! :)

02-14-2006, 10:09 PM
Ex-husband of neighbor across the street died this morning. He had lived there too for many years before their divorce. Feeling more down tonight, assuming that's why. Food pretty good most of the day until this evening. Tomorrow will just have to be yet another restart.

Weather to be nice - plan to get in a good walk for a change. Still hacking but feeling better (physically, that is). Hearing more birds in morning, feeling springlike at least for a few days.

02-15-2006, 07:08 AM
Frogger so sorry for your loss. Remember the good times you all had together it seems to help during these difficult times. As far as what you owe in taxes I think the interest rate is really low on the gov't pay back system. One time a few years back we had to pay on State. We were able to set up a payment reasonable to pay on a monthly basis. Did you have your taxes done by a professional? Cause sometimes they come up with things to claim we wouldn't normally think of. I would of had to pay the state but I had bought a car in 2005 and claimed the taxes paid on it. Thank God for that cause it made a big difference. Having folks live with us is never easy. But I think they should have to pay a share of the living cost. As where else could they live for free. It isn't an easy thing. Sometimes just sitting down with them explaining the cost and setting up arrangements is all it may take. Good luck hope some of this is helpful. Lately I think more people are sharing homes due to the high cost of living. Shared expenses could be helpful as long as limits are set.
Worked out on Tues. a.m. ate a good breakfast, lunch pretty low in cals etc. good thing cause dinner cals were up with valentines and all. I didn't feel to badly knowing at least I had burned calories and ate 1/2 the day healthy. Today I plan on a totally healthy day.

02-15-2006, 09:05 AM
Mornin' all! The sky is gorgeous here, the birds are singing and I'm gonna lift weights...yup...more self torture! It'll be good in the long run.

So now that I'm hyped...just wanted to say :wave: to all and just hang in there...

Anagram you're entitled to be blue. Take care of yourself.

Aria...good work...I see that ticker...

Frogger sorry for your loss. Maybe you need to have a spousal meeting, draw up some guidelines for residence in your home, and then have an all occupant meeting...I mean if you are the $ earner, then the daily housework should be at least partially handled by one who isn't. :)

:wave: to all other :queen: s...since I'm hyped I want to roll with the energy!

:tread: Ceara

02-15-2006, 05:20 PM
Had another phone call this a.m. Another friend passed away. So..... two funerals in the next couple of days.

Went out in the nice weather and got in a good walk.
Felt much better.

Came home to message from dd that she had her eyes examined this morning and they think she has a hole in her retina. Has an appt. with specialist in the morning. So I'm on standby......

02-15-2006, 06:26 PM
So sorry to hear of your losses, Frogger and Anagram.

Frogger, i'd forgotten about your BIL living with you. I'd be beside myself in the first 48 hours. Yeah, something HAS to be done!

Still doing BFL with Ceara. Any new takers? It's a great very do-able program!;)

02-16-2006, 07:30 AM
Anagram so sorry too close to your own loss thats rough. Hang in there girl your stronger than you think. Thinking about you!
Well girls I am what you would say motivated this week. The most I have been in months. So far this week I have in 10.75 walking miles. Hopefully another 4 today as the weather is suppose to be beautiful. It helps having my friend as a walking partner. We chat enjoy each others company and ck out nature on the way. Its great. I am going to track myself and see how many miles in a months time. I didn't give in to the munchies last night after girls night out only at a banana. I stayed within my 1500 cals for the day. I was thinking about checking the scale this a.m. but friday is my day. So I will wait at any rate I feel better even though the scale might not show it I know the difference. Hope I stay this motivated for awhile as it will have to show up in the end as a loss.

02-16-2006, 09:52 AM
Just stopping by to say hello to everyone!
Anagram ~ Sorry to hear about all these reminders of your own loss!
ceara ~ Thanks for the encouragement!
Have a good day, everyone!

02-16-2006, 02:51 PM
Fly by: I'm doing okay, a bit draggy with this cold and diet hasn't been perfect. Why is it SO much harder when we don't feel well?

Seems like one of those times -- my neighbour just told me that her husband is in Intensive Care and it sounds as if he may not make it. Funny how easy it is to forget about mortality most of the time and then you have a period where reminders (and the real thing, of course) are staring you in the face from all directions. I've had a couple of deaths of people I know lately, not people I was really close to, but people I cared for. Trying to remember that the message is always to live our lives as best we can.

I'm scheduled to take tomorrow off to make a 3-day weekend. Must get work done ahead.

Love to all -- take great and gentle care of yourselves, Lovelies!

02-16-2006, 10:00 PM
anagram-sorry to hear of the loss of your friends! i hope your cold is on its way out. hope everything will be ok with dd's eye appt.

frogger-condolences to you on the loss of your aunt!

kaylets-congrats. on your new job!

and to all royals, hello. i finally feel like i have a little solid time under my belt with being op consistently again-for the last couple of weeks now. we had a nice, warm day today, which was a pleasure. i am definitely ready for spring, with no threats of ice storms (as there is for monday.) well, while i hadn't been able to get online too much recently (due to ms and some computer "technical difficulties"), i certainly have been thinking about you all. take care.

02-17-2006, 07:28 AM
Well no loss shown on my scale but I feel more toned up since exercising. So I will just continue on my jouney in hopes to show a loss soon. Hope everyone else is doing well. Thank God its friday its been such a busy week at work. My clients needs were really high this week and it kept me hopping. Lots of loose ends to take care of before my trip I think the pressure is on.

02-18-2006, 09:12 AM is chilly out there. Have had a good run so big o-o-ops and my butt is still firmly planted on the wagon. One day at a time...sometimes one minute at a time.

Gotta work today, so this is brief...we all seem to be rather busy.

Good to see you wsw...hope those problems disappear...

Hang in there cacmsc. That scale can be stubborn at times....I know it.

Feeling better Arabella?

How's the new job prep going Kaylets? It must be exciting for you.

:wave: Aria, Eydie, Frogger, Empress A and the MIA :queen: s...Wildfire, Punkin, Cerise! Where'd you go?! We still don't know about the Scotsman...

Runnin' :tread:

02-18-2006, 11:59 AM
The cold drags on here, but it has to be on the way out -- almost 2 weeks now (did I hear you had it 3, Firefly?) I've been trying to do SB induction again but the cold has knocked me off-track a bit. Bleh. Tomorrow I'm going to put together my ultimate plan for success. Back to ye olde checklist... which is always pretty effective.

Cold and WINDY out there today -- trying to decide whether it would be wiser for me to stay in or dress very warmly and go for a walk. Did meditate a bit this morning (first time since before my trip, I think) and did the first part of my yoga.

wsw, nice to see you in the palace again. Two weeks OP is fantastic! :cb: :cb: Me too, ready for spring! We haven't had a bad winter here at all, but I'll be happy to see some warmer weather.

Ceara, congrats on the butt plantage! WTG, you. Am in process of getting my own butt planted with a similar firmness. I really need to start seeing a downward trend in my numbers. Not like I haven't been trying -- but I've just got to try HARDER!!!

Eydie, I forget what the deal is on BFL. Is it one of those plans that you can sum up in a couple of sentences? If I decide to attempt making wheat/free sugar free goodies and selling, I'll definitely be looking for the names of the cookbooks you mentioned.

Anagram, it's amazing what a walk will do for one's state of mind, isn't it? I think if I didn't exercise I'd be a basket case. Actually, scratch that -- I KNOW I would. Ach, maybe I'd best gird loins and head out into the tempest...

Yeah, maybe that's a plan -- and then come back and have a jacuzzi and a soak...

Love to all -- take care of your own sweet selves!

02-19-2006, 09:01 AM
Hello all!

sorry for the long abscence....somehow yesterday's post didnt take....

Mostly it was about how I feel like I have been everywhere else but here.....

Right now, this is the busiest time at the current fact, so busy I'd be very overwhelmed if I didnt know I'm on my way to another....
Few butterflies regarding the new job....not about the product but more about meeting new people and "fitting in" ..... My guess is I will be a lone wolf for a while but that's ok too..... There is a gym in that building and I am looking forward to seeing it and trying to work gym time back into my schedule.....

DH's job has unexpected job openings....many there are bringing their sons in....
DH got DS an interview and DS was told he was ok to go to next level for a physical and drug DS told DH that " I will give notice at my current job... its not working out there anyway.... I'll just take a break inbtwn".....
DH warned DS that when you list an employer on an application, you need to BE EMPLOYED at that job when the prospective employer calls for references....
DS was not convinced. ..... Finally, DH had to enlist the help of a coworker to convince DS that DH would "pull" DS's application, tell them DS had changed his mind if DS refused to remain at his current job until he was officially offered the new job...... DH got so upset w/ DS, DH had to tell DS to leave the house.... As DH explained to me, he was more upset that DS hasn't changed. About an hour after DS left, DH called DS and explnd to DS that there is really only one thing DH wants DS to think about. That DS's way hasnt worked in the past 5,6,7 yrs.... that its time to do things DH's way if DS really does want to see real changes in his life.......


On my own food program, I am drinking more water finally and seeing the afternoon belly bloat much decreased..... Not sure how much cold water I can get in today since the temps are so, so frigid but a pot of peppermint tea awaits now....

Am trying to do 15 minutes at a time today as DH is at work and I really didnt get as much done yesterday as I had hoped.....Trying to keep my momentum going by multitasking....boiling eggs while quick soaking black beans for soup ......using part of the hot water from the tea kettle to make sf jello....
wiping down the shelf in the fridge I put the jello on.....etc, etc.....

guess some breakfast is next....

Hope all are well.....


02-19-2006, 11:28 PM
So nice to see so many queens in the palace and doing so well on so many fronts. Esp. good to hear from you, wsw! Glad you were able to get back.

I'm finally finishing up (I hope) on my bad cold - it's two weeks and a day and I still have some lingering symptoms but not hacking as much. Hope yours is gone for sure, WN.

Ceara, congrats on the firmly planted derriere. Mine own is expanding, I fear.

Kaylets, dh is brave to go to bat for ds in his own workplace. Hope it is appreciated.

DDs eye problem turned out to be some bizarre scarring from some bizarre fungus. Fortunately not a hole in her retina but strange. DS is here this weekend. Didn't have a lineup of chores for him as I should have, darn. I'll think of a lot of things after he leaves. But his company is always good.

Was glad I went to funeral yesterday with neighbor. She needed someone. It wasn't as bad for me as I thought it might have been. But I decided to go just to viewing for friend today and skip funeral tomorrow. Was getting a bit much and his service would have been a lot more similar to dh's and so more trying, I'd think.

DS went out for a run today but it was way too cold for me.

02-20-2006, 07:49 AM
Hello all!

Q Anagram.... you are a good friend to your neighbor ....... I know your presence was appreciated....
I too, think its too cold to do much outside....I wasnt out but btwn car and store and the tip of my nose is flaking .....legs are itchy and flaky too....
using lots of lotion going in and coming out of the shower......

As for DS,.... I can only hope.... as usual, my real concern is how this will effect DH...... and yes, this could be a real issue at the job.....

Glad to hear your cold is subsiding.....seems like everyone around me has the same....

WSW--- holy mackeral..... I hear that your way had frigid temps and snow and then nearly 70 degree temp the two days later..... Makes the snow removal easier when its in big puddles but holy mackeral!

casmc---getting ready for time away always makes me stressed too....its tough trying to squeeze a couple of days into one..... Our clients seem very stressed the past few weeks too... Seems as though everyone is trying to file their taxes as soon as possible.... everyone is feeling the pinch....

Wood Nymph.... how goes the job? have they decided to fill the empty slots?
These coorporate changes are excruiating..... sometimes I felt like the Academy Award winners had nothing on me and the "face" I was putting on....

Ceara--let me plop myself right next to you on the wagon....maybe under your gaze I will make better choices!!

Eydie-- How goes it on the mountain? And how is Dad too?

Empress--Computer problems stink.... I hope you can sort them out ....

aria--- how goes it? Hope all is well your way...

Here's a thought for today....

"When you walk your talk, people listen."
German proverb

Question of the day :

"What is your favorite expression?"


02-20-2006, 08:40 AM
Well the sun is shining and we are going up to 30's today. So I think a walk around the lakes may be a possibility todya. I am also off of work today for the holiday so that makes for a nice relaxed day. I didn't do to good on the intake front this weekend but will try to get back on track today for sure. When yah have company the foods get shifted a bit and when there offered its hard to say no. It was so cold this weekend I think part of eating was just for comfort. My cold or virus is going away after being on my second dose of antibotic. Not nice stuff at all. Starts off with a chest cold and congestion and runs into a final sinus infection. Oh boy its almost over 4 weeks of this stuff is not fun. I have been quilting a bit maybe I can finish this twin size quilt before my trip in 16 days. I should of never done such little squares what was I thinking! Each row has 15 3" squares X ? how big a twin size bed is. Oh but it does look cute. The next one will be made a bit different I already have the fabric and my ideas in mind. Well have a good one girls and keep up all your good efforts they have to pay off eventually I figure. Thats my thought for the week keep moving forward!

02-20-2006, 09:32 AM
Oh, Firefly! four weeks! I'm so tired of it after TWO. Still sniffling and finishing up first course of antibiotics but hoping this will be it soon. It's sunny this morning here too and 'm hoping for a good walk a bit later as well. Forgot to mention I had a "reward" massage on Friday - not as good as the last one but not bad either. But I need to move a bit more and I need to "get back to nature". Birdies were tweeting away again this morning. Only a month until OFFICIAL spring.

02-21-2006, 07:46 AM
Anagram that cold or virus is not nice at all. I still am on an antibotic second course one more pill to go. I feel much better but still not 100% by any means. Only 16 more days until my trip to see the kids in Hawaii no time for feeling sick. I have a job that is demanding and need to have a lot done before I go away. So needless to say I need my energy! I am taking the bull by the horns today and going to get a lot done including a list of work things to be done while I am gone. Things that have deadlines etc. Maybe I will feel better when its done or worse! At any rate I intend on having a great week with workouts, healthy eating and working towards my goal. I adventured to tanning this week as everyone said you need to do that. So its interesting and something I have never done but before I reach the tropical island I will at least have a tan. I am 5' 7'' and can't hide my legs to well.
Hope your feeling better soon. Drink alot of water with lemon!

02-21-2006, 09:29 AM
Fly by postie right now....

No improvement on the scale, in the mood or in the finances. Must sit down and do a budget!! The only ray of light I did have this weekend was that I finally switched to a well known tax software, and WHAT A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE!!! I KNEW I was doing something wrong. :dizzy: (I forgot about our interest on our home equity AND our interest on our mortgage AND our real estate taxes.) The former program I was using didn't "remind" me of these things. Turns out we will not have to owe afterwall. In fact, we will get enough back to get my new stove! :carrot: It will be so nice to not have to beat up the stove to get the burners to work!

Back later...

02-22-2006, 07:23 AM
Frogger so glad it all worked out. I almost forgot to put in the taxes paid on my new car. It made the difference in the state by them oweing me a little to me not oweing. I loved it. This is the second year we haven't gone to a tax man a friend and I did it together on the computer. It worked out fine but takes some brainstorming to ensure we are adding everything in. Make sure you keep all your things for next year. I found out that if you have spent a high amt. of sales taxes by buying appliances, adding on or home improvements thats all taxable but you have to add it all up. So this year I am trying to keep better records. Good luck and yes budgets do seem to make a difference. I started one on the computer but didn't keep it up.
On the health end I worked out yesterday doing some wt. resistance and the treadmill for 1.5 miles. It felt good and released some built up stress from my day. Between Feb. being a short month and me trying to go on vacation for almost 3 weeks its just plum crazy! I have my exercise fit into my schedule for the week and this is always a plus. Have a great day!

02-22-2006, 09:06 AM
Good luck on getting it altogether for the trip, Firefly.

I had a decent day yesterday (I think maybe the 2nd in a row) and also did get in a brisk (it wasn't that warm yet) walk in a park.

I'm already planning to get an extension - too much other paper work to get done first. I'll probably get a tax program as well, as dh had done that in recent years. Also have had lots of tax help/advice offered to me but would just use that if I can't figure something out myself.

Another thing to check out, Frogger, is that there are some new tax credits available this year for SOME energy saving home improvements and appliances. I don't remember if stoves are one of the appliances but worth checking on if you're planning to get one. (I could use a new one too - mine is 36 years old but it is stainless steel so looks real trendy - I don't plan to use it much anymore so don't know if/when I'll get to that.) Credits are even nicer than deductions!

02-22-2006, 09:07 AM
Those birdies are out there chirping again! Gotta love it.

02-22-2006, 09:21 AM
Fly-by woe-is-me postie: Feeling down today -- my brother's moving far north and west to look for a job. Pure desperation -- can't find one here and is broke. There seem to be lots of jobs where he's going, but it's sad that he has to go so far. I hope it goes well for him!

Also, my neighbor died. I'll bake something and take it over and make a donation to the museum as requested.

Aaand... just feeling overtaxed. No help in sight on the job front and I'm stretched to the limits helping my mom, brother, son & grandson. Will soldier on, but just feel like curling up in the fetal position and making it all go away.

Eh. I started to type this and deleted, thinking I should just wait until I feel more upbeat. But feels healthier to share, even if it's not cheery. Believe me, I know that my situation is not bad, really, and others are dealing with much harder things. It's just one of those days... And typical doldrums time, too, I guess.

Doing well OP, in any case. Love to all.

02-22-2006, 07:45 PM
Hello all.....

2 more days.... am finally making a little headway in emptying drawers.... even wiped two or three out .... got right down to the bare metal.....

Finally got quiet enough this afternoon on the phones today that I was able to do some work which has been pending ..... Supervisor said "Don't worry" and I am taking her word at that....

Also feeling serious homesickness for some of the current cowokers ( some of them I worked w/ during my previous tenure).... but when I mentioned that to one, he just dropped his jaw and then quickly said " you'll get over it quick enough..."....
But then the phones were nonstop and reminded me why I am leaving in the first place.....
At one point though WoodNymph, I could relate to the fetal position.... under a blanket for sure....

Frogger, heard nearly exact same story today from someone when similiar discussion happened near my desk as computer folks were downloading an upgrade .... ( yes, everyone thought it was funny that I am the last in the room to have it done and I will be gone as of Friday)...... anyway, the point was that although the individual likes to do her own on paper, she did find the programs useful as an addition error was found when she compared her figures to the tax software.....

Firefly.... please don't feel like you need to send that cold weather this way....

Anagram... yes, birdies chirping my way too... even tracked down by the chirp a chickadee in the Lowe's store when I kept my girlfriend company as she paid on her bill.....

Hello to all Royals.... I need to get dinner rolling...

02-23-2006, 08:07 AM
Kaylet my dear I wouldn't think of sharing todays weather in the 30's to 40 but maybe I will share this weekends cold! Good weather for making soup. I think I may do that for card night with a crusty bread and salad. Something on the healthy side for all. I am feeling sore from my tues. workout but that is a good thing. I am going again on fri. at least will fit in two. And saturday use my video at home. I am getting excited about my trip. I am off to tan before work this a.m. and then a blood test. I am being good instead of stopping for a nice bagel with cc. I am having a breakfast Kashi bar and a boiled egg. Making up for a sub. I had last night. Oh so naughty! But once in awhile it happens as long as its not too often.
Kaylet sounds like your spring cleaning? I need to do some of that this weekend and find my summer stuff. So I can pack for the trip and see if I need to buy something other than my bathing suit. Gotta go try them on soon. Work has been off the wall. My trying to prepare for others to handle my caseload when I am gone. Wow! Plus trying to keep up with things in a short month and trying to type up and write reports. I will be ready for the funny farm soon! Have a great day girls and its nice to see so many on.

02-23-2006, 08:51 AM
I'm feeling better this morning -- did what I had to do yesterday and today feeling sad, but able to cope. Yesterday my network connection went down and I decided to accept it as a gift from the gods (rather than -- say -- recycling the power to devices and getting it up and running again :s: ). I called my site director and told her my connection was down and I'd be on later (even if it meant dialup on the laptop :p ). She sweetly suggested I take the day off, so I mostly did, just came back online for an hour or so later in the day to do what absolutely had to be done.

And with that one burden gone, I felt better able to do the other stuff -- did yoga, made soup and biscuits to take to my neighbour whose husband died, took my brother to the bus, tidied and vacuumed, took my mom to get groceries, picked up son and grandson for a visit.

I had that post-traumatic, wrung-out, run-over feeling by the end of the day and wimped out on writing group in preference for slumping on couch and an early night. I hated to miss it, but just felt like I needed the down time even more than the uplifting.

I'm surprisingly sad about my brother's leaving. Partly just because it's so far and I don't know when I'll see him again and partly because he's had a hard life, with so much bad luck it just about breaks my heart.

Anyway, I hope that this move works out for him and that he gets the breaks he so richly deserves.

OP-wise, still doing well. Haven't formalized my plan yet, but will do that. I'm going to get weekend chores done ahead come **** or high water so that I can devote myself to me-me-me.

Speaking of which, even though I seem to be totally involved with my own struggles, I'm actually thinking of each and every one of you and sending looooooove! Let's use this day we've been given wisely. :hug:

02-24-2006, 06:30 AM
Hello all,

Last day on for the job in this division. Evidently somewhere in the transition, my automatic deposit paycheck became a paper fact, two of them from what they told me..... and different amts....
Luckily, some of the people I called seem very good....they called me back very quickly, and then called again for followup....
seems like the I am now in that place of " Check is in the mail".....

Not sure how long I have to wait.... Its definitely not a month that waiting is a good thing....

as WoodNymph said.... things could be worse....

I'll be in touch later.... I have a "Good bye, good luck supper" tonight....don't expect it to run much past 7....

and then I can come and share....

02-24-2006, 10:47 AM
I've played hookie from work for 2 days. (I'm back today). I'm tired of being talked 'at' and talked 'to' like a 3 year old. (The cube mate). She's a source of endless to do lists for me. Now, I'm a Virgo, I'm in love with lists and to do's. But actuall to do's, things I may forget to do or want to make it a point to do. NOT THINGS I DO ON A DAILY BASIS BECAUSE THAT'S MY JOB to do listings. :nono: Which I get from her on a daily basis. And when I say yes, I've done this or yes, I know, or thank you for reminding me, but I've already taken care of these, she takes it as me being <<what word am I looking for here>> insabordinate maybe? And I get a sarcastic, I'm only telling you so that we don't forget. Um, who was the to do list for anyway. I have no problem doing my job....
Oi Vey.....

So as you can read, I'm having a bit of a struggle. Perhaps I'm not a good fit afterall. Maybe they were looking for someone passive do what you're told even if you already know you need to do it kinda gal. I'm a take charge do it because it needs to be done before you are told kinda worker. Maybe I'm just tired of working here in DC. The commute is killing me....

And I've offically gained back almost all of the 13lbs I lost while sick....

02-25-2006, 08:09 AM
Frogger boy your job sounds like some stuff that happens in my office. I think there is a bit of that almost anywhere. But when your area is so close it surely must make it tough. I have had my own run in's at work in the past. Thank goodness its gotten better. Some of its due to me taking the bull by the horns sort of speak. I came right out and said do you have a problem with me? Because I am doing my best to do my job and I think its done pretty well. But once in awhile I have to defend what or where I have been. My boss says I get defensive. Darn right when I am doing what I am suppose to be doing. So once her and I had a nice long chat and now seem to understand one another she leaves me alone to do my job. She even tells me I am doing a good job. Now how we got to that point did take awhile. But I can tell you it feels much better airing things out. Because it will wear you thin. Good luck and don't feel alone. Maybe another job since you only have a small amt. of time invested isn't a bad idea to look for. Something closer to home? You have to feel comfortable your there so many hours.
On a good note the scale has moved thank goodness for small favors. I have been trying my best working out more and healthy eating more often than not. Its only a lb. but I will take it and run! Yesterday I really pushed myself at the gym that is only 2 workouts this week but good ones. It is snowing now but if it doesn't get to bad I am off to the gym and then tanning.
I only have 12 days left to reach my mini goal 3.5lbs. more. Now that will be tough for me to reach but the closer I get the better happier I will be. I see the difference and feel better.
Arabella having a loved one move away is never easy. I handle it everytime the kids move. This last time to Hawaii was a tough one. Now that was so far I didn't think I would ever get to go see them and now I only have 12 days until I go. I am getting very excited to say the least. It has been a little over a year since they have been home. Where did you say your brother was moving?

02-26-2006, 02:29 PM
G'd afternoon, Royals. All sorts of good (and bad ;) )things going on in the palace. Lots of good vibes on the new job, Kaylets. And maybe the two hookie days were just what you needed, Frogger. At least makes it a little more tolerable maybe.

Hooray for Hawaii - visits are the best (maybe the only good) part of kids moving far away. And you're working or it.

I understand that sadness, WN. Many years ago, my sister moved to Alaska - when it was a brand new state! I thought we'd never see her again - and for a long time, it WAS tough. But we did, more as the years wore on. Now have a bro there too and we see him at least once (usually twice) a year. Now that Mom's gone, it's a little less as he makes one trip a year elsewhere. That sister is now in Texas most of the year and I have a brother in Arkansas. But now with email and country wide phone plans it's easier to keep in touch. But you will miss that physical closeness, for sure.

Cold here today but was in the 50s yesterday. Walked in cemetery, put springlike flowers in place of Christmasy ones. Have overall been eating more healthily but had two VERY, VERY BAD EVENINGS OF GLUTTONY. A lot to do with the Valentine candy both children felt I needed this year. And maybe they were right, maybe I did need it. This whole time has been tough but I think this past week has almost been the toughest. Like I'm beginning to realize this is not just a bad dream.

Took off Thursday and went to hug my princesses who are having their own bad time about losing their Grandfather. Came home Friday and was glad to be back. It's like a love-hate thing. I want to be away from home but then need to run right back and I'm in that trend towards fetal positioning too. Doing ok today - lots of chores, etc. done. Debating which direction to go next. Nap sounds good!

And Fresh Start Monday looms! Everything's always well as long as I have SFMs to look forward to.

02-26-2006, 02:31 PM
Forgot to mention that (before I had those two disastrous evenings) the scale had moved downward a bit over a pound. Won't be able to weigh for a good while again as it will probably be an "UP" and that would be discouraging.

02-26-2006, 07:10 PM
Feeling a little restless -- I didn't get out this weekend but for a walk around the harbour in the bright sunshine (and fierce, cold wind) this morning. Wore two pairs of pants and two sweaters, big fuzzy mohair shawl/scarf and long coat, warm hat and gloves, so was okay. We haven't had a lot of cold this year, but I'm sick of it anyway :p

I think I'll look for a cottage rental for a couple of weeks. I keep saying I'm going to do it and then ending up not doing it. Will find a spot and put down a deposit so it's SETTLED.

Anagram, thanks for the empathy! I truly believe, in my heart of hearts, that we're not intended to move far from where we grew up, but to stay in close-knit communities with lots of interaction. I know it's important for my brother to be where he is so he can have a chance at getting his life together. I just wish him well and hope for the best.

I'm sorry you had a hard week -- I do think that's how it works. Despite our sadness and grief, I think it takes a long time to comprehend that a loved one isn't going to be back in our earthly lives. I'm just reading "A year of Magical Thinking" by Joan Didion about the year after her husband died. On the surface, she seemed to know he was gone, but she also couldn't give away his shoes in case he needed them when he got back. I know after my dad died it took a very long time for me not to expect to see him when I saw his truck in his driveway. This mortality is an awfully hard concept to get. :hug:

Firefly, congrats on the loss! Hawaii... sigh... You're going to be utterly fabulous! :carrot:

Frogger, I'm sorry your new job doesn't seem to be doing it for you. Must be time to start thinking "change." I was just reading about how people make the best decisions when they sleep on things. Maybe it would be worth while to ask yourself when you were going to sleep what you should do...

Kaylets, hope your supper was nice! And I hope that check turns up lickety-split!

K. Going to look for a cottage now. Have a lovely evening and rest up for Fresh Start Monday!

02-27-2006, 07:13 AM
Hello all....

Yes, the check was in the mailbox Saturday...... Visualize me floating back from the mailbox....its a shame how wound up I got about it but there you have it....

Woke up w/ nervous, knotted stomach today too.... combination of new job jitters as well as "houseguest"...... We are still in deep, deep freeze temps and houseguest is working many all night shifts.... very awkward to enforce the rule of not being allowed in the palace when the royals are not home......
This morning DH needed to get a point across paper cup of 2 day old soda but was being told very familiar tune of " this is nothing to worry about....its still fresh " ....Finally I spoke up about my disbelief that someone would risk a warm place to sleep and the possiblity of a good paying job over a flat soda..... When DH approached again about the soda, suddenly it was decided that it should be thrown away......

Anagram.... a friend of mine says that Chocolate is better than prozac and I believe her..... I too, this weekend fell hard off the wagon so lets polish up the fresh start cards.....

I need to get ready... just wanted to say hello to all and ask for your support and good vibes today....


Thought of the day ;

"The universe gets bigger with every book."
John Richardson

Question of the day :

" Have you ever read a book more than once?"


Kettle is on!

02-27-2006, 07:47 AM
Arabella burr you made me cold thinking about your walk. I didn't exercise to beable to count it was too cold for outside and just never got to the gym. But I ate healthy this weekend and that is a good thing. The cottage sounds lovely you should do it for yourself. Sometimes doing for yourself is more than needed its a must. Let us know how you do with your search.
10 DAYS til my trip! Wow it is coming fast! I got my hair done this weekend highlighted and a new style. It wasn't cheap but looks good. Then I went bathing suit shopping two times. I finally got a suit its surely a bit different from ones I have had. A little colorful on top tropical I guess you'd say. Boy having a tan and shopping made a difference. I have to say I feel pretty good with myself right now. It seems like all my efforts are starting to pay off. I am going to the gym after work tonight no matter how late I work. It is a must to keep things moving in the right direction.
Kaylet living with others is never easy. Good luck stand your ground. Their lucky to have someone willing to let them stay.
Frogger hope your job is moving in the right direction for you. I know that when work is tough because of others and not the work load itself its tough. Been there done that. Thank goodness mine has gotten better and hopefully yours will too.
Girls choc. sometimes is a good fit. I recently started to take a light cal. low fat yogurt and put in like 10 little choc. chips. It gave me a lift and wasn't totally bad ck it out. Its great with cherry flavored it is more like a treat. We all need a bit of choc. from time to time and they say its good for us. Good luck hope we all have a great week.

02-27-2006, 09:57 AM
Arabella-That's not a bad idea actually, asking myself what I should do. I'll try it tonight...

02-28-2006, 06:44 AM
Hello all.....

So far, all typical first day stuff....most of the computer systems not set up although the supervisors had "ticket confirmations" that it was....

some terrific things happened.... the gym is very very nice.... tvs! ( isnt that funny that I am bragging about the tv in the gym) and bumped into someone from the inbtwn job.... she had many problems there and is now at my current employer and now is a supervisor which goes to show....

AND this morning, for the first time in a long, long, time I am WITHOUT that tense, knotted stomach feeling.....

Thought of the day:

"The older I get, the more beautiful life becomes"

Question of the day:

"What is the question?"


Must be gone.... downside is that traffic is AWFUL

02-28-2006, 07:33 AM
Kaylet so glad to hear things are going well. No one should have the tension that some people create in a worksite. Its usually very unfair to say the least! So things are looking up and spring begins in 20 days not such a bad time! I like having a t.v. when I am on the treadmill. It helps me to lose track of time and thats a plus. Have fun!
I worked out yesterday at the gym did the treadmill for 3 miles and did the stairs several times at work, walked to the other site. Trying to think the healthy way and put a few extra steps in my day. I am counting down my days til my trip its coming fast. I still would like to shake off a few lbs. but even one or two would be nice. I am trying my best to eat healthy. More seafood, veggies and fruits in my intake.
Have a great day everyone!

02-28-2006, 07:50 AM
So glad yesterday went well, Kaylets! May that continue. I take it you can't use public transit in this new job - hate traffic, too - but there may be plusses in that eventually too.

Good luck on that double countdown, Firefly. You're so motivated.

Got to the pool yesterday, had a good workout but feeling sore today. Don't know if it's the long overdue workout (which was pretty gentle) or if it's the weather change again. A coating of snow this morning which should be gone by the time I get it together. Debating pool again but I think it's losing out to other things I need to do. Maybe a walk would be better. Coin toss?

Wildfire - where be thou?

02-28-2006, 09:45 AM
Good morning all! I've been having troubles getting on also...something with Windows (which my DH reloaded yesterday) and something with NO TIME! JEESH! Even now I'm using the Modzilla browser because windows was just taking too long....

Anyway...I'm slowly picking the splinters outta my butt....a long fall. But it wasn't all the way back...just a bit. Climbed back on the wagon yesterday with new resolve. There are just too many birthdays in Feb and I got lured off the path. Have to retrod part of the way but it could have been least I spent more days on the path than off for a change :lol:

Still managed to walk the road once in a while whilst I was lost....have found that the pedometer is most accurate when perched between the girls, right where the bones of the bra meet....hmmm...that is when I have elastic waisted stuff on...when there is a leather belt involved it seems OK :s: Gotta get back to the light weights and my skipping...which is a challenge. I seem to have become a clutz at it....I was good as a kid many moons ago....

Anagram, good for you to get back into the it endomorphins or something that we release when exercising? Supposed to make us feel better, and I suppose that they do. Too bad they are so hard to spell...

Wildfire...we need to hear details...that meeting has to be soon?!?

:wave: wsw...glad to hear you're hanging in there!

QO yesterday...yes I have read a number of books more than once...the latest being the Harry Potter ones...actually I'm listening to them again...third time. QOD...that is the question. I think for me today it is... "Can you do it for one more day?" And then I say " this minute.", and before I know it the day is done and my butt is still on the minute at a time, one challenge at a time.

So....:wave: to all off to play tennis ball with the 4 footed girls then walk...


02-28-2006, 10:56 AM
Pool lost. I was working on that plan, then started sneezing and thought "no, this cold CANNOT get started up again", then came down wi/some stomach cramps. So hope I'm not working on the other thing going around. Sigh.....Spring, hurry up!!!

02-28-2006, 08:38 PM
anagram-take it easy! hope the stomach distress is already a thing of the past.

and to all royal ones, hello. have this stupid cold which everyone else has, so have been in bed a lot, and not journaling my food as diligently as i need to. have to do better with that, because when i stop journaling, i tend into get into trouble. well, just wanted to stop in briefly to say hi. thinking of you all. take care.

03-01-2006, 06:19 AM
Sorry to hear you have that "cold" thing, wsw. Seems to be a particularly nasty one this year. Rest well.

03-01-2006, 07:21 AM
Hello all....

Just a really fast note this morning.....

Well, the houseguest thought we wouldnt notice the computer history deleted nor that the stove had been used... ( eggshells on the floor and wet fry pan were my first clues)....Two items not to be used ( if you remember the stove burining a pot while asleep sitting upright not but 10 ft away)....

Yes, food had been left and the microwave was available too.....

As of 6 am, the houseguest is out until DH returns home.... and this is a week of very long hours for DH so the houseguest might be a bit inconvenienced.....

Job still looking good.....

Found out my "boombox" WILL pick up my favorite station ( some steel girdered buildings have bad radio reception) so now I have a back up to the Ipod.....
Did some research yesterday, a real favorite of mine....

Today the big boss comes back from vacation so we'll see how the tone of the office changes....

Stomach virus seems to be hitting the old office as well as the new.... I told the boss I showed up when it had ended .... The NJ highschool where nearly 1200 kids got so sick is now back up and running..... From what every one says, its awful for about 24 hrs and then you feel much, much better....

But the cold thing does seem to drag on and on..... and then just when you think you have to get better now, it becomes bronchitis or worse.....

Pass the vitamins please.....


Thought and question of the day :
> "The past does not equal the future.
> Because you may have failed a moment ago,
> all day today,
> or for the last six months,
> or for the last sixteen years,
> or for the last fifty years of your life
> doesn't mean anything.
> All that matters is
> what are you going to do now?"
> ~Tony Robbins

:hug: Lots of love to all!

03-01-2006, 07:24 AM
So sorry your feeling not so good. This has been a tough winter with colds, flu and virus. Boy once it has you its hard to get rid of it all. Rest, drink lots and feel better soon.
I am hopefully going to get in a workout today. Depends on my schedule for work and I can't remember it right now. Other than an 8:30 appt. which hopefully my client hasn't forgotten. Oh well we shall see.
I had kind of a wierd eating day yesterday. Just mixed up not my normal but not really too bad. I even ate cereal as a snack.
What the heck!
Anyways I can't wait til spring and to get rid of this cold front we are in. It was so cold with the wind yesterday that it makes you just wiped out. I had to go out of the office in the afternoon. It was so fridgid cold I came back had a bit over an hour to work and did nothing. Just sat around chatting with the girls. Hopefully today I can accomplish a few reports that need to be done before my trip. The new sec. hasn't had a chance to learn them yet and has enough from others on her plate. My boss wasn't so nice to her yesterday. I felt bad for her why do people think that they can be so rude to someone? Oh well I bet she doesn't stay long and I don't blame her if she doesn't. No one should have to put up with that nonsense.
Hopefully today is a better one in the office.

03-01-2006, 09:13 AM
March the 1st! Ya Hah! Nice sunny day out there with threats of an ice be March. Have a couple days of vac so will be running around. Butt still planted firmly on the wagon and splinters all gone!

Hang in there K! Maybe houseguest should go with poor Arabella's bro up to the hinterlands of they have computer histories up there, Arabella? Heard some interesting questions on the radio this morning, from other countries asking about conditions in Canada. This is of course inspired by the Olympics being in Vancouver in 2010. Polar bears on the streets?, are the bushes (woods) safe? (I think this was from one of the Scandanavian countries in reference to hiking, but which bushes???), do we have fresh milk (Germany) etc. Of course the tourism ads they put out don't help...a lot of people think we live in log cabins with no conveniences based on those....

This is supposed to be a quick reply and I'm likely running outta room...have a great day's it going? How about sugary sarcasm? Thanks for reminding me, etc in your best syrup voice?

:wave: to all! Carpe Diem!

03-01-2006, 09:52 AM
LOL-ing fly-by. I've got to work before I linger but couldn't resist all the "Canada" questions, Ceara. :) In fact, Canada is, of course, much like our neighbor to the south. If you get way off in the woods there might be bear and etc. but also there cities and towns that are not blanketed with snow year-round and we do not, for the most part, live in igloos.

On the other hand, my brother is indeed in the northern hinterlands, where there might be the odd bear or moose rambling the streets occasionally. Did anyone ever watch "Northern Exposure"? It's probably a bit like that.

I did live in Newfoundland for a year. There, now, there are few towns. St. John's is a fantastic place, but perched in the middle of wilderness like other places in the province. The year before I moved there, they'd had a moose shamble up to the electronic doors of the biggest supermarket in a major shopping area. The doors, of course, opened and the moose strolled into the produce area and began some of the best grazing ever!

Oh, more news -- my brother's got a job and is staying in a hostel for the mo. so is OKAY!!!

By all means, Kaylet -- send DS to Northern Alberta!!! There are jobs jobs jobs and sometimes they'll pay people's way out (one-way, too :lol: ). I'm so happy to hear your job's working out as advertised! :carrot:

Ok, did Wildfire have another visit lined up that I didn't remember? Where is that girl?

Anagram, hope tummy trouble was false alarm. :crossed:

Wsw, nice to see you! Yes, that stupid cold really hangs on. Mine's still not completely cleared up, but just minor symptoms now.

K -- really must work, but shall return! Actually, that was a fairly lingering fly-by after all, wasn't it :rolleyes: Love to all -- let's make it a good one!

03-01-2006, 09:52 AM
:balloons: Hello everyone!
Just stopped by to wish you all a healthy and happy month of March!

03-01-2006, 06:05 PM
Tummy trouble was false alarm but cold symptoms come and go still.

Nice out this afternoon so I did a very nice walk around the neighborhood. Have been getting so frustrated re paperwork and long menus to get to a person to ask questions and then being referred elsewhere. I'm getting tired of telling strangers my husband has died. It tends to bring down my otherwise improving days. But sooner or later, it will be all done (I hope).

In addition to the walk, I'm so far having a decent food day. TaDa! Less than three weeks until spring - less than three weeks of this challenge - I'd better get it in gear. The best I can say is I'd be worse if I weren't still checking in and getting inspiration here.

03-02-2006, 07:10 AM
Managed a streak of ONE DAY - Can only go up.

Good morning and a healthy day to all :queen:s.

03-02-2006, 09:00 PM
:cp: Good job, Anagram!

03-04-2006, 02:41 PM
hello all!

I too, am trying for at least one good day in a row....
Found out my access card was updated to get into the Office Gym so took all my stuff w/ me Friday but got to the office too late Friday to use the machines in the gym...
I drove in in workout clothes, only had time to put on the office clothes:dizzy: --
lesson learned, leave earlier... better traffic flow (Yes, the love affair w/ me and the bus had to end... which it wasnt so but it would mean a transfer downtown and adding nearly another 45 minutes....
I can work out in that same time frame .... and get to meetings or whathaveyou that I couldnt do b/4... In fact, am making a point eveyday to see what else is on the same route to take advantage. For instance, Thursday, I stopped and paid a bill in cash and it instantly posted to my account... Tuesday, I went to the Goodwill at lunch to see if I could take advantage of $2 Tuesday.... Tried nearly a dozent things on, nothing fit or looked right when I had it on....

So far, VERY good at the new job... and I mean that in a very serious way.....
The biggest thing so far is most of the stomach churning of feeling like there was no way I could catch up is gone.....I have started real work as of Tuesday and except for their internal reports, I have already seen or done very similiar. So its a wonderful feeling to know the question I might have is coming from "last time I did something like this, the state regulation said...." rather than " I hate to ask but could you show me how what a license is again..."....

The gym is cleaned daily just like it was an office, which means the showers too.... there's only two showers (in the ladies lockerroom) but I figure as long as I don't show up covered in mud, if need be I can always wash up in the sink.... And .... if truth be told, the first couple of weeks I am only going to be doing short sprints and its been that long and I am needing to start from square one....
So, for awhile, I'll be in the showers longer than on the machines....

BUT>..... the point is ... I WILL BE DOING THEM....

and as petty as this sounds, guess what! There's a tv in the gym just like a real gym.... I am impressed considering this is the Company gym.....

So far, I got lucky and saw someone I know who is manager of our "sister unit"... I had no idea her connection till just a couple days ago. I think it made things a little easier landing .....I probably could've used her help getting the position but at least this way, she can let them know how wise they were to choose me.

How is everyone?

We could use a check in and see how everyone is.....

Let me go start some wash and put on a kettle....

And maybe look for Project Runway

03-05-2006, 08:12 AM
Hello all....

Was just rereadiing my post from yesterday and saw a typo in the sentence about my love affair w/the bus... it should read "wish it wasnt so" instead of 'which".... sorry for the confusion....

So... I did very well food wise yesterday even though I was off schedule, ate 2 meals on my own, etc.... I remained flexible and didn't deal w/ stress by eating....
One thing about the houseguest sleeping in the living room recliner is that it kept me from "parking" in the living room myself .... Although I did spend time online, it was broken up w/ lots of trips up and down the stairs.....

Also got a black bean soup in the crockpot... in fact, it was in there all night... time to turn off the heat.

Very very windy here making it biting cold.

Dh and I are going to deliver some "test reports" to a place in PA about 1.5 hrs away.... He is being paid to drop them off only. That's why I am going along for the ride.

and then we'll see .....

anyone for Peppermint Decaf Tea??

03-05-2006, 09:16 AM
Had a lovely couple of days away, came back home to a well-done dinner theatre. Am off shortly for the pre-church walk and then we'll see how the day shapes up. Have some laundry to continue with and maybe I'll clean something :yikes: I also want to start doing the routines in Bob Greene's new book....I find weights are like aerobics, in that you need to have the moves down pat, the lifting becomes primary that way...I hate worrying about form and so I practice it!

Kaylets...glad to hear that your job is working out...and I like the idea of doing something for "you" each day...WTG! goes it? day at at time wins the race as you know....that's how I'm doing it...again. Just mark those days off on the calendar...I'm not even countin' them....just stayin' planted. You're doing great!

Saw and heard a robin yesterday at my friend's house. That bird must of been nuts...there was 4 inches of snow on the ground there. She lives a couple hours north of me and I haven't heard one here yet!????

Spring is a'comin'!


03-05-2006, 09:52 AM
Ceara! So glad to hear the robin's are sure spring is coming even though the weather screams winter....

Wonder if these incredible winds have anything to do w/ the Robins....
I know when they arrive here, they seem very very chubby to me compared to what I remember from Connecticut. My guess is they become more "fit" by flying the extra couple hundred miles or so.

Have to nail myself down to my vitamin/black cohosh routine. Somehow I am forgetting at night and then regret it in the early, early morning hours. And somehow yesterday, I didnt take any at all.... right this minute, I am "flashing" and feeling some other symptons too.

so, onward we go, progress not perfection.....

any one for more tea?

03-06-2006, 07:34 AM
Arabella my son used to stay in that type of housing when he was traveling and working his way around the world. Sometimes he would do little handyman jobs to pay back his stay. Now he's building houses in Maui and working for himself. Yah just never know but I am grateful for how well he is doing. Good luck to your brother and his new adventure. I enjoy going to visit in Canada. I haven't been in awhile but a trip is planned with the girls in April just for a night or two. I love Toronto and their market place. It is a favorite of mine.
Kaylet I have done that too not giving myself enough time. At least you tried your best and next time will go smoother. It gets easier after awhile. I like to work out before work that way its done and no excuses. I am hitting the gym on Tues morning early by 6:30. That gives me extra time. Good luck and the job sounds well suited for you glad its working out.
I am off on thurs. to Hawaii to see the kids. I can't wait until then but much to do before hand. At work I need to write up some reports and get them in. I will be rushing the next few days deep breathing will be needed for sure.
Have a good day everyone.

03-06-2006, 08:14 AM
Fresh Start Monday to all!!!!!

Kaylets, so glad things are going so well for you on job front. The gym alone seems worth the change. Hope you enjoyed "bonus" trip w/ dh.

Welcome back, Ceara. You always seem to do so many interesting things.

And bon voyage (soon), Firefly. I'm sure the trip will be worth all that extra effort.

DDs family here over the weekend. Enjoyed both princesses but elder threw up three times yesterday so I'm crossing fingers I don't get another buglet. Some nice warm weather coming up this week that I want to enjoy. Did get in a nice walk yesterdy after everyone left. Looking to do same today. Still getting things back into place so I can start from where I left off Saturday morning (pre guests). But the hugs are worth it. I'm not a heroine to many people but to the princesses I'm sure "up there" and it feels good.

Well, off and at it, :queen:s. Have a Royal Monday.

03-06-2006, 09:09 AM
The weather broke here yesterday -- it had been bitterly cold for a couple of weeks and we got above freezing :carrot: Gives me a whole new lease on life. And this morning the scale was back down to the bottom of the three or so pounds I've been bouncing around. Now -- DOWN :yes: I can tell I've been making progress -- a couple of inches off the hips, legs much more "leggy" looking. Remembering back in the fall I didn't even want to wear short-sleeved t-shirts to the gym and now I'm fine. Weight-wise, I'm getting close to 10 pounds off since the fall and even though the number's plateaued for a while there have been improvements. Going to give it my ALL now and make tracks, yes I am. :)

Had DGS over the weekend -- we had a nice time painting and he was darling and happy, even though his dad was working and he was consigned to me and DH (who interacts nicely with him but leaves most of it to me).

Anagram, you're right -- that love is the sweetest. There's no thrill to compare with the sight of the joy on his face when he sees me and the way he runs to me as fast as his little legs will take him! The little ones are so unguarded -- reminds me to treasure this time even more. I have to disagree with you about the heroine thing though. You're certainly a heroine to me and I know I'm not the only one. :encore:

Kaylets, it's fantastic to hear about how well your new job is working out. It's such a big part of our lives -- if we're not happy at work it's pretty hard to be happy in general. Hoping your house guest straightens up and flies right out of the nest v. soon!

cacmsc, Thursday?!! :cb: That's exciting! I'd love to go to Hawaii. I see you're in NY -- we were there last year on holiday, a week hiking in the Adirondacks and then a week in NYC. I can't wait to return to the city -- I just LOVED it. Great energy!

Ceara, you're so right about the aerobics. I've never felt as clutzy in my life as when I went to an aerobics class. It was a major shock to my self-image to see what a spaz I actually am. :rolleyes: Maybe I'll actually haul out the step tape today for an extra calorie burn :chin:

Today, I'm definitely going to print out my plan checklist, one for each day. This is going to take an all-out obsessive assault. Here I go...

Missing the missing... hoping everyone is well. Love to all -- let's make this day COUNT!!!

03-06-2006, 09:12 AM
Grey out there...hope the sun decides to show up.

Yesterday was the walk in...too fast so I had to add extra distance to make up the time! I guess that is good, my fitness level must be improving. I did get the laundry done but not the weights...maybe today. I am off for a walk this am and then I hope to get my hair is quite shaggy.

Glad you had a good visit with the wee ones Anagram! Both of my "wee" ones are fighting a bug-let at the moment and I don't want to catch stomach isn't holding onto the vitamins these days...I chuck 'em up.

I hit the hay last night around 8:30 and am still yawny this morning. Prolly fighting that bug....:?:

Have a great day ladies...:wave: to all...especially those MIA's....Eydie..are you OK?

03-06-2006, 09:15 AM
Arabella....we posted at the same (sorta) time! The temps here are supposed to be in the high teens by Thursday ...mid-60's...positively balmy!

03-07-2006, 07:17 AM
Close to ten pounds since fall, Wood Nymph! Hurrah! I consider that major progress.

Pretty nice here yesterday - got in a decent walk. Altogether a good day - one of those where I can't believe how much I accomplished. Two of those a week and I'd rule the world. Unfortunately, I might get two a month, if that. But today I'm grateful I had that one. And a good night's sleep on top of that!

Oooh - Ceara, that sounds a tad COLD yet. I'm looking forward to the weather the rest of this week. We're back to our "normal" - had been running a bit behind - getting more like walking weather now AND flowers getting ready to pop etc. Cleared off some areas to help them along yesterday. Spring surely in the air now and then. Of course, that means spring clothese......oh, duh, I had to bring that up.

Good day :queen:s. Enjoy your victories. And, Firefly, get packed!

03-07-2006, 09:03 AM
Yes Firefly....have a great time!

It'll come Anagram...2 a month is better than none...I added up my "good" days in February and they just outnumbered those "others"...barely. I count that as a victory...they could have all been "other"!!!:lol: So far March is OK...but that is just where my mind is at the moment...I'm going day by day...and sometimes hour by hour. I'm using the old distraction technique to keep myself on the straight and narrow bench. Pretty bad when you play head games with yourself!

Yes the flowers are starting to poke their leaves through is still chilly. Saw 2 flights of geese yesterday whilst walking...heading north they were, and the red winged black birds are back staking out territories. When I hear a killdeer then I know spring is truly on its way.

Anyway...we are experiencing computer problems...:(, but I can still get online. Fun.

Gotta :tread: Have a great day ladies. Hope more of you check in!

03-08-2006, 07:23 AM
Good morning, Royal ones. Another good day yesterday. Lots accomplished. But last night I felt like I was hit by a truck - slept, off and on, about 11 hours and not great this morning. Stomach ok so far but am suspecting I'm fighting the buglet.

MUST be up to going out a bit today as it's supposed to be starting on the "nice" days this week.

WOO WOO, WEDNESDAY! Bon Voyage, Firefly - will miss you and will be waiting for a report.

03-08-2006, 09:16 AM
:wave:Hump Day :wave:

Hi Anagram....kinda rattley in here these days :?: Glad you are doing well with the daughter is fighting a cold also, and she said she slept all one week end...that seemed to help. So go for the snooze! Hubby is also fighting it and I just plain don't want it.

Dismal out there...drizzling rain....'pect I'm gonna be damp when I finish my walk...and it won't all be sweat. :lol:

Anyway, have a great day...looks like you're getting into a streak! Glad to have you on the seat with belt is purple today...yours?

:wave: to all MIA :queen: I guess the jobs are challenging us all!

03-10-2006, 08:02 PM
I guess I just got disoriented wandering thru the hidden tunnels under the palace, but I'm back!:carrot: Still disoriented and blinking at the light, but I'm okay. The mystery is how did I GAIN weight? Actually, it's not that much of a mystery.....:o 2+2 makes 4.....:p