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Crime girl
02-06-2005, 02:01 PM
Here is the new thread...enjoy!

Just a reminder- today is weigh in day.


Monday- support day and a good day for tips on staying motivated

Tuesday- support day and a good day for reasons why we want to lose- I think that keeps us motivated more than anything when we reexamine why we want to lose..

Wednesday- "what have I been eating all week day" and I want to start trying to get everyone to share quick recipes or tips on cooking that work for them.

Thursday- "what I have done to move my bootie day" and I want to get everyone to start giving us an idea on how they work exercise into their lives and the things they enjoy doing.

Friday- support and influence day- lets make this a day we talk about anything or anyone that influenced our weight loss for the week- things like friends giving bad foods or a partner that supported our efforts.

Saturday- recap day- lets talk about the things we thought worked for us for the week and those that didn't- this might help us see where we strayed and where we stood firm.

Sunday- weigh in day and reaffirm goal day- give us an idea of your goals for the week, month, and long term.

Have a great day everyone!

02-06-2005, 04:42 PM
Goodmorning. Pleased to hear everyone is ok. Grass - what about a pic of your hair cut?? I got mine done too in the weekend. It was kind of the same as always, just a trim, but i got more caramel than blonde put through it and the weird thing is that it looks blonder than normal!

Anyway I'll check back and talk more later. Some really interesting things are going down at work which may put me in a really good position to bargain for things I am already meant to have gotten...

02-06-2005, 04:48 PM
Hi. I'm back. My flight was cancelled last night b/c of mechanical problems. So I have ate crappy food for the last couple of days. I had airport vouchers to eat b/c of the cancellation. Airport food is not healthy. I had pizza, croissants, bagels, etc. Crap. Today of course is superbowl Sunday which means beer, pizza, chips, cookies, etc. in the house. I am so tired from traveling that I do not have time to go to the grocery store. So I guess it will be one more day of eating yucky. So Monday will be a new day and I will get back on track. I did not exercise at alll on Friday and Saturday b/c of school. 8 more days until the end of this Valentine's challenge so I will not weigh until then.

I really do not have time to go back and read everyone's posts but I hope everyone is doing ok. Remember summer is quickly approaching us which means shorts and less clothes. So let's reaffirm our goals and make sure that we look great this summer.

1) I want to lose 20-25 pounds by summer.
2) Exercise 5-6 times a week.
3) I want to have more energy
4) I want to look decent in shorts, bathing suit,etc

I will accomplish these goals!!!

So what are your goals again????

Crime girl
02-06-2005, 04:57 PM
My weight loss goals are:
Lose 40 pounds before graduation.
Exercise 4-5 times a week
Drink 8+ bottles of water a day
Be able to start running again in May/June

Other goals:
Get a job by end of March
Make at least an hour of time for myself every day

So there you go-
Glad you are back stormy! Sorry you got delayed-I thought you were bringing back your car though?? Still not ready I am guessing.

NBK- put a pic of you up too- we want to see the new hair color and cut.

Got to get back to studying-

02-06-2005, 05:36 PM
Good morning. Up, already 6. Have two articles to write up, just short ones before I leave for work today. Got those two manuscripts off last night. I wanted to walk today before work but there's just no time. I shouldn't be writing here. Dilemmas.

Wow, guys, I didn't think I sounded that bad. I mean, of course I'm disgusted with myself. If I weren't I don't see how I would change anything. Stuffing myself with the things I like is how I got to be so fat. I think a little disgust is in order. I mean, if I say I want to lose weight and then don't I don't think that's behavior that should be tolerated. Of course, you could say that the failure to love myself (if that is the case) is what makes me eat in the first place. If I say I will meet a deadline with work I will do as I say. If I say I will lose such and such weight by Valentine's Day then I should think it's no different. Anyhow, I hear you on loving yourself but I think my love of myself is misguided. I'm thinking it's the food, the eating the food is loving myself, and it's not. Not the junk food, that is.

Really, with me these days it's a matter of time and being around people who are nothing like me. Honest, all the people at work are married or out on the town constantly boozing or both. They have no hobbies, nothing they're striving for. They don't speak Japanese. They don't even do good work with what's in front of them. I am subjected to their criticism, their measure and it wears on me, often consciously, but more often than not, subconsciously. It's like friggin' elementary, junior high and high school all over again.
Attracting jealousy and disdain for just being myself. Do you realize how much everyone hates to see others become successful. It's a mindset I can never understand.
OK, enough of the psych stuff. Just let me say that I am sick of always having to dumb down and downplay my efforts so others don't feel jealous. Encouraging people who never get off their butts to do anything yet complain and criticize constantly. I suppose I should just ignore them. Hard to do when you work all day with them.

By the way, I never said Happy Birthday to the boss at work. I would have, had even gone to get a little box of chocolates at the convenience store but I didn't see him before I left. Just as well I guess. Kind of beaten-dog-lickin-your-hand kind of behavior really. These people I think are beyond guilt or feeling bad, except when they're the ones feeling wronged.

Grass -- look at you!! The scale says 135 and you're saying you don't like it! What does this have to do with the scale anyhow. YOU got to 135, whatever the scale says. It sounds like you don't want to believe that you have actually gotten there or don't think you have perhaps? But you believe the scale when it says a higher number. Nevertheless, I think the scales are a poor measure. We know when we've done well with our efforts, when we've slacked off. Is this what's bothering you, that you don't think you did well and yet the scale says you did? I think we should maybe just look at our bodies more and not the numbers on a scale. If we like the fat, be happy. If we don't want it there, continue working to take it off. And grass, your efforts are much more than weight loss. They're about health, which is much, much more complicated.

Crime girl -- Thanks for the new thread and the horoscope. I don't want to experience any unpredictability today, however! Not unless it's something good! Loosening self restraints! Oh no, every time I do that I get into trouble. Hmm. . . Maybe trouble is the way. Your horoscopes always make me think.

Heh, did you like my poem? Of course, I took it neatly out of context but I think you can do that with poetry. In fact, that is what poetry's about, isn't it? its beauty is that it can speak to us all in different ways.


Well, today, I am going to try to look at what I put into my mouth and what I do with my body as stepping stones. Does indulging my desire for a brandy filled chocolate serve my goals? Perhaps, if one of those goals is to make me feel good but if it counteracts a longterm goal of the same then I can't sacrifice that to the shortterm one of making myself feel good NOW. Or, I should come up with ways of making me feel good now that don't counteract the longterm goals. Very hard to do when mindless eating is so automatic. I am an eating machine on autopilot!

OK, must get to work. The kerosene just ran out. Have to go out into the cold and fill it up. . .such is the joy of life in Tokyo. .

little grasshopper
02-06-2005, 07:29 PM
hey guys. Long, but good day here. filled with eating bad stuff because...ding, ding, DING......BF is going to begin eating healthier starting TOMORROW! He's going back on his old training diet. Wants to race again this summer and I'm all for it. He was so healthy!! Anyway, we're eating whatever he wants since this is his last day. Also, met my mom for lunch and there was NOWHERE to eat that wasn't fast food - and I don't mean the kind of places where you can get a salad either. I ended up having BBQ, NC style - no sugar, lots of vinegar. It was yummy!!

Stormy - welcome back!! I hear you about airport food!!! I was stuck in DC on my return trip at the little terminal - all they had was prepackaged food and I was terrified that if I ate any of it I'd get sick on the plane! YIKES!!! I ended up eatingg M&M's because I knew they wouldn't make me sick.

REd - I think I'm pissed with the scale because today it says 135 - tomorrow it'll say 137 and will fluctuate all week long so I never really know what I weigh. I can't get excited about the number because it won't show up again for a week. That's why I'm pissed. On the other hand I haven't eaten well today or yesterday. I'm not sweating that too much. As long as I can get back on board easily I will allow myself cheat days and try not to kick myself for cheating. I just couldn't cheat before because it led to a week of eating whatever the **** I wanted!!! I couldn't cheat once and get back on track. I SEEM to be doing better now. Thanks for the advice though and I agree with you - I will do my best to follow it.

NBK - I'm working on a picture - I don't have a digital camera. I am going to get a snap shot taken and post it. It would be neat to have a face with all the screan names!! I'd love to see picture of you guys!!! All of you!

Crime Girl - It was 64 in NC today. Incredible weather!!! We rode to wilmington with the Windows down!! Wonderful - I'm thinking of all the veggies I want to try to put in my garden this year. :)

okay, have to go eat with BF - talk to you guys soon!!!!

my goals -

lose 10 more pounds by summer.
maintain healthy eating habits after weight loss
exercise 5 times a week
attend yoga and pilates classes for stress and pain management
read book monthly to keep me on track and motivated (any recommendations are highly appreciated!)

02-06-2005, 07:31 PM
NBK, stormy, hello there. I didn't see your posts until now, after I had written that last ramble, only talking to CG and grass. Notifications don't come in for the new thread. OK, I am polishing the two articles here before I have to leave for the office. I changed my breakfast. Instead of the usual oatmeal I had a bagel with tomato and broccoli sprouts and cheese. Don't know if the calories are more or less but it's different. I really do get stuck in ruts. Later!

02-06-2005, 07:33 PM
so grasshopper, you didn't say how your mom liked the new cut.

little grasshopper
02-06-2005, 07:40 PM
Red - mom likes the cut. Said it made me look thinner. I asked if she'd knew I'd lost 25 pounds...she said "no, but I guess that would make you look thinner too :) )" BF has decided it's a really sexy cut too :)

One thing I have started asking myself when I go for a craving is "okay, what is it I'm REALLY wanting right now?" sometimes It's something salty - anything will do, sometimes something sweat, and sometimes it's just something to do, or a hug or attention or something cruncy. I'm trying to get better at figuring out what I really want and then getting that. If I don't get that thing I'm dieing for - eating the craving doesn't end the want....I just keep looking for it.

okay, have to go eat !! I'm trying to get a picture - I'll post one this week.

02-06-2005, 07:46 PM
Grasshopper, I'm glad your mother liked the cut. I can't believe she didn't realize you had lost 25 pounds! Maybe she sees you too much to realize. Glad too the boyfriend thinks it's sexy! :sunny:

Yes, thinking what we want is always a good thing. The problem is that usually we can't get what we want and that's why we're turning to food. Maybe though, if we acknowledge this and even picture getting it in our minds it will help.

When I was studying for a Japanese test that would often distract me enough not to eat out of boredom or frustration at wanting to be somewhere else. It also gave me a sense of accomplishment as well. Maybe I should do that again, go to the next level in the Chinese character tests (that's what I was doing). Not do them with any real goal in mind other than doing it for doing its sake. It does help with the translation work though. Just makes things go faster the better you know the characters.

02-06-2005, 10:09 PM
hi Guys, I am sorry for being so quiet. Am having major it issues here at work, on top of being really really tired today (no sleep in the weekend.. $&#%)#( mosquitos! I look like lumpy the lumpfish I tell you.. it's horrid!). Anyway tomorrow night I go away on vacation until the 21/2/05 so don't know if I'll be able to report in much over that period. However I promise a big email telling you all my news tomorrow!

Red - stop beating yourself up! You are only human. Grass has a good point about thinking long and hard about what you really want.
stay tuned more later...
Grass - you crave sweat foods? are they salty and watery at the same time? he he he (i know you meant sweet)..

CG - If I could I'd be your PA. Some days I reckon it would be the best job in the world to organise someone elses life!

02-06-2005, 10:21 PM
Heh NBK, yeah, I was thinking on the way in to work. Why not really enjoy my pigouts if I'm going to do them? I mean, if I don't enjoy them, that's a double slap in the face, isn't it?

little grasshopper
02-06-2005, 10:45 PM
I agree with you Red - you might as well enjoy every single freakin minute of it! You're eating it anyway right - don't leave any part of you left feeling deprived!!!!! I find I'm more able to stick to the program is I REALLY enjoy my cheats.

NBK - Can't wait to hear all this news????! Yes I love WATERY sweets! :) I hope you have a great vacation! We'll be here when you get back!! Have a blast!

I'm being like a kid tonight and trying to avoid going to bed. Don't ask why - just don't want to sleep but I'm sleepy! I need to give this childish fight up and get some sleep - 3:30 comes early and that seems to be my favorite hour to wake up lately.......:) Good night - NBK, REd, have a great day!

02-07-2005, 07:20 AM
Hi guys, I'm back home. Should be doing more work. Am writing emails instead, to a friend in Italy and now this. I thought about things today and I've decided to more or less give up the weight loss for now. I'm going to just try to have a little more fun in my life and if that involves doing nothing, eating all sorts of junk food, being a sloth or whatever, I'm going to do it. What I'm hoping is that this freedom will allow me to reconnect with the things I truly want, not the things I think I SHOULD be doing.

Like you Crime girl, I am going to try to really give myself more time to me, time where I don't think I should be doing all the things that need done. Yes, I know they will still be there for me to do and in less time because the deadlines are drawing nearer but if I don't take breathers in between then I'll just burn out, which really means you just lose all interest in life. That's actually where I think I am. I say I'm bored, but it's not because life is boring per se, it's more because I am too tired, mentally and emotionally to take pleasure in so much around me. I can do it when I have the time but I want to learn how to do it when I don't have the time.

Well, wish me luck. NBK, I'm waiting to hear more from you.
Crime girl, grasshopper, how are you? Where is everyone else?!! Come on you people, come and chat with us.

Crime girl
02-07-2005, 09:58 AM
How is everyone this morning? I just woke up and frankly it was not a good night of sleep. I am not sure if the changing weather is responsible but it is what I highly suspect. On top of that- my bf has made my house feel like we are living in an igloo on a frozen lake somewhere in Anartica. It is freaking cold in here.

Little grasshopper- I am envious of you living in NC. I bet it is beautiful up there. You are thinking about your garden eh? I use to do that when I lived in SC- we had a 2 acre garden full og veggies and such. It really spoils you so that grocery store produce doen't taste right. I still can't tomatos in FL because they taste nothing like a tomato should taste. :lol:

NBK- Where are you going on vacation? To Florida? To be my personal assistant? How nice! No, really- are you and bf going any place special? or are you going sans bf?
Either way- have a great time and we will miss you! :D

Red balloon- I know you are struggling and it this is what you think is best for you right now- more power to you. I am a firm believer that you first have to take care of you before anything else in life good can happen. I am just glad to see you not beating up yourself anymore.
As for the poem- I liked it very much. Sorry-I think I thought it and never typed it to you. I love poetry- and you picked a good one. I think poetry has a way of appealling to people that is more personal because it has to be interupted and really understood. In the process one can not help but bring in her life experiences and background into that interpretation. It makes poetry more personal and thus more powerful. Just my view. ;)

Jacque- I hope you are out there and still reading. Hop on and talk when you can- we miss you. I can understand if it takes time- you take all the time you need to get back into things- just know we are here and ready to talk whenever you feel like it.

Okay well happy people- I need to go. I still have the usual tons of school work and home work to do and not enough time to do it. 81 days until graduation and I have to get a job before then. Wish me luck everyone- I am going to need it!

Have a wonderful day everyone-

little grasshopper
02-07-2005, 10:29 AM
Good morning. I over slept a bit - Crime girl, I agree with you, the wierd weather is messing with my sleep too! I wake up ever single night at 3:30 and sometimes I get back to sleep, sometimes I don't.

Red - I hope you find the joy again very quickly!! Just so you can be happy :) :) I know what it's like to live life daily and not be happy. I was more depressed and frustrated than I even realized and it tainted my whole being! I gained weight, was a ***** to everyone and was so depressed I never went anywhere. Lost my confidence, lost myself even. If BF had met me then he'd have run the other way and I wouldn't have given him a second look. He's not "driven enough" for the person I was then. I'm SO much happier now!! Life is a journey - like it or not. I'm glad you're deciding to like it :)

Crime girl - 2 acres?????? My yard isn't that big! But I do have a nice size spot picked out. I'm growing squash, lettuce, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, herbs, anything I damn well please. I'm even ordering the organic seeds so they REALLY taste yummy!!!! I can honestly taste the difference now between organic and conventional has more burst to it! NC is beautiful!! I'm jealous of your florida though. I wish I could be closer to my family there but I have family here too...there everywhere :) I like the laid back feeling when I go to apalach. Of course, I'm on vacation when I go there - that might be why it feels to laid back :)

NBK - about this vacation? I hope you have a great time!!!

okay, off to the gym. I really REALLY don't want to go but I'm going anyway! I need to form the habit again. I'm just walking. I laid out too long to do weights today. I'll start the pain cycle if I do. But walking is enough :) Talk to everyone soon!

02-07-2005, 11:05 AM
Hi. I would like to join your thread, it seems like a good one. I don't have internet at my house, so I would only be able to post during the week.

If this is okay, please let me know.


Crime girl
02-07-2005, 11:14 AM
Welcome Shanberg!
Of course it is OK- we are happy to have you! Post when you can- we all have some restraints (school, work, etc) so we get on when we can.
Tell us about yourself- anything you want us to know. Also- at the beginning of this thread is what we try to do daily- we dont always follow it (mainly because I forget to remind everyone) but it is a guide all the same.
Glad you decided to join us!

02-07-2005, 12:12 PM
Thanks, Crimegirl!

I am 30 years old. I have been fighting my weight for as long as I remember. I have tried all the diets, fads, name it I've tried it. I finally realized they weren't working, so I started counting calories. This has worked the best for me. Unfortunately, I get bored with that really easy. I hate that I have to watch everything that I put in my mouth while everyone around me can eat anything and not gain a pound! It's gotten better with every pound I lose, but sometimes... :mad: :devil:

I work at a distributorship. We sell Budweiser products. I work with about 175 guys and 6 other women. It is a great job and I really enjoy it. I bought a house about two years ago, so I don't have a lot of money. I spend a lot of time at home, reading and watching tv. I exercise on a treadmill I maxed my credit card out to get (thought it would be a good motivator!).

I don't really know what else to tell you. I want to lose, but need some support. I read several of your threads and liked the chemistry and comraderie of your members. I think I will fit in with you all.

Feel free to ask me any questions.

I can't remember what you gals do on Mondays, but I think you list your goals? Well, my goal is to loose 10 lbs by my yearly physical (March 20). I would LOVE to loose more, but decided to make a goal of 10 to start. I also would like to make better selections when I eat out with friends.

Thanks again for letting me join. Hope to get to know everyone better soon!

Crime girl
02-07-2005, 12:36 PM
Thanks for letting us know a little about you.. :D
I am doing a similar program as you - I am counting calories and I feel your angst with others not having to measure every little things they eat. I also have friends I go out with that sway me from following my plan. Maybe you and I could challenge each other. I go out every Friday with the "girls" at work. Let's see which of us can make it the longest without blowing it by eating out. What do you think? Not sure if this is what you mean but I know I do fine until I start eating out with others- then it is no dice. I fall off the wagon and let it run over me again and again. Seriously gets me derailed.
If you can eat out and stay on plan- you can do that but we can look at which one makes it the longest without falling off the wagon. ;)

By looking at your progress so far it looks like you are off to a really great start!! Good for you ! :cp: Keep up the great work and you will meet your goal- no problem!

Okay for everyone- it is Monday so it is ways to stay motivated day. Where are the points that you fall off the wagon and abandon eating right? Is it the fact you are always running out the door? Temptations by other people? Eat when you are bored or upset? What gets you off track?

Also- I am going to start trying to do the question of the day again...
Question of the Day:
If you could travel anywhere in the world for 1 month and be able to come back to your life as it is without losing your job, bf, husband, etc. where would you go and why? Money is no object here..

02-07-2005, 02:39 PM
Crime girl-
Thanks for the offer of a challenge. I would love to except, only I know I'd fail. I eat out with my mom once a week. It is the only time we have together where we are alone and can enjoy ourselves. Plus, sometimes, my drivers ask me to go eat with them. Its a great way to create a familiar working environment.

What I need is to control my ordering. Let me give you an example. Here, in North Georgia, we have the best Mexican Restaurants. My favorite is called EL Sombrero. I love their chicken fajita nachos. You can order a full order or a half order. Everytime I go there, I am thinking I will get the half order. The amount is perfect. My stomach has shrunk, so I can eat less, but still feel full. In I go, I open my mouth, all intent on ordering a half order, but out pops "full order, please." No idea why! Then, when I get the food, I feel obliged to eat all of it. I get full, but I hate to waste and its not a food that keeps well over night. I know I will be fine with a half order, but I can't seem to get my the mind in my stomach to believe me! That is my problem!

My stresses for making me fall of plan are stress. I am a stress eater. I usually can fill up eating fruit, but sometimes I just want chocolate! I also want to eat when I am bored. When this happens, I immediately find something to do. If all else fails, I brush my teeth.

Question of the day:
I would love to visit Egypt. I have always had a fascination with Egyptology. I would like to go to the pyramids, Geza, all the hot spots. Ride a camel, join a archeology dig. That sort of stuff.

02-07-2005, 04:09 PM
Good Morning! Welcome Shanberg! It's nice to have new people join the thread (after all I was a newbie not so long ago!) I am doing a "make healthier choices and be more active" type plan. I tend to get obsessive about food if I count calories or restrict anything. And I totally understand about having to finish food even if you don't feel like it!

First things first now:
News: Friday night I flagged doing the gym as it was too freaking hot and humid and I was still feeling tired from drinking the night before... so bad Tifftiff...Anyway Saturday we got up early, and drove out to a nearby beach township to buy lotto tickets. While we were at the shop, BF noticed the pies (meat) he is always going on about were still in the warmer! Now we've been going out there for months trying to get one for lunch but they are always sold out. So we got one each for breakfast (healthy I know..) I got a V8 to drink also..anyway the pies were mince and cheese. The first couple of bites were heaven. It had the right mix of pastry and meat, gravy and cheese.. but then my body started rebelling and I felt like crap... I felt so bad not enjoying this food that BF loves..but he was so kind and said "don't feel you have to finish it" now this might not sound like much, but my ex had been known to basically force me to sit at the table until I finished my half of our dinner or what ever it was that we were eating. It was like a real weight was off my shoulders! It's great. Now I don't feel guilty if he shouts dinner and I can't eat it all. I think this might help me get back off the maintaining plateau and onto the losing slope! Anyway it was another stinking hot day, so he went for a surf and I actually washed my car! he he.. we don't have a yard so I have to do it on the footpath outside my house (which is about 2.8m (9ft) wide). I was wearing my short denim skirt and a bikini top, cos I figured I may as well get a tan while I endured this most horrible of chores.. anyway I was washing away and I GOT WOLF WHISTLED AT!!! BY TEENAGE BOYS!!!! There is a boys high school just up the road from my house and they have boarders. Anyway some of them were walking down my street on the way to town and called out to me! It was awesome. So this is the thing. I have never been whistled at before in my life. Except by drunk people and that doesn't count. It was cool. And they weren't being sarcastic either. he he.. anyway the rest of the day was spent hiding from the heat, going for a sunbed so I have a better tan for australia, and getting my hair cut.
Sunday we went swimming in the river and it was sooo nice and warm. There's a bit where it meets the sea and we would swim across the river, run over the hot black sand jump in the sea, body surf a wave in and then run back.. I am sure that counts as interval training??

Ok.. so my vacation is with BF. We are going back to broadbeach on the gold coast of australia (queensland). We were there in november/december last year for 6 days and loved it.. and the shopping so back we go! he he. We actually booked it when we were in the middle of what looked to be the coldest, wettest summer on record. Of course now that's all changed. but still. Then we fly back into my home town and go to the VELVET REVOLVER concert.. he he and I believe we are staying at the same hotel as the band! (welll the only 5 star hotel big enough to accomodate everyone).. of course BF is not too impressed about that as he is convinced that I would run off with Scott Weiland if I got the chance, and I can't completely say I wouldn't LOL!!!
ANyway I'll be back on friday next week.

ok now to people
Red - good plan. I think it is a really smart thing you are going to be doing. I hope it means that you'll still find time for us? You're a really awesome person to talk to and hear your take on life! I'd miss you ALOT. Now back to your plan. I can honestly say for me that my biggest weight loss (i know i haven't lost heaps but) I lost the most the 3 months I finally started doing things for fun and not being a stress merchant about food and exercise and everything else. It was like when I stopped trying, things actually happen, a bit like on your horse.. you know one day you give up on teaching them something, and 2 weeks later apply the aids almost by accident and bam you get a perfect leg yeild!

CG - I would love to come to florida and help you out! It's actually on my list of places in the states to visit (along with NOLA, Indiana, Chi-town, San Fran, Seattle and NYC)How's your special time with Maya coming along?

Grass - I hear you on the sleep thing. Last night it was actually cold enough to sleep but my body just wouldn't, out of habit! he he..Good on you for going to the gym! woo hoo.. you'll get back into being a weights junky in no time!

Ok QOD: Spain and Portugal. I went to barcelona for a weekend a year adn a bit ago and totally loved it. I really need to spend more time there. It's a pretty special place to my father too. Also I know I have spanish/portuguese blood in me somewhere, and anywhere you can get dinner at midnight without people thinking you are a freak or being at denny's is awesome! hmmm tapas...

Well if you made it through all this, you're a legend! I'll check in before I leave, but otherwise have a great two weeks guys! I'm going to miss you all!!

little grasshopper
02-07-2005, 04:14 PM
Hi shannon - you've lost some weight girl! Good for you!! Welcome aboard!! This is a great group :) can't wait to learn more about you and to see you hit that physical exam goal!!

Crime girl - it's 65 outside today and PERFECT! I have changed my idea of what to do outside 3 times now but so far they all involve being outside. Used my juicer today - you SHOULD be jealous!!! I had mixed greens, with a pear and it was YUMMY!!! And I don't mean - "my taste buds are wierd now so I like yucky stuff" I mean YUMMY! Very sweet - even the greens were sweet - tomorrow I'm usuing 1/2 a pear.

okay, what's making me fall of the wagon?? I eat out and make good choices - it's impossible for me to eat out without cheating at all because of all the food sensitivities...i'm sensitive to just about everything they I make the best choices I can make all things considered...but then I get this mind set of "while I'm cheating, why don't I have 'this' too...." I ate chocolate bars, yes bars and not bar, yesterday because of this. I'm not kicking myself too hard because I did enjoy every single stinking bite of it but I'm not dieing for one today either. I'm okay today. That's HUGE improvement!!! Anyway, having small cheats steam roll into big ones is my biggest problem right now.

Where would I go?? I don't even have to think, Tuscany. I would explore every inch of it. From the food, to the Romans to the Estruscans....I would learn as much as I can and enjoy the heck out of it!!

And bring home tons of wine, olive oil and any other yummy foods :)

Crime girl
02-07-2005, 04:57 PM
Hi again-

Shanberg- fair enough- I can see where it would be difficult to try to do a challenge. I just need something to motivate me not to go overboard when I eat out. I do the same thing as you- plan the smart choice and then get there and over order. Don't know what compels me.
Like little said though- you have lost some weight! WOO HOO! Keep it up!
I am also a stress eater by the way- and unfortunately I stay under stress- I am in school and work so there is little time for fun most the time.

NBK- have a great vacation! I love hearing about your adventures with your bf. He sounds like a great guy! I am glad he is supporting you in your effort to lose weight and not giving you a hard time about eating. I have a similar scenrio with my bf- we live together and when he cooks I feel obligated to eat to keep from hurting his feelings. I have started cooking more because I need to be able to eat what we prepare together and there is less pressure on me.
Have a wonderful time in Australia and try not to attack Scott at the concert.
By the way- congrats on the cat calls from boys- that has got to feel good!
Also- Maya and I are getting along great! I really love that program and I have order Dance Dance Revolution for some extra exercise. Can't wait until it gets here.

Little- I really have juicer envy now! I use to live with a girl who owned a restaraunt grade one (she was a chef) and MAN did I like to juice. You do know that you need to drink the juice immediately to get full benefits right? She would make us carrot and apple juice in the morning and I was addicted to it. You can really feel the kick when you drink fresh juice.
I feel you with the small cheats adding up to more cheats until it snowballs. If I fall off my program or eat something wrong I totally lose it. Wish I could stop doing that!

As for me-
I have a variety of problems staying on track- being busy and running all the time from work to school etc. is a big part of that. I also stress eat and choose foods that are horrible for me. It is like I think at the time that I deserve something good to eat because I stay so busy and my life is hectic. I think this is an offshoot from childhood and my mom's desire to sooth our bad days and stress with food. My mom would say, " A good hearty meal will do you some good." I need to exchange food for exercise.

I would go to England and Scotland if I could go anywhere. I have never been to anywhere in Europe.

Okay need to get back to reading..
Red- are you around??? I hope that you will still get on and talk with us- we would miss you too much if you didn't.

02-07-2005, 04:58 PM
Little Grasshopper - Thanks for the welcome! Most of the weight I lost was lost at the beginning of last year. I have been yo-yoing the same 10 lbs FOREVER! I finally got them off and kept them off. Now, if I could just drop below the 260 mark!

I also fall under the spell of, well, I cheated and ate this, so eating this won't make it any worse! Its like a vicious eating cycle!

Tuscany sounds great! I love cities/countries that are rich in history!

NBK - Congratulations on the whistling! I have no yet managed that feat (with the exception of drunks, which, like you, I do not count ;) ) And, your BF sounds great. I like a man that thinks of me and how I am feeling (or might be feeling)!

I have an Aunt and Uncle that live in Australia! It is very beautiful country. And the people are super nice. Have a great time!

02-07-2005, 05:11 PM
Guys, I am still here. Crime girl, I am looking for my morning horoscope! No, really, if you want to lump it, go ahead. But I would miss them. I enjoy them a lot. Gives me something creative to enjoy every day.

I will still be here. Don't get me wrong. It's a mind thing with me totally. I just can't feel the pressure, that's all, not from any of you, but from myself and my environment. It's actually very little about the food that makes me eat junk and drink beer. It's everything about how I feel about my life and A LOT of that is because I take on the feelings of everyone around me and belive me! the atmosphere is downright poison at the office. Really, really bad! Actually, I'm starting to see how this feeling that I've been thinking is ME is not at all me, but a result of the office. I am going to try to stay and just distance myself, in other words, FIND myself again, from the others.

Crime girl
02-07-2005, 05:16 PM
Red's Horoscope for the day:

There's a lot going on in your life and the best you can do is to try to keep up with all the action. You prefer it this way, but you'd rather not have the emotional drama that seems to come along with the heightened activity. Being kind to others, even if you are angry at them, will bring you closer to your dreams.

02-07-2005, 05:31 PM
Crime girl, you absolute sweetie!! :sunny: Thank you for the horoscope. I love it. I edited my last post, well, just added to it because I didn't think anyone was around.

Funny you should say that about being kind. I normally swing between both, a lot of kindness and a lot of cynicism (these days, normally I hate cynicism, that's why I say this is NOT me.) The reason I say, it's funny you should say this is because I'll tell you a gross little story that happened at work.

The place has been falling apart for a long time now. It's not cleaned, there are no longer paper towels. We basically have been buying our own stuff and/or just making snide comments about the filth (not that it really bothers me seeing the state of my room!). Anyhow, there is this guy who comes around every day to collect the garbage from all the little cans in the office. He uses the same giant plastic bag and picks through each and every bit of garbage, separating the burnable from the non-burnable. Now, I think he's something of a flake to be doing this, or just really conscientious about his work. Anyhow, the problem is that he reuses the same big bag all the time and it reeks! It is SOO gross. No one says anything. They thought it was him. Now, I have a nose like a bloodhound so I deduced that it was the bag not him and last year I asked him if he could do something it. I wasn't that nice about it, more like, "This bag stinks! It is so gross. Can't you do something?" And he changed it but slowly the same thing is happening and now the bag is stinking again. And people were commenting on it, saying he smelled like a homeless person and one guy is sitting there like a child holding his nose. I said, "tell him if it's bothering you so much." But of course he didn't. So this time, instead of lighting into him, I very nicely told him it was started to give off a bad odor. I asked if the company perhaps was forcing him to reuse the bags, being so stingy. He said no, he just didn't realize it smelled and he was glad when someone told him and he would change it. So, there, problem solved. All very nicely. Now, of course, the guy obviously has problems. He should just be changing the bag more often but then again maybe he really doesn't smell it. Now, he is probably going to like me and hang around my desk longer each day hoping I will talk to him. No one ever talks to him.

So, what I was trying to say was that I was really nice when normally I would have let the insanity of this situation make me go, "this disgusting office!" and then I would use that tone of voice to tell this poor guy to "change the friggin' bag!!"

shanberg -- Welcome aboard!! :wave: I will write later. Must run now. It's early Tuesday here.

02-07-2005, 08:14 PM
LGH- Tuscany would be my second choice.. I got a really good books on castles in the region for christmas from my BF. Of course now I am pestering him to take me their (well if he's not going to buy a house with his savings, he can spend them on me! Lol).
You juicer sounds great! I like wheatgrass juice *i used to eat grass when I was a small child* It's meant to be really good for you. the only pain is that you need like half a lawn to get a shot! but keep on with it! It's great that you can get a yummy treat food that won't have your nervers jangling for the rest of the day.

CG- What about distorting your mum's saying to a "a good heart friendly meal will do you some good?" still the same sentiment, the same words almost.. just a whole lot better for you!! actually for both of you.. just think how much HOTTER you are going to be when you are at GW - because of your happiness and confidence and that should melt the snowball and stop it in its' tracks! Now if only i could use my own advice lol. Good on you for getting DDrevolution.. i wish I was co-ordinated enough to even contemplate attempting something like that! hmmm oh yeah I can't dance..until I am drunk and then I think I can "porn dance" really well ! HA HA HA HA. Good luck with all the school stuff.

Stormy - where are you? I hope things are ok with you and you have your car back? I remember you were talking about keeping OT with eating while driving. I think if you got a chilli-bin (eskie/cooler) and filled it with carrot sticks and pita bread chips (cut pita pockets in half thickness wise and then cut to look like nachos, sprinkle with salt free flavouring and bake until crisp) and maybe some hummus or lf cottage cheese.. and also lots of bottled water you should be alright. I know i am chronic for munching while driving on road trips.. I also go for sugar free juby lollies, like snakes (starburst type stuff) or wine gums.

Red - what a nice thing you did - I know what you mean about being scared of that guy now wanting to talk to you more, but just think, at the end of the day, it might only be 2-3 mins of being a little uncomfortable for you, but it makes his entire day to have a friend and someone who treats him like a valuable human being! It's really sweet that you helped him the way you did. I know what you mean tho about being frustrated that other people don't say/do anything. I am constantly putting myself forward for all sorts of stuff, purely cos I get really really frustrated waiting for others to do things or volunteer. I'm pleased you're going to hang around with us still too!

As for the beer thing.. why not suggest you go to a really weird, different type of bar or a cocktail place - it might shake everyone out of their ***** and moan type behaviour. Perhaps try to get the others to play challenges (go buy a stranger a drink and find out 3 weird things about them like " who was your favourite smurf/power-ranger" or even harder, have 3 questions you have to ask in a row once conversation is started and make them up as a group... or you could just try to see how many randoms you can get to sing karoake with your group or dance with you... ) I don't know, sometimes encouraging people to revert to more childish behaviour can really bring them out of their shell and help them see their problems in new light, without realising it. Also it would help to break the drink & ***** association they probably have right now...

Shannon- cool that you have family down under! I am so stoked all the people on this thread have actually heard of australia and know a little bit about it.. good luck with your goal for the physical. I think it's a really good way to look at things! You can and you will achieve it!!

Well I'm out now, for my vacation, if I get near a cyber caf I'll check in
Ka Kite Ano
See you later!
Au revoir
take care ladies
I'll be back

little grasshopper
02-07-2005, 09:43 PM
NBK - have a great vacation! We can't wait to hear about it. If you get to see "the bo jenkins band" that's my father :) He tours Australia and plays summer festivals and stuff. His music is a mix between blues and rock. Small world, huh.....anyway, have a great vacation!

I am watching I spy with the BF so I'd better get back to it!

02-07-2005, 10:53 PM
Hi! I have been very busy with school and work so I have not been able to check in as often.

NBK, you lucky girl. Have a great time on your vacation. I cracked up when I read your whistling teenage boy story. You must be looking great!

LGH, you got a haircut? How short? See what I miss when I go to school. My hair is long, brown and curly. I have thought about cutting it but I do not have the guts to. When I do it I will donate my hair to Locks of Love. Congrats on your 20+ pound weight loss. You have done so well despite your limited diet.

CG-I got my car back Thursday. It has been in the shop here in Nashville. I flew b/c I already had it booked. I will fly again next time b/c I had booked it several weeks ago. I will start driving again after that. How is school going?

Red, I hope you are doing well. How long have you been a vegetarian? How is working out coming along?

Shan, welcome to the group. There are some great people on here.

As far as travel, I would love to go to Australia. I love to dive and this is the place to do it.

My biggest obstacle is school. I am so busy all of the time. It is hard to juggle everything and still eat right.

I got back on track today and worked out for an hour and ate well.

02-08-2005, 05:58 AM
Hi guys. I'm sitting here typing emails when I should be working, should be, should be, should be. . YUCK! This is what I am NOT doing anymore. That was just habit. I am enjoying goofing off. I would really like to have a beer or two but I may have to meet someone late tonight. Don't know yet. He's in some meeting and said he'd call when he knew. Some Irish guy just down from the northern island and only in Tokyo for a couple days. Wants to talk business. Hmm. Could be interesting. Could be nothing.

I've been goofing off all day long and it feels good. In fact, I actually want to go to the gym or do some exercise. You see, this is it. I've just be so burned out by work. I normally, when I'm allowed to be me, meaning not forced to work all the time, am OK and love to exercise. Oh well, I have to make money. These low cost ways that I don't like though are a real pain. They are what are robbing me of my joy. But I must do them until I find something better.

But, another thing, other than the work issue, is that I've been thinking how I have still been feeling bad for being me, you know, like why do I care, why do I want to do what I like, etc. etc. And I'm thinking, to **** with everyone. I will do as I damn well please. It's a great feeling. I'm getting pretty sick of the silent criticisms, the voiced criticisms, the slackers telling ME what is wrong with me. No more!! This is part of claiming myself again. I really like it. I felt good riding today. I was really assertive riding but fairly and very sweet and understanding with my horse when we weren't "working." She did great. This is what she likes. She wants a very strong yet very kind person. She needs to respect her rider or it's "me no can do!" time. I think my teacher liked it. She seemed to stay in a good mood and not get whiny as she does when I'm not being assertive. She didn't once have to tell me to ask more from the horse today, not once! She was probably quite surprised.

Crime girl -- Yes, as I said above, I have had it with the self-criticism. Either I want to do it or I don't want to do it. Once I say I will that's it I will. If I don't want to I won't, period. Let's see how long I can keep this up. I have a good feeling about it. AND, the moon is nearly new, the perfect time to caste all unwanted things from our lives, bring in the new and grow with it!! Lunatic, they're all saying, Friggin' lunatic. . . .

grasshopper -- Thanks for your encouragement. Wow, sorry to hear you went through some rough times. But, it sounds like you came out on top! You're right, although I always talk about "the process" being important to getting somewhere maybe I wasn't thinking in general enough terms. Hear you on the boyfriend. I don't think I'd want a boyfriend whose lifestyle would be like mine, which means if he was that different, not that I wouldn't like him but that I wouldn't have any time for him. I like to be active but I want active times and real down times, like. . vacations! I don't know the word anymore. Can't afford it with the way my income (and expenses) go. But for now, this is the way it'll have to be. Any alternatives I SEE now are not acceptable! and that includes the men! So, did you get to the gym?

OK, I'm posting this and will continue later if I can. . .shanberg, stormy, nbk guess you're off, I'll catch up to you later! :wave:

02-08-2005, 10:06 AM
Morning all. Hope everyone had a great afternoon yesterday.

Redballoon - Sorry about your work environment! I've never had a job where the basics weren't provided, but I definately know about irritating co-workers. I used to be a manager at Wal-Mart. I had to deal with whiney employees and rude customers. Even got spit on once! The people I work with now are mental in a completely different way. There are six ladies that work in the admin dept. and are split into human resources and data processing. The ladies in hr are all hypocondriacs! I swear! If one gets sick, the other two mysteriously get it--only worse! The funniest thing I ever saw was when one of them got a kidney infection and the receptionist said she got it from using the bathroom after the first!!! Totally psycho! Not on the same level as you, Red, but I thought it might help you to know that others suffer from co-worker-itis as well.

As for the rude, snippiness of your co-workers, I wish I had some great advice to give you. I think you are doing the right thing in deciding to not let them get to you anymore. Take control of your feelings and just let them do what they want. I always get really upset with myself when I allow others to make me feel bad or upset. Eleanor Roosevelt said "Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission." Something I learned from working at Wal-Mart, if you really, really want to get to someone that is rude, just smile and be as nice as possible. Customers that were rude always seemed to want confrontation for some reason. I'd just smile and say I'd take care of whatever thier problem was. It not only confused them, but it made them feel stupid and embarrassed for acting like a donkey's behind! You might try that!!

Stormy - Thanks for the welcome. I look forward to getting to know you better.

Everyone else, I'll check back in later and post.

Crime girl
02-08-2005, 10:46 AM
How is everyone today?? It is a bright and beautiful day in Florida - OK who I am kidding- it is 53 degrees outside here and it is STILL not cold enough for me. I woke up with the headache from ****, and I am not fully prepared for the class I have at 1pm. Okay that is better.

Red- I dont think any of us think you are looney! I can tell you are going through a rough time and I am glad you are finding your way. Every now and then we need to take stock of our lives and see what is what. I know the work situation is never pleasant for you to look at and for that I am truly sorry. As for the weight situation- I think you are being smart. You probably do need to step back and let it rest for the moment. Good for you! Only you know what you need. We certainly can't tell you that, the people at work have no clue, and it you that you need to trust in that area. :D

Good job with the horse- what is her name by the way?? When you talk about a meeting later do you mean a business thing? This guy might give you some work? And speaking of work-I am glad you were kind to that guy. It sounds like he needs some kindness in his life. I am also like you -I hate when people won't step up and do something. It seems like as a society (esp. in the US) we have become lazy. People are content to pull the line and let someone else clean up the messes. We have become the "me" generation. Me first in line,me first on the road, me me me. I hate that. A little kindness and compassion go a long way. I have to admit though- I struggle with this and probably wouldn't have been nice about it because that is just too damn nasty! So good for you- :cp:

As for the horoscope- I love doing them. Anything creative is fun and I am glad you like them. Todays horoscope is what got me to get out of bed with this horrible headache- First thought this morning- need to post Red's horoscope. ;)

Red's horoscope of the day:

Your take charge view of life will lead you down the right paths today. You are strong in body and spirit. Maintain your compassion and humanity in your quest for greatness. Today will allow you a forum to express yourself in nonverbal ways.

Shanberg- how are you today? You and I have a lot in common. I use to be the manager at a Borders, Barnes and Noble, and a Books a Million. I know what you mean about dealing with people. A lot of them are looking for a fight and when you come out all nice and willing to help they don't know what to do with themselves. Nobody to vent with. :lol: I really use to get frustrated with those customers that came in already mad- what am I suppose to do with that? I can't help you that you are having a bad day. Nothing ever pleased those people. I finally would have to ask- What will make you happy? That really throws a person too.
I see you are from North Georgia. My parents just moved up to McCaysville about a year ago and retired up there. How far is that from you? My entire family lives in Georgia (aunts and uncles and such). Also- you might find this funny- my entire family was born in Atlanta. My parents lived in Oklahoma when I was born but my mother came to Atlanta to have me because it is tradition in my family. My brother,mom, all my aunts and uncles, cousins, etc. all born in Atlanta. Even if they lived far away at the time- like salmon they came home to have their babies. :lol:

stormy- school sucks! I am so burned out that I can hardly stand myself. I have to force myself to study and on top of everything I get the added pressure of trying to find a damn job! So- aren't I merry sunshine, right? How about you? How are things going? I am SO glad you got your car back and now you can drive. It will make things so much better and more controlled for you. :D

NBK- I am sure you are already gone but just in case- Have A Great Holiday!!!! :hat: :flow1: :dance: :hyper:

Okay happy people- today is Tuesday so it is a support day and a day we talk about why we want to lose weight or get healthy. Let's hear it ladies! What is the point of getting thin? What kind of benefits do we get from exercise and eating right that aren't weight loss ones??

Question of the day:
If someone gave you 10 million dollars to distribute to charities and causes - who would you give the money to and why?

Have a wonderful day everyone! I will be around but in and out of school all day! :D

02-08-2005, 03:49 PM
What would I do with 10 million dollars? I would give some to the domestic violence center here in my county-they have a small house and I know they could use the money for more space and better services. Some to the missions and churches in Atlanta that help the homeless. Georgia has a huge problem with homeless and most of them are displaced families that have part time or low income jobs, but still can't afford rent. Some to the Habitat for Humanity in Georgia. This is a big deal around here. They do a good job, but they always need money and help. The rest, I'd put in an interest bearing account. In December, I'd use the interest to buy Christmas presents for needy boys and girls. I am sure there are a lot of other charities that could use the money, but I feel Christmas is the hardest for low-income families. I might even use it to open a store and sell items to needy families at rediculously low cost. That way, I'd help them be able to give their children presents and still maintain their self-esteem.

My motivation for losing weight? I bought a new car in 2001 (brand new-never been able to do that before!). I noticed I got a lot more looks from men when I was driving around. But, when I'd get out of the car, the looks would disappear. It might just be me, but I feel like it was because I had all this extra weight. I'd like to have those expressions last longer. I'd like to be whistled at (like NBK ;) ). I'd like to be able to walk for long periods of time without my knees starting to hurt. I went to Carrowins for the 4th two years ago and couldn't ride one of the rides. It was one of those that have the bar come down over your chest. It wouldn't close over my boobs! I was very embarassed. After that, I was afraid to even try to get on any other rides. I'd like to go back and ride that ride! And, the most important, I'd like to go to a doctor and NOT discuss my weight! Just once! I love my doctors. They are great, don't get me wrong, but both of them (I have knee problems, so I have to go to the Orthopedic alot) have suggested I get that bypass surgery. I did a lot research on that. I'm sorry, but the thought of someone rearranging my insides just didn't appeal to me. Plus, you have to still change your eating or the surgery was for nothing. I believe I can do it without the surgery and I plan on proving that!

Crime Girl - You are right, we do seem to have a lot in common! Isn't working with the public fun!? I worked at Wal-Mart while I was in college. I did everything under the ceiling there! After I graduated, they made me a manager. I hated it. I decided to find something else and here I am.

I am not sure where McCaysville is, so it must be below Atlanta. I am at the very northeast corner of the state, in Habersham County. I loved your story about being born in Atlanta to continue your tradition!

Hang in there with school. You don't have much longer to go. Towards the end, time will start to speed up and you'll start to wonder where all your time went and how come everything is due, but you are so far behind! Then, you'll get your diploma and all will be right with the world again! As for the job hunt, good luck! You might try a temp agency if all else fails!

Stormy - I can't believe you drive so far to go to school! You are definately dedicated! I'd be going out of my mind! I hate to drive! Plus, I get motion sickness like you would not believe. I remember how hectic and exhausting college can be. Hang in there-trust me, its worth it!

Redballoon - What kind of work do you do? Are you originally from Tokyo or did you move there? I think it is totally cool that you live over there! I have lived in Georgia my whole life!

Hope you are having better times with your co-workers. Don't let them discourage you. Take the time to find yourself. Once you locate yourself, you'll be able to jump back on the weightloss band wagon again. You might even be so reguvenated you'll drop weight without a lot of effort!

Little Grasshopper - Hope you are having a good day. You have lost some weight yourself, I see. Keep up the good work! Isn't it great when the scale finally moves? Sometimes, during the week, I wonder if all the effort I have to put into watching what I eat and drink is worth it...then, on Monday, I get on the scale and it moves down a pound or two! That is what makes it all worth while!

Hope I didn't leave anyone out (except for NBK, who is in Australia!). Is it possible to post too much? I am so excited to have people to talk to that are going through what I am! Everytime my messenger tings I have mail, I jump on it like a flea on a hound (remember, I am from Georgia :D )! If I post too much, let me know and I'll try to cut back on it a bit!

Will check back in before I leave for the day! Later!

PS.. Can you tell purple is my favorite color?

little grasshopper
02-08-2005, 04:41 PM
Hi guys! Early day out of the office for me today. Light week. It's beautiful outside though so I've decided to walk to the grocery store today. I've also been parking WAY away from everywhere I've gone - trying to trick myself into getting more exercise. Took pilates class today. Different teacher. She SUCKED! Sorry, I know that's a bit more rude than I normally am but dead people could do this class!!! I left after 30 minutes of it because I was getting ticked off. There is another class tonight so I'm going to go to it. Still want my ab workout. :) Juicer is YUMMY!!! Today I had cellery, cabbage, cucumber, and pear and it tasted really good - oh and squash too. I'm surprised how good fresh juice tastes! Very sweet and very bright colors too.

Crime girl - I know you MUST be burnt out. I felt like my head was totally fried!!! I was actually fighting with one teacher by the end of school. I've seen her since the program and she acts scared of me. I want so bad to go up and apologize to her but she was a horrible teacher and was doing stuff that was so unfair to my entire class and I'd had enough - so I haven't talked to her yet....not over it I guess. I slept for weeks after finals too! Youre almost there though - you'll make it!!!

Shannon - I like your charity ideas. And you're reasons for losing too. Keep plugging away and those looks will be lasting longer each month!!!

Who would I give money too...I would give to the make a wish foundation, the Victory junction gang, and the lance Armstrong Foundation. I've watched him since before his cancer and I'm really moved by the foundation he set up for survivorship - how to live life AFTER cancer. The victory junction gang is a summer camp for kids with serious illnesses. We have a new one in NC and my kiwanis club donates time and money to them. There is also a safe child program here that I would donate money to. They teach abusive parents how to parent without the abuse and they give support groups for parents and children. They are very active in our community and do a great job at reteaching parents and keeping families together and more healthy.

Why do I want to lose weight. I feel like I lost "me" when I gained weight. Like I let "me" slip away. Like I was inside this bag of fat that was hanging on me and making everything I do harder to do. I want to be that long, lean person we all hate but I'll settle for the one we'd all like to be :) :) I want to ride 100 mile rides on my road bike again and get up the next day to mountain bike! I can't do that at this weight. (course, if I tried, I wouldn't be at this weight for so long :) )

okay, need to start walking before I chicken out. It's a long ways :) I can do it though :) :)

02-08-2005, 07:51 PM
GH, I hope you got you walk and workout in. I know what you mean about teachers who are suck. Unfortunately there are some out there.

CG, hope your school day went well. At least your schooling is almost over.

Shan, I like all of your reasons for losing weight. They are all good ones. The mosst important is doing it for you health. You can do it!

Red, did you get to go and workout? I hope so. I am glad that you were pleased with your riding. Take pride in that. I hope that things at work start to improve for you. It seems that it has been rough on you these last couple of months.

02-08-2005, 09:55 PM
With the money, I would do several things. I would donate several million to the Nashville Rescue Mission. It is a place for the homeless that is run strictly through donations. They provide shelter and meals. I would also donate several million to build an additional kids wing to our church where kids can hang out during the week. I would also open a huge place, like a farm, for animals who were in line to be euthenized. I guess it would be like a rescue place for animals. I would also donate mony to St Judes for the kiddos with cancer. Kids and animals are in my heart.

little grasshopper
02-08-2005, 10:35 PM
Hi guys. I've actually made it through a night without eating rice cookies or rice icecream! I should get an award for this......I bet there's not one though. :( I want a cookie SO BAD I can taste it!!!

Had grilled salmon, steamed squash and something else for dinner...oh black olives. It was yummy but I'd trade it for a cookie :)

02-08-2005, 10:38 PM
Hi guys. It's already nearing noon here and I am in **** again. Whoops, guess I should watch my language, it being the first day of Lent and all. Not that I'm a religious type, but the scars of a Catholic upbringing stay with us for life! (just kidding, more respectfully religious types!) Actually, I am thinking of giving up something for Lent so I better be careful with what I put in my mouth now before I decide. Oh God. . there I go again. . .I am in pain from another night out on the town. Ah well, the talk was just too exciting last night, though now, in the light of day I am ready to crawl back into my shell. More on that later.

Just wanted to say hi and thanks for the horoscope Crime girl and wow, you all have been posting machines again! I will definitely try to catch up later. Shanberg, I absolutely love reading your long posts. Please, please write as much as you please! Your sweetness comes through loud and clear and it is wonderful. I want you to lose this weight so much and yes, please do it in a healthy way. I think bypass should only be done in an absolute, absolute last-chance situation, like if someone is going to die very soon if they don't get some weight off. I wouldn't even have said that earlier because I was so against it, but people on this forum have opened my eyes to these life-or-death situations. Shan, I am a tried and true Yank, originally from Pittsburgh, but I've now lived out of the States longer than I've lived in it. Still, I love the U.S. I love Americans. I am an unofficial ambassador for all that is good about the country and I am deeply saddened by things that are happening to our country these days. Being out of a country often allows you to see so much more of what is being perpetrated by the government and big business outside and why there is so much legitimate anti-American sentiment. It is so sad. I have lived in many very diverse cultures and people are people the world around. But they can do horrible things when they are stirred by fear and propaganda. It is so sad when hate takes over and innocent people fall victim to it. Ok, better stop.

Ugh, but feeling a bit better. Will write more later.

02-08-2005, 11:10 PM
Little Grasshopper, There IS an award!!! I just researched it.

Normally it's only given for bravery and leadership in the military but I just rang the Emp on his mobile and he said, most definitely, that for you to have looked the rice cookies AND the rice ice cream in the eye and NOT succumbed demonstrates bravery of the HIGHEST degree. He was incredulous, said he had heard it has NEVER been done before, that even some of the bravest samurai in history had been known to become weak-kneed before one of those two alone. He thought I should maybe not tell you (but I am) that the Japanese military used to use it as tactic to get prisoners to talk, that the mere mention of it would cause them to spill all, rather than face the two, be reduced to whimpering heaps, lose all face and have to commit ritual suicide to reclaim their honor. In recognition of your achievement, his Imperial Highness asked me to please tell you that he is making an exception and awarding you, the first civilian, the --


:cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp:

Wow, grass, just think of that! The award was banned by General MacArthur during the Occupation but the Emperor, or Emp-chan as I affectionately call him, wanted to bring it back just for you! I am so jealous!! :o

Here is a picture of the medal. The kite, by the way, is the bird, like a hawk. the second photo is a closeup of the bird on a much lower class Golden Kite than yours grass, the seventh class.

Crime girl
02-09-2005, 12:34 AM
Wow- busy people. I am so happy to be home and have some good banter to read. I think my favorite part of everyone's posts are all the wonderful things you would do for people given the resources to do so. It was touching! In a world I fear is getting too egoisitic it helps to read some kindness now and then. :D

Red- OH MY GOD!!! I am laughing SO damn hard right now!!! I needed that- so thanks. An award....actual pic...oh..(trying to catch breath)..e....f.....(can't breathe)....... :lol3: :rofl:
You are a riot sometimes. All I want to know is if I have missed the parade and coronation ceremony?? Wow- turn your back for a moment.

Glad you are still liking the writing them! Glad you had some fun out even if it does cause you some pain now. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. Try a "hair of the dog" remedy and kick one back at work. :lol:

little grasshopper- all joking aside- good job fighting temptation and winning. :angel: You really nailed it on the head for me when you talked about losing weight- I look in the mirror and can't figure out when this strange girl looking back at me ate the old me. Man- she must have been hungry because look at her size. Where is the old me in there??

Shanberg-You go girl!! Post all you want. Consider us an "all you can post" forum buffet with no calories. I love the enthuasim and some new blood does us some good. Shakes things up a bit and gets us remotivated to lose.
McCaysville is on the NW side of Georgia- near Blue Ridge if you know where that is. ALmost on the border but not quite. My parents love it up there and it is funny you mentioned Habitat for Humanity because my dad is really involved with them now. He is a construction chief and has earned a gold hammer (not sure what this signifies). I think I should give them a gold hammer because they saved my dad in retirement. He is type A like me and would have had a hard time in retirement without something to look forward to working on everyday. They did me a big favor by getting him involved. He is loving every minute of it.

Stormy-Thanks for the advice on PM for my brother. Also thanks for the kind words. It is nice to hear now and then that I can do this. Sometimes school really drags me down- I know you must know how I feel. I am always so busy and so stressed that now and then I want to say to **** with it all. Last semester though- so I expect to feel this way to an extent.

One last thing I wanted to mention to everyone. Tonight my bf and I started a challenge to see who can lose the most weight. We set up some rules to follow and their is a notebook on the dining room table for us to record what we eat. I am really excited about it because he is normally my partner in crime when I stray off the beaten path so to speak. Whoever loses the most in 1 month gets $20. Then we start a new month so a new chance to win. I think this is going to be so good for both of us so wish us luck. We are going to need it. :D

Tomorrow is Wed so it is "What in the heck have I been eating day?" Lets hear how you are doing.
Also :
instead of a question of the day I am going to post in a new post right after this a questionaire that someone sent me. If you want to answer it- copy and paste it into a new post and fill it out. I will also post my answers right after the blank copy. I thought this was really fun and gives a good snapshot of people.
Have a wonderful night everyone!

02-09-2005, 12:42 AM
Crime girl, glad you like the medal. I'm hoping grass will feel honored and the rest of you all will realize that, yes, we are rewarded for our efforts at times. CG, I'm afraid the ceremony will have to be a private one, as the medal was, after all, banned. I'm not boasting, but it was because of my connections that I was able to get this for grasshopper, but you must understand the rather awkward position the Emperor is in with this, her being an American and all and not even in the military. Still, I for one think that adds to the incredible honor of it.

Sorry I haven't caught up yet. As you can see I'm busily distracted with other things! I am only now becoming functional. How dare you suggest a hair of the dog! This is the first day of Lent, after all, and I am going to give up drinking. . I mean, I may, I mean I might, I mean, I'm not sure, no, not beer, maybe something like it, maybe barley tea, yeah, that's it! No really, I loved your questions of the day, I just haven't gotten round to answering 'em. Later kid!

Crime girl
02-09-2005, 12:50 AM
Here it is folks-
1. What time is it :

2. Name as it appears on birth certificate (no last name please):

3. Nicknames:

4. What is your relationship status?

5. Do you have any kids?

6: Piercings? If so, where?:

7. Eye color:

8. Place of birth:

9. Favorite foods:

10. Ever been to Africa:

11. Ever been toilet papering:

12. Love someone so much it made you cry:

13. Been in a car accident:

14. Croutons or bacon bits:

15. Favorite day of the week:

16. Favorite restaurants:

17. Favorite flower:

18. Favorite sport to watch:

19. Favorite drink:

20. Favorite Ice Cream:

21. Disney or Warner Brothers:

22. Favorite fast food restaurant:

23. What color is your bedroom carpet:

24. How many times did you fail your driver's test:

25. From whom did you get your last e-mail:

26. Which store would you choose to Max out your credit card:

27. What do you do most often when you are bored:

28. Bedtime:

29. Who are you most curious about their responses to this questionnaire:

30. Who has influenced your life the most?:

31. Who was your first love?:

32. Favorite TV shows:

33. Last person you went to dinner with:

34. Ford or Chevy?

35. What are you listening to right now?

36. Favorite color:

37. How many tattoos do you have? Is so, where are they?:

39. Which came first...God or Evolution?

Have fun!

Crime girl
02-09-2005, 12:58 AM
Here are my answers:
1. What time is it : 11:51 pm

2. Name as it appears on birth certificate (no last name please): Sherri Lynn

3. Nicknames: Ace,Cujo, Shortcake, Lynn Berlin

4. What is your relationship status? Living with Significant Other

5. Do you have any kids? no

6: Piercings? If so, where?: yes- ears

7. Eye color: Brown

8. Place of birth: Atlanta, GA

9. Favorite foods: Pasta Gyro, french fries, and chocolate

10. Ever been to Africa: no

11. Ever been toilet papering: yes

12. Love someone so much it made you cry: yes

13. Been in a car accident: yes

14. Croutons or bacon bits: croutons

15. Favorite day of the week: Friday

16. Favorite restaurants: Bonefish, Cabannas, and Chilis

17. Favorite flower: Tulips

18. Favorite sport to watch: football

19. Favorite drink: Sweet tea

20. Favorite Ice Cream: Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey

21. Disney or Warner Brothers: Disney

22. Favorite fast food restaurant: I dont eat at..ok..fine..Hardees

23. What color is your bedroom carpet: Beige

24. How many times did you fail your driver's test: never

25. From whom did you get your last email: FSU (Florida State University)

26. Which store would you choose to Max out your credit card:

27. What do you do most often when you are bored: sleep

28. Bedtime: 12:00- 2:00 am

29. Who are you most curious about their responses to this questionnaire: red

30. Who has influenced your life the most?:my mom

31. Who was your first love?:Robert

32. Favorite TV shows: Gilmore Girls and West Wing

33. Last person you went to dinner with: Kimmie

34. Ford or Chevy? Chevy

35. What are you listening to right now? John Mayer

36. Favorite color: Royal Blue

37. How many tattoos do you have? Is so, where are they?: none

39. Which came first...God or Evolution? God

02-09-2005, 01:22 AM
OK, Crime girl, here are you!


1. What time is it : just after 2 p.m.

2. Name as it appears on birth certificate (no last name please): Barbara Jeanne

3. Nicknames: usual for Barbara, Barbie, Babs, Babsi, Bobbie, Baybay (initials are BB)

4. What is your relationship status? between boyfriends, looking for next infatuation, obsession, anything to keep me from doing serious thinking!

5. Do you have any kids? not of my own flesh, but I think all the guys at work could count

6: Piercings? If so, where?: just the ears, one hole each

7. Eye color: dark brown

8. Place of birth: Pittsburgh, PA!

9. Favorite foods: cashew nuts, cheese, bagels and butter, licorice, garlic bread -- probably a ton more, just can't think of them

10. Ever been to Africa: no, never been south of the equator either. want to go to Africa, maybe Kenya

11. Ever been toilet papering: as in Devil's Night? no, but I've soaped a lot of windows

12. Love someone so much it made you cry: of course, all the time

13. Been in a car accident: just little bumps

14. Croutons or bacon bits: croutons 'cause I'm a veggie

15. Favorite day of the week: can't say because of work schedule. Now, maybe Wednesday.

16. Favorite restaurants: Indian cuisine

17. Favorite flower: red roses

18. Favorite sport to watch: probably American football

19. Favorite drink: as in alcohol? beer nonalk? mineral water

20. Favorite Ice Cream: vanilla soft cones or half vanilla, half chocolate or coffee regular ice cream

21. Disney or Warner Brothers: Warner

22. Favorite fast food restaurant: I guess something with burritos though there's none here

23. What color is your bedroom carpet: it's a green and brown, black, Persian but my bedroom is my living room too

24. How many times did you fail your driver's test: none, I did it in the snow and the cop asked me like two questions.

25. From whom did you get your last e-mail: if not 3FC then from the guy I was out boozing with last night. They always write after they awaken in shock and/or pain!

26. Which store would you choose to Max out your credit card: any tack shop (horse stuff)

27. What do you do most often when you are bored: eat!

28. Bedtime: 9 p.m.! usually up at 4:30 a.m.

29. Who are you most curious about their responses to this questionnaire: Crime girl!!

30. Who has influenced your life the most?: I suppose father

31. Who was your first love?: including puppy love? father and brother probably, every man who came to the door really, uncle, neighbor guys, too many to count, never just one at a time!! God, does that sound like I was a budding slut or what?!?! :lol:

32. Favorite TV shows: can't say, am cut off from TV here, probably would have been something like X-files or so.

33. Last person you went to dinner with: Dinner, as in not fluid meal? Gosh, can't remember dinner with anyone, ok, maybe a horse trainer's daughter, Natsuki

34. Ford or Chevy? Chevy, only because that's what we had as a kid for years and years, a '64 blue Impala sedan.

35. What are you listening to right now? nothing, one of my cats snorting as he eats

36. Favorite color: hard to say, maybe purple

37. How many tattoos do you have? Is so, where are they?: no tattoos, don't like them.

39. Which came first...God or Evolution? something had to kickstart evolution I'd say, so I'll say God, as in a higher power, an ultimate power.

02-09-2005, 07:07 AM
Ok, try to get something written here before I crash. I'm giving up sugar for Lent and today was Day 1. I'm not religious but I just thought it would be a good excuse. So far today I got through it and I will not eat sugar, that's just that. All or nothing is easy with me. I want sugar though badly. Again a day without exercise. I don't know. Still don't feel like getting to the gym. Well, that's not really true. I was just too hungover. I did walk for nearly an hour to the library and around but then took the bus home. At least it was something. Like I said, I'm still on my "do whatever you want" plan. The no-sugar thing (I tell myself) is not about dieting and that's for sure because I usually make up for not eating sugar by eating other stuff, it's about something I just chose to do. ;)

shanberg -- Finally I get around to a reply. I'm really glad to have you around here. Glad you joined! I love it when people write long, long posts. I see you said you walk on your treadmill. How much walking do you try to do? I see you've lost a lot of weight already. That is great! Is this just from counting calories? I really hate doing that too but I think it's the thing I have to do. Either that, or plan my meals and really stick to the plan. That may be better. If I just eat the same things each day for a while I can get used to the routine. My life is so busy I really need routine in other areas so I tend to be a creature of habit (sounds like something from a dark lagoon!) and do the same things, eat the same things etc. etc. I guess I should try to use that to my advantage. I think your 10-lb goal is a good one. It's always better to go slowly. That way it tends to stay off. As for your problems controlling your ordering, have you tried ordering but immediately asking them to pack half to go. That way you won't feel deprived and you may be able to stretch eating the other part till later in the day. Oh, you said it doesn't keep. Any chance you could freeze it or just eat it at your next meal. It should keep that long, right? I eat from boredom too and though I wouldn't say I'm a stress eater, I eat from anxiety or feeling jittery. It can even be about something good! I have to learn to calm down inside. I never look nervous outside and few people realize how fragile I am inside. I guess I also have a problem eating on the run. Should probably plan for this too. As for my work environment I think I'm getting a hold on it. This is part of finding myself again. As I said before I really take on the ills of people around me and allow myself to be influenced by the environment in a big way. I am going to just try to decide what is me and stick to that. I suppose you can be anyway you want really. I tend to be a bit of an actress I guess too. Shan, I do all sorts of language-related things here, mostly editing, proofreading, interpreting, writing. I have only been in Chickamauga, Georgia. It was beautiful. I remember the beautiful smells in the air there. It was summer and I was a kid traveling with my family. Closest I've come recently is Charleston, SC some years ago to visit my sister, who's now in Philly. Have you traveled out of Georgia at all, Shannon? By the way, purple is the Imperial color and is a very elegant color in Japan. When you want something to look classy or mark it as an auspicious occasion you would use purple, a deep purple.

Crime girl -- as for that travel question. I guess I would say to Italy to stay with my friend there or to France, Portugal or Germany to ride dressage, or just a month with my father back in Pittsburgh. My horse's name is Heidi but I didn't name her. I want to have another name for her for official purposes but I guess she's always going to be Heidi. That's OK for a barn name but I find it kind of embarrassing for a horse, more like a dog's name. My horoscope today, "expressing myself in nonverbal ways!" Hmm. very mysterious sounding. I wonder if I did that. Maybe it was the loud rock bar I dragged that guy to last night. It was already Wednesday by then! Really, thanks for getting up just to write that for me! Wow. :o You are so busy now too. Really, hang in there. Think of the day when it'll be behind you. Think of then and try to relax a bit inside. That's what I do when I'm bogged down with a deadline hanging over me and little done on a story. I just think, by whatever time the deadline is, it'll be behind me. And then I just do the work. Somehow helps to take the panic out of things. AS for the 10 million dollars thing, that is a hard one. Let me think some more on that, ok?

Stormy -- I've been a vegetarian for a long time, most of my life but there were periods when I ate some meat, especially as a kid because I was forced to and later as a teen. But I never really ate much. For a while I was vegan but that's hard to do. Even now it's hard but at least I can go to an Indian or Italian restaurant and get vegetarian. But if I had to forego cheese and eggs or milk it would just be too hard. I'm afraid working out is nonexistent these days. I will get back into it though. I feel the urge coming on. Well, you really sound busy. I hope you're doing OK. Good for you for working out. Don't know how you fit it all in!

NBK -- hope you're having a great time on your trip. Thanks for your suggestions for drinking places and for changing the atmosphere. I'm kind of thinking though that a lot of it is me. I don't really WANT to be drinking with these people. They'Re not my type really and just because I work with them doesn't mean I should be out drinking with them. I think this is where the problem arose. We were at first discussing problems at work and that I can do, but nowadays it's starting to be a habit and it's just not worth it I think. So, I'm just going to chill a while. I'm glad you like me helping the "garbage" man. Yeah, he's annoying doing that with the bag but really we have to be kind to people. He could very well have some problems and this is the only work he can do. We don't really know people, do we? We don't know much at all about them and think appearances tell us a lot. They really don't I think. Just look at me. I look perfectly sane, but. . .little do they know!! Anyhow, NBK, can't wait to hear all about your vacation. We miss you! Take care.

grasshopper -- how do you feel about your Golden Kite?!

little grasshopper
02-09-2005, 08:58 AM
Here it is folks-
1. What time is it : 7:53 am

2. Name as it appears on birth certificate (no last name please):
Meri Rae
3. Nicknames:
little grasshopper, half pint, scary rae
4. What is your relationship status?
living with BF
5. Do you have any kids?
6: Piercings? If so, where?: ears

7. Eye color: green if I eat well, brown otherwise

8. Place of birth: Wilmington, NC

9. Favorite foods: chocolate, good steak, brownies (are they chocolate?)

10. Ever been to Africa: no

11. Ever been toilet papering: yes, sort of

12. Love someone so much it made you cry: yes

13. Been in a car accident: yes

14. Croutons or bacon bits: croutons

15. Favorite day of the week: saturday

16. Favorite restaurants: neo china, qudoba

17. Favorite flower: gerber daisy - all of them actually!

18. Favorite sport to watch: cycling or martial arts

19. Favorite drink: red wine

20. Favorite Ice Cream: godiva chocolate

21. Disney or Warner Brothers: warner bros

22. Favorite fast food restaurant: qudoba (burrito place)

23. What color is your bedroom carpet: tan

24. How many times did you fail your driver's test: 0

25. From whom did you get your last e-mail: coolsavings - wish they'd stop emailing me!

26. Which store would you choose to Max out your credit card: amazon (great idea cg!)

27. What do you do most often when you are bored: eat. read, play with dogs, bug bf

28. Bedtime: 10

29. Who are you most curious about their responses to this questionnaire:
30. Who has influenced your life the most?: Dr. folland

31. Who was your first love?: Paul - junior high - high school boyfriend. Boy did he turn out to be a loser!!!! Thank God for small miracles!

32. Favorite TV shows: West wing and gilmore girls!

33. Last person you went to dinner with: Greg BF

34. Ford or Chevy? Neither - subaru

35. What are you listening to right now? my computer hum

36. Favorite color: baby blue

37. How many tattoos do you have? Is so, where are they?: none

39. Which came first...God or Evolution? God

Have fun!

little grasshopper
02-09-2005, 09:01 AM
Red - you are so sweet and SO funny!!! And now I have a few words to say...hold the music please, this will only take an hour or so :)

I'd like to thank my BF for hiding my food. You know, I DIDN'T ASK YOU TO HIDE THE COOKIES!!!! And it's not a good idea to hide ice cream anywhere OTHER that the freezer! I'd like to think my mother for thinking my 25 pounds of weight loss was a mere hair cut! You motivated me to lose 25 more and get my hair cut again and see if you can tell the difference :) And thank you guys!!! I wouldn't be able to stick with this program if I didn't have you guys to wine to and to listen to and to know I'm not alone and I'm not that wierd - cause you guys are wierd! :) just kidding!! Seriously you're helping me and my health more than you can imagine!!

Red - thanks!! That was perfect!!! I will print it out and keep it always. Do I have to wear it on my shirt all the time or only when I'm around the emp-chan??

02-09-2005, 09:42 AM
Hi at home has a SERIOUS virus, so I only am online while at work, at which time I can't really post.

Things are really back and forth right now, but I'm giving up pop for lent, so we'll see how that goes. Not exercising as much as I should, but I'm trying to get back on track.

I'll check in as I can, everyone say a prayer for my poor computer.

Welcome Shanberg!

Kelly :D

02-09-2005, 10:07 AM
What time is it : 7:57AM

2. Name as it appears on birth certificate (no last name please): Tori Lee

3. Nicknames: T, BoBo

4. What is your relationship status? married

5. Do you have any kids? nope unless you count three cats

6: Piercings? If so, where?: yes-ears and belly button

7. Eye color: brown

8. Place of birth: Galliano, LA

9. Favorite foods: chocolate, Turtle pie, chicken fet. alfredo, garlic bread, quesidillas

10. Ever been to Africa: nope, but I have it on my list to visit

11. Ever been toilet papering:

12. Love someone so much it made you cry: yes

13. Been in a car accident: yes

14. Croutons or bacon bits: neither-I do not eat salad and there is no reason to eat these by themselves

15. Favorite day of the week: Saturday

16. Favorite restaurants: Carrabas, Cozymels

17. Favorite flower: tulips

18. Favorite sport to watch: hockey

19. Favorite drink: Porte wine

20. Favorite Ice Cream: chocolate

21. Disney or Warner Brothers: Warner

22. Favorite fast food restaurant: Popyes

23. What color is your bedroom carpet: cream

24. How many times did you fail your driver's test: none

25. From whom did you get your last e-mail: Northwest airlines

26. Which store would you choose to Max out your credit card: no clue-I can't think of these things b/c I get too tempted. Since we are on such a tight budget I can't shop

27. What do you do most often when you are bored: get on the computer

28. Bedtime: 12-12:30 AM

29. Who are you most curious about their responses to this questionnaire: Red

30. Who has influenced your life the most?:my mom

31. Who was your first love?:Ryan

32. Favorite TV shows: Bachelor/Bachelorhette, Desparate Housewives

33. Last person you went to dinner with: several girlfriends from school

34. Ford or Chevy? Chevy

35. What are you listening to right now? the news

36. Favorite color: purple

37. How many tattoos do you have? Is so, where are they?: none

39. Which came first...God or Evolution? God

02-09-2005, 10:14 AM
KJK, glad you checked in. Please come here more often.

Red, our challenge is almost over. Feb 14th is just around the corner. Should we start a new one next week? Maybe until Easter Sunday?

CG- school is tough but you can do it. I always want to give up but I just keep pushing. I look at all the money and time that has gone into it.

LGH-how is work going for you? Diet? Exercise? Life in general? Did you post your haircut pic?

Shan-I missed it. How much weight have you lost so far? I read Red congratulating you but I did not see it. I like your ten pound goal. It really keeps it reasonable.

Crime girl
02-09-2005, 11:05 AM
Day One of the weight loss challenge with the bf- wish me luck!
I took today off from work to clear some "To Do" things off my schedule so I should feel less pressure tonight. YA HOO!
I love the answers to the questionnaires- it is cool to find out some things I didn't know about you guys and the things we have in common!

Red-Great idea for lent. Very admirable of you! Do you mean sugar in any food you eat or drink or refined sugar like candy? Good luck- we are cheering for you!
Heidi is a pretty name- very strong yet still feminine- I like it!
I will try to heed your advice and look at the finish line. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the drama sometimes. :lol:

Stormy- Thanks for the advice as well. I never asked you before- how much longer do you have in your program? How long is it in all? A doctrate in our department takes 4-5 years- are you going to be working on yours that long? If so- you are a better person than me. :D

Little-Your acceptance speech cracked me up- losing 25 pounds and getting a haircut for mom- that is too funny! :lol: Surely she sees the weight loss, right? At least she noticed that you are looking better and feeling better! :D
You actually are a fan of the Gilmore Girls and West Wing?? Those are my absolute favorites! We cut off cable for the sake of school but we still have someone taping Gilmore Girls for us because I just need that fix! The West Wing I have let go of until reruns once I move and get settled after school. I miss it but not as much as I would GG. Do you watch One Tree Hill too?

kjk- I am so sorry your computer is sick. That stinks! Are you trying to debug it? I think I would freak if that happened to me- I spend about half the day on and off my computer! Hope it gets better soon! Try to at least pop on and say hi- we miss you. We know you can't respond to all the posts and that is OK- just your hello and how you are doing is fine with us.

Red' Horoscope for the day-
Your mind and soul are clear today. It is time for rearrangement and change in your life. Shake out all the bad things to make room for the new. You will end your day with a buoyant spirit and a fresh outlook on life.

Okay folks- time to go get something done and mark some of these things off my To Do list. I never answered my own question on what I would do with 10 million so: I would give a big chunk to Cancer patients who are struggling with the disease- a chunk to Habitat to Humanity- another part to research for cancer. I think I would try to fund the Homeless shelter in my town and the battered woman's shelter. If I had enough I would start a funding project for women who want to leave their spouses due to abuse and can't because of money difficulties- especially with kids involved.

I am out of here- have a wonderful day everyone!!

little grasshopper
02-09-2005, 01:54 PM
Hi guys!

Red - I hope you saw my post! We posted at the same time so I missed yours until just now. Good luck with sugar - the first three days are the hardest. Veggies taste SO sweet to me now!!! Greg thinks I'm crazy but they do!

Crime girl - I love both shows!!! I had to give them up in school to so it's nice to be able to watch them again. West wing is wierd this year. Lots more drama but quirky stuff. Gilmore girls was great last night. One of those that is hard to watch because of the funny stuff you know is about to it going to be funny or painful emotionally???? I loved it though. Won't kill it in case you haven't seen it yet.

Well guys - I walked 12K steps yesterday. Not quite Amish level walking yet. They walk 17K steps a day. I don't think I'd make a good Amish person - 12 killed me :) Going to try again today. Just trying to park way away from stuff - like the next parking lot, atleast - and walk to and from. Red - you inspired me :) I'm going to walk to my gym today and then do weights and walk home.

Stormy - you asked about weight loss -it's the same. I'd hit 135 but went right back to 137. I seem to be stuck here for a while. I feel good though and I know I haven't been as hard core as I could be but I am not frustrated or giving up (yet) so that's a real change over past attempts to lose weight. I'm ALMOST comfortable in my skin even though I want to lose more weight. I'm working on loving myself nomatter my size and standing tall and enjoying life and food again....not punishing myself for being sick or not being able to eat certain foods......instead rewarding with yummy foods that are okay - like a GOOD salmon. I'm taking extra time to cook foods well instead of cooking them the fastest way possible and it's paying off. I'm not killing anyone over the cookies yet. I do think about getting a new box constantly. But BF is on his diet and he's seeing my cookies as cheating right now and he isn't cheating so he thinks I should be as strong as him. dang him!

By for now guys!!

02-09-2005, 04:12 PM
Hello, all. Sorry I haven't posted already. Our computer person has been working on my pc, so I haven't had access nor privacy!

Stormy - I have lost 35 pounds. I lost the first 25 with weight watchers. I stopped doing this because I became obssessed with food! You have to count your points and log them in. I stopped worrying about my weight for a while, then decided to lose again. I have been yo-yoing the last 10 pounds for about six months. I finally got to 260 and am hoping to drop below that this week!

Crime Girl - I definately know where Blue Ridge is. Your family lives across the way, so to speak! Your dad got a golden hammer! That is great! I can't remember if that is the ultimate honor or close to the top. I do know that it is very sacred to the organization! I am glad he could find something to do in his retirement that he enjoys! I bet it gives him a great sense of pride and acheivement, too!

Good luck with your bet with your BF! I think you will lose a lot of weight with your competition! I am very competitive, so I would definately work to win, not to mention the money!!!

Redballoon - Thanks for the compliments! I'd love to say I drip sweetness all the time, but, trust me, I can be mean when I want to!!! I get really mouthy when I am angry!

I lost most of my weight doing Weight Watchers. But that is expensive and time-consuming! Plus, I ended up being obssessed with food! When I would eat, what I would was a nightmare. I started counting calories recently. I did a bunch of research about losing weight and decided this was the best way for me. It is working really good!

I walk for at least 45 mins on my treadmill at least 5 times a week. Sometimes I manage to walk every day. I love it. It is in my living room and I watch tv and walk.

I have been on vacation and gone out of state, but never outside the USA. I would love to go some place one time and spend a month just touring and being a tourist, but I don't see that happening anytime soon!

When you are at work and everyone's bad mood is zeroing in on you, make sure you take a moment of zen..think about something pleasant, that you like-a place or painting. Take five deep, long, steady breaths and try to relax your body starting from you toes and working your way up to your head. The more you concentrate on that, the easier it should be to ignore the vibes flowing your way (at least, that is what works for me!).

Little Grasshopper - Congratuations on denying the cookies victory! YEA! I don't know about you, but the little victories motivate me more than the big ones. Not sure why. I guess because the little ones are the hardest to accomplish-they are so small, what does it hurt to eat it.... You did great! Hang in there!

Did your mom really say that about your hair??? I know when I tried to get contacts, everyone kept asking me if I had my hair done...but I hadn't! I just wasn't wearing my glasses! They all knew something was different about my face, but couldn't put their finger on it! I had a great time making up all these outrageous stories as to why I looked different!

KJK - Thanks for the welcome! Hate it about your computer! That's the one thing I hate about them the most-when something goes wrong or breaks, it is usually the one thing that puts it totally out of commission!!

Good luck with Lent. I am Baptist, so I don't really do Lent. I'd have to give up Mexican food if I did and I'd probably expire from withdrawls!!!

Okay, I went and ate Mexican last night. I thought I'd try a different strategy with my ordering. I ate VERY light all day. Oatmeal, a sandwhich, and a banana smoothie. That was all. I figured if I ate light and then ordered a full order, I'd be okay...WRONG! I still couldn't eat it all and felt miserable after I ate what I did! I managed to leave some on the plate this time, though!! So, now I realize no matter what I might think, a full order it TOO much! I NEVER in my life thought I'd ever say that!!!! I will now work twice as hard to only order a half order! Once I do, I'll know for sure that I can order half and still be satisfied!!!

little grasshopper
02-09-2005, 04:25 PM
Shannon - you're too funny with the mexican food! I can just see you ordering the full order determined you're going to eat it and be okay! I live 1 mile exaclty from a great mexican place we usually eat there once a week. Kills me because I can't do most of what they have. No beans, dairy, corn or spicy veggies allowed. I usually end up cheating and having steak ranchero with hot sauce and quacomole salad - I take my own cheese, rice cheese and I have a blast. Bf goes on the south beach diet and now he won't eat out anywhere for valentines day OR my BD because he doesn't want to cheat! Man I was mad!!!! As often as I have to take my own food or order wierd stuff on the menue to keep from cheating because I can't have ANY thing the serve.....and he's scared because he can't have carbs???? I reminded him and he's fine now....better understands my struggles though :)

The sugar rice cookie thing is kicking my but today!! killing me really. I'm convinced I will die soon if I don't get a cookie of ice cream or something sweet! I wish I could seem some weight loss to reward me for all of this deprivation.....I don't see it coming thouhg....ho hum....oh well I'll drink water instead. Talk to you guys soon.

02-09-2005, 04:27 PM
1. What time is it : 3:14 pm

2. Name as it appears on birth certificate (no last name please): Shannon Diane

3. Nicknames: none

4. What is your relationship status? single

5. Do you have any kids? not yet, but plan to have some even if I have to high-jack sperm!

6: Piercings? If so, where?: yes, I have 7 in my ears and I used to have my tongue pierced.

7. Eye color: blue

8. Place of birth: GAinesville, GA

9. Favorite foods: Anything Mexican, chicken

10. Ever been to Africa: no

11. Ever been toilet papering: yes

12. Love someone so much it made you cry: no

13. Been in a car accident: yes

14. Croutons or bacon bits: both

15. Favorite day of the week:Saturday

16. Favorite restaurants: Johnny's NY Pizza, El Sombrero

17. Favorite flower: Tulip

18. Favorite sport to watch: gymnastics

19. Favorite drink: cherry vanilla dr. pepper, Bacardi O3, Mich Ultra

20. Favorite Ice Cream: mint chocolate chip (does Dairy Queen Blizzards count?)

21. Disney or Warner Brothers: Warner Brothers

22. Favorite fast food restaurant: Zaxby's

23. What color is your bedroom carpet: beige

24. How many times did you fail your driver's test: once (i didn't study, thought I knew it all!)

25. From whom did you get your last e-mail: BudNet

26. Which store would you choose to Max out your credit card: or Best Buy.

27. What do you do most often when you are bored: eat...sleep

28. Bedtime: 10 pm

29. Who are you most curious about their responses to this questionnaire:
everyone...since I am new, I can't wait to read everything.
30. Who has influenced your life the most?: God, my parents, Nefratiti

31. Who was your first love?:Rudy

32. Favorite TV shows: CSI, Survivor, Project Runway, Navy NCIS, The Amazing Race, Lost, Starget SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Monk, Charmed (yeah, I watch waay too much tv!) cancelled shows..Buffy, Angel

33. Last person you went to dinner with: my mom

34. Ford or Chevy? Chevy

35. What are you listening to right now? Launch Cast

36. Favorite color: purple

37. How many tattoos do you have? Is so, where are they?: none, but when I lose my weight and reach goal, I am getting a dragon on my shoulder.

39. Which came first...God or Evolution? God

02-09-2005, 05:16 PM
Little Grasshopper - U can't eat Mexican!!! I eat it at least once a week, sometimes twice. It is my biggest downfall! Its a curse and a blessing all rolled into one giant burrito!! :D

I hate to ask you to repeat your story, but could you maybe give me the short version of what you have that makes you unable to eat certain things? It must be so hard to plan meals with a lot of restrictions! I know sometimes I am so tired by the time I get home I just want to crash, so I will just have a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich.

Glad you set your BF straight!! Holidays and birthdays are really the best reasons (if I had to choose some) for cheating!! You can always make up for it later on! Plus, like you said, you have made plenty of sacrifices for him, it won't hurt him to do some for you!!

Keep fighting the good fight against the cookies and ice cream! I'm rooting for ya!!


02-09-2005, 05:30 PM
Morning all. No time to write but just wanted to say hi. Crime girl, thanks as always for the horoscope. I would love to shake out "everything bad" but I think that would mean my whole life. Funny, I had a dream last night I had to empty out all my lockers at work and quick try to save some files because they were getting a new computer system. I was pissed I had no time to do all this and said "they hadn't told me" but then I corrected myself and said, "no, that's not true. I knew. It's my fault." As I was going through the stuff in my locker, trying to find boxes and so I found old clothes I could wear now and some interesting stuff. I wish I could do this in my room. I never have the time and when there is a little time I don't want to do it. There is so much stuff and I don't know where to start really. Maybe instead of thinking of everything as wrong I should think of it as right and then just polish it. That may help take the pressure off and the whole overwhelmed feeling. I tend to freeze up when I don't know what to do instead of getting out and trying different things. Ok, really gotta run now. Later. :wave:

little grasshopper
02-09-2005, 06:48 PM
Shannon - I have fibromyalgia and a head injury from a serious car accident when I was 15 years old. I manage both very well as long as I eat on a doctor prescribed diet that doesn't allow any food I'm sensitive too. That cuts out anything white, most grains, except rice, and spicy foods. There are a lot of foods I can eat though and I'm learning how to enjoy whole foods again. I'd become a fast food line junky. I could eat an entire week from either a vending machine or a fast food place. I was SO UNHEALTHY but my conditions added to it had me sick I was too sick to realize I was sick. Did that make sense? Anyway, I'm much better now but this is a HARD diet to follow. A side effect of it is that I lose weight. I needed to do that anyway so it's been very good for me. :) Now I just need to start exercising again. If I stop I can't just jump right back into it or I start a pain cycle. So easy does it for now :)

Red - I like your dream a lot. I hope you have a great day and enjoy the small things. It's the little things that matter so much.

Stormy - I have not posted the picture yet. I haven't even taken it yet. I thought I had film and I don't. going to see if a friend can take it if I stop by his office tomorrow. He has a digital and I could just post it there. It's actually starting to feel "longer" to me. I guess I'm getting use to it. Oh and I wanted to get a belly button piercing. I was a martial arts instructor at the time and when I told my sensei - he told the other black belts and they spent the night hitting me right were the ring would be!! I decided I'd better not get one ;) Maybe when I lose all my weight I'll do it now. Yogi's don't hit :) :) Neither do pilates instructors :) :) hahahahaha!!!

Crime girl
02-09-2005, 08:43 PM
Hi all!
Okay so I have posted that single "Hi all" twice and some how keep editing and reposting with nothing new added. Wow- brain fart!
Anyway- exciting news! I just got my Dance Dance Revolution game and pad for my Xbox and boy is that fun. I was dancing along and forgot how long I was on the thing. Next thing I know an hour goes by. I am physically pooped and trying to talk myself out of getting on it again. Great fun!

Just wanted to say a quick hello to everyone! I will be at work ALL DAY tomorrow (7am- 6pm) so won't be on until after that. Sorry the post is so short but I need to get some stuff done before bed and I need to hit the bed early tonight to get up at 5am. I used too much time with my game- sorry!
Have a great night everyone!

little grasshopper
02-09-2005, 08:55 PM
Crime girl - that's GREAT!!! Especially if you're trying to talk yourself out of getting back on it!!! Great news!!! I need to get a fun dance video. I have sweating to the oldies.....not quite what I was looking for though :)

Cooked BF a yummy meal tonight. Ribeyes are on sale so I walked to the grocer and got several (they are 70% off) some to freeze and some for dinner. We usually cook one and then cut it up into a big salad. Tonight he got his own :) With onions, peppers, mushrooms and a bit of low fat cheese. (he's doing south beach) and broccoli on the side. Plus one glass of red wine. He's through day three now and feeling much better. I'm so proud of him! It's really nice to have both of us eating healthy again even if it IS different plans. Crime girl - I can relate to your excitement to have a challenge between yourself and BF. Maybe we need to do one that we exercise 5 days a week? He has more weight to lose than me and will drop it fast - he always does - there is no way I'll set myself up for that kind of failure. :)

okay, have to go - we're spending wednesday as a couple's night this week. :) feels great! Talk to you all tomorrow.

02-09-2005, 11:22 PM
HI girls

Shan- all this talk about Mexican made me breakdown. I think you love it just as much as I do. My husband picked up Mexican on the way home. I love it too! I only had a chicken breast and green beans today besides the Mexican food. I have a resturant right up the road so it is a big problem. I guess today will be my cheat day for the week.

I did exercise today. I worked out for an hour and really sweated. It was great. I thnk I am only 2 pounds away from my Valentine's goal of 10 pounds. Hopefully I will make it or at least some close to it.

LGH, I had my ring put in when I was 19. Desite gaining the weight I have gained since I had it done 9 years ago, I have still kept it. Many people do not know about it. It is like my own little thing. The poularity has increased in the last 4-5 years and there are more choices in rings. Go for it!

02-10-2005, 01:34 AM
grasshopper -- Tell me, why did you say you like my dream? It wasn't a pleasant dream at all. I just woke up feeling like I have to take all the blame for things, feeling rushed and harried and it also was kind of ominous because it felt like change was being forced on me. Did you see something else in it or did you think that my accepting my responsibility in the matter was a good thing? Just curious.

02-10-2005, 06:30 AM
Hi all. Not doing anything much. Want to get caught up here. I'm doing this Lent thing, shanberg, by the way, you don't have to be Catholic to do this. I'm not religious. It was just something to do. I'm making a fourway whammy of a Lenten sacrifice! 1. no sugar and that means added sugar in sauces, breads, etc. I will check labels! 2. no filled dumpling things I always buy at the convenience store 3. no deep-fried potato croquettes, a favorite when drinking! 4. no nuts!! this is major as I'm a cashew freak (peanut butter, all-natural is OK)

That's it. I'm on Day 2 already. No. 4 no nuts is only starting tomorrow as I hadn't thought of it this morning before I had cashews and almonds. I eat these things every day! They're a ton of calories but I figured if I wanted to suffer a bit I should really give up more things I love.

Wish me luck people!


Crime girl -- So tell us, what are you going to do with all this info you've compiled on us now! :s: How's the challenge with the boyfriend? That's great that you're doing something together. it would be so hard to be living with someone who wasn't supportive, or supportive with words alone! I can't think of what I would do with a million bucks. Sure, give to places to help animals probably but I don't like the idea that I can't think of anything. :?: My imagination, my hope, my dreams, do NOT desert me!!! Your game sounds like great fun! You'll be sure to wear off calories doing all that dancin'!! Have fun. Not real sure what it is exactly. . . will check on the Net. Hope you get through your busy day OK tomorrow. Try not to stress. Remember, eyes on the finish line. No panic!

grass -- glad you like the award. yes, great acceptance speech. At first I didn't realize what you were doing. It wasn't till I read Crime girl's post! Duh! No awards for me, you see. . . Oh, and no need to wear the medal all the time, like I said I'm afraid it has to be a little hush-hush, especially around Japanese or around American military, as they banned it. So, you think we're weird, do you? Well, no one weird around here. :p Are you sure you weren't confusing us with some people on another thread?! :shrug: Heh, the sugar will be hard. I'm doing the pineapple, raisin stuff now. Wish it were summer, then I'd go for watermelon and grapes. It doesn't get any sweeter than that! Heh, great going on the walking. That's a lot for, well, you know, an American!! :rofl: No really, it's a lot for anyone. I have a hard time doing 10K. Wow, I'm honored to have inspired you. Now I think you'll inspire me. Does that mean I'm inspiring myself? This is getting weird. Sounds like that other thread. :dizzy: "Being comfortable in your skin" That's what I want, but in the nude! I'm pretty comfortable with everything hidden (who am I kidding?!?!?) but nude . . . egads, someone hide that mirror! :(

kjk -- Hi there! :high: wow, bummer about the computer. Hope you get it working soon. I know how it is at work. I can't post there either, or maybe just a real short one. I always hate to think that someone has been reading it too if I'm not careful to cover my tracks! Hope you get back on track soon. I have to too. Good luck on the no pop for Lent.

stormy -- BoBo! I love it. You don't eat salad? Really? Wow, I'd die without salad. Absolutely love it. That's my lunch almost every day in the summer. Oh, yeah, the challenge. Wow, I really blew that, didn't I? Yes, I did. And it looks like you might make it, huh? Darn. Sure, I'm game for another one. See how my Lenten abstinence will pay off.

Shanberg -- Hi! Wow, 7 holes in your ears. Is that 7 in each?! And a tongue piercing. :yikes: I have a friend with that. It looks painful but he says it's not. Hope you make it under 260 this week. Your walking sounds very good. :cp: Bit by bit, you can do this Shannon. :sunny: Oh, and you don't have to drip sweetness. I wouldn't like you if you did. ;) Isn't natural! :lol: I hope you can get out of the States sometime. It's great to see other countries, hear other languages. I will try you zen thing at work sometime. I already do similar things with riding, like on a real windy day when the horses are all freaking out and I am too. The wind really distracts me. I try to picture a hot, sultry summer day with no breeze and everything just plodding around from the heat, so relaxed you're like sleepwalking. Good luck on the full order. That's a step I think that you realize the full order is too big. Try ordering the half order while saying to yourself that you can always go back and order another half order. You can do it! :smug:

Jacque, are you still out there? Hope you're OK. :grouphug: Come back sometime soon, OK? :wave:

little grasshopper
02-10-2005, 08:20 AM
Hello!! Good morning and good evening Red and NBK - where ever you are :) I had a LONG night sleep last night. (sorry for those who don't have time for one - I'll sleep for you too :) ) I needed it!!! For sure!!! I didn't even realize I was asleep when my alarm went off this a.m. I hate those you just laid down and now it's time to get back up!

Red - I guess I saw the fact that you were finding old stuff in your closet that fit now and other things like that. Did I misread something? It made me think about going through an attic and finding all kinds of stuff you stored away for a rainy day and you forgot you had - I love things like that. I use to store money in my winter coat pockets and leave it for the next winter. Ditsy me would forget it was there until the next winter - so it was really nice to find the money - a great surprise! As for the inspiration...I'd say you are definately inspiring youself :) Keep it up!! I'm going to walk to the post office today to mail a magazine to my brother (I bought the subscription and am sending him the first mag) and then I'll walk back and drive closer to the gym and walk the rest of the way. I'd rather walk outside than inside anyway! It's messy today though so I'd better take rain cover.

Stormy - My pants use to hit right on my belly button - that's why I wouldn't get it done. They were too tight as it was! Now it's different though - for one thing I tried low rise jeans and found they're not just for trampy people :) just kidding! I didn't think I'd ever look good in them though and about 2 years ago I tried them on and looked like I'd lost weight instantly. I'm built like a guy with boobs (and other stuff) but no but to speak of and no real middle sticks out further than my hips do.

my my I have to get ready for work - time flies on here!! I'll talk to everyone later!

02-10-2005, 09:49 AM
CG, I am so glad that you have kept up with your exercise. Variety is the key!

Red, let's do the challenge together for Easter. In 40 days I will put my goal at 7 pounds. I will lose 7 pounds! You will do it this time! I believe in you.

LGH, I just do not know about those low rise jeans. It seems like that is all they make now. I wear them but since my waist is smaller than my hips they fit me funky. I HATE shopping for jeans. It is a nightmare.

CG and LGH, I am glad that you are both able to get your BFs to participate. It must make it so much easier to plan meals, etc. My hubby is such a sabatoger. Although he is not overweight he should watch it b/c both of his parents are really overweight and he does not have the best genes.

I hope everyone has a great day. Try to remember those reaffirmed goals!
KJK, I hope that you are able to get back on soon. We miss you.

02-10-2005, 11:33 AM
Checking in right quick while I eat my oatmeal!

Redballoon - Good luck with the Lent. You have quite a list!

For the earrings, I have three in my left and four in my right (three on the lobe and one in the top). I got the first one as a birthday present when I was 8. The other 5 I got while I was working at Wal-Mart. Whenever they hired a new jewelry associate, she had to practice piercing on a non-customer. I got nabbed three times! At least it was free!! My tongue piercing was my favorite. It didn't hurt at all. I had to take it out, though, when I became a manager..I miss it!!

How long have you been riding? When I was little, I loved horses. My neighbor had two and I'd spend hours just pettying them (I was too little to ride). I find them to be so majestic and beautiful! You can see their intelligence when you look into their eyes!

I interpreted your dream as your subconcious telling you how to handle your work issues. Your dream self was at first angry that you weren't informed, then realized that it didn't matter, b/c you had to do the job anyway-it was time to stop looking at what others said and told you and just do what you had to do. It was like you were telling yourself it was time to take control of your own life and actions. I could be wrong, but....

Stormy - Sorry about the breakdown!! You are right, I could eat Mexican every day for every meal! I just love it! When I was in college, there was a Mexican place right off could just walk there. That was when I really got addicted! Now, if I am ever stressed, I can go eat Mexican and it makes me feel so much better!!!

Great job on the exercising! I'm rooting for you to meet your Valentine goal!

Crime Girl - Have fun at work! I'll be off when you check back in, so I will have to respond to any posts from you tomorrow!

Glad you liked your new video game. I have a PS2...I might have to check out the game and see if it's something I can do!

Will check back in later! Have to go do actual work now!!


Crime girl
02-10-2005, 01:48 PM
How is everyone today?? One more day until Friday for me and I am looking forward to it! :D
I got into work today at 7 am and will be here until 6pm and am now working the front desk where the phones are so I have a few minutes to talk without getting into trouble.

Red- You have an ambitious lent requirement girl! WOW- that is a lot to give up in one swoop. I know you can do it but be careful and don't set yourself up to be struggling. ( I believe I got this advice from someone quite wise- you). ;)
You are on to me with the info- if a man comes to your door saying you have been "drafted into the US Army" I swear it was not me selling your name to him. :lol: Also- if you start receiving weird magazines from cults that wasn't me either. :rofl: Nope...not me..I wouldn't do that.
The Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) game I got is a game that has an interactive mat that you stand on and use your feet to hit the different areas of the mat indicated on the screen of your TV which is running off the Xbox. It scores how well you do and plays music that you then use your feet and dance to the spots they indicate. (mat looks like a twister mat but smaller with electronic sensors). It is a lot of fun and really works you out without you realizing it! :D
By the way- that was a nice long post for you! :thanks:

Red's horoscope of the day:
You will be attacked by enormous flying cashews with attitude. Be careful of other nuts throughout your day. One man's peanut is another's toothache.
(Thought a funny one would be fun)

stormy- you are an exercise goddess! Everytime I get on here you have been exercising for an hour at least. You do realize you are making the rest of us look bad, right? Ok- well just me look bad...but still- I have feelings you know. Cut it out! :lol:
Seriously great job -especially since school can get in the way- I know.

little- I am so happy to hear you bf is on board for eating right. I have to say though it is baloney that he can't eat out with you. Every menu these days has "Adkins approved" things on it and that is really close to his plan right? Tell him to buck up and take you out!
Good for you walking so much!! :cp: Your plan sounds good- get in as many steps as possible.

Shanberg- I think they have DDR for PS2 too. Do you actively play your PS2? If so- what games are you into? I love my Xbox and wish my college offered "Advanced techinques in Xbox" as a course choice. That would be so much more fun than the classes I am taking now. I could be graded by the level I manage to get to. What do you think? Homework would be fun! :lol:

Okay folks- I need to go in a minute- my time on the desk is about through. Sigh- back to real work! I need to find a way for me to be able to sit on a comfortable pillow all day playing my Xbox and reading all my favorite books while eating chocolate (not gaining a pound) and getting massages from my chef/housekeeper/personal trainer named Steve who happens to look like Aiden from Sex in the City.
Question of the day:
What would be your version of the perfect day?

Today is "what have I been doing to move my bootie" day. What have you been up to? total for week so far?
Also- any ideas for ways to exercise that are out of the norm? (let's try to keep this clean :o ). For example- little trying to get extra steps in everyday. What other things are out there other than walking and the gym?

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!

02-10-2005, 05:27 PM
Last check in before I leave!

What do I use as motivation to move my bootie? Simple, if I don't move, I don't lose. I barely have any matabolism. If I eat right, but don't exercise, then I lose at snails pace (if at all).

I walk on my treadmill at least 5 times a week. I am motivated by my credit card bill. I charged it so I could get it. Every month I pay my bill and remind myself that if I am going to fork out all this money, I better use it. It works! Plus, I have it in my living room, so I can watch tv or a dvd while I walk. I usually go for about 45 minutes. I only manage to cover two miles, but I have really bad knees (from a car accident) so I have to be very, very, very careful! It won't do me any good to lose weight, but hurt my knee walking and have to have surgery and be bed-ridden for 12 weeks!!!

A perfect day for me would be a rainstorm (not a gusher, just enough to make me notice). I'm curled up on the couch under a blanket reading a book. In between chapters I sneak in a nap or two. Ahhhh....bliss....

That's all the time I have. Sorry I can't address everyone individually! Hope you all are having a great, on plan day and afternoon. Will chat tomorrow!!


02-10-2005, 06:23 PM
Good morning all. Gosh, I spend so much time typing these days. Probably not good because there is a lot of other things I should be doing, like going to the gym, eating breakfast, getting dressed (not in that order!) but having you guys to write to I think helps me in other ways a lot so for now I'm going to type!

grasshopper -- glad you got some obviously much-needed sleep. Oh yes, I hate that feeling of just having laid down and the alarm goes off. It's not fair, it's like the time has been stolen from you! The opposite is when you wake up thinking it's time to get up and you see you still have hours of sleeping time left! Heaven! About my dream, your interpretation was I guess due to my lack of a good description of how I was feeling. Sorry. Those things I was finding that fit weren't because I'd lost weight or anything. They just happened to be things that fit, old clothes. I have them in all sizes. It was just I'd forgotten I had them.Yes, there was a touch of a saving feeling of self-worth in the dream I guess. I think shanberg's take on things was closer (again, sorry! my lack of explaining things) in that with the whole thing of my life, so much is being just in bad situations, some my fault, I would say, mostly not, but whether I STAY in them IS up to me and that's what I guess the dream was depicting. You're doing great with your walking. I will try to leave early this morning to work and walk a bit more like I was doing the other week.

stormy -- sure, we can do another challenge. I'm so sick of this stuff though, really. The fact that it's always try again, try again, or do it, succeed and backslide. I am really really sick of it. That's why I said I was going to forget about it. But I'll keep on. The analogies with riding and life are incredible. The whole weight loss thing is not really just about weight loss. I have lost over and over. I can lose the weight. The losing part is just one tiny aspect, really. It's about maintaining that. And for me it's not about losing and keeping it off for a couple months, it's about losing every few days and then putting it back on over the next few days. I am so stuck it's not funny. Really makes me want to cry! What a difficult situation you are in though with your husband being a saboteur. That would be terribly frustrating and really complicate things. Oh yes, so what I was going to say about the dressage/life analogies is that there is always so much to think about and you can't isolate just one aspect of anything and be successful. You have to be able to put it all together before you'll see the results you want to see. This is really hard to do. With some people they have a lot of the things down pat already or the horse will cover for them or as in life a certain situation will provide for you. But when you have to do it all yourself or most of all the little bits of the big picture, it gets harder and harder. When you have obstacles others don't then you have to do things they don't have to do. I guess the key to not getting frustrated and angry is to look at the things you have that others don't even if those are things most people take for granted, like their health or the fact that their kids aren't delinquents or that you have a lot of talent or a good head on your shoulders, that your childhood scars weren't as bad as some peoples' whatever. I tell you, when I look at that guy in the wheelchair in the neigbhorhood, a perfectly healthy young man struck down by a truck so he now can only use his left arm, I bow my head humbled and ashamed of my whinings. So you bet, let's get this Easter challenge on the way!

shanberg -- Do you keep earrings in all those holes in your ears. I can imagine that would be really time consuming having to put them in. I haven't worn earrings in a long time, mostly because I don't have any. I've lost one of all the ones I had and the one ear is very sensitive and hurts when I put an earring in it anyhow. Don't know if it would get better if it got used to it. I suppose if I got some hypoallergenic thing it may not hurt but I rarely see them around here and then there's no selection. I don't know, earrings just don't seem to be me anymore. In fact, I think it's because one hole is too boring. Maybe I should get more. I have often had a problem with my appearance. I don't think it reflects me at all! I look so normal outside. . . really. I don't think I would ever get a tongue piercing but I kind of like nose piercings. Maybe I should get one of those. I lived in India for a while and always think they looked neat. Of course, there it's a traditional beauty thing, whereas in Western cultures it means you're weird or a bit out there. I also liked the scarring that African tribes do. You see, what is perfectly conservative in other cultures is looked upon like some freakish thing in others. Even if Japan, any piercing is seen as an insult to the body and not all that many people have anything pierced, not even ears. Tattoos too are only for the mafia and public baths and gyms do not allow people in with them or they have to be covered. It comes from the underworld guys having their entire torsos covered in them. Here it just means the guy is mafia and so an extreme undesirable. The mafia is very strong here, very dangerous and involved in many aspects of everyday life with people (or can easily be, such as loan sharking) so it's not an empty aversion either. One of my ex-boyfriends had a baseball bat swung to his head as he left his house and was almost killed because he borrowed money from a very "sweet man" who turned out to be a loan shark. The other night when I was out on the town with that foreigner just in to Tokyo for a couple days, we were in an area known for mafia-run girlie clubs. Of course, the foreigners think it's fun to see what they're about and there are men out on the streets luring them in. We had a guy stop us and invite us in saying "the entrance is free" and my friend wanted to go in. I knew better, told him "the entrance is always free, it's getting out that is difficult" They will hit you with a bill for a few grand and if you don't pay you will first be beaten up and they will follow you till you do pay. It's very dangerous stuff and people don't realize it. That's why they get caught up into their dealings. There are safer places, but there are many that are very dangerous indeed. And in this area of Tokyo, there is not only Japanese mafia but Chinese as well. I am glad I am not a guy and so not at all tempted to go into these places. As for horses, I rode as a kid too but there were years of not riding in between then and now, basically because I got too fat and was embarrassed. Each horse is different but with many there is an incredibly wise look to them and I think they are very wise, very forgiving and spiritually very developed, much more than most of us! I think you are right on with my dream. Yes, I think it was about me accepting my role in things and taking responsibility for my part in things, perpetrating them and/or getting out of them. That's why it wasn't a pleasant dream. It's something I have to do but don't want to out of laziness and fear mostly I guess. I'm no different though. It's just that I can't accept what many other people seem to. I can go out and drink with the others occasionally but I could never do it as often as they do. I want more from life and this is why I get *****y. I am railing against this total waste of one's life, one's powers, everything that we could be but allow ourselves to sacrifice in the name of . . whatever, job, family, debts, environment.

Crime girl -- I am not going to answer my door for a while, not until things cool off a bit! Thanks for the DDR explanation. DDR is what East Germany was called (in German) I was there for two weeks. Some experience! Anyhow, that is what I thought it was. They had bigger versions here in the game centers. I think I'll be OK with my Lenten sacrifices. Sugar is the hard one. That I get cravings for, especially after hard exercise. Maybe that's one reason I'm not doing it! the exercise that is. The others are mere indulgences, me wanting my favorite food, but not having a craving for them. "Flying cashews" Jeez, that's a new one! Nuts, oh, there will be tons of them today. I'm going in to the paper today, after a relaxing three-day break. You don't know how much I have come to hate that office. I used to love the kookiness of it, now it has gone too far and is no longer just kooky, but psycho and I think dangerous. Great question on the perfect day. Oh, give me some time to think of this and I will truly try to get back on this one. I love it and it is an excellent exercise in helping us realize what we want out of life and helping us get there!

little grasshopper
02-10-2005, 06:56 PM
High-di ho! everybody!

Red - I liken Shannons view on the dream much better too! I need to go back and reread posts - I haven't been able to give them as much time this week. I hope you got some walking in today! I had one client cancel 3 times in one day today! She kept rescheduling and canceling......GGGRRRRR!!! So I walked to the post office - then I walked to the book store...then I walked to Target...I did a lot of walking and a little work. Luckily she paid me for 1 of the missed appointments and when she got there I realized I know her! From my old Corporate job. I was her companies fleet manager and helped them dump 660+ vehicles at top dollar while they were filing Chapter 7. It was a tough time in both our lives...her because she didn't know if he'd have a job the next day and me because - I was paid on new vehicles I lease to clients - NOT old crap I sold FOR clients! I was POOR as a church mouse and getting poorer!! We are both much better off now and shared all kinds of info about her company that neither of us knew.....(Like the time one of their employees pulled a gun on one of my employees and his boss and I had BIG WORDS because I had the fool arrested!)

Okay - I have to get off here. Got in trouble last night because I spent too much time on the computer and not enough with the BF. Don't want him feeling neglected. I'm taking him to dinner tonight and want us to have a great evening. Oh and figured out what to get for V-day. I got him a used tennis racket. We both want to learn to play and I figure he'll have a lot more fun with a nice one - I can't afford a new one so I got one at play it again sports. It's a great one!! Much better than my piece of crap racket :) I also got balls.

Talk to everyone later!!

02-11-2005, 11:05 AM
Hi, all...Hope everyone is fine! I had a really good day with my eating yesterday. Was well below my alloted calorie limit. I didn't walk on my treadmill, though, because my knee was feeling kinda funny on Wed, so I took the night off.

Little Grasshopper - I wasn't going to do this, but the opportunity is just to got balls? Doesn't that feel awkward??? Just kidding :lol: !!! I couldn't resist! Your last line was the perfect ending! The tennis racket sounds like a great V-day gift! It is thoughtful and you will both get enjoyment out of it! I love gifts like that!

You really walked your bootie off yesterday! How far away are all those places you walked to? If I walked to the nearest Target, I'd be dead...its like 25 or 30 miles away!

Glad your appointment paid you for at least one of the cancelled appointments. What do you do?

Red - I keep earrings in all holes at all times. You are right, it takes too long to try and change them all the time. I do buy new ones every once in awhile and change them around, but that is about all.

I am glad I interpreted your dream right. I know you are really discouraged and feeling down right now, but don't give up. You said you eat good for a few days, then bad for a few. I guess you are yo-yoing the same pounds? Is there any way you could eat "bad" but use low fat or fat free? I have no idea what kinds of food is offered in Tokyo, but maybe you could do a different approach. For example, I count calories. I give myself a total of calories I can consume in one day. I try to alternate between 1500 and 1800. Once I reach that number, I stop eating. I eat whatever I want, as long as I write down the calorie total. This way, I am losing weight, but don't have to sacrifice my eating. I don't feel like I am on a diet. I keep a journal of what I eat and the calories of each. I keep up with my exercise (how many minutes and how many calories burned) and the amount of water I drink. I also use the journal as a place to write down any thing I need to...about my day, my eating, my feelings, etc. It gets easier as you go. I made this list where I can write down the calorie totals of things I eat repeatedly, so I don't have to keep adding it up. I'd be more than happy to email you a copy (and anyone else interested) if you'd like. Just pm with your email address.

I, too, hate the emotional and physical roller coaster of dieting. I hate it that I am often judged by how I look, instead of what type of person I am. I remember in school how skinny girls could get away with anything and I had to fight to take college prep classes! Often times, life is just not fair! I finally decided that I was going to lose weight for ME..not anyone else. I'd do it my way and at my own speed. After that, I started eating better and exercising. The weight is coming off slowly, but it is coming off! I have days, weeks even, where my eating is awful! I just suck it up and keep going. I know how hard it is. I guess I am just trying to say you are not alone in how you feel. Maybe together we can both learn to ignore the rest of the world and life our lives for God and ourselves!

Stormy - Good luck with your new challenge! You can do it! Keep working on your DH. It often takes men longer to catch on to things than women-even when you are hitting them over the head with it!

KJK - Hope you get your computer up and running soon!

Crime Girl - I think your idea about classes involving video games is a great one! They give credit (now) for experience, I don't see why they couldn't give credit for video game ability! Just think about how many more students would manage to graduate! It would be phenomenal!

How's your challenge w/your BF going? Still working?

Think I have typed enough for one hour. Will check back in later this afternoon to see what everyone has been up to!


02-11-2005, 02:13 PM
Hi everyone. Happy Friday! Today is supposed to be my day off but it has been crazy. School work is driving me nuts! On the bright side, I just booked a cruise in November for me, hubby, and my parents. I need something to look forward to. A cruise will definately motivate me to lose weight. I need to lose enough that I can gain 5 pounds when I am on it and not feel guilty!

So is anyone doing anything special for Valentine's Day?

Well I did work out for an hour today but I skipped yesterday. I had a long work day and then I cleaned house when I got home which is a workout in itself. Now I need to get back to school work

Shan-check out You can keep track of everything there and do entries etc. The nice thing is it figures out the cals for you.

02-11-2005, 06:26 PM
Hi people. It's Saturday morning here, already 6:30. Man, slow mornings these days but it's OK. I'm enjoying them. I feel stirrings of wanting to work out hard! again soon. Great dreams last night! Now, all I need to do is find the literally, "man of my dreams" in real life. ;) Friday night last night and I did not go out with the guys, mainly because there were only a couple there and they weren't moving to go anywhere. I probably would have gone if they had, but as it was I kind of made a run for the door as if I had somewhere important to go. I didn't because the gym was closing early seeing as it was a holiday yesterday, Foundation Day. The rightwing trucks were out in number! Yeah, so I went home, did a little more work on these eight manuscripts I have to proof for the publishing company and threw away a bit more junk in my room. I have a book on feng shui and clutter and they talk about how the clutter affects our lives, sticking up the energy flow and not allowing things to flow into our lives. I had a feeling this was right but just wasn't motivated to get the junk out of my room that has accumulated over the years. I also have little time to do it. But now I'm thinking that it is really, really important. It's not just a matter of out of sight no problem. So, I'm going to try to move out things bit by bit.

grasshopper -- what can I say, your walking is fantastic. You see, Americans CAN overcome their car mentality. In fact, those enormous parking lots I see when I'm back there are great for walking and the malls mean you can walk in any weather. I love them for walking although you can't really stretch out and move perhaps but still you can get a ton of walking in. It sounds like fun having that talk with your old client. Wow, scary stuff with an employee pulling a gun!! What do you mean, you had "big words?" because they didn't want their employee arrested and were mad at you? How did your dinner go? Great plan for Valentine's Day. Who said it had to be about chocolate and roses? I mean it's about love and romance, right? We do get stuck into the narrow views of commercialism so easily, don't we? Grasshopper's "got balls! " :lol:

shanberg -- good for you for a good day done! :cp: Don't eat too little though and set yourself up for a counterattack by your poor starving body. Remember, you've got to be its friend or it will turn on you! I see you got a kick out of grass' last line too! Yeah, too good to resist, eh? Yes, Shannon, you can be my official dream interpreter. No, really, there's no real right or wrong and sometimes the things we are focusing on are the only things we see. Grass focusing on the small joys of finding things I'd forgotten about and could use was important too though not the overall feel of the dream. But, there too, you see, I should be looking at those things too because they reveal some of the things that are also motivators, elements of why I'm in a certain situation. Admittedly, there ARE things about any crappy work situation that I like. If I identify them then I can look to keep them in another situation that doesn't have the crap elements. Crap element. I like that phrase. CE. CE NO. 1, CE No. 2 and so on. We can talk like "Oh, yeah, that's a definite CE!"

You know, shan, about eating "bad" but not so. . . I used to think that would be good and wished they had all the things offered in the U.S. here but they don't. It is only recently that you buy nonfat milk even. And the other few things they have are pretty gross. But actually, I've decided to stay away from all those things more or less although I wish there was a bit more nonfat and lowfat dairy products. I try not to eat much dairy but when I do I wish it were lowfat. These past few days, since I cut out sugar I think I've been doing well. I probably should count calories but I find I focus on the food too much and will make choices that may not be too good, not nutritionwise because I'm looking at the calorie count. Still, I think I'm doing better. Another problem is that when I eat something good, like fruit that I feel I'm doing such a commendable things. . heh, roll out the medals!!. . .that I overeat . . But since, I gave up those other things for Lent as well as sugar I think I may just get a handle on things. Thanks for the kind offer to send a list but I think most of the things I eat would not be on it. Like stormy suggested, check out Fitday. If you have a good connection to the Net it's a great site. You know, shan, I used to be like you saying I hated that I was judged by my appearance, not the kind of person I was, but there are two different ways I see it now. Firstly, there are aspects of our appearance that reveal us. But the thing is, it only reveals a part of us and for each person that aspect of your personality or character may be revealed in a different way. I think now, that as we get closer to our ideals in all ways, so will our appearance but it doesnt't mean that people with great bodies are better or have a better handle on things. They can be way off the deep end in other areas. It's the entire package but that entire package is not revealed usually. It takes a long time to know someone and they themselves. So what I'm trying to say, is that as long as we aren't happy with our appearances then there are areas we have to work on. That doesn't mean that we all are striving for the same appearance though. Some people are truly happy being plump and really, as long as we're healthy, I don't see that as a problem whatsoever. The other thing, and I think for me it was a lifesaver, was the very fact that people did judge me on my appearance and I kept a lot of total jerks at bay. Not all of them, mind you, but enough and long enough to get them out of my life so I could move on to better things. Do you realize how many people get into bad relationships because they look hot?! Of course, you have the other thing to, you have guys who think they can treat a fat girl like crap and are attracted to her for that reason. And that can be a real thrill for both parties, until one gets sick of the treatment and has to shake the jerk off. So, anyhow, the fat has no doubt served a purpose in your life, as it has no doubt in all our lives. It's like the clutter in my room. I now want it gone! but it did somehow, I guess, serve its purpose. Don't hate it your fat. Thank it and move on. "It was nice knowing you, now I'll be seeing you around I hope, NOT!!" Ok, off of my soapbox!!

stormy -- How did your day go after that? Did you make it through in one piece? I sure hope so. A cruise, cool!! That is exciting. Where does it go? Tell us more! Valentine's Day special things. Nah. I'll be working as usual, well, I guess you all will be, it's not a holiday is it. Over here, the girls are obligated to give guys chocolate. It sucks. It takes all the romance out of it. What are you doing? Good going on the workout. Ah, I want to work out! I do. I'm going to try to walk this morning and just maybe drag this sorry butt to the gym tonight. Saturdays are tough because I have to go after work and I'm up early Sundays to ride. But I may try. It's been packed lately Sat. nights at the gym so maybe not. Maybe I'll concentrate on clearing out more clutter from my abode.

Crime girl, kjk, NBK, michi, Jacque, how are you all? Hope to hear from you soon. :wave:

02-12-2005, 06:18 AM
Heh, a whole day has gone by and there hasn't been a peep. . . . :cry:

02-12-2005, 09:31 AM
Hi Red balloon,it is 7 AM I just woke up. I should have checked in last night. I was up until 1:30AM doing school work. What a wild life I have, huh? Up studying on a Friday night. Big fun! The cruise goes to Playa Del Carman, Roatan, Belize and Cozumel. Since we are avid divers we have been to 3/4 places. We are doing the cruise thing b/c that is what my parents want. I see them about 4 times a year and I realize that we have to spend time together. This way we can spend time together but we can all do our own thing when we want to.

For Valentine's we are going out to eat but we are doing it tonight instead of Monday. Giving the guy chocolate? Nothing for the girl in return? That isn't right. Speaking of chocolate, I am about to go to the store and buy brownies to make for my hubby for V Day. He likes me to put cream cheese frosting on them. Yummy! I guess I'll have 2 cheat days in one week. I may not meet that V Day goal.

Have you worked out? Get back to it as our new challenge starts Tuesday, right?

I need some Fung Shei in my house. I used to have my front door painted red in our old house. I have thought about painting it red in this house. Red is a good color for the door according to Fung Shei.

So what is the purpose of this holiday? I am soooooo happy that you get the day off. You deserve some "me" time. Give it to yourself.

Crime girl
02-12-2005, 12:26 PM
Sorry I have been MIA- school has been crazy and I just worked 19 hours in 2 days so I was pooped last night. Didn't even turn on the computer which is not like me. :o
Anyway- things have been going good so far. My bf and I were both really tired last night and wanted to order out food that was bad for us. We managed to talk ourselves out of it and have grilled chicken instead. Things are working good with the extra support now. The only other obstacles we face now are VDay and Feb 15th which is our anniversary. He wants to go out to eat and I want to eat in and still eat somewhat healthy. His argument is that it is a holiday but every day counts torward me losing for graduation. On top of that we have spring break coming up and we are both off work and school and we want to take some day trips to area around here. He wants to forgo the diet on those days too. If I add them all up that is alot of time eating like I use to. :(
Anyway- as for exercise. Still working out with Maya and doing the DDR game. I am going to add a walk in the evening to this week and see how that goes. Trying to stay as busy as possible- parking way back in parking lots and across campus at school so I have to walk. Going to dig out my pedometer and see if I can up to 10,000 steps a day.
Today I should hook up DSL as well so I am excited. I am expecting one last part and then I am in business. :D

Shanberg- Great idea motivating yourself with the treadmill and how much you had to spend. If you are like me you hate to pay for something that you are not using. It sounds like you are doing a great job with the walking and I know it must be hard for you if you have knee pain. So - Good JOB!! :cp:
I also think your food diary is a good idea. I would be interested in your form if you want to email it to me. (I will PM you my email address). I am with the others though that is good as well. I guess it depends on your internet access. I am around computers I can use all the time so it is easy for me to use. Occassionally though I just like to write rather than type. Seems more personal.
To answer your question- the challenge with the bf is going pretty good. I am glad we are doing it at the same time and motivating each other. It really helps me because he seems to take his cues from me. If I cheat- he will cheat. If I eat healthy- he does too so it is pressure for me to eat right or affect both of us. ;)

stormy- Amen sister with the school work. I feel like such a nerd sometimes sitting home on a Friday or Saturday night reading for class. :^: We should start our own club- the study people of the world unite! Okay- I think I have "gone round the bend" as my grandma would say.
Congrats on your cruise! That will be so much fun for you and much deserved!

little grasshopper- I am using you for my inspiration for walking! You are motivating me to get out there and walk!
That woman you use to work with unearthed the reason I want to do forensic accounting. There is SO much in companies that you don't see and so much illegal going on in a lot of them that I think it will be fun to go in and tear the books apart and find the fraud. Not that yours was doing accounting fraud- just illustrates that the employees don't know half of what goes on behind closed doors.
I have to jump on the bandwagon and say when you said "I got balls" it out in my mind a very bad version of the "Got milk?" campaign. :lol:

red balloon- I feel your pain with the getting on plan and falling off over and over again. I have been yoyoing the same pounds since we started this board. If I could get below 280 I think I would throw a parade. :lol: It puts me in a state of obsessiveness sometimes. Always trying to stay motivated and focused on losing this weight. EEK! :rolleyes:
I say go for it with the nose piercing too! Make the outside look like the inside if that makes you happy. The heck with what people think. Japan sounds a little scarey though. You wouldn't be picked on with one would you? You freaked me out with some of the things that go on over there. I knew the mafia was a presence but not that open of one. I also didn't know about people being lured into clubs and taken advantage of when they try to leave. I guess when I think about it though- that kind of thing probably happens to a degree in a lot of big cities. New York, Chicago, etc. Just be careful red!
How was India to live in? What was the cultural like- I know it is probably the most diverse place on Earth. It is also the second biggest democracy to us I believe. Are certain areas certain cultures or do people blend together?
Another thing I wanted to ask is what in the heck is "Foundation Day"? (as she eagerly gets out her "holidays for fun" notebook).

Red's horoscope for the day-Today you will encounter someone who will change the direction of your thinking. Not everyone is who they appear to be. Take a chance on love and open new doors in your life.

Okay happy campers- I need to get my day started. Glad I had a chance to catch up. Today is reflection of the week day so how about we look at one low point and 2 high points in the week? How was your week overall as well?

Question of the day:
What three traits do you admire the most in another person??

02-12-2005, 03:14 PM
three traits I admire -honesty, motivation and a willingness to serve others

02-12-2005, 05:11 PM
Good morning. Sunday morning here. Weigh-in, but I know I will be so up. I have more or less given up but just do it to record my ascent into fatdom. Ah well, I must keep at it. I really don't want to go riding this morning. I think it's really, really cold out there and the ground may be frozen. Plus I think I have to ride in the big (scary) ring because some beginner is in the small round one where I usually ride. I know I have to get out into the bigger one but it is scary and I can't concentrate on the things I have to. I freeze up and my mind goes blank, whites out kind of feeling. I must be brave but it's hard when you're feeling physically weak and tired as I am now.

So glad to see some action around here. It was lonely yesterday.


stormy -- no, didn't have a day off the other day. Holidays don'T matter at the paper. It just means the trains may be less crowded early on and the office will be quiet as some sections don't come in but other than that, nothing. We don't even get extra pay anymore. That all has been cut recently. I will have to look up those places you mentioned for your cruise. Only heard of Belize. You remind me that I need to spend time with my father. Really, it's not good being so far away. He is getting older and I have seen so little of his life. Luckily, he has a wife to keep him company and my brother and sister do get to visit regularly. The times I do get back though are often not pleasant and I find myself wondering why I bother. He/we can only talk it seems when we are half a world apart and on the phone. Perhaps that is OK too. Yeah, VDay here is stupid. And it's not just giving one guy chocolate, your beau, it's about giving all the guys in the office chocolate, even your bosses and whatever. There is supposed to be a reciprocate day, March 14, it's called White Day, but very few guys observe it. Big surprise! No, I haven't worked out. But yesterday I did walk more, got on the train three stops later than usual and off one earlier than usual. I was all sweaty at work and then chilled but was really glad to have done that. I saw a feng shui thing on TV that was saying how bad red was in the house but maybe you're right about the front door because I think a lot of doors in China are painted red. They were saying beige and green is good inside. I don't know. It seems to weird but maybe. My only fear is to get too into it and then too superstitious. I don't know. I have always had an aversion to red in the house though and red in general is not a color I feel comfortable around except in small doses. Maybe there is something with its energy. Foundation Day celebrates the founding of the nation according to Shinto mythology and that is connected to the Emperor and the belief that he is divine. That is the old belief and was more or less abolished by the Americans after the war and most people probably don't think about it consciously but there are many elements in the culture that still adhere to this belief, such as the flag and the national anthem. So, because of the connection to this belief and this day, you get the nationalists out for pep rallies and trucks with loudspeakers blaring nationalistic songs. It's real noise pollution but nothing is done, basically because the cops are more or less tied in with a lot of underground and rightwing elements. No kidding. It's kind of like a Deep South town where all the cops are Klansmen.

shanberg -- speaking of colors with stormy before, I read that purple is the color you will want around yourself when you are working on self-empowerment, bringing more confidence and self-esteem into your life so maybe this is why you are so fond of it now. You seem to be doing this, putting yourself first more than you probably were, wanting to do things for you and you alone. Purple Haze! can be a good thing!

Crime girl -- Hmm. meeting someone who will change my thinking? Uh-oh, this sounds scary. I understand how busy you have been. Thanks for doing my horoscope. It really gives me a lift when I find it in the morning, a little present just for me. As for the eating with your boyfriend, even if you do go out you can try to eat healthfully. You can make a game of it, rise to the challenge, compromise that you can eat out as long as you can find a place where you have a choice, not one where you are forced to eat as he does. I have to do this a lot with people even say at lunch and it's disheartening to realize how people will not go out of their way to accommodate my needs and/or wishes. I have to end up just not eating because they will insist on going somewhere where there is nothing vegetarian. I've given up though. I just don't go with them. They're not friends if they can't support me even a bit. I'm glad now there is a new young guy at work and he is, though not a vegetarian, a nonmeat eater and is willing to go to the places I can go. Usually I have had no one to eat with so I brought stuff but sometimes it's nice to go out with people. I have dragged him places twice this past week. Good going on the exercise Crime girl. It is motivating when others talk about what they're doing. I think I should get the pedometer out again too. Gives us a goal that's tangible. "Going around the bend" does that mean crazy, or does it mean the worst is over? Couldn't tell. Yes, I am so discouraged that I have done nothing as far as results go this year yet. What has happened? Why am I so stuck? Oh, well, mustn't think about it. Ok, CG, it's getting late, I will try to write more later. to be continued . . .

02-13-2005, 06:10 AM
Hi all. I'm back and I see I haven't missed a thing! Where is everyone? I even thought maybe the new thread had been started without me knowing about it. But no, I guess everyone is just busy. Oh well, I have been too and considering that it is now only 3:30 a.m. on the East Coast I guess everyone is slumbering, seeing as NBK is still vacationing I guess.

Ok, well, largely thanks to stormy saying I had to get there, I did get to the gym today! Hurrah, Hurrah! It was the first time in weeks I think. I knew that if I went riding and then came home first as usual I would never get out the door again. A object at rest tends to stay at rest and all that. So I took my gym stuff riding and then got the train directly there afterward riding. That involves transferring twice and I was tired, falling asleep on the train as usual and I almost said, "forget it" but I remember how I wake up and just pushed myself to get there. I did and jogged a bit, biked a bit and did some weight training, then walked home. So I really got some exercise in today.

I had two near misses today too but caught myself. Twice I went into the convenience store thinking I would get some cashews as usual and then I remembered, Oops, I gave those up! so I didn't get them.

And I'm also glad I went riding because I did OK in the big ring because there was no wind and the sun was out and the horse didn't spook. Hurrah again!

Crime girl, I still haven't thought who this person could be changing my thinking but I'm still waiting. It's fun when you write a horoscope and then I'm looking for it all day. It's like an Easter egg hunt or something!

I also went to another gym in my neighborhood on the way home from the other one. I used to be a member there too and may join again. I realize how the distance of the other one just gives me an excuse more often than not and I just don't exercise in my room though I could get on the bike. So I'm thinking it may be worth it. It has a pool too and that can just be nice for relaxing. I was realizing today how I have these cruddy image of myself, this fat, strong, aging person and today in the mirror though I saw that too I saw a glimpse of something much nicer and I got thinking, if I can just see myself as that other person then I can work toward that, I can live like that person would. Recently, I've been living like a fat, middle-aged woman and that's what I'm looking like. I have NO role models! Help. I want to see women my age who are cool looking, well the way I want to look. But I don't see them and somehow I just can't picture myself looking the way I'd like to. I will have to go through the magazines better. I see the clothes but I never see the age (40s). And if I do, they're sticks and I don't want to be a stick. Oh well, blah, blah, blah. calling this a post. till later. . .

02-13-2005, 06:14 AM
Ah ha! I just had a lightbulb moment. :idea: I said in that last post that I wanted to see women who are cool-looking. Well, I just realized I don't need to!

If I start living, eating, exercising LIKE a cool person, I will begin to look like one!! :flow1: What do you think?

Crime girl
02-13-2005, 10:13 AM
WOW- poor Red. We have just abandoned you- what happened everyone? We seem to be dwindling.... :?:
Okay well- I am going to move the thread in a sec but wanted to post a post just for Red so:
Red- Sorry I haven't been around much- I will make more of an effort to get on here several times a day instead of just once.
Congrats on going to the gym! :strong: :cp: :cp: :cp: Starting to get back in the swing is the hardest part. I think the gym you went to last sounds like a good one. I think the most important part is whether you feel comfotable and empowered in the gym- and of course a pool helps. ;)
Good for you not caving on the cashews as well- it is hard to stay self discplined and you are doing great! :bravo:
As for strong women "your age"- first, age in my opinion is a state of mind. Two, there are PLENTY of strong role models in their 40s. For example- Demi Moore. Did you see her in picture in the trailers etc for Charlie's Angels 2? She has a muscular build and looks better than most 20 year olds. Also her pic from GI Jane- she is built better than most men. Anyway- there are plenty out there. :D
Also- wonderful job with Heidi! :flow1: I knew you would do fine in the big ring! It has to feel good when everything comes together and you get in a really good ride!
By the way- "around the bend" means going off the track- out of the norm- implies going a little nutty! My grandmother has all kinds of colorful sayings and my bf is Cuban-Columbian so he was raised by parents that do not speak English- so when I use these sayings he looks at me like I am crazy. Getting a sudden chill is "rabbit ran over my grave"..getting a "hitch in your gettie up" means getting a little burst of energy.." off your nut" is also a little crazy.."see a man about a horse" well that is excusing yourself to the restroom. My grandmother has lived in the deep south all her life so she has quite an arsenal of colorful and funny language. I love it!
Okay well need to run and get this thread moved...
Red's horoscope of the day-
Today moves you forward torward a person of interest. Open your mind to new things and prepare for change. Your day will be unpredictable and exhilarating.

Crime girl
02-13-2005, 10:22 AM
Here is the link to the new thread....
See you there!