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12-28-2001, 11:28 AM
A POEM.......... (as always)

Twas a few days after Christmas,
When I hit the scale.
You probably heard me,
'cause I started to YELL!

I gained 5 whole pounds!
(How can that be?)
Let me begin......
(It's easy to see!)

I ate larger portions,
of foods I'm allowed.
Then I ate some goodies,
(Of THAT, I'm not proud)

I had a few cookies,
some chocolate too,
But, is Christmas.
What could I do???

I did not eat potatoes,
rice, pasta or bread......
(But I know that those goodies,
were yummy, instead!)

I toasted with wine,
(But one glass, that was all!)
It's a Christmas Eve tradition,
for me and hubby...(He's a doll!)

Oh, yes and the HAM,
I had slice after slice!
It sure tasted great,
But the bloating ain't nice!

I'm sure I was not bad enough,
to deserve 5 whole pounds!
But, I'll live with the shame,
Until I'm back "down."

So....until next Friday,
I will try to do better.
The "goodies" still surrond me,
nut horns, pepperoni and cheddar!

Perhaps, after New Years,
I will show a loss,
'Cause we still have some parties,
(But, I'LL be the BOSS!)

I will try to partake,
Oh what I'm allowed.
Skip over the "yummies",
Not follow the crowd.

Yes, my butt's a bit bigger,
than it was LAST week,
But, I'm a big girl,
I will not FREAK!!!

So...with you all by my side,
I WILL reach my goal!
(But these holidays,
sure take their TOLL!)

(PS...If anyone manages a LOSS this week......I salute you!)

12-28-2001, 09:52 PM

I must report a gain I am 233# this AM, Or am I teh same? No I think I git down to 232. WEll does it really matter?

It's 233# this am.
I have lost some of teh regain.

I did teh scale dance. Which includes leaning backward. LOL

Well better next week!!

12-28-2001, 10:14 PM
:D LOVED THE POEM..........WHAT INSPIRATION!!!!!! Looks like everyone is doing good. Just wanted to let everyone know I'm not going to post for a few. I just can't seem to get back OP and I feel REALLY stupid coming here and complaining about it. Either you get it or you don't and obviously right now I don't get it. I was 148 when I met you all and now today I'm 160. I was 142 just 5 months ago. I've gained so much and am still gaining. I worked so hard for 2 years to keep the weight off only to let it creep back up on me. I know why I've gained it I've picked up my bad habits again of just eating all day and not exercising. I can't wear ANYTHING. I threw all my fat clothes away after keeping my weight off and now I'm wearing my sweats. Can't wear any of those new clothes I bought in October. I know what I need to do but I just don't have the willpower or something to start back OP. It's sooooo hard to stay low carb because with the kid's I just never have the proper food around. I eat good for 3 days then everything seem's to vanish(if you have kids you know the answer to this one). I just don't know what to do right now. I can't keep getting bigger this I know. A few weeks ago I was on my last leg here having a huge crises with food, such an emotional time, but I've made peace with myself and am not so depressed over it. Just wanted to say bye maybe when I get back in control I'll check in. Good Luck to you all your doing soooo good.