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Sunny - whose that little Michelle kid... SOOO cute. Don't be posting pictures like that, you'll make my clock start ticking!

Soda's - the skinny - there is a huge difference between health and weight loss. Are diet soda's healthy... NO, but you won't gain weight on them. At the end of the day it's a choice. I drink tons of diet coke (I am particularly addicted to coke zero right now), but having said that there are options.

For caffeine free try caffeinie free Diet Coke or Caffeinie free diet pepsi, Diet Rite, Diet 7 up or Diet sprite, Diet Cream Soda -

For Sodium Free try the Diet rite

For non soda diet beverages try - Diet Snapple, Crystal Light, Tea with splenda

At the end of the day, caffeine isn't tragic, it can actualy be metabolic, but it does tax your adrenal glands and dehydrate you. Just make sure and drink lots of water to counterbalance it a bit.
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