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Mrs. T

THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS AT THE END OF THE DAY IS HOW YOU FEEL! I only use waist to hip ratio because I feel like it is the most accurate guage for realistic goal weights compared to what other methods are out there. BMI for example is totally bogus. According to the BMI Arnold Schwarzenegar (spelling?) would be considered obese. It doesn't take into account body composition and is therefore totally inaccurate. Even still waist to hip is not pefect - that is why I gave a rough weight chart so people would have a better indication of what is considered "normal". Regardless - at the end of the day - you need to feel good about your body and comfortable in your own skin. Forget about all that other crap - it's only there so you don't expect you should look like Cameron Diaz or something. As long as you feel good - that's all that matters.
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