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Bigbunz Oh gosh.. you losing that 26 lbs was a success. I know that they did not stay off.... but you know how to do it. Atkins is a way of eating. Just gotta stick to the low carbs and I know that Sunny has brought up an old thread that had recipes on it (below); so if you get bored with what you are eating.. there might be some ideas in that thread.

I started 1/6/13 (my 6 or 7th and LAST time starting) and have lost 23 lbs and feel SOOOOOO much better. The first time (28 years ago) I did lose 50+ lbs and was feeling terrific, then got sidetracked by my stressful job. I took a backseat to my job. NEVER Again. Remember YOU ARE the MOST IMPORTANT PERSON TO YOURSELF! Now we wanna see some lower numbers from you! (I don't mean to be pushy). Join our Race to lose 5lb challenge. That will start you!

Just remember you can do it. Just believe it!

2013 weight loss journey start 320 Loss 111 = 209
New Goal (2017 313.4 start) Lose 10%

You have to believe it first and then you will see it!!

1 for every 10 lbs lost

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