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Originally Posted by Mkssweetie View Post
I have been very frustrated because this is so difficult and I do have to cook different food for my family and watch them eat it. Also my husband sits in his chair watching TV and eating candy in the evening. What is even more maddening is that over the last few months he has "cut back" on the amount of soda he drinks and has dropped almost 30 pounds! I want to be happy for him ( and in a way I am) but it seems so very unfair and i am really struggling with it. I need a new way to think of it or just get it out of my head because it has messed me up this week. My weigh in day is Thursday and it won't look great because I have to weigh in on my way home from work after working all night. I will do my best to drink lots at work but I always weigh lots more after work.(it has even been 5 pounds before!) I will weigh myself first thing tomorrow morning and see what I come up with.
I do have a question.... I made some "spaghetti" with miracle noodles, ground turkey and canned tomatoes with spices. I made sure to find tomatoes with no added sugar or high fructose corn syrup. I put it all together and it was really good. The problem is that I could not eat it all. That means I did not get all the meat eaten. Does anyone else have this problem? do you eat some meat with your evening snack? Am I overthinking this? I know we are supposed to get everything in.
I have done that before (when I made Big Mac in a Bowl and found it disgusting), it's a little late now, but what I did was pick out as much of the meat as I could, I didn't worry as much about the veggies and just ate an extra pickle, but since I didn't want to throw away the meat I picked it out.

I hear you on the issues with your husband. My husband is really skinny, and when I switched the family to a whole foods, clean eating diet (my last diet, pre IP) he lost 15lbs and didn't need to lose an ounce. At first I was resentful about how much he was losing and the fact he could eat 'normal food' and I was eating packets, meat, and veggies. STOP thinking this way!! It is totally setting yourself up for failure. When I hit the slightest bump in the road last fall I lost my resolve, and went completely off plan until 1/2/12. That's my biggest regret. I could be AT GOAL now had I not done that. This is just a temporary way of eating until you are at your best, then you will again be able to eat moderate portions of 'normal' food and in the right combinations.

I don't know if you listen to Dave Ramsey at all, but one day I was listening to him and something just clicked. It was about spending today's money yesterday (basically using a credit card / going into debt) and I realized that's exactly what I've done. I've already eaten all of my calories for today, this week, and the next couple of months. My body needs that time to burn them all off, and then I can start again with a much more moderate plan that works with my body. I will never go that far 'in debt' again.

I don't know if that makes any sense to you (it seems awkward now that I have it written out) but it helped me, so I thought I would share.

Originally Posted by whisperingshouts View Post
Today marks 1 week back on protocol.. I'm proud to say I have stuck 100% to protocol, and even resisted some major temptations!!
I will weigh in when I wake up ( I work 3rd shift ) and make sure I post my results this evening!! I'm super hopeful and very encouraged. I can see a definite difference in the way my pants are fitting, which is the major boost of encouragement I need!!!
Hope everyone has a great day, NSV & staying OP!!
Congrats!! Welcome and WTG staying 100% OP!! Before you know it resisting those temptations will become habit!

Originally Posted by shiipa View Post
Good Morning All. Hope everyone will have a wonderful hump day.
For me, I will need to get my attitude in the right place . I am going with the will power I currently have but I am feeling so guilty about the money I'm spending on this.
I am at a crossroad and need to decide if going with alternatives isn't gonna throw me off completely. Decisions, decisions
I've done both 100%, and am currently doing a mixture of IP and alternatives. If you're really considering this here is what I would recommend. First do all your research. Read through ALL the alternative threads (it's a lot of reading) and buy some products to try. Personally I found I didn't stay nearly as full with the EAS drinks as I did with IP, although many people use them with great success they didn't work for me. I also didn't like the bars I tried that you could get in the store (check Wal Mart for this, they sell them individually so you're not committed to a whole box) so I had to look at online options. For some people those two alternatives work wonderfully (Wuv's mom lost I think 50lbs in 3 months or so on EAS shakes and Pure Protein bars). You just have to find what's right for you and go with it.

If you're seriously considering going with alternatives though I recommend you have a plan in place before you stop with IP. That's why I wound up stopping cold turkey back in October. I suddenly decided I couldn't spend the money, it was ridiculous (I think I was PMSing!) and I could do it on my own. However; I had no alternatives in place and crashed and burned. Like I said above that's my biggest regret with this program because had I not done that I would be AT GOAL now. Grrrrrrrrrr.
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