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S/C/G: 235/195/150

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Hi everyone! This is my first time posting here - hope its okay if I join! I work night shift so I usually will update my weight later on in the day! Good luck everyone

Starting weight: 208.0
Goal weight: 198.X

2/01: 208.0
2/02: 205.2 - I was guestimating my weight yesterday because I forgot to weigh in, but I definitely am way less today than I thought I would be! Yeah!
2/03: 205.4
2/04: 204.4
2/05: 203.6
2/06: 204.4 - worked night shift last night, and also will these next 2 nights. Not hoping for anything big
2/07: 205.4 - hating food and night shift right now~ dreading weighing in tomorrow but back on it on the 9th
2/08: 205.8
2/09: 204.2 - back to it! I have wanted to avoid this thread so badly the past few days! But I have a wedding to be a bride in in just 8 short months and I WILL loose this weight!
2/10: 203.6
2/11: 202.2
2/12: 201.6 - heres to hoping I dont gain tonight during night shift!
2/13: 201.0
2/14: 200.8
2/15: 200.0 - what I would do to see just 0.2 more on the scale. Well, here's to hoping again that I dont gain on night shift. I am so close to onederland I dont want to go the other way!
2/16: 200.2 - this is so frustrating. Working my butt off and haven't cheated with my diet.
2/17: 200.0 -
2/18: 199.6 - hope I keep it up at work tonight & tomorrow!
2/19: 200.0 - worked last night, started TOM this morning. Someone at work said 'Valerie, are you losing weight?!' (first time anyone has noticed!), AND I started a period NATURALLY!!!!!!! Which I haven't been able to do in YEARS!!!! due to PCOS. Started crying when I realized I started my TOM because I was convinced I couldn't ever do anything naturally, and this gave me a glimmer of hope that maybe getting pregnant naturally might be an option.
2/20: 200.2 - *rolls eyes* this is getting old. Loosing my motivation. working my butt off for nothing.
2/21: 198.8 - met my February goal now hopefully I don't go back to 200 again!
2/22: 198.4
2/23: 198.4
2/24: 199.0 - sick
2/25: 198.8
2/26: 197.8
2/27: 197.2
2/28: 195.6
2/29: 195.0

My monthly goal is an 8 pound loss, but I can't wait to be out of the 200's, and 199 is just too close to me. Therefore, my goal is 198.anything! If I can get to 200 though, I will be happy with myself.

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