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S/C/G: 151/142/130

Height: 5ft 9


Woop Woop this month off to a good start with a 1lb loss!
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S/C/G: 239/see ticker/110

Height: 4ft 11inches


Sooo not a great start to February.... TOM decided to come a day early and I feel like crap.... bloated like 2lbs from yesterday and cramps like a bi***... Dont really feel like working out today but seeing as I joined the 90 day exercise challenge im going to have to push myself today to do the 2km walk and workout for 30minutes..... push through the pain right?? -_-

Hope your interview went well Riestrella!!!

Veela is there anyways while helping these kids you can at least snack on some carrots or celery or trail mix or something??

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S/C/G: 212.2/See Ticker/170

Height: 5'6"


SW: (1/31) 187.2
GW: 183.2
Super GW: 181.2
Other intent: No more 190s

2/1: 186.4
2/2: 185.2
2/3: 184.6
2/4: 185.6
2/5: 183.4
2/6: 182.4
2/7: 183.8
2/8: 181.4
2/9: 183.6
2/10: 182.6
2/11: 184.2
2/12: No Weigh-In
2/13: 184.2
2/14: 186.6 Ate like crazy. Not two pounds worth..but still.
2/15: 186
2/16: 186
2/17: 185.8
2/18: 184.6
2/19: 183.6
2/20: 185
2/21: 185.4
2/22: 187.2 Way overdid it on sodium, 2,699mg..eek. Should flush out.
2/23: 186.6
2/24: 185.8
2/25: No Weigh In
2/26: 185.4
2/27: 185
2/28: 186
2/29: 186

Last 3 days of average weight: 185.6
Month's loss: 1.6 lbs

Thanks to being sick had a couple of really low days. Didn't do the gym hardly at all this month. Need to improve on that.

Congratulations to all who made goal and good job to everyone continuing! Here's to the beginning of Spring.

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S/C/G: 246/246/135

Height: 5'6


I have a super lofty goal of technically at least 10.1lbs this month, but I'm actually up a pound and a half from yesterday due to sodium (Also haven't been getting to the gym). So really it's more like 8.6lbs I want to lose.. which I believe I can do. I did it last month. Can't wait to be in the 160s. That's a major mental win, I've never gotten back into them since I left them 4 years.

This month is SUPER BUSY. Weekend of the 11th is my friend's wedding and I'm a bridesmaid so I'm sure I'll be running around and not eating a ton. The weekend of the 18th I'll be running around in a corset the whole time which means I won't be eating a lot and doing a ton of walking. The weekend of the 25th my 12 year old brother is going to visit for the whole weekend so I'll be busy doing stuff with him and again probably not eating as much as I normally would. All of this stuff going on leads me to believe that I will be able to drop weight faster than my normal pace.

I'm pumped! Let's rock this, girls

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Posts: 714

S/C/G: 175 / ticker / 125

Height: 5'2"


Shooting for about five pounds this month, which is a pretty big number for me. I usually get 3ish a month, if I'm industrious. But I reeeeeeeeally want to see the 130s. Haven't been in the 130s in about five years, and haven't been below 137 in my adult lifetime! So we'll see how it goes.
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Posts: 623

S/C/G: 339/287/225

Height: 5'9


I really want to lose 11-13 lbs this month. I'll just put my goal at 11 lbs and hope for more.

Starting Weight: 269
Goal Weight: 258

2/1: 269
2/2: 268
2/3: 267
2/4: 267
2/5: 267
2/6: 273 (Edit*** TOM!)
2/7: 271

Week 1 Weight loss/Gain: +4 lbs (My TOM )

2/8: 268 (yayy going back to where I started.)
2/9: 266 ()
2/10: 265
2/11: 265
2/12: 265
2/13: 264
2/14: 264

Week 2 Weight Loss/Gain: -4 lbs

2/15: 264
2/16: no weigh-in
2/17: 265 (noooooooo )
2/18: n/a
2/19: n/a
2/20: n/a
2/21: 266 (nooooo)

Week 3 Weight Loss/Gain: +2lb *I had a lot of fluctuation this week but I finally got it under control.

2/22: 264
2/23: 263
2/24: 263
2/25: 264
2/26: 263
2/27: 262
2/28: 262

Week 4 Weight Loss/Gain:
- 2lbs

2/29: 262
February total Weight Loss/Gain - 7lbs

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I Will Because I Can
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S/C/G: 167/130

Height: 5'6


I'm so excited that February is here! I'm really hoping to lose at least 5 lbs this month... I'm just getting back on track after several months mostly-off plan, and I'm up a few pounds. My secret fantasy goal for the month is 132 (which is where I was this summer) but 7 lbs is asking a lot of my body.

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Location: NYC
Posts: 156

S/C/G: 215/Ticker/150

Height: 5'5"


Starting Weight: 191.6 lbs
Goal Weight: 180 lbs

2/01: 191.6 TOM
2/02: 192.6 TOM
2/03: 188.8
2/04: 189
2/05: 188.6
2/06: 189.6 (damn Superbowl party.. )
Weekly Loss/Gain:

Weekly Loss/Gain:

Weekly Loss/Gain:

Weekly Loss/Gain:

Total Monthly Loss/Gain:

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S/C/G: 180/155/130

Height: 5'6


Hello everyone! This is my first time posting in the 20-somethings forum, so I hope it's alright if I join you all here! I've binged my way up 6 pounds (that I haven't quite updated on my tracker :0) so I'm really looking for some accountability... so here goes!

Starting Weight: 140.8
Goal Weight: 135

2/01: 140.8
2/02: 138.8 ... I binged the night of the 31st, so maybe that's why my weight was up yesterday morning.. hoping it stays off!
2/03: NWI
2/04 NWI
2/05: NWI
So I've just been binging and messing up my progress so bad the past month, gotta admit, I hid from this thread because I didn't want to be held accountable... It was so tempting to promise myself I would restart in March, but NO, I'm getting back on track NOW. Hope I can rejoin It's been a bad few weeks for me...
2/06: 139.8 Shmehhh I'll take it :/ Goal tomorrow is to get firmly away from those 140's...
2/07: 138.2 Alright so I bought a brand new weight watchers scale, and it's giving me a lower number than my old one was... The battery was dying on that one, and would give me wildly fluctuating weights within a matter of minutes so this one should be more reliable- still I feel like I'm cheating a little with the switch. Just for that, my new goal is now under 135..

Week 1 Gain/Loss: 2.6 (with a little help from my friends hehe)


Week 2 Gain/Loss


Week 3 Gain/Loss:


Week 4 Gain/Loss:

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Chug-chuggin' on
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S/C/G: 171/156/130

Height: 5'3 and 3/4''


ACK!!! I'm excited! This is the first time I'm really following a plan on my own and I'm seeing results, soooo encouraging! XDD.
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Posts: 34

S/C/G: 235/195/150

Height: 5'7"


Hi everyone! This is my first time posting here - hope its okay if I join! I work night shift so I usually will update my weight later on in the day! Good luck everyone

Starting weight: 208.0
Goal weight: 198.X

2/01: 208.0
2/02: 205.2 - I was guestimating my weight yesterday because I forgot to weigh in, but I definitely am way less today than I thought I would be! Yeah!
2/03: 205.4
2/04: 204.4
2/05: 203.6
2/06: 204.4 - worked night shift last night, and also will these next 2 nights. Not hoping for anything big
2/07: 205.4 - hating food and night shift right now~ dreading weighing in tomorrow but back on it on the 9th
2/08: 205.8
2/09: 204.2 - back to it! I have wanted to avoid this thread so badly the past few days! But I have a wedding to be a bride in in just 8 short months and I WILL loose this weight!
2/10: 203.6
2/11: 202.2
2/12: 201.6 - heres to hoping I dont gain tonight during night shift!
2/13: 201.0
2/14: 200.8
2/15: 200.0 - what I would do to see just 0.2 more on the scale. Well, here's to hoping again that I dont gain on night shift. I am so close to onederland I dont want to go the other way!
2/16: 200.2 - this is so frustrating. Working my butt off and haven't cheated with my diet.
2/17: 200.0 -
2/18: 199.6 - hope I keep it up at work tonight & tomorrow!
2/19: 200.0 - worked last night, started TOM this morning. Someone at work said 'Valerie, are you losing weight?!' (first time anyone has noticed!), AND I started a period NATURALLY!!!!!!! Which I haven't been able to do in YEARS!!!! due to PCOS. Started crying when I realized I started my TOM because I was convinced I couldn't ever do anything naturally, and this gave me a glimmer of hope that maybe getting pregnant naturally might be an option.
2/20: 200.2 - *rolls eyes* this is getting old. Loosing my motivation. working my butt off for nothing.
2/21: 198.8 - met my February goal now hopefully I don't go back to 200 again!
2/22: 198.4
2/23: 198.4
2/24: 199.0 - sick
2/25: 198.8
2/26: 197.8
2/27: 197.2
2/28: 195.6
2/29: 195.0

My monthly goal is an 8 pound loss, but I can't wait to be out of the 200's, and 199 is just too close to me. Therefore, my goal is 198.anything! If I can get to 200 though, I will be happy with myself.

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S/C/G: 187/ticker/130


1/2: 157.6 lbs ~ Wohoo, great start!
2/2: 157.8 lbs ~ TOM has arrived

Welp, Aunt flow is here so I'm assuming my weight is going to be all over the place this week! I also didn't do any exercise yesterday because I'm a lazy panda so today I'm going to bust out another Insanity workout and hopefully get that weight down regardless of my blob!
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S/C/G: 255/ticker/125

Height: 5' 8"


woo hoo i finally lost!!!! : ) so excited today! Hopefully this means my after TOm stall is over!
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S/C/G: 216/208/145

Height: 5'3


Originally Posted by mafiaangel View Post
SW: (1/31) 187.2
GW: 183.2
Super GW: 181.2
Other intent: No more 190s

2/1: 186.4

That is awesome that your are out of the 190s...That is my goal this month
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S/C/G: 216/208/145

Height: 5'3


SW: 203
2/2: 199.6 WOW! do u mean all i had to do is count calories and work out!!! woo hoo! i am gonna kick February in the butt!!
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