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Originally Posted by Sskar View Post
I hit onderland today!

Plus, Dr. Oz is fatphobic...
Woohoo!!! Congrats!

I totally agree with all the comments on the Taubes/Oz match up. First of all, can you say CARB FLU?? Oz kept griping about he felt, but he did this for ONE day with no transition whatsoever. Robb Wolf describes the process very well... your body must transition to running off fats, and for some people that means feeling tired for a period of time. He didn't even mention that, and I wanted to cry foul.

I agree too about the meals. Oz's meals didn't mimic how I eat at all. For one thing, the dinner thing was weird -- he could have easily and healthfully eaten the salmon and veg instead of the steak. It was meant to demonstrate the extremes, but still it annoyed me.

Also, I have never had a pork rind in my life! Primal/paleo is full of fresh vegetables, some fruits, etc, but the show made it look like Taubes just wants people to eat 100% pure meat/cheese/pork rinds, which I have to agree kind of sounds unsustainable. I've been eating delicious primal/paleo foods for 10 months, so I know it's very sustainable and makes ya feel GREAT.

I sure wish he had some of our meals on there! Or some of the lovely creations from this website (scroll down...nom, nom!!!). Or this one... (their recipes are absolutely divine!).

Ah... that got me going.

I got a full 8 hours of sleep last night and feel SO much better. I plan to do the same tonight because I do not have time to be sick right now.

I'm going to do a walk and then fix dinner and try to get to bed early. We are having sauteed kale with lemon juice and garlic and spiced burger patties with mushroom and onions for dinner... maybe frozen raspberries and coconut for dessert...nom nom nom...

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Move everyday-- options - walking, biking, dvds - Jillian Michael's, pilates, or yoga
Get plenty of sleep - everything else will be easier when I do this![/COLOR]
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