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Suck it up 7 had it's first backslide last night. I ate 3 small (about 2x2) pieces of thin crust pizza at our usual Friday night dinner date. Oh well, resuming. Maybe the Friday nights should be exclusions.... maybe, maybe not.

Hey, isn't it time to start the april thread? I'm not whole30'ing so I need some folks hanging with me too! I'm not sure how to do it, if nobody starts one I'll give it a go.

Today's plan: bkfst was pork, mango, almonds, hot tea. Lunch: catfish (already ate it). Just fish. It was all I wanted. It had a little cornmeal on it, but not much. I didn't cook it. Supper: Going to test some curry recipe I'll search for soon. Got pork thawing for it. Side note: I'm going to throw a chicking in the pot for later - going to try throwing it in FROZEN! I love playing with stuff in the kitchen.
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Back when Atkins first came out, I *switched* to all the low carb breads that were coming on the market, but I didn't actually ever do the diet. I was younger then and not fat. But probably still higher BMI then I should have been. I just went with the fad LOL! Years later, having children and being finally diagnosed with PCOS I started thinking about changing my habits. I stumbled upon Mark's Daily Apple while googling something totally different ... I started reading ... since my doctor did tell me to cut back on bread ... but didn't actually ever say stop eating carbs or even do a low carb diet ... cos well here where I live people mainly live on carbs and fat LOL!

I started changing things around ... applying the Primal ways to my life in Feb 2011. I'm a work in progress but I can honestly i'm about 75/25 now! I've lost 31lbs so far (still more to go!) ... when I intially started I did have the 'carb flu' for about week. Then it went away ... I kept it up until there was a death in my family. I fell of the wagon but did manage to get back on easily without carb flu or cravings! I havn't looked or even thought about bread or pasta which were my weaknesses.

I find it's really doable I think. but as many have mentioned on here you need to start looking at it as not a DIET! But a lifestyle change! If you view it like this then you can mentally except and sustain the change. I mean there are so many ppl out there who delete certains foods even whole food groups due to personal views (vegans, vegatarians) and also due to illness (gluten free, candida, diabetes) so I don't see why people are quick to attack people living the low carb lifestyle ... it being Atkins or Primal/Paleo ...

My parents and grandparents grew up on a high(er) fat diet eating all natural REAL FOOD that was homemade with local ingredients that we knew and could pronounce ... but they did not consume much sugar either. Grains yes I have to say, but sugar no. they don't/ didn't die or have any heart disease ... in fact my grandfather is 98 years old ... he doesn't do any sport or excercise training ... he works only in the garden and walks alot! Yet he is fitter then most 25year olds I know!

For me thou, even as a child I had a natural adversion to fat. I always cut it off the meat and never liked butter, mayo, oil etc. And then in school the idea of fat being BAD was only furthered. In adulthood, I only low fat products ... not once reading labels or questioning what these unprounounable "stuff" was. My weight went up and up ... and BTW I also drank Pepsi by the liter! Then thinking I was being smart switched to DIE-T LOL!

Only when i was diagnosed did I start to question WHAT I was doing and eating ...

Now I say my tests are looking better ... I'm not on any meds, TOM comes naturally (while before since teen yrs it didn't) blood sugar level normal, energy higher and not to mention my mood!

And finally I agree with SilentPost ... REASEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH!!!!
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Was there another thread started? I am New and this thread was very interesting
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No description available.
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Welcome, Michelle!
Check here:
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Thanks, Midwife
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Originally Posted by souvenirdarling View Post
You know, I have coconut oil in the house and haven't tried cooking with it yet. I'm under the impression it's a stable frying oil? Does everything end up tasting like coconut?

I'm feeling of perpetually hungry so far, and was wondering if you guys understood. I'm currently not eating any breads or grains if I can help it. The result is great in that when I avoid it entirely, I don't get those crippling cravings and downward spiral energy drops.

But I'm hungry now, and I've eaten a 3 egg omellette with ham, mushroom and spinach, 1/2package of raspberries and 2 bacon strips Maybe I'm just missing the "gluten lump" full feeling? Did any of you experience this?
I like to have something a little sweet with dark chocolate like a paleo brownie and these might help you take off the edge. I love coconut oil and also coconut milk (the kind in the tin).
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